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Big Bang Theory - Penny the Waitress


A fictional story about fictional characters.


Penny was almost immediately in a deep funk. She had just said "good bye" to her neighbor, Leonard Hofstadter, and watched him turn his back to join his fellow nerds on a three month scientific adventure at the North Pole. As soon as she had closed her apartment door Penny had come to the surprising sudden realization that she was actually in love with the adorable nerd scientist, and she missed him already. Ever since she had moved across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon Cooper, the "head nerd" as she had labeled him, it had been no secret that Leonard was infatuated with her, but until now she had not realized how deeply her feelings had grown for him. Leonard had devoted every day to being nice to her and trying to win her affections, but she had always thought of him as just a friend...until now. For the past several months he had been her friend and confidant...the one person who was always there for her; and never judgmental. He had supported her in every venture, and assured her that her acting career would someday blossom, no matter how many failures she had endured.

Well, no time to sort out her feelings right now, she had to get ready for her shift as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory. Several months ago she had emigrated to Pasadena from her family farm in Nebraska with the sole goal of becoming a world famous actress...now she would settle for an actress who could actually support herself by acting. The acting jobs had been few and far between despite countless interviews and try-outs. Seemingly like all aspiring actresses, she had been forced to take a waitress job to pay the bills. The Cheesecake Factory wasn't bad and the manager, Mike, was very understanding about her auditions and scheduling.

As she was changing into her cheesecake Factory uniform, Penny admired her body in the mirror. She wore a skimpy, low cut bra to cradle her perfectly shaped 35 C breasts, with matching purple lace g-string panties riding high on her flared hips. She smoothed moisturizer along the length of her incredibly shaped legs, seeing no need for panty hose. As she gazed into the mirror, she chuckled to herself thinking that if Leonard ever got a glimpse of this body he would have to reach for his inhaler. She applied a tiny bit of eye shadow and lip gloss to her angelic face which was perfectly cradled by her long blond tresses.

They had recently hired a new waitress, Bernadette Rostenkowski, who taken the job to pay her way through graduate school, and they had become fast friends. Penny had taught Bernadette the finer points of being a successful waitress: such as unbuttoning the top two buttons of your blouse for male customers (three on a Friday or Saturday night) to increase your tips. Bernadette needed no help in that regard, as she possessed an incredible "rack." Coincidently, Bernadette was a microbiologist who was studying at Caltech where the nerds were all employed. Despite the difference in their IQs, Bernadette never made Penny feel inadequate and they had rapidly become quite close.

On slow nights they would often lean on the bar engaging in "girl talk," and sipping wine or an occasional margarita; often bemoaning about their love life, or lack thereof. On this night they were on that very subject and Bernadette asked Penny about possibly introducing her to the neighbors she often mentioned. Penny laughed when thinking of Sheldon on a date and told Bernadette that she actually thought of Sheldon as being asexual, and that she had never seen him display any emotion. At the mention of his name, Bernadette began to laugh and informed Penny that it must be the same Sheldon Cooper who was a professor at her university because she had heard many stories about the temperamental, egotistical doctor. When Bernadette inquired about the other neighbor, Leonard, Penny quickly replied, "oh, you wouldn't be interested in him."

"Oooo, it sounds like someone else has their eyes on Leonard," Bernadette teased, making Penny blush.

"What...no, I mean...I don't know...maybe," Penny sheepishly replied, "I have been thinking about him a lot lately." "He is just the sweetest, most thoughtful man I have ever met...but he is just so different from the men I usually date," she added. When Bernadette asked about their friends, Penny explained, "well, Raj is another physicist who is pretty nice but he has a problem: he can't utter a word to a female unless he is drinking. He has never talked directly to me. The other member of the quartet is Howard...and he's just creepy; a real lech. Every time he looks at me I can tell he's undressing me with his eyes."

Their conversation was interrupted by Mike and a large, black man (who reminded Penny of the classic gang "enforcer"). Mike introduced him, "ladies, this is Bruno. He is my replacement. As you know, Cheesecake Factories are all company owned, not franchises, and from time to time they transfer managers around to keep everyone sharp. I have enjoyed working with you and I have every confidence that you will work just as hard for Bruno." Both Penny and Bernadette were crestfallen at the announcement because Mike had been the perfect manager: totally accessible, open to schedule changes, and virtually invisible. He had been like an absentee manager; as long as things were running smoothly, he just let them be. The working atmosphere had been totally relaxed and they were anxious about changes.

