tagMind ControlBe Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02


"Who are you?" Craig asked the mysterious red head as she led him through the room by his cock, like a pet being lead on a leash. They'd left Nicole and the other woman behind; though the brunette had sprayed Nicole with cum, her body hadn't reverted back to the way it was before. Craig saw the massive clit shrink back down, but not to the proportions that a clit was supposed to. It still hung between her legs, five inches long and soft. Her labia still sagged, swinging behind her newly developed cock like a parody of two heavy testicles. She pulled her skirt back down and readjusted her stockings, though she left her panties off. Nicole stood up and abandoned her cum stained dress on the floor. She made no effort to clean herself, instead moving over to the refreshment table still dripping with white. And still, nobody except Craig and this mysterious lady seemed to notice anything was amiss.

"Just a woman who likes to have some fun," she responded, giving Craig's cock a little tug along with her words. He moaned as semen impotently oozed from his tip and fell into her palm. "Don't trouble yourself with it. You're getting what you wanted, right? This is certainly a lot more interesting than your average meeting. And I'm getting to have some fun along the way."

"But, this isn't... normal." He said in his hushed, but urgent tone; he cast a look back to see Nicole talking to somebody, the brunette woman getting herself another drink and nobody the wiser about anything happening. "It's magic or something."

"My, my. You really are a sharp one, aren't you?" The red head teased Craig. The two of them were making a circuit around the room, glancing over the various people sitting at tables or milling around the walls as Craig had done earlier. They finally stopped when a voice over the speakers caught their attention; a man, whom had been trying to set up the microphone earlier, finally spoke into it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you will kindly welcome to the stage, from our Research and Marketing Department, Miss Jenna Lee."

There was soft applause as a woman in a blue pant suit took the stage; she was certainly a pretty woman, in her mid-thirties with a short-cut hairstyle for her jet black hair. Whatever curves she might have had were well hidden behind the unflattering suit that she wore. From Craig's guess, she looked to be the kind of woman who probably hadn't had a terribly wild life, never did anything spontaneous or fun. Probably lived for her job, and was likely a real bore to talk to. Like most of the people here. A glance over to the red head at his side suggested that she probably had the same thoughts as well. She was smirking as she looked to the stage; Craig felt that familiar tingle in the air that seemed to happen just before everything went crazy. She led him to an empty table, and sat with him so they could, apparently, enjoy the speech.

"Thank you, Dan." Jenna said, pulling out a stack of notecards from the pocket of her jacket. She lifted them up in front of her, eyes scanning over them as she began. "It's been a good year for our department, thanks to the work of..." Jenna trailed off, furrowing her brow in confusion. There was an awkward pause, followed by members of the audience looking to one another. Craig looked over to the woman at his side and hissed in a whisper.

"What did you do to her?!"

"Oh, nothing big. Yet. Just a little confusion with reading. She looked like the kind of girl who always had her nose in a book instead of doing anything fun. I thought it might be... exciting to lower her intelligence a little bit. Right now she's having trouble with some of the bigger words." The red head grinned. "Really, it's hot. Feel how wet it's making me."

The last sentence seemed to be delivered almost as a command; Craig felt compelled to move his right hand up her thigh and under her dress. As his fingers found her pussy, nestled between her legs, they felt just how wet she actually was. Both of her upper inner thighs were covered with her juices, as there were no panties to absorb them. She moaned lightly at his touch.

"Good boy. Rub me while I play."

Another command, and another compulsion. His fingers began to gently rub her wet mound, one slipping into her slid to seek her growing clit, so that he might give it attention too. The half-lidded stare that she took on suggested that she enjoyed his attention.

And there was another sudden feeling in the air.

Jenna tried to carry on, but she kept stumbling over larger words that she should have known. The look of frustration on her face was evident, as she couldn't fathom why this speech she had prepared was suddenly so hard for her.

