Balls Deep in The Rockies


Instead, there was a hand written note was taped to the inside of the glass of the unlocked door. Hey guys, it read. We had to fly to Des Moine for a family emergency and may not make it back until tomorrow. Make yourselves at home. There's plenty to eat and drink. We'll see you soon, Love, Rob and Connie. Alex offered to build a fire while I went back outside and brought in our gear.

Once I had our stuff inside, I took off my coat and checked to see if the phone was working. I rummaged through the cabinets, found what I needed and made a pot of coffee. While I waited for the coffee to finish I strolled over to the bar and poured myself three fingers of Kentucky's finest bourbon over ice.

I sipped the drink until the coffee finished and poured Alex a cup. We sat down at opposite ends of the couch in front of the fire and began to talk. It was kind of strange, I had been driving all day and it was almost midnight but I wasn't the least bit tired. I was enjoying my chat with Alex and admiring her impressive body when the phone rang.

Alex walked over to the table and answered it. It was Connie. She said they couldn't get a flight back until tomorrow because of the storm, and apparently asked if we were getting along O.K. Alex told her yes, and they conversed some more.

The glare from the fire lit up Alex's camel-toed crotch and shapely round hips very nicely. At one point during their conversation I heard Alex give a curious reply.

"Oh he doesn't, well maybe I'll break the news to him before you get home." she said.

That's odd, I remember thinking to myself. I blew it off and took another sip of my drink. Alex fiddled with the phone cord briefly before finally saying goodbye. She hung up the phone and walked back over to couch and sat down, a little closer to me this time than before. She placed her arm on the back of the couch and turned towards me.

"So what all did Connie have to say?" I asked. She took another sip of coffee and smiled.

"She told me that you were a great guy and that we should take this time alone to get better acquainted. She said they hoped to be back home tomorrow but they would get back as soon as they could, and that we should make ourselves at home." said Alex.

Connie was always asking about my social life and trying to hook me up with someone. Bless her heart this time I felt she was on the right track. We talked for a few more minutes before I decided to get up and take a hot shower. Alex said she was getting tired and was going to slip into something a little cozier as I stood up.

The master bathroom was huge with a large rock line shower. I left the door unlocked hoping that Alex might seize the opportunity and join me in the shower, but no such luck. After my shower I put on a newly purchased warm up suit and returned to the open living area of the cabin to find Alex sitting on the floor surrounded by couch pillows in front of the fire. She was wrapped in a bright red full-length hooded fleece cover up that hung down just past her knees.

"You weren't kidding when you mentioned something cozy were you?" I teased.

She smiled and patted the floor beside her.

"So tell me a little about yourself." I prodded as I sat down next to her.

"There's not much to tell really." she replied. "I grew up in Oregon and moved to Kansas with her father when her parents divorced. I finished high school there and went to college at Kansas State. After college I took a teaching job with the local school district and got married a couple years later." She raised her eyebrows adding that she was going through a divorce now.

"Shit happens." I replied; trying awkwardly to comfort her.

"Was he insane or what?" I asked.

"Excuse me?" she replied.

"Your ex-husband was he insane?" I repeated.

"I don't think so why?" she asked.

"I just think a man would have to be crazy to leave as a woman as beautiful as you." I replied. She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

"Connie was right, you are a sweetheart." she said sinking slowly back against the stack of pillows. She asked about me and we talked for another half-hour or so before falling asleep next to each other in front of the fireplace. I awoke well before sunrise, prodded the still glowing embers then quietly placed a couple more logs on the fire, trying not to wake up Alex as I covered her with another blanket.

Within ten minutes or so the fire was roaring again. I sat down by the huge stone fireplace and warmed myself while I watched Alex sleep. Obviously still a little weary from the long trip, she didn't move a muscle.

I soon found myself getting a little too hot by the fire so I got up and brushed my teeth, made some coffee, then strolled out onto the huge covered porch and gently shut the thick wooden door behind me.

It was almost daybreak and the area immediately surrounding the cabin was beginning to emerge from the darkness. I heard Alex stir inside and looked over my shoulder through the window in time to watch her disappear into the bathroom.

