Belinda Gets Black


Belinda reached up and took Benji's penis in a two-handed grip. She opened her mouth and, with a look of fear, pursed her lips. Benji pushed into her mouth at the first contact. He held the woman's head fast with both hands and forced himself between her stretched lips. Again Belinda gagged; she coughed and spluttered when Benji relented and pulled the few inches of meat she'd managed to take out of her throat.

"Oh no..." she spluttered. "I can't take—" Her words were cut off instantly as Benji forced himself into her mouth again. This time Belinda's eyes teared quickly, she gagged again and coughed, nearly vomiting as Benji kept up the force and jammed more cock into her resisting face. "Oh, fuck... No... No more. It's too big." A long, thick rope of drool hung from Benji's hanging cock. Belinda wiped a smear of goo from her chin with the back of her hand.

The black man laughed and hauled Belinda to her feet. "Lie back in the chair. Open your legs. Get that pussy wide..." Benji kicked off his shoes and dropped his jeans down his legs. He peeled his tee-shirt over his head and stared down at Belinda lying on the seat, as ordered, with her labia held apart.

Damn if she wasn't offering herself. All easy like. It hadn't taken much training at all. He growled, deep and low. Benji stroked his length slowly and advanced menacingly. His tooth glinted and his eyes shone as he lowered himself, cock in his fist, and aimed the bulb at Belinda's opening.

Benji slid the underside of his penis along Belinda's cleft. The woman groaned at the slick slide of his firm flesh over her clitoris.

"Put it in," she moaned. "Just stick it in. Fuck me. I can take it. I'm sure I can take you in there..."

"I'm going to turn you inside out. I'm going to—"

A snicker of a key sliding into the lock on the front door cut Benji's words. His cock hung suspended, just butting against Belinda's clenching opening. Both of them turned their faces to the noise at the door as Bob Marley crooned from the speakers in the corner of the room.

The door opened. "Ah shit," muttered Benji as, surprisingly for Belinda, a tall, stunningly gorgeous, white woman walked in. Belinda had a moment to notice the woman's tight jeans moulded to long, exquisite legs, her slim, athletic grace, a striking, pretty face, and a mass of flame-coloured curls before she stopped suddenly in the kitchenette and stared.

"Ah shit," Benji repeated.

"What the fuck are you doing?" The woman blurted. No patois with this one, just pure, harsh South London: "Who the fuck is this slut?" The woman's face contorted and she fixed a disdainful grimace on Belinda: "An old slut at that ... In my fucking flat too!"

Appalled as she was at the woman's entrance, Belinda was shocked by the change in Benji. Moments earlier he'd been the man in charge, giving commands and taunting Belinda. Now he was contrition made flesh. He threw himself upright and flung his arms wide in supplication.

"Gracie," he wheedled. "I know this looks bad..." Grace gave a snort of derision. "...But I couldn't stop myself. I saw her on the tube..." Benji jerked his head at Belinda, who still lay with her backside half-hanging off the chair frozen with fear and shock. "...She flaunted herself at me, Gracie mon. I tell you, it was like a voodoo got me. Y'hear me, sweet sugar?"

Silence from Grace as she stared at Benji; Bob Marley continued his lament. For Belinda time hung suspended. The scene was beyond her experience. Her most daring sexual act to date was a tryst in a horse box with a gorgeous hunt jockey on her twenty-first birthday -- quite literally a roll in the hay she'd joked to her confidantes over the years, but this...

Belinda shuffled into a sitting position and covered her breasts with her arms. The movement attracted Grace's eye.

"Flaunted herself at you, hey, Benji?" Grace gestured angrily. "She looks too hoity-toity to me. Even sat there hiding her tits and cunt and wishing the floor would open up... You talk shit, Benji. There's no way she'd go for you. You're too rough and too black."

"Gracie, I swear it. She was lookin' at me, checkin' out the equipment..." He gave a sly grin. "And you know all about that, huh?" He winked and gave Grace the benefit of the gold-capped tooth.

"What about you?" Grace stuck her chin out at Belinda. "I don't know how he did it, but you're here. And it looked like you were just about to get acquainted with Benji's... equipment. Despite her ire, Grace smirked.