"And... um.... Like, we totally had our numbers go way, way up." She almost looked aghast at the suddenly juvenile speech that came out of her mouth; her brain was sending one signal, but it seemed to be getting mixed up along the way. Jenna looked back down to her note cards to find that she couldn't read them at all -- the red headed woman had completely erased her ability to read. And that wasn't all. Her intelligence was draining by the second, leaving her looking progressively more confused and upset, standing there in the spot light. The note cards slipped from her hands and clattered to the floor in front of her.

"They... um... I said they like, went up, right? And that was tittily good." She paused, and giggled into the microphone. "Ohmigod, I totally just said tittily. I didn't mean to say that! This isn't a place to talk about titties." As she said the word, she looked down at her own chest, as if she had never seen the fact she had breasts before; Jenna looked almost mesmerized. She began to unbutton her suit jacket and slipped out of it, letting it fall to the stage floor. She was left standing there in a sheer blouse and blue slacks.

"Like, I forgot what I was going to talk about. But I should... like... totally talk about titties instead. They're so awesome." Jenna spoke as her fingers quickly unbuttoned her blouse; within a minute, she was untucking it and letting it slip to the floor too. Standing now in her plain white bra and slacks, she began to gently squeeze her covered breasts. "Titties are super fun to play with. Mine are pretty big. I totally forgot what size they are, though." And this prompted her to reach behind her back and unclasp her bra; her C cups bounced free, sagging slightly on her chest. She brought the bra in front of her face and tried, in vain, to read the size on the label but gave up with a giggle. "I totally can't read it. But they're big and they fit in my hands like this," Jenna's hands went beneath her tits and lifted them up, fingers kneading the flesh. "And I can suck on my nipples," This was demonstrated, as she lifted a breast up to her mouth and leaned down to put the nipple in her mouth.

"And I love when other people suck on them too! Especially girls. Oh! And it's super fun to put a nice big cock between my titties and let it fuck them until they are covered in cum. And that is my report on titties." Jenna ended her sentence with a bounce, causing her large breasts to bounce with her.

Meanwhile, Craig's fingers were sliding in and out of the red head's wet pussy; she was staring at the stage, almost unseeingly, as he brought her ever closer to orgasm. She cast a glance over her shoulder, to the still nude Nicole, and Craig felt that familiar tingle of something happening.

The blonde college student began to approach the stage, walking up to the topless Jenna. She leaned down, without a word, and slipped one of the nipples into her mouth and began to suck. Jenna, with her reduced intelligence, didn't know how to respond beyond an audible squeak. Her other hand went up to Jenna's other breast and began to squeeze softly; Jenna arched her back, further thrusting her breasts at the younger woman.

The crowd, meanwhile, had fallen completely silent as they watched the display on the stage. Jenna was quickly working to take off her slacks, letting them and her conservative panties fall to a pool around her ankles. As soon as they were off, Nicole dropped back to her knees, as she had before, and leaned in to Jenna's crotch, using her hands to part her thighs. An expert tongue darted out and began to lick the wet cunt nestled between her legs. Jenna, standing on stage and having her pussy licked, began to moan and play with her chest, oblivious to the crowd. Jenna's moans were quickly building to climax when she was interrupted by a loud voice as the back of the room.

"Just what in the HELL is going on here?!" A female called out; all eyes turned back to look at her, including the red head whom Craig was fingering. She wore the uniform of a hotel employee: black slacks and a white button up shirt. She was relatively young, not quite thirty. But she was very pretty, with generous cleavage showing from the neckline of her shirt.

Apparently Jenna hadn't been the only one nearing orgasm; the red head was so close, and the sudden outburst seemed to snap her from the building release. She did not look pleased. Craig felt compelled to stop rubbing her; from everything he'd seen so far, he doubted that she needed to actually tell him to stop. The red head stood up and adjusted the hem of her dress and faced the woman.

"A private business meeting. What do you think you are doing interrupting this function?"

"What do I think I'm doing? I'm the manager of this hotel, ma'am. I don't know what kind of a business you run, but we certainly don't have room for things like THAT in our establishment. Your ladies need to get dressed before I call the cops."