Not long after I had sat down in a large log style rocking chair to watch the heavy snow that continued to fall. Alex emerged from the cabin. The snow was really piling up around the cabin but the elevated rustic porch was still clean.

She had the fleece hood of her wrap pulled up over her head and the steam from the cup of coffee she was double clutching gave her a mysterious look. It was kind of a sexy cross between Little Red Riding Hood and Darth Vader except for her fuzzy slippers.

"Good Morning." she said as she leaned back against the cabin wall beside me. Her hip brushed against my shoulder as she leaned back against the rough logs. "Thanks for being so nice last night." she said after taking a long much-needed sip of her steaming Java.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Saying all the nice things that you didn't have to say." she replied. I reached for her hand and slowly pulled her over in front of me. I brushed the warm cheek of her face and assured her that what I told her was the truth and that I found her very attractive.

She leaned forward, sat her coffee mug on the window ledge behind me and softly kissed me on the lips. Without speaking a word she took a step back, reached down and slowly unzipped the two-way zipper on her warm fleece wrap from the bottom up to around the middle of her thighs.

I watched intently as her hand stopped. She then stepped towards me again, straddling my lap as I sat in the armless rocker. She pulled the back of her long wrap up exposing her shapely legs as she sat down then let it fall over my knees and onto the tops of my bare feet. I place my right hand onto her left thigh just above the knee as she leaned forward and kissed me again.

The cold Colorado morning had put goose bumps on her legs, but never once spoke about going inside. She unzipped the jacket of my warm-up suit and ran her fingers up across my hairy chest, squeezing my nipples as we softly kissed. I slid both my hands slowly up under her partially opened wrap and across her hips before grabbing the firm naked cheeks of her ass.

I gently rubbed her buttocks in a circular motion as she reached down for my crotch. Her hand began to caress my rapidly hardening cock through my warm-up suit. In no time at all it was fully erect and pushing against the thin polyester material of my suit. She reached down to my hips and one by one began unsnapping the sides until she was able to pull back the front of my pants and fully expose my throbbing cock.

Her warm right hand caressed my vein bulging shaft and briefly massaged my balls before she slid her body back off my legs and assumed a kneeling position on the porch in front of me. She unsnapped all the snaps to my pants then reached up between my legs and beneath my ass and yanked them completely off.

My hard cock smacked against my belly button as Alex threw my pants over in front of the door and slid her hands upward from my knees across my thighs. She grabbed my hips and tugged my ass toward the edge of the cold wooden rocker, then pressed my legs as far apart as they would go.

With her hands still pressing against the inside of my thighs she leaned forward and kissed my balls. She began to lick them one at a time like a huge lollipop, and then flicked her warm tongue against the wrinkled fleshy area where the shaft of my cock meets the scrotum. The steam from her hot breath rose slowly from my crotch in the cold mountain air.

I squirmed as her hot moist tongue slid up along the under side of my rigid shaft towards the swollen spongy head. Her fingers gripped my cock at the base pulling the normally free-floating skin tight against the entire lust filled length of my shaft.

With a quick twist of the wrist she tilted my cock forward and slid her warm moist lips over the very sensitive air chilled head. She swirled her tongue and began to swallow my manhood. I shook with delight as her still hooded head began bobbing up and down in my lap.

I moaned with excitement while she sucked my cock and watched in ecstasy as steam pulsed quickly from her nostrils like a doe in heat on a cold autumn morning. It became clear just from her enthusiasm that Alex was in full rut.

My ass was cold and my cock was covered with saliva by the time I began begging her to stop. She heeded my advice and stood upright. With the slide of one hand she unzipped her wrap even further and straddled my legs once more.

She shivered as the tops of my cold muscular thighs came in contact with the warm under sides of her thighs and the hot meaty cheeks of her bare hungry ass. I reached out and slid her zipper up beneath her chin until all that held her wrap together was the thick woven string of the hood, which was tied loosely around her neck. Her soft fleece wrap draped over her otherwise naked body like a super hero's cape.

