tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBig Bang Theory Season 07 Ep. 25C

Big Bang Theory Season 07 Ep. 25C


Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 25C (if there was one)

Author's note: The series continues with this season 7, episode 25C, if there was one. This is what would happen if there were episodes.


Sheldon was ecstatic about the chance to be on "Outnumbered" at noon. He had three hours and couldn't corral his excitement.

Harris Faulkner came into the studio and she too was excited about having the quirky physicist highlighted on her show. She came up to him, "Hello Dr. Cooper, I'm Harris and I'll be your host during the noontime program. I'll introduce our panel and then introduce you. We'd like your take on a series of issues. I was wondering if there were any issues you'd like us to stay clear of?"

He was in awe of her, "Oh no, Ms. Faulkner, I'm a huge fan of yours and I'm pretty up to date on most issues. The ones I'm not clear on, I'm rather fast to catch onto and can join in on the discussion."

"Please, call me Harris and you can do the same with the rest of our panel. I was wondering if we could touch upon your trek across the nation and spend some time on that."

He nodded, "I'm comfortable with that. I was wondering is there somewhere I can freshen up and change my clothes. I don't wanna look like a hobo, even though I've been riding the rails?" He chuckled and stared at her gorgeous body.

Harris was quick to pick-up on his stare. She smiled at him, "I think we have a corporate suite you can use. We reserve it for some of our reporters who come into the city from places like Washington DC, California and overseas. I know you've just got off the train and I can check. It may be vacant and that would allow you to spend the night there. As you know, the hotels here in New York are rather ridiculous and would save you a fortune."

He nodded, "That would be wonderful, is there someone who can guide me to the suite?"

"I'll find an intern to take you there. I'll check and let you know about the suite's availability." She found an intern and went to check on the suite. She made her way to the suite and knocked, but there wasn't an answer. She tried the door and found it unlocked. She called out to Sheldon, but there wasn't an answer. She peaked in the bathroom and she drew in a deep breath. There in the shower, through the large glass door she saw the largest cock she ever saw. She licked her lips and felt a moistening of her pussy. Her dark eyes looked on as she watched his stroke it as he washed it. Without even realizing it, her hand went to her pussy and rubbed it lightly through her silky blue dress. She looked up and saw him looking directly at her. She blinked several times and suddenly realized where her hand was. She ran from the room and found a pad of paper by the phone. She jotted down that the room was available for the next two nights. She added, she's have an intern come and lead him to the set in time for the show to begin. She dropped the pen and placed the pad of paper near his clothes in the bedroom. She hurried out of the room and once out, she leaned against the hallway wall and tried to regain her composure. She had a difficult time; that huge cock kept on popping into her head as she stood, she straightened her dress and headed back down to her office. She sat at her desk for several minutes trying to steady her nerves.

Around 11:45 AM an intern came knocking at the door of the suite. Sheldon answered it dressed in a shirt, tie and sports jacket. The intern led him to the studio and was introduced to Sandra Smith, Katie Pavlich and Dana Perino.

Sheldon was awe struck at the three other women and he suddenly felt a little tongue-tied. There was an intern nearly who handed him a large glass of water and this relaxed him. They sat him down between the four women and he felt a little uncomfortable.

Harris couldn't keep his secret and mentioned to Katie, Sandy and Dana what she saw by chance. The three other women were fascinated by what Harris saw and tried to sneak a peek at his package.

Harris sat to Sheldon's right with Sandra Smith beside her. On the other side, Katie was beside Sheldon with Dana Perino next to her. Harris started, introducing the panel and the outnumbered guy. "Let me start Dr. Cooper, I'm fascinated, why would you leave a secure career at Cal Tech and decide to ride the rails, back and forth across the country over the entire summer?"

He turned toward her, "It's really consists of several reasons. I'll first have to say, I'm know as a slightly quirky bird. My roommate of seven years announced he was engaged to our neighbor and informed me he was going to get married and live with her, instead of me."

Sandra and Dana chuckled and Sandra spoke up, "Wouldn't you expect to live with your wife if you got married?"

He shook his head, "I have a relationship agreement with her and it states it is up for discussion and I get the final vote on this matter."

Katie replied, "You have a relationship agreement, how does that work?"

