tagLoving WivesBest. Wife. Ever. Ch. 04

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 04


Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 4: Lisa & Rachel -- Tag Team Sluts


Gabriel gets a return visit from both Lisa and Rachel who try to test his stamina.


As always, I want to start out by thanking all of those who enjoy and support my work on these stories. I enjoy the comments and feedback from everyone. Now, the reason why I say this and why I also put this disclaimer at the beginning of my stories is that I read all comment, even those from trolls. I find that saying these things up front tends to get them riled up and causes them to spew their vitriol after the story. This is fine as I always enjoy laughing at the absurd remarks they make before deleting the worst ones. The rest I leave up for everyone else to have a good laugh at.

As for those of you whom have followed these adventures up to this point, I thank you sincerely for your support. I'll write and post these stories regardless of how many people read them since this is what I like doing, but positive feedback from you makes it a little more worthwhile. I consider any suggestions that you may have and will give credit to whomever gives me an idea I like enough to run with.

Now, as a treat for those of you whom enjoy this series, I'll give you a little preview of some upcoming chapters by giving you the titles of the current chapters that I have planned out:

  • Ch. 2.25: Who's Your Daddy?

  • Ch. 4.5: The Greatest of These

  • Ch. 5: Raina: The Pain Slut

  • Ch. 5.5: Time's Up

  • Ch. 6: Molly: The Littlest Slut

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  • Ch. 7: Jessie: The Futa Slut

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  • Ch. 11: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

  • Ch. 12: Baby Mama Drama

  • Ch. 13: Consequences

It goes without saying given all of the characters that have been introduced so far, but I will go ahead and make the disclaimer that all characters are over eighteen and fully consent to the events that take place.

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[First Time, Group Sex, Loving Wives] (Anal, Best Friends, Bisexual Females, Black Woman, Blowjob, Bubble Butt, Cum Eating, Cum Swapping, Deepthroat, Dirty Talk, Eating Pussy, Facial, Huge Ass, Huge Tits, Husband Sharing, Latina, MFF, Multiple Orgasms, Pictures, Sluts, Spanking, Threesome, Video Chat, Voyeurism)


It was no surprise that I woke before Rachel on Saturday morning given my weird stamina. After the late-night shower, I had given her a massage with baby oil, paying extra attention to her abused ass. She was still a little too sore in all her holes to warrant any more fucking, so I simply used the opportunity to massage and tease her. Her libido was willing, but her body still needed at least a little rest. However, she promised to be ready to go again the next day.

Given that there were still a few of Stacy's friends that were waiting for their turn for a crack at me, I didn't put too much stock in this promise. Still, it was fun to flirt with her and hang out before she had to shower and dress to head out and check on her restaurants.

Once she had left, I check my email and phone. There was the usual assortment of junk mail that always seemed to make it through the provider's filters which I quickly deleted. A few last-minute emails from work were apparently sent right as I left work yesterday, and a quick scan showed that they were nothing that couldn't wait until Monday. Then, there were the ones from NerdLife.

I groaned as I remembered that tonight was the weekly Star Wars game. NerdLife was the gaming group that my friends and I had founded when we all met in middle school. Despite moves and schools and life in general, the seven of us had stayed in contact for close to two decades of friendship. Some of us still got together for in person tabletop RPGs, but the ease of the internet and mobile devices had made it so that we could always link up for our weekly game of RPGs. Video games were fun, but we preferred the old school versatility of games like Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, and the West End Games edition of Star Wars. Without fail except for emergencies, holidays, and the like, we got together every single weekend for a round of fictional heroism. Last weekend had been a rare exception as most of us had commitments to meet and couldn't get together for the game. With Stacy leaving on her business trip, I had earned my own pass for the game.

The past few days of absolute debauchery had caused the game to completely slip my mind. I adored my friends and absolutely loved our games. However, I had a lot on my plate between Stacy's friends, worry over what she was keeping from me, and how I really felt about this new chapter in our sex life, so I actually didn't feel in the mood to break out my starfighter pilot for epic space battles. With great regret, I began firing off individual emails to everyone in the group to beg off my participation.

