tagChain StoriesBard's Tale: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Bard's Tale: A Midsummer Night's Dream


Welcome to Lit's own "Globe Theater." On our stage, you will witness (through a bit of artistic license on each author's part) various erotic scenes that we feel may have been "omitted" from Shakespeare's original plays. We hope you enjoy!

This story contains a male-male sexual encounter. If such things offend, please read another story.

* * * * * * *

A slight and androgynous figure takes stage center. His green skin glows, not sickly, as one would expect, but ethereally. Hasty glances over his shoulder belie the boldness of his steps. Literally running into a nymph, he pulls back for a second, or perhaps he was just catching his balance.

"Nymph, who keeps sylvan's balance bright
What mischief do you upon this night?"

The lithe and buxom creature looks upon the green visage and giggles melodiously. Her ample boson jiggles tantalizingly as she stands upright. Shaking her long auburn hair from her waist, she speaks cautiously:

"Mischief, Spirit, do you know whom you ask?
For an eternity I've kept my task.
Though your face is changed nearly every day
I know you, third amongst all the fae
Oberon's arm is no closer to him
Than you, fair Puck, who leads mortals to sin."

Hopping a branch with casual flair, Puck spreads his arms with secrets to share.

"Think you mischief to mortals I only bring
Far wider I plot to capture our king.
Whilst you were a seedling such honour I bore
His love to me, our Lord Oberon swore.
For a moment in time came Bridgette fair
Then she found death, which all mortals share.
To me again handsome Oberon crept,
I held him close, upon my bosom he wept.
Then Titania caught his fickle eye
Again I wait as time slows and ceases to fly.
Between the two I shall wedge, my cruel hoax
Into my bed Oberon, I again shall coax."

The autumn colored nymph looks aghast at Puck. To trick mortals is amusing and fun, but to deceive Lord Oberon is just unimaginable and immoral. Surely Puck's wickedness would beget foul tidings. Her auburn tresses stream away from her naked body as she runs from Puck muttering about his doom.

Puck's features mist and melt. Standing in the place of the hobgoblin is a dark skinned, muscular Athenian youth, whose eyes are deep wells as dark as the ripest of olives. As the youth moves, his muscles flex and ripple under his skin.

"Oberon's eyes cannot be held for long
By Queen Titania whose beauty is far gone,
But this mortal with the strength of youth
Will be Titania's final rebuke."

Puck, disguised as the handsome Athenian, asked the wind and stars where Oberon stands. Thinking they are speaking with a mortal who wishes to pay respects in the old manner, the wind and the stars guide Puck to Oberon's location.

Knowing Oberon's desire to conquer, Puck removes his clothing as if he just finished swimming the nearby stream then lays upon the soft grass next to the gnarled roots of a large tree. Puck lowers his eyelids, thick with black lashes, when he hears Oberon's approach.

His slight build augments Oberon height, making him look far taller than he is. Lean muscles coil under his tight fitting clothing, which are made of the finest silks, nearly as white as his skin. Oberon's dark hair falls neatly away from his rectangular face. Pools of blackness, searching the forest, quickly find Puck disguised as an Athenian youth. Admiring the form, Oberon stands over the immobile youth for several minutes before speaking.

"Beautiful form and features I must claim,
For none is more handsome by sight or by fame.
So soundly he slumbers, perhaps he shan't feel
When by him Lord Oberon shall kneel."

Oberon gracefully lowers himself next to the youth. For long moments he sits mesmerized by the man beneath the tree. Mischievously, Puck rolls over and throws his arm wide in invitation. Oberon, unable to resist the touch of the smooth skin, rests his head on the youth's broad chest. Feigning sleep, Puck nestles his body closer to his Lord and Master.

Overwhelmed, Oberon gently kisses the exposed chest and lets his hands run down the hard body Puck has created. Oberon's hands travel past the rippling abdominal muscles and down the road marked by thick, curly hair. Puck moans softly as if in pleasant dreams. Oberon, needing no encouragement, takes Pucks hard shaft in his hand and begins stroking the length with wanton desire.

Puck quickly sits up as if startled.

"Fie, foul creature, what advantage take you
Of this youth whose innocence you pursue?
Such touches I have never before felt
But under your hands my will seems to melt."

Oberon looks deeply into the youth's eyes. As his hands continue to roam over the strong body, Oberon convinces the youth to give into his carnal desires with breathy whispers.

"Yield your will to this pleasure, I implore
And such experiences we shall explore.
Such honour I give you, beyond your dreams
As your lover take me, who toppled Queens."

Puck, lost in his part, holds Oberon's eyes and challenges him to continue. Oberon's mouth hungrily covers Puck's soft lips. Puck's tongue delves into Oberon and tastes the sweet midsummer night that approaches rapidly. Oberon's hands twist into pucks black hair and roughly pulls his head back to expose Puck's soft neck. A whimper of pain escapes Puck.