"I... I'm... Oh no, I don't really—"

"Just tell me straight. Did you fancy him? Is it like he says or did he put some kind of moves on you?"

"Gracie—" Benji's interjection was short-lived.

"Shut up!" Grace snarled. "I want to know from her."

"Well... He's right. I... I did fancy him... on the train. I just saw..." Belinda's voice trembled as she spoke. "Well, I saw him and fancied him. It's been so long since... Oh God ... This is insane. I must be insane. I've never done anything like this before. "I'm so sorry..."

While Belinda half-sobbed her apology, Grace was thinking. She knew Benji was a naughty boy -- that was part of his charm. Another facet to him was, of course, his prowess as a lover. He was undeniably the best she'd ever had in her twenty-eight years. It wasn't only the size of his appendage, although it was fucking exciting too look at ... and touch ... and fuck... Benji was considerate to her needs; he always made her come -- usually several delicious, toe-curling climaxes boiled out of her before Benji allowed himself the pleasure of his own orgasm. He was also fun; he made Grace laugh; never taking anything too seriously -- but she'd hoped he took her seriously. And now she'd caught him with this... woman.

Did Grace love him? In a way, yes, she did. Could she allow this transgression to slide? Grace pondered briefly. Yes, she decided, she could. I know I can do better than Benji, she thought. Every day at the club she had offers...

"OK, Grace said. "I get it." She walked through the kitchen and stopped in front of Belinda.

Grace, Belinda thought, an apt name for her. The way she moves... For a brief moment Belinda imagined Grace was about to hit her. Instead, what the woman said rained yet more surprise down on her.

"I believe you," Grace said softly. She shrugged. "I know how he can catch a woman's eye. I mean, just look at him. Look at his lovely skin; look at his body; and look at that huge, fucking cock." Benji grinned at the praise. "Don't look so fucking smug, Benji," Grace growled. "I've got an idea ... And you'll like it ... But don't think you've gotten away with this. No way. Later, when she's gone, you and me are gunna talk."

'Whatever you say," Benji began, sensing an opportunity but not yet having much of an idea what was coming. "Gracie. I'll—"

"Shut up, you cunt," Grace sighed. Benji fell silent.

She's got a mouth on her, Belinda thought, but kept very still and silent. I think she'd be able to take on both me and Benji and beat us easily.

"I've been thinking about your cock all day," Grace continued. "I was looking forward to getting home, relaxing, and having you work me over with your fingers and tongue before I took a ride. I'm still horny as fuck, and to be honest, seeing you about to stick it into her... and she is pretty fucking sexy looking, I'll give her that ... For an old bird.

"Anyway, I'm feeling dirty, I'm just feeling bad, and so I'm going to watch while you give her a fucking ... No coming though, not you, Benji. She can come as much as you can get out of her, but you...? No. You save the spunk for me."

Grace looked from Benji to Belinda. Their expressions were comical. "Well, what do you say?"

Benji was the first to recover: "Ooh yeah!" The tooth flashed again.

The dizzying change in circumstances stunned Belinda. What had just happened? She'd been waiting to be kicked out onto the street, naked or worse, now it appeared that she was still going to experience Benji's cock.

"Carry on," the girl called." She walked back to the fridge and popped a can of lager. "I'll just drink this and watch you two get it on. But..." She added sternly. "When I finish this I want to play too." Belinda felt the heat from the redhead's stare. "I want her..." She pointed with a red-tipped, finger, " lick my cunt. And I want you..." the finger was aimed at Benji. " fuck her while she does." Grace sipped beer. "Cheers," she grinned.

Before Belinda could think, Benji manoeuvred her back into position on the chair. He hovered over her again and, with his cock in his fist, took quick aim and stabbed into her.