Bruno was a huge man, about six feet six inches tall with a rather large pot belly...Penny thought to herself that doughnuts must be his favorite food..or cheesecake. What really worried her was that when he looked at her, she got the same uneasy feeling she had when Howard stared at her. Bernadette must have had the same feeling because they looked at each other with the same apprehension in their eyes. When he shook hands with them, their tiny hands were dwarfed by his. He was truly an imposing figure with his shaved head shining under the harsh restaurant lighting. He was smiling, but it was more like a leer and Penny had an immediate ominous feeling. She thought he looked more like a gang member than a Cheesecake Factory manager.

Probably used to this reaction, Bruno assured them that he would not be invoking mass changes, and that there would be opportunities for advancement based on performance reviews. As the two men moved on to other staff introductions, Penny and Bernadette looked at each other and began to giggle. "I felt like a dwarf next to him," Bernadette blurted out, "he should have an eye patch and a parrot on his shoulder."

"Oh, God, he'll hear you," Penny giggled, "seriously though, did you see the way he looked us up and down. I think he counted every freckle in your cleavage."

"Yeah," Bernadette responded, "I hope he won't be trouble; but I did like the part about advancements...let's hope that means raises."

For the first week or so everything went smoothly with the new manager; pretty much status quo. He even agreed to let Penny tend bar part time, which delighted her because it was mostly men at the bar and they always attempted to impress her with larger tips. Waiting on tables, she was restricted in how much she could flirt with the customers because the dining room was a family oriented area, and she didn't normally dare to unbutton three buttons; but at the bar she could expose a little more skin and cajole some bigger tips. Penny was certainly not a wiz at remembering the recipes for all the different cocktails and mixed drinks, but the bar had a laptop computer where she could easily research the ingredients.

As her first week behind the bar progressed, it seemed to Penny that Bruno was spending more time there than when the other bartenders were on duty. She chalked it up to him making sure she was learning the job properly until certain patterns began to develop. There was, of course, limited space behind the bar and it was a tight squeeze for two average sized people to squeeze past each other, but when one of the people was a man of Bruno's size, it was nearly impossible. He seemed to make excuses for going from one end of the bar to the other, every time putting his hands "innocently" on Penny's hips as he passed behind her in the restricted space. It was not her imagination that he actually began to pause when he was directly behind her and grind his crotch into her buttocks. Often it felt like there was a salami stuffed into his pants, and she came very close to objecting, but she really was making considerably more money in tips tending bar and she didn't want to jeopardize it.

About three weeks after Bruno arrived, Penny overheard him ask Bernadette if she would like the coveted Saturday night dinner shift on a regular basis. Now all of the waitresses would fight for that shift because it was always the busiest which meant the most tips. Bernadette grinned from ear to ear and Bruno invited her into his office to discuss the details of her scheduling. It seemed like Bernadette was taking an inordinate amount of time, and the restaurant was becoming crowded so Penny thought she would let Bernadette know they needed her help. As she approached Bruno's office, the door was slightly ajar and she could hear Bruno loudly directing, "oh yeah...that's it...just like that." Curious but cautious, Penny did not knock, but peeked through the open crack and almost screamed out loud at the sight before her: there was her best friend on her knees between Bruno's legs as he sat in his office chair and she had what looked, at first glance, like a baseball bat in her mouth.

Bruno's pants were pushed down past his knees and he was intently watching the blond head in his lap as Bernadette attempted to suck his cock. Penny actually went weak in the knees when she fully comprehended the enormous size of Bruno's black cock: it had to be nearly a foot long from base to crown, and Bernadette's two hands barely reached around it. Bernadette was having difficulty getting her tiny mouth around the huge head which must have been the size of a dark purple tennis ball. Bernadette's uniform had been pushed down over her shoulders and off her arms exposing her magnificent breasts. Penny guessed they must have been a full 38 D in size with bright pink areola surrounding gumdrop sized nipples. They drooped over her uniform and were being mauled by Bruno's oversized hands. Penny could feel her own jellybean nipples becoming erect as the tremendous contrast between Bernadette's lily-white skin and the dark, almost pure black, flesh of Bruno's cock turned her on.