Once they were out, I began receiving replies almost instantly. A couple were sympathetic, while others began needling me to hero-up and make the game anyway. Only one of my friends actually tried to guilt me. Vic was one of my oldest and dearest friends, so by consequence, he could be the biggest pain in my ass. I tended to let him get away with more shit than I probably should have. He was brash and a bit of an asshole at times, but I'd go through hell and back for him. This was why I felt no guilt in telling him to go fuck himself and that the game would still be there next week. So, we ended up spending an hour trading insults that only best friends could get away with and not start a fight before he finally relented.

When I had finally gotten Vic off my back, I saw that I had a few texts from both Sophie and Stacy. I quickly answered Stacy's, eager to see if she was ok. Her assurances that she was fine and enjoying the new experiences of her trip mollified me a little, but I was still worried about her behavior lately. We didn't keep secrets from each other for long. I knew she would tell me what was wrong eventually, but I still worried about her. She was the love of my life after all.

Sophie was a bit of a different story. It still was weird to me how close we had grown over the past week after years of barely contained hostility. Now, she kept sending me flirty messages and nude selfies much like Stacy had when we had started dating. As I thought about it, I realized that it seemed as though I was beginning a relationship with her.

Rachel and Lisa were fun, but we hadn't communicated much outside of fucking. Sophie, however, texted me every, single day, and they weren't always about sex. We talked about all kinds of stuff and had a surprising amount in common such as our taste in movies and television shows. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I liked her now that the hostility was gone. This brought a fresh new set of worries to mind.

I liked Sophie, but I didn't love her, at least not yet. The same had been true of Stacy when we first got together. However, I saw all the same signs between me and Sophie that had been there with Stacy at first. I had absolutely no intention of leaving Stacy or fucking up my relationship with her at all. I know how much Stacy enjoyed me fucking her friends and studding me out. I just didn't know how she would feel if I started having feelings about her best friend. Things would be much easier if she were here now so that we could talk this out.

Sure, I could call her and talk, but it wasn't the same as face to face. I was in one hell of a conundrum. Maybe I was just overthinking things, but I was a careful person by nature which was one of the things that Stacy claimed to love about me.

All of this played through my mind as I continued to chat and flirt with my wife and her best friend. I was finally distracted from these thoughts as Sophie began complaining about her stomach.

  • Are you ok?

  • Yah jus feel fuked up. Musta been sumthin I 8

  • What's wrong?

  • Jus keep throwin up. Ill be ok. Nuthin a lil D from u wouldn help : )

  • Aww, guess I'm just a living dildo to you.

  • A dam fine dildo 2. Luv the way to rek my holes

  • Ha ha. You're such a crazy slut.

  • Mmmmm luv it when you talk romantic like that 2 me

  • Ha ha

  • Btw things r goin on with the line

  • What line?

  • Duh asshole. The line of sluts ready to fuk u. we got sum schedule problems but well work it out

  • That sounds ominous. Should I be worried?

  • Always baby. Ur our meat stick now an we all wanna lik. Ur gonna be used gud an hard until u cry mama.

  • Jeez, again with the mama reference. Are you into that stuff like Lisa, too?

  • Dat bitch told u bout dat?

  • We kinda did a whole scenario when she lost a bet a few days ago.

  • FUCK!! Dats hawt! Wish I coulda watched

  • I repeat, you are one crazy slut.

  • U luv it

  • If I'm honest, yeah, I do.

There was a long pause which had me worried that she had left the conversation, but soon she responded back.

  • Sorry had ta go puke again. I gotta go an lay down.

  • Shit, Soph, take care of yourself! I'll take care of you when you get back from your business.

  • : ) u really are a good guy. Im glad I stopped bein such a bitch 2 u

  • Rest. We can make up more when you're here again.

