tagNonHumanBeauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast


The dripping candle provided just enough light to see the heaps of rubble and ruin that were strewn across the west wing. Crushed chairs and clawed cushions were spread across the floor, while bundles of torn curtains threatened to entangle my feet as I stepped across the dark chamber. The light soon exposes a clawed painting. It shows a man, only in his late teens, smiling confidently. His sharp features and deep blue eyes captivated me, but a glowing light pulls my eyes away from the handsome man. I turn around to see the Beast, standing behind me and staring at the portrait. "You should not have come here, Belle." He remarked, still staring at the painting.

"I-I know, I'm so sorry," I mumbled, afraid of facing his anger. Surely his temper would erupt since I disobeyed him. "I was just curio-"

"No, no it is fine. I suppose you would learn soon enough."

"Learn what?" I said. As I followed his eyes to the portrait, I soon realized that those deep blue eyes were the same as in the man. Disbelief, shock, and wonder passed as I found the truth. "That- that's you isn't it?" I said.

"Yes Belle, I used to be human, but I was foolish and now, just look at me! I am a monster." He admitted.

"Master, I don't think you are a monster." I told him. At this, his eyes left the painting and looked upon me. His eyes, of that deep blue, made me melt; so soft, yet filled with underlying power and control. A shiver tingled across my spine as I realized how attracted I felt.

"Thank you for that, it means a lot to me. No one has ever said anything like that," he said, gratefully. His expression suddenly changed, going from sadness to something else that I could not put my finger on. The deep blue eyes became warmer as they looked over me, resting on my body as he stepped forward slightly, closing the large gap between us with his powerful strides.

"No, you are not a monster. You are kind and gentle, but strong. You are very much human. You are powerful and controlling, but not a monster," I said, stepping forward as well until we were only inches apart. His warm, sweet breath surrounded me as he whispered,

"You are very beautiful Belle." Slowly, his face lowered to mine and he pressed his lips against mine. His muscular arms wrapped around my body as he forced himself against me. I wrapped my fingers around the fur on his large chest, pulling him closer as my lips were crushed against his in a passionate kiss. Gradually, our mouths moved together, as we intertwined ourselves even more. To gain even more control, he scooped me up in his arms so I could wrap my legs around his strong torso. While kissing, he began to carry me across the room to the nearest wall, where he pressed his body against me, holding me tightly. For a second he broke away, panting as his forehead remained pressed against mine. Gasps escaped from me while our eyes met, reviving the passionate heat that engulfed us once more as we kissed again. This time, his lips parted, and I could taste his tongue as it teased me. I could feel the passion erupting inside of me, urges were exposed and dirty fantasies came to the front of my attention. Still in his arms, I pulled my lips away from his just enough to whisper, "Where is your bed?"

He carried me from the wall to the far end of the room, where a four-post bed was set in the corner. Unlike before, he was very delicate as he sat me down on the mattress. Concern filled his eyes as he looked at me and asked if I was sure. To answer his question, I grabbed his paw and placed it on my breast, allowing him to feel me. His eyes widened and I nodded in support. He hesitated before bringing up the other paw, but then he gained confidence and began to squeeze and massage my breasts. I could not suppress the moans that escaped me as he firmly squeezed. Reaching behind my back, I untied my dress and allowed him to pull it off, which resulted in many rips that I would have to mend later. I then loosened my corset, allowing him to slide it off, exposing my bare chest. He began to grab and squeeze even more and soon began to lick my hardened nipples. My moans became even louder as he let his lips trace across my chest. His fangs grazed across my fair skin, leaving me even more aroused as he continued to tease my breasts. Looking up, he brought his lips back to mine in another passionate, powerful kiss. "My turn," I whispered as I pulled off his large shirt and let my hand trace across his chest and stomach, down to his pants. Gently I began to touch across his length, feeling every hard inch beneath my fingertips.

I had fantasized about a moment like this for so long. So often I found myself in my chamber, day dreaming about the beast, and having him. Now that it was finally coming true, I could not contain my excitement. I quickly tugged off his pants and wrapped my hands around his member. Nothing could have prepared me for his size. The beast stood at least nine feet tall, and his cock was equally massive. At least 11 inches, it was already incredibly hard when I began to stroke him. I could not contain my anticipation and began to pump up and down quickly, allowing my fingertips to tease him. "Easy Belle, easy," he moaned, "Don't make me cum yet, not yet." Another loud moan escaped him as I began to slow down. I then let him get at the head of the bed while I waited at the foot on my hands and knees. I crawled on top of his legs and slowly lowered my mouth on to his large, hard cock. As it took him in my mouth, he placed his large paw on the back of my head, thrusting himself even further into my throat. I gagged as he got deeper and deeper. "Oh Belle, I'm going to cum, ohh Belle," the Beast moaned. I soon felt his juices hot in my throat. He soon filled my mouth and though I tried my hardest to swallow, it soon began to drip down my chin, onto my breasts. He then sat up to wipe it off and then allowed me to lick it off of his large paw.

"I don't want to hurt you. We don't have to do this," He said.

"No, I want to master, I want to make you feel like a man." I answered. In this moment, all of my worries faded away. My father, the others in the castle, Gaston, everything was forgotten and all that remained was the desires that I felt.

The Beast told me to lie down and spread my legs, and I obeyed, eager to fulfill his desires. He lowered his mouth on to my dripping cunt and began to lick all over me. It felt so good to have his rough, large tongue on my sensitive parts; I could not repress the large moan that grew inside of me. After a few minutes, he brought his head back to mine and kissed me, gentler than before. I slipped my tongue inside of his mouth and could taste my juices still on his tongue. Finally, we broke apart and he sat back and got on top of my fragile body. Heat radiated from him, the smell of his sweat and cum filled me up and the taste of both of our juices was still in my mouth. After giving me a look of anticipation, he slowly penetrated me. It was a good thing that he had licked my cunt before, for he was so large that it was almost impossible for him to maneuver his way in- almost impossibly, but not quite. Slowly he filled me up until I could feel him inside of my stomach, and even then there were still a few inches left. "I want you to fill me up all the way," I breathed as he began to pull out. With another slow thrust, he penetrated me even deeper than before. Soon he was all inside me, and I could not stop a tear from rolling down my cheek as his large cock stretched my young, unexplored pussy.

"No, no I've hurt you Belle," he lamented, as he began to pull out of me for good.

"No Beast, please keep going. You make me feel so good I never want this to end!" I stated truthfully. The pain was well worth the pleasure that came. With newfound confidence, the Beast began to thrust into me, harder and faster than before. I could feel him getting even harder inside of me as he penetrated. Beads of sweat rolled off of his face as he pounded me, both of us moaning loudly, grateful that no one ever entered the west wing. Even in other parts of the castle, many could probably hear our pleasure.

I could feel something welling up inside of me, threatening to burst. The Beast felt this way too, for his cock began to throb and pulse inside of me. Soon we both collapsed in a mutual orgasm, waves of pleasure rolling over our bodies as we exhaled the breath we had been holding captive. Exhausted, I laid upon his soft, furry chest and waiting for the heavy breathing to cease while his arms were wrapped around me. "Oh Belle, you are so good," he breathed.

"Mmmhm," was all that I could say. The Beast had left me weak and battered, but I enjoyed every moment of it.

After a while, we both regained enough of our lost strength. "Beast?" I asked.

"Yes, my beautiful Belle?"

"Can we do that again?" I inquired.

"Of course, my love." He answered, eager to fulfill our desires.

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