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Bar Scene


I can't imagine not being with my lady, she is tall sexy and chocolate - and every time I am with her I think of how lucky I am. But the one thing I count myself most lucky about is that she is such a slut - now many people use slut as an insult but to her it is a title she wears with pride because she is sexually free and liberated and will never be confined by societal conventions. Besides she loves to get fucked and as her man I love to watch her get fucked as much as I love fucking her.

So one time we are at a club and I am dancing and laughing and having a good time with her - my hand on her ass - kissing and just enjoying her sexually as much as I could in a public place. I glanced around to see the how many guys are checking her out because I know that she is hot and bothered and ready to play right now - some guy or gal in her is about to get lucky.

I see a guy sitting nearby at the bar and he is stealing glances especially when she turns around - so I whisper in her ear - go get him. She knows the drill - she has a task and she will fulfill it because I have yet to see a man who showed interest willing to turn her down.

She walked over to him and held her hand out and introduced herself - then she asked what he was drinking and ordered him another - this was her way of taking control and let him know she wasn't there to play with him. He took the drink and thanked her and then asked about the guy she was just with. I am still sitting in the same seat and as she points to me I raise my glass and nod my head. By now if he didn't get it he would in a second when she moves close to him and pushes her tits on him and then reaches down and rubs his crotch. This is a turn on for most guys but for her this is her dick check - her way of knowing that she is not wasting her time. However, within seconds of reaching down and grabbing his crotch she felt his semi hard dick spring to attention and she knew that he would not be a waste of time - she barely could grab around it due to its thickness and the length was impressive as well.

She smiled at him and kept stroking him while he smiled back at him - she said well are you going to kiss me or what - he reached up and grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her face to his and they began to kiss in a very hot and erotic way right at the bar - all pretense was gone and he started to feel up on her breasts -I knew her exhibitionist side was getting her wet as hell- though at that moment the bartender was about to say something until I called him over and gave him a sizable tip to look the other way.

So right at the bar in plain sight they were in a hot and heavy make out session that was quickly turning into more than that - his hands were on her ass and since she never wore panties going out, he reached under her dress and was feeling her naked round ass. He pulled her closer and then his hand now under the dress probed and found her soaking wet pussy and stuck his finger deep inside her and slowly moved it in and out until she let an audible moan.

She broke the kiss and whispered to him that she wanted his big dick inside her - he smiled and started to get up and she pushed him back down - without hesitation she unbuckled his pants and then unzipped him and reached inside to pull out his very large and thick dick - but because of how close they were and the angle they were sitting only a few patrons at the bar could see what was going on and of course the bartender who was having a very good night - with me continuing to tip him to theoretically look the other way though in truth he had a front row seat - to the whole thing =.

She went back to kissing as she reached into her purse pulled out some Astroglide - he lube of choice and begin to give him and very vigorous hand job right at the bar - he on the other hand now had two fingers in her pussy - what I could not see and what she later told me was that he was getting his thumb wet by sticking in her pussy with his two fingers and filling her pussy completely - then he would rub the juice on to her tight little asshole as she waited in anticipation for what he would do next - he teased her over and over again while she lift one leg onto to his lap giving him more access to her wet pussy and her tight ass.

When he finally slipped his thumb up her ass and worked his finger together with his thumb I knew the flood gates would open up - She stopped kissing him and said I want you to fuck me now - he adjusted in his seat took his finger out of her and lifted her off the floor and onto his lap and she grabbed his dick and slide down on it right there at the bar.

She just rocked gently back and forth on his dick not being to obvious but I could also see that he was enjoying the pussy and he wasn't going to hold out fucking her like that for long - what I didn't see as that while rocking back and forth he had two finger up her ass and she was wriggling on his hips and he finger fucked her big ass and fucked her pussy at the same time - she loved DPs and while not technically a DP it was close enough to get her off - - She started cumming on his dick and I could tell because she was digging his nails into his neck and she bit deep into his shoulder to stop herself from screaming - and she came hard and I could see her body shake - how he held on and didn't cum himself I don't know but he definitely was near the point of no return as she bounced her up and down on his dick in what was now obvious fucking on their part happening -