  • Count on it stud

I spent another few minutes chatting with Stacy who had seen the whole conversation with Sophie. She seemed to be enamored with my treatment of her best friend. Rather than jealous, Stacy was excited and happy that things were going the way they were with Sophie. Yet again she teased me about a threesome with her best friend when she got done with her business in Dubai.

After that, I puttered around the house doing some basic cleaning and chores. Around midday, I fixed a couple of sandwiches and ate them as I tried to resume the marathon that Sophie had interrupted when all the sexcapades had started last week. Grant Gustin was having love troubles that just barely seemed to be more complex than my own when I growled in frustration at the doorbell ringing.

Pausing the episode, I wandered to the front door and gaped at the sight that greeted me.

"Now, dat's what I like to see from this good dick boy, Lees," Rachel laughed in a throaty purr.

"Gotta admit that he actually looks cuter when he stares open-mouth like that," Lisa purred.

"Ok, I already know that this is a stupid question, but I'll go ahead and ask it anyway. Why are you two here on my front doorstep?" I could already feel my blood heating up at the sight of two of the hottest sluts I'd ever met, both of whom I'd fucked senseless lately.

"Well, we ain't all Sophie who's got the keys to the kingdom," Rachel smirked. At my clueless stare, she explained. "Sophie's the only one of use who's got a key to your house. We don't all feel that level of comfort and trust to just walk into Stacy's house without knocking to be invited in."

I could tell that this was a touchy subject for both of them by how their teasing demeanors slipped a little to show a peak of embarrassment. I smile warmly and told them, "I'm pretty sure that given all that's happened lately I can be comfortable speaking for Stacy and definitely for myself when I tell you that all of you can walk in anytime you want. Both of you've always been family as much as Sophie. I'll go tomorrow and have some copies of the key made for you. Meantime, come on in you two, and you can tell me the real reason why you're here, as if I didn't already know."

"How the fuck can you do that?" Lisa huffed as she trooped in with Rachel. "How can you be so sweet that you make something melt inside me one second, and then turn around and be such a dick? Even knowing that, I still wanna drop to my knees and haul your dick out to suck it until you drown me in that fire hose of cum."

"Chica, I know what you mean. He's a cocky bastardo, but not like the asshole frat boys we used to make beg for us. It's like he's the right mix of sweet and cocky."

"Ladies, I am right here. You don't have to talk about me like I'm not."

"Oh, we know that, baby. We just like to do what we can to put you in your place before you dominate the shit out of us like we all know you'll be doing in a little bit. We accept that even if our inner bitch makes us fight it a little," Lisa purred as she settled down on the now infamous couch.

Rachel perching next to her made all kinds of memories flood back. I was seriously beginning to think that I should get the damned piece of furniture tested for some kind of aphrodisiac or pheromone. It seemed like all the sex I was getting lately started with the fucking thing.

"He looks so cute there like a lost little chico staring at a bunch of sweet, sweet caramelo he wants to lick," Rachel laughed as she devoured me with her eyes. Even knowing that she had to still be sore after the fucking I'd given her last night, she looked eager to get more.

"Ok, enough teasing. Spill. I want the truth of why the two of you are here."

"It ain't obvious, baby?" Lisa pouted.

"I know you both want to fuck me again. I'm just a little confused as to why you two particular sluts are here right now. I loved fucking you both immensely and want to keep doing it every chance we get. I just thought that all of you had a line going. Both of you've had a crack me, and my count still says that there are still a couple of others who are due for a turn. So, what's the deal? Why're you two jumping the line?"

"Sweet, cute, the world's best fuck, and smart too. Stace hit the fucking lottery! Why can't we, Rach?"

"I don't know, Lees. It don't seem fair, but at least we get playtime now. Ok, chico, here's the deal. Raina, Molly, and Jessie have got some emergencies to take care of. They plenty pissed about it but shit happens. So, this is what's gonna happen, me n' Titan Titties here are gonna spend the weekend makin' you tap out over n' over again. You gonna be our dildo n' our bitch all in one go."

