tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeauty and the Beast Ch. 05

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 05


Belle woke to find the beast had disappeared. Looking across his moonlit room she saw no shadow of him. Where could he have gotten off to? She rose from the bed and walked across the floor and looked out the window. Beyond the window she could see the town that had once served as her home, bathed in moonlight and slumber. Had it been a month already she had left that world behind?

That day seemed to long ago, the day she had been chosen as the sacrifice to the beast. Terrified and sick, Belle had accepted her fate. Anything to protect her family and loved ones. And then she got an idea, listening to her sisters whisper in the kitchen.

"Do you think the beast fucks the girls they offer to him?" Her sister Rose whispered to Melody.

Melody shook her head. "Don't think such things, Rose." She hissed. "Not when our Belle is about to-" She chocked up, her shoulders shuddering hard.

Rose stroked her sister's back. "Oh don't, please."

That was when Belle thought up her plan. If the beast was hungry and only ate the girls, imagine what his animal hunger was like!

That same evening she went to her eldest sister Pearl with her plan.

"Oh Belle! Clever as always but-" she hesitated. "Even if it works who is to say he will let you live?"

"I just need to know what I can do, sister." Belle whispered, clutching her hands tight. "Anything that could make the beast think I was worthy, even as a toy. Anything so that I could stay alive."

"Belle," Pearl sighed. "Who says being a toy as any better than being dead? He is a monster after all." Belle stopped, thinking about her sisters only made her sadder. She did miss them something terribly. Silly Rose with her head in the clouds. Sensitive Melody who wouldn't even swat at a mosquito. And beautiful Pearl, strong and wise. She had been Belle's mother basically, since their mother died during Belle's birth.

Belle felt a cool hand at her throat and she looked up, expecting to see the beast. Instead she saw a beautiful woman with long black hair, and sharp silver eyes. Belle's mouth dropped open and she tried to inch away.

"Don't be afraid of me, sweetling." The woman whispered. "I'm your fairy godmother."

Belle swallowed. Something about this woman set her teeth on edge and made her want to run far away. "My what?"

The woman's smile seemed sinister now. "I have come to rescue you, save you from this prison."

Belle furrowed her brow. "No. I...I like it here."

The woman reached out, cupping Belle's face in her hands. "Do you? Or are you just caught in that monster's curse?"

Belle shuddered, the woman's touch was both freezing and searing. "Please let me go." She gasped.

The woman lowered a hand, caressing Belle's breasts, down her stomach and naval, and then cupping Belle's warm pussy. "He controls you with this." She bent a finger, easily inserting it into Belle's pussy.

"No!" Belle whimpered. She tried to fight, but she found that she couldn't move.

"He's fucked you recently hasn't he?" The woman moved her finger around, swirling inside Belle. "He over powers you, taking you with his fat cock and ravaging you with animal lust." The woman looked into Belle's eyes. "He has more power than he shows. More hunger than you could imagine." She grinds her entire hand into Belle's sex, rubbing her inside and out.

"Please!" Belle whimpered. "Stop. Please."

"He will become selfish and simply use you, not caring for you feelings." The woman whispered. "I can promise you that."

Belle turned her head away. "Leave me be!"

The woman smiled, pulling her hand away and licking Belle's juices from her palm and finger. "You do taste divinely." She licks her cherry red lips. "I want some more." She lowers herself down, spreading open Belle's thighs and tucking her head between them, licking Belle's pussy.

"No!" Belle cries.

"You're so responsive." The woman whispers, teasing Belle's swelling clit. She then giggles and whispers a spell against Belle's sex.

"It burns." Belle shivers. "You're hurting me!" She finally breaks away and falls onto the floor. She curls up in a ball, shaking and shivering. "It hurts! What did you do to me?"

The woman rolls Belle over. "I just made you the same as him." She sniffs. I filled you with his same desires and yearnings. You won't be able to satisfy yourself." She then steps aside, pulling something from her shadow. "But I can."

Belle watches as the woman pulls forth a strange creature. It looked like something she had seen once in the fisherman's net. It had long, slithery tendrils and was shiny. But it had no face or any sort of body, just a huge mass of these wriggling limbs.