I slid my right hand between her legs and across her hot steamy crotch as my left hand fondled her right breast. She kissed me wildly with plenty of tongue, pulling at my hair as my finger slid eagerly through her curly pubes and breeched the hidden folds of her wetness.

Her tits were absolutely incredible. They were not real large, but perfectly round with very hard, very pink, and very symmetric located, nickel sized nipples that pointed skyward as she leaned her head back and shook with desire.

I sucked one nipple then the other before she rose up and pressed the head of my cock against the warm inviting lips of her dripping snatch. By then we had both become almost oblivious to the freezing cold and falling snow.

Her ass cheeks trembled as she lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. She shoved her tongue into the back of my throat as her ass cheeks came to rest against my upper thighs. I grabbed her ass and eagerly repaid the favor. She put her hands on my shoulders and began to bounce up and down atop my cock.

Her wrap was quickly becoming an unneeded distraction so I untied the neck string and shoved it back off her shoulders. It slid down over her arms and fell to the porch. Now we were on even playing ground, both of us locked up in a mile high naked embrace, braving the elements as we ravaged one another on the porch of our friends' cabin.

As Alex's excitement level increased, her bouncing became more of a rocking motion and soon her legs had completely surrounded me and were wrapped around the back of the chair. I moved the rocker slowly forward and back at her request as I kissed her erect nipples.

I couldn't tell if I was the one making her tremble or if it was the cold, but I knew she was getting closer. Alex rocked her head slowly back and forth and moaned softly as she ground her hips against my pelvis. She leaned forward and kissed me then eased her legs back down on the floor of the porch. She stood up slowly rubbing her tits against my face as she cradled the back of my head.

Alex stood upright, hovering above me very ominously squeezing her breasts. I ran my warm trembling hand up along the inside of her sexy thigh and grabbed a handful of her hairy crotch. She cupped her breasts and squeezed her cold hard nipples between her thumbs and index fingers and tossed her head back as I began to stroke her bulging clit with my middle finger.

Steam was now rising from my hot wet cock and floating skyward on the air from her hot wet crotch. Her mouth opened and she shook with pleasure as I stroked her clit back and forth then in a circular motion pressing it firmly against her pelvic bone. Hungry for more she tugged at her puffy mound with the fingers on her right hand.

Wanting more of her tight wet twat, I pulled my hand from her honey-coated snatch and told her to turn around. I placed my knees together as she turned to face the great outdoors. Alex parted her legs and eased her soft gorgeous ass back against my hairy chest.

I stroked the front of her thighs and kissed the small of her back. She leaned forward placing her left hand on my knee and then reached back between her wide spread legs with her right hand, grabbed my rigid cock and hoisted it into the air as I pulled apart the cheeks of her ass with my thumbs and gave her puckered pink ring a few quick strokes with my tongue.

Alex's body shuddered, she rocked her hips with approval then squatted above me aligning the soft dark head of my well glazed cock with the dangling pink lips of her soaking snatch. I moved my hands to the flare of her hips as her hungry ass began a slow lust filled slide down onto my throbbing cock.

The warm clingy lips of her pussy quickly enveloped the glistening shaft of my penetrating cock before disappearing completely inside her wetness as she slid further down onto my rock hard cock. In one slow smooth gliding motion her ass devoured my entire aching cock. She sat on my lap with my cock buried deep inside her snatch.

Alex's legs dangled just inches above the porch as she leaned back and pressed her shoulders against my chest. I pried her legs far apart with my knees and cupped her breasts while gently kissing her shoulders and the back of her neck. She moaned with pleasure as my right hand slid down across her belly towards her gapping hairy twat and her throbbing pink clit.

She shook with delight as I began stroking upward on her protruding love button with my middle finger like it was the middle string on a well-tuned banjo. Her moans and groans were music to my ears. Her pussy was hot and tight and I knew that I was not going to be able to keep from unloading the contents of my balls deep inside her fiery cavern much longer.

Alex's ass began smacking loudly against my lap as she started to pogo up and down on my thick hard cock. I placed my hands upon her hips and began slamming her buttocks down hard against my thighs with every thrust she made. She grabbed her hair with both fists and threw her arms back howling wildly as she moved.