Several thoughts went through my head at Rachels pronouncement, the least of which was that I should make her bet and lose the way Lisa had done previously. However, the foremost was the one that had me holding up a finger to stall any more boasts from her and saying, "Hold that thought."

Both curvy women were shocked and wore dumbfounded expressions as I headed out of the room and up the stairs to my bedroom. They followed behind me and still looked on confused as I turned on the large screen TV as well as it webcam. Lisa and Rachel remained silent yet sat on the bed puzzled as I logged in a video chat call to my wonderful wife.

Soon enough, her beautiful face filled the screen. The trouble was still there in her eyes, but he seemed happier than I'd seen her in a few days which both made me a worried and pleased. Still, her radiant smile yet again made something inside me turn to mush. Sure, I had two smoking hot sluts eager to fuck the shit out of me, but here was the only woman who held me heart in the palm of her hand.

"Hey, baby," Stacy purred. I could see her eyes flick slightly and knew that she was looking behind me to see her two slutty friends. "What's up?"

"I called to tell you that Lisa and Rachel have come by with some interesting news."

"Wait, both of them came over?"

"Yup, and as I'm sure you've guessed, they both want to fuck me."

"I talked with everyone earlier about what's going on. I know my bitches are pissed that things are kinda fucked up right now. I just wasn't expecting both Lisa and Rachel to come over."

"Ummmm, carina, did we do something wrong?" Rachel asked timidly. I could hear the worry in her voice. Apparently, my wife's friends were still a little hesitant about overcoming the old "hands off" rule.

"No, Rache, baby. You haven't done anything wrong. It's just that..."

At my wife's helpless pause, I explained to the two worried friends sitting on our bed, "You see, other than taking my actual virginity, Stacy has been there for every one of my sexual firsts. Every kind of position, anal, facials, titfucking, public sex, the list goes on. She was my first for everything, and that's kinda been a big deal for us in our relationship.

"Now, though, she's hundreds of miles away, and the two of you are here."

Lisa had caught on and covered her mouth in shock as she gasped, "Wait a minute! Are you saying that you've never done a threesome?"

Rachel almost got whiplash whipping her head back and forth to stare in amazement at each of us in turn. "So, what?"

"So, the two of you are wanting to do a threesome with my husband, and he's conflicted about it because that will be a first that we won't be able to share together," Stacy answered in a nervous voice.

"I won't lie, honey. I do want to fuck the two of them, but I feel weird about my first threesome not being with you. I wanted to talk with you about the situation because I refuse to do anything that you won't like. I love you and won't betray you at all. That's another reason why I called, I won't hide something like this from you."

I could see her fidget in discomfort. She was still uncomfortable about whatever it was that she was keeping from me, but I wouldn't press her on it. She would tell me when the time was right.

"Stace, didn't you think something like this would happen?" Lisa asked.

"Honestly, no, I didn't. When I set this whole hallpass thing up, I figured that all of you girls would come over and take turns with Gabe. I never considered that something like this would happen where more than one of you would come over to fuck him together.

"Don't get me wrong. I find it hot as hell to think of my wonderful stud fucking two of you sluts into submission and want to watch that happen. I just feel weird about not being there for one of Gabe's firsts. I'm not mad at any of you at all. I'm just a little sad is all."

"Honey, we don't have to do anything. I can hang out with them and not fuck them, if that's what you'd like. You know you can trust me on that."

Once again, Stacy's gorgeous smile turned me into mush inside as I watched the love radiate from it. "I know, baby. I trust you completely and know that if it came down to it, you really would sit there boring the hell out of Rachel while you and Lisa gabbed about nerd stuff."

"Hey!" Lisa protested and Rachel scowled at the comment. I just grinned as Stacy, as accurate as ever, perfectly nailed the situation.

"Seriously, though, I know that you'd spend the night hanging out and not fucking two super hawt chicks like my besties. Most guys would be lying to their wives in this situation, but you aren't and that's why I trust you. I love you forever, baby, so I just need to get over myself. As much as I'd like to be there for everyone of your nasty firsts, it's unrealistic to expect it.

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