"It's rather lengthy, but if you'd like, I can send you a PDF outlining the specifics. To continue, that was just the first problem. I went to the president of Cal Tech and informed him I was going to abandon my work on String Theory. He told me I couldn't and had to continue. He said the funding for my position was surrounding String Theory, and I was hired for this and only this. My girlfriend sided with my roommate and his fiancée and wanted us to move in together. The last thing that chased me from Pasadena was when I went to my local comic book store to take refuse and found it burnt down. I couldn't take any more and headed to the train station, and here I am."

Harris was in awe, "Dr. Cooper, all of those things are just tiny bumps in life. Being a renowned physicist you should be able to cope with tiny things like that."

He chuckled, "Please call me Sheldon. You don't know me very well. I'm used to getting my way, just on the first trip out East, I met up with one of our neighbor's friends in Las Vegas, another in Chicago and last I was able to stay at Princeton at my roommate's mother, her daughter and daughter-in-law. They all saw things my way and I was allowed to have sexual intercourse with all of them."

Harris' jaw dropped, "We'll discuss this after the break, please stay tuned." They went to a break and Harris turned to Sheldon, "I'm glad we're on a five second delay. You can't bring up that sort of thing on national TV, especially calling out certain people who you had carnal relationships with."

"Why not, they all were happy to do so and they all seemed very satisfied with the results."

Harris mumbled under her breath, "I bet they were, with that huge cock of yours!" She cleared her throat, "Never the less please keep the rest of the program at least PG." She patted his thigh and pulled her hand back as she came in contact with his semi-stiff cock.

He turned to her, "So I guess you don't wanna hear about my roommate's mother hypnotized me to be a better lover and expel pheromones to entice women near me to be attracted to me."

Harris once again cleared her throat, "NO, that would be inappropriate on our show, but I think the four of us would be very interested in hearing about that once we finish the hour."

They all agreed and once the commercials were over, they returned and discussed more about his travels and found out it was already his second trip out east and was only halfway through his trek.

Near one of the last commercials Sheldon noticed his shoe was untied. He leaned over to tie it and a note fell from his shirt pocket. Katie picked it up and unfolded it. She read it to herself and smiled. She handed it to Harris and she held it from Sheldon and read it out load, "Sheldon Lee Cooper is by far the most incredible lover and his huge cock is magnificent." She giggled, I'm not too sure about the first part, but I'd have to say, the second part is true."

Sheldon looked to her and suddenly he was transformed from the geeky scientist to a well-mannered ladies' man. "So, tell me Harris, how do you know about the second part?"

Harris drew in a deep breath and she turned red, even though she is black. She stammered, "Aw, well, I came in to tell you about the suite and there wasn't an answer. I tried the door and found it open. I found you in the shower and sorta saw your package." The studio was suddenly steamy for her and the other three women.

The last segment came on and they struggled through it, but somehow they realized what Sheldon said about the pheromones was correct. They finished up and Harris guided him from the set and hurried him to the elevator. The five of them packed into the elevator and made their way to the suite.

Harris threw open the door and guided him to the sofa. She sat beside him and turned towards him, "So tell us Sheldon, elaborate what occurred with these women and your roommate's mother and daughter."

He chuckled, "I'd much rather show the four of you how it works. Just to let you know, I'm totally against any sort of birth control; it's just a part of my upbringing. If you wanna use birth control of your own, that's up to you." He chuckled, Just to let you know three of the women are now pregnant and are very happy about it."

Harris chucked, "How can you be so religious about birth control, but find it okay to impregnate three women, two who are married to other men from what you told us."

He nodded, "They wanted babies, but one husband is sterile and the other is too busy to even realize she had a baby. She wanted one so badly she'd allow anyone, within reason to impregnate her. So are we gonna discuss the morality of this, or do you wanna sample what you saw in the shower?" He grabbed her large black hand and gently placed it on his already stiffened cock.

Harris drew in a deep breath and knew she was safe; she was on the pill and knew Sandra was too. She wasn't sure about Katie, but knew from talking to Dana several times, she too, just like Sheldon's one lady, was unable to get pregnant and would relish having a baby implanted in her tiny body. Her fingers slowly closed around his shaft and turned to Sandy, "What do you say, you wanna try this out?"

Sandra was turned on like never before. She knew he wasn't that handsome, but after hearing about his expelling the pheromones, she knew this had to have something to do with how she felt and reacted. She bit down on her lower lip and whispered out, "Unleash it Harris, let's see if you were exaggerating or not."

