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Better Ch. 17


Chapter 17 - Andrea

Greta made a surprise visit late in the day on Monday.

"What brings you here?" I asked.

"I want to see what a month's worth of your salary puts in your closet," she said as she walked in with a bottle of prosecco and carry-outs from her favorite crepe place, dropped them on my dining room table, and headed straight to my room.

"Go ahead and look," I said. "You know where I keep everything. I just have to finish these proofs for a client."

I could tell every time Greta pulled out a different dress. She oh-my-God-ed so many times that I thought she was going to come. She ran out each time with a different dress and asked me the story behind it. "What was he doing to you in the fitting room when you tried this on?" "Where did he take you out in this dress?" "Did he fuck you before, during or after you went out in this dress?"

"Haven't I already told you enough?" I asked.

"No!" she exclaimed. "I'm going through a dry spell. I need to live vicariously through you."

"OK, if I pull out the best outfit, will you promise not to hit me up for any more details? I asked.

"Depends," she said. "I can't guarantee anything."

I pulled the black corset out of my lingerie drawer.

"This, was the hottest time ever," I said.

I reached up onto a shelf in my closet and pulled down the box that I sent the cuffs back home in, ripped it open and said, "And these were the accessories."

Greta's eyes bulged. Her mouth gaped open. She picked up one of the cuffs, caressed the leather straps, and purred.

"This is some major top-notch gear," she said. "If you weren't just my best friend, I'd want you to put these on me right now."

"You know I don't top," I said.

"But you know I switch," she said in a much lower voice as she wrapped a cuff around my wrist.

The touch of that leather brought me back to that place where Michael took me that night at The Drake. I closed my eyes, sighed, and wanted to be in that space all over again. But could I do it with my best gal pal? The one I only smooched on the lips for the sake of winding up whatever horny guy was around us. On purpose. For kicks. Only.

I could feel Greta's eyes stare right through my eyelids. I opened my eyes to find hers much closer than I thought. From her seven-inch advantage she was staring down at me, almost nose-to-nose.

"You want to go there, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Good girl," she said. "Now go put that corset on with a nice pair of panties and some stockings. Wear your spikiest black heels and come get me when you're properly dressed."

"I will," I said.

"Good," she said. "Where are your toys?"

"Under the bed and in my nightstand," I said.

"Get them out and have them ready for me," she said as she walked out of the door and closed it behind her.

I couldn't wait to get dressed. I knew she was my best friend. The one I trusted all of my secrets with. For some reason, whether it was the way this all played out or if it was because I trusted her implicitly, I knew this was going to be hot.

I came out and was dressed exactly the way I was for Michael because I knew she'd want to hear the story. Even though I didn't have bedposts at the foot of my bed, I had no doubt that she'd figure something else out.

She got up off the stool at my breakfast bar. She was dressed in a black floral print bra, black lace panties, and she kept her stiletto mules on. It seemed as if she glided over to me in slow motion. She stood a half and arm's length from me and ran a hand up along the front of my thigh and up to my belly. I could tell she was watching and gauging my expression to see if I was OK with everything going on between us.

It was OK. Better than OK. She seemed to know what I was thinking, gave me a sly, closed mouth smile, and slid her hand onto my breast and clenched it tight. I could feel my nipple protrude and harden instantly. It was hard. Very hard. It almost hurt. I was sure she could feel it from under the lace of the corset.

She pulled the lace out as far as she could to see what was going on.

"You do like this," she said. "Let's try the other."

She slid her hand up my belly again and grabbed my other breast even harder. This time she squeezed it over and over again so she could feel my nipple rub up against the palm of her hand. She came closer to me, planted her tongue inside my mouth and stirred it wildly against mine.

I could barely stand. I was trembling all over. Even when I grasped my arms as tight as I could around her, I couldn't stop shaking wildly until she stopped, pulled away, and asked. "Do you have nipple clamps?"

"Yes, I do," I said.

She took me by my hand and walked me to my room. I went over to my nightstand to hand her the black jeweled clamps.

"I knew I could count on you to be fashionable, even when you scene," she said as she unhooked the first few clamps on the front of my corset until my breasts fell out.

She took one of my nipples and squeezed and tweaked it firmly. The feeling was like a sharp twinge that went through my breast and into past the very core. The hurt mingled with the more mellow temblors that were starting to make me shake all over again.

"These are so nice. Rock hard. You are all nipple, girl," she said just before she slipped the clip on.

For a brief moment, the sharp, burning pinch from the clamp on my hard and tightened nipple eclipsed the other sensations blurring inside of me. She then place her hand on my breast and gave it a soft, soothing squeeze until my hard breaths slowed into short, clipped gasps that tried to fend off the tightness of the clamp.

"You do know that there's going to be another one?" she said as she dangled the clamp in front of my face and flicked my other nipple hard with her long, hard porcelain nails.

I did my best to anticipate the next biting sting, and then the front door buzzer rang. It startled both of us. She took her hand to caress my breast until I settled down even though I knew the other clamp would eventually bite into the sharp ache of my fully hardened nipple.

The buzzer rang again.

"Shit!" she said, sounding annoyed and exacerbated.

I didn't say anything. I was sure whoever it was would go away.

"Shh ..." she said with her finger up to her lips. "We'll get you there."

I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and let her thumb circle my breast around my areola. It wasn't long until she had me completely calm except for my other nipple that raged with pain -- the only part of my body that hurt like hell while the rest of my body and mind felt suspended.

My cell phone went off. It was Robert's ring tone. This time I couldn't ignore it.

"It's Robert," I cried. "He must be at the front door. If he saw my car, he knows I'm home."

"Shit!" she said. "Get the phone. I'll get dressed, and give him a cover story so you can change and straighten things up. I'll get the door and say you got splashed with some water and had to change your clothes."

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