tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBallet Class 101 Ch. 02

Ballet Class 101 Ch. 02


A moment later, Julie came back with two red scarves and a small bottle of baby oil. Jake was still in somewhat of a panic and Kim could see this. With that, Kim walked over to Jake and facing the students, she began. "Jake, I can see that you are nervous, but you really have no reason to be. You are safe here. This is a creative environment and we are all adults."

"Therefore, I am going to ask something of you. I am going to ask you to take a "leap". Actually, I am asking you to take a leap of faith and for you to trust us all here. Do you think you can do that?"

Jake's eyes were darting around the classroom, watching the seated young women surreptitiously scan his nude, aroused body before them. "Uh, I think so," was Jake's whispered response.

"Good," Kim went on. "Now I am going to have you do something that is usually a very private thing but something that I feel is very necessary. I am going to have you show us what you look like when you are having your crisis." She paused for a moment. "Do you know what I am talking about, Jake?"

Jake slowly nodded his head no. "Well then, let's see if I can help you better understand," she soothed.

"It is important in a creative environment for us all to trust each other. Sort of like the exercise where someone stands behind you to catch you when you fall backwards. That is total trust. This is sort of the same thing."

"I intend to have you ejaculate in front of the class, and that event will help you give yourself over to our trust."

There was a long moment of silence throughout the whole classroom. Then she went on. "Of course, the benefit of this particular exercise for you is two fold. You will potentially cross over into a place of creative freedom and fewer inhibitions and, you will be less distracted afterward, so that you will be able to concentrate on the class itself."

"I know that I am asking a lot, but as I see it, it is the only way that I can have you continue to productively take this class. Do you understand, Jake?"

Jake's mind was in complete turmoil, and he was wishing that he could be anywhere else but here. Nevertheless, here he was...and there was nothing, short of failing the class, that he could do about it. Looking down at the floor, he croaked, "Yes Ma'am."

Kim at that moment realized she was going into uncharted territory and would have to play this just right to get the results she wanted and not get into any trouble. However, Jake seemed so compliant and the girls all appeared more than willing to proceed with this obvious experiment in control.

Jake's body was beautiful and his endowment was indeed special. To watch the beauty of nature's design play out in front of them was an opportunity not to be missed. They all felt lucky... no, privileged to observe what was to be the meshing of both clinical process and creative art.

"Now Jake, I am going to need you to do as I say, exactly, and without any argument. Is that understood?" Before Jake could respond, Kim walked over to Julie and took one of the red scarves. "Jake, this will be easier for you if I blindfold you. I understand that this must be quite embarrassing for you with the whole class as your audience. Maybe if you cannot see them, you will be able to express yourself more creatively."

A few giggles could be heard from the class, at which Kim shot them a look and they quieted immediately. As Kim walked behind Jake to tie the scarf on, she knew that the blindfold was not for his benefit at all. It was for the girls' benefit. Now they could look at Jake freely, without being self-conscious, not having to justify their prurient interest to him. Especially them knowing that, with a body like the one he had, it was going to be nothing short of something visually spectacular.

When Kim had properly blindfolded him, she motioned for the girls to gather in closer for a better view. Then she took the other scarf from Julie.

"Now Jake, if you are wondering what the other scarf is for, it is to bind your hands behind you. Boys have a tendency to lose control and want to take matters into their own hands. We cannot have that, you understand?" Jake felt his hands being brought behind him and he responded softly, "Yes Ma'am."

What began as a sheen of perspiration all over is fit body had quickly turned into a dripping sweat that made his body seem like it was coated with oil, further accentuating his muscle definition even more. Finally there he stood, nude, blindfolded, bound and fully erect, almost as if he were awaiting his execution.

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