"You'll do nothing of the sort. Close that door, lock it, and come here." The red head said, iron in her voice.

The hotel manager complied, looking shocked as she did so. The door was closed and locked, and she looked panicked as she began to walk across the room toward the red headed woman. "You need to cut this out right now, I won't stand for it."

"You won't stand for it?" The red head laughed. "That's fine with me. How about you kneel, then."

Instantly the hotel manager fell to her knees, gasping as she did so; she looked up to the red head with terrified eyes.

"That's more like it. I was this fucking close to cumming on my pets hand over there, and you ruined it. Now, I'm not terribly pleased about that. I think you deserve a little punishment."

"Punishment? Look, lady... I'm sorry. I'll go, I just... I'll pretend I never saw a thing."

The red head ignored her, as she looked down to the kneeling woman with anger. "No more speaking, unless it's to answer my questions. Other than that, nothing. We'll find a better use for your mouth than nagging. What size are your breasts?" She asked her.

"38D." She meekly answered.

The red head smirked down at her, wiggling her fingers in the direction of the woman's chest. Craig could feel the energy just as soon as the changes began to take place. The hotel manager's chest began to shrink rapidly, her large tits quickly getting smaller and smaller until there was nothing left. Within a minute the formerly busty woman was flat chested, her shirt and bra hanging limply over her chest where large breasts had been a moment before.

"Oops. I hope you weren't terribly fond of them. Take off that," she gestured to her top, "since it doesn't seem to fit you any more."

The hotel manager's fingers quickly complied, unbuttoning the shirt and letting it slide off of her body; the bra quickly followed. Her chest was quite flat, with no hint of there ever having been breasts there in the first place. Her tiny nipples were rock hard, pointing toward the red head in front of her. The standing woman seemed very pleased with her work.

"Now, crawl over here and beg your mistress to allow you to make her cum, since you so rudely interrupted it before."

The woman, looking terrified, crawled toward her tormentor, stopping just in front of her to look up and speak in a meek voice. "Please mistress, may I make you cum?"

"I don't know, that's not very convincing. I could... motivate you further. Maybe we could see how you cum if I take away all feeling in your pussy..."

The idle threat seemed to quickly motivate the scared employee. "Please, please mistress! Let me make you cum. I'll lick your pussy or finger you or let you do anything you want to me. Please, please let me make you cum."

"Well, I guess... if you insist." The red head teased, lifting her dress until it was bunched at the waist. The hotel employee made quick work of leaning in to her wet cunt, pressing her tongue against it and licking furiously at her clit. Her fingers moved up the red head's thigh, and began to slip in and out of her waiting pussy; she was moaning in no time, her fingers grabbing the young woman's hair and holding her face against her crotch.

"Mm, that's a good girl. Much, much better." She was panting as she neared her orgasm; one final lick brought her to the edge, her pussy gushing as she squirted her cum all over the poor woman's face. With a moan, she stumbled back to sit in the seat she had been in earlier.

The hotel employee looked expectantly to the red head.

"Oh, right. You want me to change you back?"

She nodded.

"Mm, not just yet. I think I might keep you as my personal pet. Maybe one day you can earn these again," To accentuate her point, the red headed woman grabbed her own breasts and teasingly squeezed them. "Until then, you can live without them. And, your punishment for ruining my orgasm..."

"No, miss... please..." the hotel employee pleaded to deaf ears.

"I'll take away your ability to cum at will. You'll only have an orgasm when somebody is cumming on your face. No, wait. Not just somebody... You'll only be able to orgasm when a woman cums on your face. I hope you're comfortable with licking pussy, because that's the only way you're ever going to cum again. Now get dressed. But, reserve a room for us. I might like to play with you later, when I am done here."

The woman quickly slipped her shirt back on, but left the bra abandoned; it was useless to her now. Looking like she was on the verge of tears, she quickly headed from the room.

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