Harris' fingers where shaking as she worked at the clasp and zipper on his pants. She was helped by Sheldon raising his butt as she drew his pants down. Katie dropped to her knees and removed his shoes and sock and tossed his pants aside. She sat there on her haunches as she watched Harris tug at his briefs.

Sandra and Katie both let out a gasp as it sprung free and pointed toward the ceiling, slapping Harris on the wrist as she tugged at his briefs.

Dana sat across from them. She was wearing a white dress with four large buttons that ran from under her arm to the hem. She kicked off her high heels and planted her heels on the edge of the sofa. Her bright blue eyes were focused on the large cock before her. Her hands were running up and down her thighs. Each upward movement, she came closer and closer to her weeping pussy clad panties. She reached up and unclipped her long blonde hair and shaking her head, her long blonde hair tumbled down around her pert breasts.

Harris was eager to find out how hard and stiff the cock she released was. Her dark fingers closed around the huge shaft and her fingers didn't meet. Before she could react Katie dipped her head and planted her bright pink lips at the base of his cock. Her tongue darted out and ran upward until it came in contact with Harris' hand. Harris slid her hand upward and a large dollop of pre-cum oozed out. She dropped her head and her tongue flicked at the pearly white cream and spread it along her red lips. She enveloped the head and her lips met Katie's

Sheldon rolled his head back as Sandra knelt on the sofa beside him. She unbuttoned his shirt and her nails raked his slender chest and teased his nipples. She tugged his tie off and removed his jacket and shirt. Now naked, he grabbed hold of Sandra's arm and pulled her roughly to him. He kissed her hard and he was rewarded with her lips parting and accepting his tongue. The two of them dueled back and forth and his hand clutched at her light blonde hair. His other hand was pushing harder on Harris' hair and he groaned into Sandy's mouth as he felt the head of his cock brush against the back of Harris' throat. He knew at this rate, he was going to cum soon. He thrust his hips upward and heard Harris gag and released his cock.

Sandra pulled out of his grasp and slid down beside Katie. She fisted Katie's hair and when she turned towards Sandra. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Sandra clawed at Katie's off the shoulder dress and pulling hard, it fell to her waist. She freed Katie's large firm tits and Katie deftly unzipped Sandra's dress and with the flick of her fingers, unhooked her bra. They were face to face, their stiff nipples scraped back and forth against one another.

Sheldon's hands were working on Harris' loose fitted red frock. He had the hem pulled up to her hips and worked the sleeveless dress from her shoulders and it bunched up about her waist. He pulled feverously at the huge cups on her bra and her large black breasts sprung free. He was mesmerized by the huge black aeroules capping the twin mounds. There were two large coal black eraser sized nipples pointing outward.

Harris resumed sucking his cock and she was so turned on, her mouth was dripping with huge amounts of saliva. She sped up her bobbing up and down to the point foamy bubbles were forming around her lips and his stiff shaft.

Sandra and Katie wanted in on the action and standing up, they grabbed hold of Sheldon's arms and pulled him to his feet. His cock sprung free from Harris' mouth and slapped her on the cheek. The two of them led the naked huge cocked stud towards the bedroom and Harris dropped her dress and shook out of her bra and panties. She followed them and Dana stood up on bare feet and trailed behind the foursome.

Once in the bedroom, Sandra and Katie pushed him onto the bed. They climbed up and joined him on either side of him. Sandra wanted a shot at that huge cock and tucking her shoulder length light blonde hair behind her ear. She lowered her face and as her lips parted; her tongue flicked out and ran around the large red head. She teased it, stabbing at the pee hole. She was rewarded with a dollop of pre-cum. She parted her lips even more and enveloped the entire crown. Her mouth was filled quickly and she sucked hard, her cheeks hallowed out and she stared up at him with those gorgeous green eyes of hers.

Katie was getting frustrated, she wanted at him and crawling up higher, she swung her long slender leg over his chest and scooting upward, she planted her ripe pussy at his face.

Sheldon inhaled her intoxicating scent and gripping her lush hips, he drew her down to his waiting mouth. He found her wet slit and parting them with his fingers, he was rewarded with a gush of her cream. He lapped it up and went back for more.