Belle screamed, trying to get up to run but one of the tentacle whipped out, grabbing Belle's ankle and holding her fast. Two more long black limbs grabbed her wrists, holding them behind her back. It rose her up in the air, spreading her legs open.

"Make it stop!" Belle cried.

"But you're in pain." The woman cooed, walking around Belle, her head level with Belle's thigh. "I'm here to help you." She stops, smoothing her hands on Belle's ass cheeks.

A tentacle rose up, thrusting between Belle's lips, silencing her. Belle writhed trying to escape. The woman was now kissing her ass and legs, tracing wet patterns on her skin with the tip of her hot tongue.

Where is he? Belle thought. Where is the beast? That's when she felt a tentacle prod at her entrance. She wanted to scream, but the tendril in her mouth squelched her. The slimy limb tickled her labia and slapped her clit, making Belle lurch. It actually felt good!

The tentacle then forced its way inside, claming Belle's pussy and growing fatter inside her, filling her and stretching her to overflowing. Belle whimpered, crying out against the vine in her mouth as she released, warm gushes of liquid squirting all over the floor.

"Look at this!" The woman laughed. "You're so dirty." She slapped Belle's ass hard, making Belle cry out. "You deserve it!" She slapped her again and the tentacle started to squirm inside, thrusting about and prodding at Belle's cervix.

"If you can't handle this you'll never be able to withstand the real him." The woman hissed in Belle's ear.

Belle shuddered, chocking on her own voice. "Ha-who are y-you?"

The woman smirked.

Belle then felt something warm pulling at her shoulders and a voice whisper into her ears. "Wake up."

She raised her head, looking into the beast's golden eyes. She fluttered her lashes, her mouth bone dry. Her voice creaked inaudible as she tried to say his name.

"You were having a nightmare." The beast whispered soothingly.

Belle clung to his chest, holding his firm body tight. "It was awful."

The beast stroked her hair. "It's alright. Stay calm. You're dream can't hurt you." But Belle wasn't so sure about that. Her sex hurt, she felt bruised and sore, and she was very wet.

"Is something the matter?" The beast asked. "I smell blood." He lifted up the sheets to reveal blood between Belle's legs.

"Oh no..." Belle whispered, screwing up her legs to hide it. "I'm so sorry!" She sniffled, feeling panic boil up inside her.

"Don't." The beast stopped her and opened her legs. He licked along her thigh, his touch warm and soothing. He studied her for a moment, a cross look flashing in his eyes. He then looked at Belle. "Why didn't you tell me I hurt you?"

She shook her head. "You didn't. I swear. This only just happened."

"You're bruised, badly." He then touched her sex, making her shiver. "And you're swollen, but not in the good way."

"My dream..." Belle whispered. "This woman-" The beast glared. "What woman?"

Belle swallowed. "Sh-she had long black hair and...and her eyes were silver."

The beast roared, jumping off the bed and smashing a vase. Belle gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. "What's the matter?"

The beast snarled, turning back at her. "She will not hurt you."

"Who is she?" Belle reached for him, bringing him back into her arms and kissing him, tasting her blood on his lips. "My beast, who is she?"

"A witch." The beast snarled, tangling his fingers in Belle's hair. "A horrible monster." He then eased Belle onto her back. "Hold still, let me take care of this mess." He placed his head between her legs again. "It may hurt for a moment, but I'll be able to heal you."

Belle's breath hitched as his tongue touched her sore pussy. He licked up her blood and slowly eased his tongue inside, swirling inside and causing the pain to subside and cause it to be replaced with pleasure. Belle sighed in relief and lust.

"Oh my beast..." she whispered. She squeaked, her stomach tightening as he brought her to a swift orgasm. "I only ever want your touch." She cooed., running her fingers through his mane.

His tongue lapped over her clit and she suppressed a moan, chocking it off as pleasure rippled all though her, warm and tingling.

"That pleases me very much, Belle." He licked her one last time and looked up at her, her eyes becoming heavy lidded. "Sleep now." He picked her up, and carried her to her bedroom. He laid down beside her, wrapping her up in his arms. "Sleep, my beauty."

She cooed in her sleep, gripping to him. "My beast."

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