It was obvious that Bernadette was no stranger to oral sex as she licked the underside of Bruno's tool and fondled his scrotum to compensate for the fact she was failing at her attempts to stuff it into her mouth. Bernadette continued to stroke and lick Bruno's pole and he began to pinch and pull her large nipples, elongating her breasts and then watching them snap back when he released them. Bruno's cock glistened with Bernadette's saliva as she jerked and pulled on the massive member. Deciding she would never be able to fit him into her mouth, Bruno began to run his massive weapon up and down in Bernadette's cleavage. He mashed her giant tits together around his pole with his hands and began a rapid tit-fuck until finally long, white strings of cum shot up onto her face and hair. She, seemingly, eagerly slurped a couple of these gooey strands into her mouth as if they were spaghetti, and then proceeded to lick Bruno's pole clean.

Bruno's meat was still hard and it bobbed in front of Bernadette's blond head like an additional appendage as he stood with his hands on his hips like a conquering king. Penny was almost completely mesmerized by the sheer size of his cock, but she quickly realized that she should slink stealthily away before she was discovered. A few minutes after returning to the bar, Bernadette approached her with a drink order looking completely normal and composed except for a gob of white fluid caught in her hair just behind her right ear. Penny reached out nonchalantly with a cocktail napkin and wiped away the evidence merely saying to Bernadette, "you had a bit of something in your hair." Bernadette thanked her, picked up her order and went back to waiting tables as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Several minutes later, a very smug and happy Bruno came behind the bar, virtually molested Penny as he squeezed by, and asked her to come into his office sometime before her shift ended so he could talk to her about scheduling. Despite being still slightly aroused at what she had just witnessed, Penny dreaded the visit and was afraid he would try to take advantage of her also. Just before it was time to go home, Penny knocked on the closed door of Bruno's office and entered when beckoned. Bruno arose from his chair and walked around in front of the desk as he gestured for Penny to sit in a chair facing him. As she sat, Penny was careful not to let her skirt ride up too far on her thighs when she crossed her legs. She had meant to button her top completely but had forgotten and didn't want it to seem too obvious now, so she just left it; showing more cleavage than she desired right now.

Bruno smiled like the legendary Cheshire Cat as he began: "I just wanted you to know I saw you out of the corner of my eye earlier when your friend Bernadette was in here thanking me for giving her the Saturday night shift. Actually, her keeping that assignment is contingent on her granting me certain favors occasionally; and just for the record, she doesn't seem to mind. She confided that her tips have increased by about thirty per cent since the scheduling change. But enough about Bernadette; let's talk about your future here at the Cheesecake Factory. Do you enjoy working the bar?"

Penny's throat suddenly felt dry as she absorbed his admission, and she croaked, "yes I enjoy if very much. I like the personal interaction with the customers...and of course the tips. Thank you for the opportunity." She truly did enjoy the bartending job because it was a lot less work than waiting tables. Penny could feel Bruno's eyes leering at her and wanted to button her blouse.

"Well, here's the thing Penny," Bruno began, "I like you and the customers like you, although I'm sure many of them just go to the bar to get a glimpse of your tits. Unfortunately, you are really a terrible bartender and the only way you are going to keep that assignment is by showing me your gratitude occasionally. Do you understand my meaning?"

Penny had been preparing for this since he requested the meeting, but she still felt a sinking, queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach as he waited for an answer. She was of course totally offended by the implication, but on the other hand she really did need the extra money: there were no more free meals with the nerds away at the North Pole. With her acting career currently going nowhere, Penny resigned herself to the fact that her body was probably her most valuable asset and before she could talk herself out of it, she slid silently out of the chair and kneeled in front of her imposing boss.

"Well," Bruno gleefully acknowledged her actions, "I take that as a yes, but you can stand up Penny. As you know I have already had a blow job this evening, so I have something else in mind for you." He shoved the chair out of the way and demanded, "now why don't you give me a nice strip so I can see what's under that uniform." He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, pulled up Pandora for some music with a good "stripper's beat," and sat on the edge of the desk waiting for Penny to begin.