He stood up from the bar stool and holding her waist he turned her around so that now she was in the seat and he was standing up and he started long stroking her hard and deep into her pussy - a crowd quickly gathered to see this slut get fucked by this big dick guy at the bar - she wasn't holding back her moans and screams any more and he fucked her long and deep and started to call her all sorts of names - telling her how do you like this big dick in you bitch - is this what you wanted - tell me what you want -

He was now pounding his dick into her and she was telling him more more and then for the second time she came on his big dick - but this time he could not hold out like before and he held her tight and then he pulled his dick out and started to cum all over her - she slid out of the chair and grabbed his dick and held it at her face and he shot load after load from his throbbing dick - ribbon of white cum streaked her chocolate skin as she grabbed the head of his dick and when he stopped cumming she started to suck his dick -

I thought damn that is a helluva finish but what I didn't know was that they weren't finished with each other - she sucked his big dick back to life and he lifted her up by the shoulder and turned her around - her round firm ass was bent over the chair and he effortlessly slide his huge dick into her wet pussy - she pushed back against him and he felt the softness of her ass for the first time - he grabbed her hips and began to fuck her deep into her pussy - With each stroke I knew that big dick was hit her "spot" that spot in her pussy where only big dicks can reach and that can send her over the edge in a matter of minutes - he was hitting it with now trouble based on the the way she was screaming -

Cellphones were capturing each and every moment of my slutty wife's public debut - we have done this many times but nothing like this - I was so caught up that I didn't think to take out my phone until round two also while he was fucking her from behind and making her his "bitch" so to speak - there was no doubt he was turning her out and she loved every second of it - he was showing no mercy and i heard comment from the crowd about damn and I wish i can get some of that - but they were both oblivious to anything but what they were doing and that was fucking the shit out of each other -

She grabbed ahold of the stool and screamed that she was cumming again - and her whole body shook in almost a seizure like convulsion - at that moment - i knew that there would be only one thing that she would want right then - a dick up her ass - she was in no condition to ask but when she came that hard - a dick in her ass took her to the next level and she would want his huge dick deep in her ass - so I decided to intervene and handed him the Astroglide on the counter and told him that she wants it - she loves it - give it to her - he looked at me and then looked at her ass - pulled his dick out that now looked at least 9 inches long if not bigger but the girth was incredible - and smeared the gel on her asshole and then lubed up his monster and slide it up her ass

The Crowd let out and audible Oh Shit as he slowly pushed his way deep inside her - She moaned herself back to semi consciousness as she pushed back against him and started her deep grunting she does when she is taking a big dick up her ass- he hadn't cum yet so I know he wasn't going to last long in her tight ass because she was groaning and grunting louder while he fucked her hard in the ass- however I noticed he slowed his strokes down from before because that ass was so fucking tight and warm that if he stroked too fast then he was going to blow his load and ain't shit he would do about it - so he did like most guys and took baby steps in the ass - she on the other hand was just revving up and telling him to fuck her harder - she wanted to cum again - but this time I knew it would be different -

So following her commands he started to fuck her harder and harder - and as I predicted after about twenty hard strokes he blew his load deep into her ass - but that was all she needed - his big thick dick pounding into her and then feeling the of his load shooting into he -- sent her over the edge and she came but this time she squirted and kept squirting as her body convulsed even more than before - the crowd didn't know but I knew that her most intense orgasms came from anal sex and right now she was in another space and time as she came again and again and again - waves sweeping over her body -

He moved back and pulled out his dick and leaned against the bar - he look down at her - probably thinking who the fuck is this slut and where can I get one like her - but at that point that was my cue and grabbed her purse - and lifted her up - she was still cumming but I wanted to get her out of there so I said - she would thank you if she could but we have to go now - she - we had a great time - maybe we will see you around - I think he was too tried or dumbfounded to say anything so he just nodded - the crowd cheered as we walked out the club, the bouncer opened the door as I escorted her out and she sat down - as we drove out the parking lot she spoke for the first time and said - whew, well that was fun - let's do that again tomorrow night - then she moved towards me and put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

I smiled to myself because I knew that she meant it and that I loved her for it - tomorrow here we come.

copyright Wingwagon 2012

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