"Oh my God!" Belinda's shout was loud in the tiny flat. "It's..." The thing was enormous. It felt like it was never going to stop sliding into her, it opened her and stretched her; Belinda gulped and glanced up at Benji's face, his eyes were fixed on a point between their bodies. She followed his gaze and saw how much of his cock she'd taken -- nearly all its length. Her awkward position meant Belinda could only just see how stretched she was around his girth. Her labia clung to the black shaft with sticky reluctance as Benji pulled out of her. He paused with just the tip inside Belinda. His penis shone with the smear of her juice. One more thrust and Benji's ridged stomach pressed against Belinda's flat tummy. I've taken it all, she thought, amazed at the ease with which she'd taken Benji's meat. Jubilation surged. "Come on, you black fucker," she groaned. "Show me what you've got."

"There's a challenge, Benji," Grace said as she strode to join the couple in the living room. "Give the lady what she wants. Be a gent." She sipped lager and watched Benji's buttocks clench with each thrust. He's a fine specimen, Grace thought and ran her hand over the bunched muscles of her lover's back. She squeezed taut globes of his backside, pushing at his body to drive him deeper into Belinda. The blonde squirmed and groaned under Benji's robust onslaught.

Benji held himself on outstretched arms, his palms wedged against the arms of the chair while he took most of his weight on his toes. His thigh muscles bunched with effort as he slammed into Belinda in a staccato beat, the slapping of his shining, black skin against Belinda's tanned body completely out of time with the music.

Grace succumbed to the urge to touch herself when she saw the contrast between skin tones at the point where black met white. She unzipped her jeans and wriggled with the effort of sliding the tight denim over her hips. She slumped into the seat opposite the fucking couple and, with her Levis still jammed around her ankles, spread her thighs as wide as her restricted limbs were allowed. Her underwear, sodden now, she unceremoniously hauled to one side in her haste to finger herself. Growling with impatience, Grace finally ripped the flimsy garment from her body and flung it to the carpet. Then, with her stare fixed on Belinda's pink-lipped and stretched cunt, she dipped a finger into her opening to wet it before sliding the tip across her swollen clit.

"Fuck her, Benji," Grace moaned. 'Give it to her. Tear her apart." It looked to Grace that, as Benji had promised Belinda earlier, he would turn her inside out. The older woman's body bulged at each outward stroke. The flesh looked like it would split, coloured a hot pink it was so taut around Benji's shaft. "Fuck," murmured Grace. "Is that what it looks like when I fuck him? Damn, I want to see that!"

The redhead kicked off her shoes and yanked at her jeans. Eventually, after a struggle, she stood, bare from the waist down, and quickly crossed the room. She knelt next to Benji's feet and only just avoided Belinda's booted foot as it swung dangerously close to her head.

"Take it out," Grace ordered. 'Let me suck you. I want to taste her."

"Damn, baby, that's bad." Benji pulled out of Belinda's body and was immediately seized by a wild-eyed Grace.

Belinda shifted in the seat and gasped when Grace, after licking the goo from Benji's shaft, opened her mouth and seemingly swallowed the brute of a cock whole. The practiced redhead appeared unconcerned by the length of the thing pushing into her gullet. She didn't gag, didn't cough, it was something she'd obviously done many times before. Belinda envied the ease in which Grace accommodated her boyfriend. I'll have to practice, she thought.

"Over here," Belinda heard Grace order. "Fuck her from behind while she licks me." Grace, with her athletic stride, walked to her chair. She sat and opened her long legs. Her middle finger split her labia and she held the folds apart like a pinned butterfly. She offered her sex to Belinda: "Come on," she muttered through clenched teeth. "Get over here. Suck my clit."

"Go." Benji pushed Belinda at the shoulder. "On your knees. Lick her pussy."

As though in a trance the blonde obeyed. She walked slowly, not believing what she was doing, but nevertheless she knelt between Grace's feet and slowly lowered her face to the prize.

"Oh fuck," Grace murmured. "Kiss me, Benji. I want to kiss you while she does it."

Belinda felt a twist of jealousy when she saw the lovers kiss and, rather than tongue Grace's opening, she stood again and pushed her face between theirs.

Benji broke away from Grace and looked at Belinda in surprise.

His girlfriend merely grinned and slid a finger into her opening. "Kiss us both if you like," she smirked and opened her mouth to take both tongues at once.