Rocking back and forth, she screamed while her tits danced uncontrollably about her chest and her soft curly hair brushed against my all but numb face and cheeks.

"That's it baby, scream all you want. No one can hear you." I taunted.

I didn't know if I could hold off until she got there or not, but I sensed she was very close. She bounced and bucked while she moaned and shook until I felt her knees squeezing tightly against mine.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum!" she yelled as she threw her legs open wide and leaned forward placing her hands on my knees.

She locked her elbows and began wiggling her ass up and down the length of my probing wet shaft. Without warning she grunted and slammed her ass back into my lap. With her elbows still locked she gyrated and gasped atop my cock until her orgasm arrived.

Alex went off grinding her ass feverishly against my pelvis as she let out a long satisfying scream. The falling snow muffled her pleasure filled scream. Seconds later the violent but satisfying motion of her hips came to and abrupt stop. She collapsed back against my chest and began sucking for air.

I slid my hands beneath her ass, lifted her slightly off my cock and began rapidly pumping upward at her very wet and wide spread twat. My knees shook as my orgasm neared.

"I'm going to cum too sexy!" I warned her.

"Oh yeah, baby cum all over me!" she pleaded.

Just as my back arched and my balls tightened Alex lifted her ass off my cock and pulled it outward. She then pressed its surging length back against her hairy mound cupping it with her trembling fingers as she dropped back down onto my lap. The palm of her hand covered the head of my cock while her long slender finger slid down across my twitching shaft towards my rapidly emptying balls. With a loud uncontrollable moan I reached up and roughly squeezed both her tits as my hot steamy load began to empty against her soft warm hand.

"M-m-m-m." she whispered grinding her palm against the head of my pulsing cock as surge after surge of warm satisfaction splattered against it and dribbled down between her fingers onto my balls and the insides of my thighs. She slid her fingers slowly up and down my slippery cock until it emptied, then smiled.

"I don't know about you but I could use a hot shower." she said slowly releasing her grip on my cum-drenched cock.

She stood up and turned back towards me. It wasn't sunrise yet but enough light bounced off the snowy white cover and filtered beneath the covered porch that I could see the remnants of my wet sticky load matted in her pubic hair and smeared across her lower belly and thighs.

Alex straddled me once more, this time facing me. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her toward me until her cum covered crotch pressed against my shrinking erection. I leaned to kiss her and her warm tongue parted my lips.

I rubbed the cheeks of her ass while she wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed in a sticky embrace for several minutes, before we decided to drag our cold, tired, and messy asses inside for a much-needed shower. Once we climbed into the shower, we took turns lathering up and exploring every inch of each other's body. The hot water felt fantastic and put us both very much at ease. Our front porch encounter was very spontaneous and had taken us both a little by surprise.

We stood beneath the hot shower spray kissing and fondling each other until the water finally went cold. We then we dried off and headed into the kitchen to rustle up some breakfast. Things were a little quiet at first but once the awkwardness faded we began to talk.

Alex was a nice girl, and I found myself very attracted to her. We fooled around some in the kitchen. I softly fondled her breasts and deep fingered her snatch while our breakfast sizzled on the nostalgic cast iron stove.

Heavy snow continued to fall and there was no word yet from Rob and Connie as to whether they could make it home yet. We spent the entire day lounging around the cabin in various stages of dress or undress if you will. In between my licking her pussy at the base of the stairs and a very fulfilling romp in front of the fireplace with her on top, Alex revealed to me that Rob and Connie were swingers.

They had apparently been indulging the lifestyle since before they were even married. Alex confessed that Connie had been trying to ease her into it for years.

"I guess I'll finally get to see what all the fuss is about." said Alex. "According to Connie their New Year's Eve parties always turn out to be one great big orgy."

At first I was surprised at the revelation, but as the day went on and the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Connie had always been very flirtatious with me squeezing my ass and shit like that even when Rob was around, and Rob had always been very open about the assets of other women even while Connie was nearby.

I just assumed they were very secure with their relationship. I had no idea it was such an open marriage.

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