Down below, Sandra had enough of his cock in her mouth. She wanted it somewhere else and letting it go with a pop, she straddled his stiff, saliva covered cock. She lodged it in between her pussy lips and slowly lowered her lush body. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began sinking down onto his huge cock. She never felt anything so large before. She took it slow, even though she wanted more. She let out a burst of air and leaned forward and pulled Katie to her shaking body. She felt his cock parting her vaginal canal wider than anything or anyone before. She kissed Katie and their large tits pressed together and she felt a stirring deep in her belly. She finally felt her sweaty thighs pressing against his. She knew she had his entire length in her and she wiggled and ground her cunt against his shaft. She knew she was about to cum and clutching harder on Katie, she rubbed her aching clit against the root of his cock.

Sheldon's face was covered in Katie's juices. He made her cum once and looking up, all he saw was two pairs of gorgeous breasts pressed together and his mouth watered. He wanted to sample them all, but he had to swallow her creamy juices or he would drown in her slick cream. He released her cuntlips and clutched at Sandra's lush ass cheeks. He guided her up and down and felt her cunt muscles clench and release his shaft. He knew she was gonna cum soon and he wanted it. He loved making women cum, it gave him satisfaction. It was something he didn't realize was so satisfying before, again he had to thank Beverly for his increased confidence.

Sandra clutched at Katie as she allowed Sheldon to guide her up and down on his cock. She felt him hit areas of her pussy she didn't even know existed. She tore her body from Katie's; she leaned back and tossed her head around as she screamed out, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming, yes, yes drive that cock harder into me! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm there!" She leaned back and began cumming so hard, she squirted. Her legs were like rubber and she bucked so hard, she slipped off of him and she curled up in a ball and shook and quivered as she came hard.

Harris just re-entered the bedroom. She had a bottle of oil in her hand and she opened it and poured a stream of it across her large black tits. She tossed the bottle to Dana as she began working the slick liquid all over her tits. She licked her lips as she saw Sheldon's huge cock swaying between his legs. It was completely drenched in Sandra's creamy juices. She was drawn to it like a moth to a light bulb. She leaned over and licked at the juices running down towards his balls. She leaned back a little and grabbing hold of her tits, she wrapped them around his shaft. She began rising and lowering her upper body. The slick black tits enveloped his entire cock and with each downward movement, the head of his cock poked out and banged into her chin. She went faster and faster. She opened her mouth and allowed a stream of saliva roll out of her lips and coat his cock. She smiled down at him and knew she was about to get her reward.

Up above, Katie was cumming a second time. This time it was more intense, seeing Sandra cum so hard and now watching Harris go to town on his cock with her beautiful black tits. She clutched at Harris's shoulders and let out a blood curdling scream, "Oh yesssssssssss Sheldon, lick my clit harder, I'm there again!' She ground her pussy hard against his mouth, lips and tongue. She released Harris' shoulders and clutched at her sweaty, blonde hair and getting out a loud grunt, she began pouring her orgasmic juices all over his face. She shook and shivered as her orgasm overtook her sleek body. She rolled off of him and wrapped her limbs around Sandra and they caressed one another.

Harris picked up the pace and her dark eyes focused on Sheldon's face, covered in Katie's cunt juices. She felt Sheldon's cock expand and heard him let out a grunt. She was unprepared for the deluge of jism that shot from his swollen nuts. It coated her black neck, onto her face and as it slid back, it coated her swaying black tits. She released it and tried to contain it with her ruby red lips, but it was like an unleashed firehose, splattering her upper body. She was beyond excited by the amount of sperm he released. She climbed aboard and sank her gorgeous black ass down upon his shaking thighs. In one fierce downward movement, she had his stiff cock buried deep in her quaking belly. Once again he made a mental note to thank Beverly. After the huge orgasm he just experienced, his cock was just as stiff as when he began. He loved having the black goddess riding him. He loved how her facial expression showed the pleasure he was inflicting on her. He began playing with those huge black tits of hers. He worked his cum into her black pores and loved how they shined from the oil and his cum. He teased and tweaked those incredibly large black aeroules and deeper black licorice nips. He tugged at them and he was rewarded with her lowering her body so he could feast on them. He felt his cock grow even harder as he tasted his own semen for the first time. He ravished both tits as he continued to thrust upward, meeting each and every one of her violent downward thrusts.

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