As tears form in Puck's eyes, Oberon nips and licks Pucks neck. Puck's pain swiftly transforms to pleasure. Puck unties Oberon's shirt and wraps his arms around his Lord's body. Puck's nipples harden to little pebbles as Oberon's shirt softly tickles them. Laughing at his newest "conquest" Oberon licks his way down Puck's chest. Circling Puck's tight nipple with his tongue, Oberon swiftly bites.

Puck cries out in mingled surprise and desire before violently pulling Oberon on top of him. Puck presses his naked body against the half clothed form of his Master. His leaking erection wets Oberon's silk trousers.

Laughing, Oberon pulls away from his feisty lover and stands.

"With such exuberance and excitement,
You are my body's great enticement."

Oberon hastily pulls off his remaining clothing with Puck's help. Puck's breath catches as he beholds a sight denied him for more decades than he cares to remember. Oberon's manhood stands rigid against his belly. Except for the soft and dark curls around the root of his excitement, Oberon's body is hairless and smooth.

Slowly, Puck reaches out to touch his Lord's body. Trembling hands cup Oberon's knees and gently move upwards. Kneeling to reach Oberon's magnificent belly, Puck's mouth is but a breath away from Oberon's heavy sack. Without thought, Puck gently licks Oberon, like a puppy greeting his master.

Gently, Puck uses his lips to pull on the folds of skin. Shifting his head, Puck kisses the shaft that, but seconds before, was pressed against his cheek. Flicking his tongue along the soft underside, Puck hears Oberon's breathing shift and deepen. Chuckling quietly, Puck takes his Lord's crown into his mouth and moves his head to that every part of his mouth can once again taste his Master.

As Puck takes Oberon deeply within his mouth and sucks voraciously, Oberon shouts:

"You named me foul creature without proof
But such names belong now to you in truth!
Such talents in mere mortals are wasted
With me, you shall stay once you have tasted
The seeds and upon which you shall sup
Until you soul is completely corrupt!"

Oberon's words gained strength as Puck's tongue continued its dexterous manipulations of Oberon's willing flesh. Oberon tightly pulls Puck's head against his body. Puck's nose presses into Oberon's soft curls. Though his breath is stopped by Oberon's deep and forceful thrusts, Puck continues to suck, knowing that his Lord is near climax.

Puck reaches around Oberon's waist and holds tightly as the lack of oxygen causes him to become dizzy. As Oberon's seed floods into Puck's waiting gullet, Puck swallows quickly hoping to waste none. Drunk upon his Lord's wine, Puck sways on his knees.

Crouching quickly, Oberon catches Puck before he can fall. Kissing his forehead tenderly, Oberon gently lays Puck upon the soft and pliant grass. While Puck regains control of himself, Oberon rests Puck's head in his lap and gently strokes his black hair. Gingerly, Puck reaches out and strokes Oberon's waning erection.

"Oh tender youth has not yet learned to live,
Not yet knowing all the pleasure I give.
A small taste you have had, but more is to come
Once I have tasted your untouched plum."

Oberon gently turns Puck onto his belly. Puck readily folds his knees beneath him and pushes his face deeply into the fragrant grass. Laughing at the "virgin" youth's readiness and willingness, Oberon pulls a flower and uses its nectar to ease his passage. As the fragrance reaches Puck's nose, he sighs heavily.

Reaching back, Puck pulls himself open to instigate his Lord's conquest. Oberon grasps Pucks hips and slowly pushes himself in. Noise of mixed pain and anticipation escapes Puck's throat. Slowly entering and withdrawing, Oberon eases his way through the tight and long neglected passage.

Puck begins to howl and buck, causing Oberon to delve deeper and faster than he thought prudent. As Oberon reached his full depth, Puck presses against Oberon's body. Screaming in building pleasure, Puck rocks on his knees until he feels the heat overwhelm his body. As small explosions rip through his spine, Puck's manhood explodes in a fiery torrent.

Puck's pulsating body causes Oberon to release his seed once again. As his Master's burning magma erupts into Puck's body, Puck continues to writhe and moan in pleasure. Connected, still, Oberon rests his light body on top of Puck's until the two fall asleep.

When Puck awakens, he is alone. Oberon must be telling Titania that he has no more need of her. Puck bathes quickly in the nearby stream and returns to his own visage, a green hobgoblin, neither quite male nor female.

Whistling happily to himself, Puck erases the footsteps of a stag to ensure no hunter could find him near. He replaces a fallen bird into its nest as he congratulates himself on recapturing his Lord Oberon's heart.

"What soft and vibrant footfalls do I hear?
It is! My darling Lord Oberon nears."

Beaming and proud of himself, Puck runs to greet Oberon who bears no mark of his recent tryst.

"My Puck, faithful and dearest servant
I have need of your eyes, be observant.
This very afternoon I have found my love
But now he is Titania's glove.
An Athenian youth, fair was his face
And his body -- lithe and full of grace,
In Titania's company I find
For her to have him is most heinous crime!
My own he will be and your help I need
To relinquish cruel Titania's greed!"

Oberon storms off leaving Puck needing to run to catch up. Puck's shoulders stoop slightly as he pushes a baby bird from its nest and, toward waiting hunters, scares a stag from its rest.

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