Knowing that debating or objecting was senseless, Penny began to slowly sway to the rhythm, telling herself that if she could get out of there by just showing off her body she would consider herself lucky. She slowly pulled the stupid yellow tank top thingy off over her head, tossed it aside and then deliberately began to undo the remaining buttons of her white blouse, until it was completely unbuttoned. She kicked off her flats and began to flash him glimpses of her skimpy purple bra by quickly opening and closing her blouse. Bruno smugly made a circling gesture with his index finger, indicating he wanted her to hurry it up and Penny shrugged the sleeves off her smooth shoulders and let the blouse fall to the floor. Undulating her body, Penny unbuttoned and unzipped the back of the long blue skirt, then turned around with her back facing Bruno and let the drape drift to the floor where she stepped out of it.

Swaying and gyrating her hips with her back to the desk, she reached behind her, unhooked her tiny bra, let it fall down her arms and began to twirl it around her head like a lasso. Knowing he was growing impatient, Penny turned to face her boss and saw the immediate huge smile on his face when he saw her perfect breasts jiggling as she danced. They were absolutely firm as they stood out straight with pretty pink areola surrounding her jellybean sized nipples. Despite herself, she knew her nipples were erect and ran her hands over them as if to make certain. Seeing no sense in adding suspense to the moment, Penny hooked her fingers inside the elastic of her skimpy purple panties, shoved them down over her wide hips and let them drop down her silky legs to the carpet. She could have sworn Bruno licked his lips when her completely bald mound was uncovered, and she knew that with her thigh gap and the dancing, he could perfectly see the definition of her plump lips.

Looking hopeful, Penny asked, "are we done here now," as she continued to gyrate her hips.

Bruno, rubbing his crotch through his pants, softly chuckled and ordered, "now you can come over here and take it out for me." Feeling totally self conscious now, Penny advanced to the desk, her tits bouncing sexily, and unbuckled Bruno's belt. He kicked off his loafers as she unzipped his pants and began to push them down over his hips. Penny was somewhat surprised that he was not wearing underwear, but the real surprise was seeing his monster cock up close. It fell against her like a log as his pants went down and when she grasped it with both hands to keep it off her, it was actually heavy. She couldn't resist lifting it a couple times to confirm her first impression, and couldn't believe how much it weighed in her hands. Penny kept handling it almost unconsciously as it continued to grow in her hands until it definitely was over a foot long. She realized it was longer than her forearm when she heard Bruno say, "pretty impressive right...well get used to handling it if you want to be my bartender."

The length and girth were just so incredible that Penny was totally mesmerized even though she knew she should be totally incensed. Bruno continued, "just so you know...in a few minutes I'm going to bury that cock in your pussy."

Momentarily coming to her senses Penny began to protest as Bruno put his huge hands on her slender hips, lifted her as easily as a rag doll, swung her around and deposited her magnificent ass on the edge of his desk. Standing back to admire her beautiful naked body, Bruno complimented her, "you are a real looker, that's for sure." He advanced and began to roughly fondle her wonderful tits, taking first one nipple then the other in his mouth, all the while his pole was resting against her stomach. Dropping to his knees and shoving her knees far apart, Bruno caressed her silky thighs with his rough hands and suddenly Penny found her arousal taking control. His mouth was so large that it covered her entire mound as his tongue began to probe her moist slit.

"Jeez," Penny groaned as his tongue flicked her emerging clit, her body shuddering against her wishes. As his head backed slightly away, his breath was like a hot dessert wind when he spread her lips with his thumbs. The inside of her pussy was vivid pink as he blew hot air up into her, her blood rushing to her dripping vagina. Despite the situation, Penny now craved his cock; her body had betrayed her. She was on the verge of begging him to fuck her when he stood and nudged his ugly purple tennis ball between her slit. Penny stared down between them and it occurred to her that it looked like he was about to fist her pussy with a third arm. She leaned back slightly and put her hands flat on the desk behind her to keep her from sliding backward as he again used his thumbs to spread her lips.

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