The black man sucked at the blondes tongue before he pushed her face towards Grace. The redhead accepted the kiss eagerly and their tongues twisted and slid over and over.

"I've never kissed a woman before," Belinda panted when Benji pulled her away and kissed his lover again.

"Then it's a day of firsts for you," Grace muttered when she broke away from Benji. "Your first woman ... And is he your first black man?" Belinda nodded. "And this is your first threesome?" The blonde nodded again and Grace laughed. "Then lick me," she finished.

This time Belinda finally experienced the sensation of a woman on her tongue. After a moment's hesitation she dabbed an experimental tongue at Grace. This... this is so... just so sexy Belinda thought when she tasted the redhead's flesh. She buried her face between Grace's long thighs. I'm doing it. I'm licking her. Oh God, it's nice. I love it!

A few moments later Belinda felt Benji's hands encircle her waist. Then his cock nudged at her opening and she pushed her buttocks high to accept him again. The feel of a real, live, throbbing cock inside her proved too much for Belinda. Her head rested on Grace's thigh as she surrendered to the sensations that swept through her.

With Belinda squirming on his cock and moaning her pleasure, Benji gulped and realised his own surge was imminent. He remembered Grace's warning and managed to ease his length out of Belinda's clenching body before his climax overwhelmed him.

Whoa! he thought. That was close. Benji looked at Grace. His lover had lifted Belinda's head and tilted her face so the blonde was in front of her. The two women kissed. It was a gentle, less urgent kiss than the one before. Benji watched the tender moment, grateful for the respite. He needed a little time for his ardour to cool.

"It must be my turn." Grace smiled and stood. "My turn and I want to ride. Benji, sit here." She indicated the seat. While Benji complied with Grace's demand, the redhead spoke to Belinda. "You want to watch this? I saw what it looked like when Benji fucked you before. It really got me going. Seeing you all stretched on his cock..." Grace rolled her eyes and grinned. "Yeah, you watch this."

Belinda couldn't help but stare as Grace straddled Benji's thighs and, holding his cock upright, lowered herself onto it. The sight of the bludgeon butting at Grace's pale body and then pushing relentlessly until it penetrated her thrilled the older woman. Grace was right, it was sexy to see, it got Belinda going too. At this rate she'd be begging to be fucked again -- and soon!

"Come and kiss me," Grace panted as she rose up and down on the glistening shaft. "Come on, kiss me, feel my tits ... Do everything. Come on!"

Benji grunted and closed his eyes. The image of Grace's slim back, narrow waist, and peachy backside forced him on towards his orgasm. He didn't want to finish yet. He'd only just begun to enjoy the scene. To come now would mean he'd need some time to recover; anything could happen then. Grace might cool down and kick both him and Belinda out. Worse still, Grace could kick him out and keep Belinda for herself... No, he had to hang on, had to hold it back.

But Grace's energy took him to the brink. With the blonde's tongue in her mouth, and with her hands smoothing and kneading her skin, Grace redoubled her efforts and slammed harder and harder on Benji's cock.

As her climax burst and Grace blurted a great shout of joy, Benji grunted and held the woman's waist tight in his hands. He felt the surge go and succumbed, powerless to stop the great tide that jetted from his cock and squirted into Grace. He gritted his teeth and just enjoyed the ride while his girlfriend squealed with delight when she felt the pulse of his ejaculate flutter inside her.

Belinda came too. She'd been fingering her own boiling sex as she kissed Grace and the synchronised moans of her two new friends triggered another, violent climax.


I decided to leave Belinda then. The thrill of taking her down to that place had vanished. I knew that when the flush of lust had cooled that she wouldn't feel any sense of shame or guilt. The woman had crossed a threshold; she'd done things that day that she'd never contemplated before, but now she'd visited that place, I knew from what I felt within her that she'd be back. She'd look for more black cock ... And she had to brains and the looks to find it.

I left her eagerly slurping the goo from Benji's cock. Grace knelt on the carpet next to her and the two women passed the thick thing back and forth as they took it in turns to lick and suck. Benji was in for a long, summers evening.

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