Bikini Boy



I was the boy my father had hoped for after 3 daughters before me. Life in our suburban middle class two-story house was as normal as anyone else's. My dad was a loving father bringing me up and doing the things a father likes to do with his son – baseball, fishing, camping, working the garage. Then came the divorce. The fights, the yelling & screaming about the "other woman" resounded through the house & the kids tried not to listen. Then he was gone. All of our lives changed dramatically after dad left. It was a devastating thing to endure as a family and it left me with a house full of females to find my own way.

My sisters were the most beautiful girls that any could ever be and I always had to live in the shadow of feminine influence. Many people said I looked just like my sisters, with the same hair and soft pale skin. Perhaps this atmosphere influenced me greater than I realized. When I was quite younger my sisters would dress me up in girls clothing and make me sit at their silly tea parties. Feminine milieu was everywhere; bras, panties, stockings, dresses, hair brushes, blow dryers – anything and everything feminine were always scattered around the house and in the laundry.

After dad was gone and I was late in my teen years, I was alone one day, a rarity, and tooling around in the basement. In the junk room I was looking for something, a baseball mitt or the like and stumbled into a box of dad's old girlie magazines. For a boy it was like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. I perused a few of them and grabbed a handful to head to my room to masturbate.

As I was walking by the laundry room with my treasures I spied a few baskets of clean and dirty laundry. Something caught my eye. Out of curiosity I picked up a particularly silky pair of satin string bikini panties. I set down my magazines and opened one up to a nice photo spread of ravishing naked women. The panties felt strange to the touch and I felt an erotic urge rise in my crotch. I lifted them to my face and a faint trace of sultry feminine aroma floored my being.

I became rock hard in my pants and felt possessed and disoriented. I dropped the panties to the floor and began taking off my clothes. Naked in the barren, cool dark laundry room my cock ached a strange powerful longing, a hardness it had yet to experience. I retrieved the panties and trembling I pulled them up my legs. The sensation of feeling the feminine undergarment on my boyish skin thrilled me as I shook in unknowing lust and anticipation. As the silky, satin bikini panties were pulled into place my cock felt a soothing sleek sensation that steeled it harder as the experience evolved. I felt the hardness of my cock through the panties and rubbed my boyish ass feeling a totality of erotic sensation.

The panties looked and felt like nothing I could ever imagine and a hereto now unknown sexual side of me was swelling as this forbidden adventure continued. I spied other feminine undergarments in the baskets and was soon rubbing bras and slips and silken camisoles all over my body and face and throbbing cock. Dizzy and charged up I jacked slowly on my cock cupping my satin-sheathed balls and I caressed my panty encased little ass, followed by fondling my balls again in their silken treasure purse. My cock felt heavenly as I stroked on it and moved my fist faster and firmer along my raging boner. Then like a jet engine on a fighter plane my excitement in this new exciting activity made me cum in a blast of hot teenage ejaculate that roped and sprayed all over me and the silky panties and whatever happened to be in front of me.

I gasped & shuddered, never having an orgasm like this in my life, literally high from the experience. I was messy and sticky with my own cum, but I felt elated about my discoveries. I gathered up the magazines and any undergarment that I happened to soil with my explosive blast of spooge and dressed hurriedly. Not knowing or caring about doing laundry over the items I had messed upon, I brought them excitedly to my room and hid them. It couldn't have been more than 45 minutes later that I was hard again thinking about my little escapade. I dug out my hidden feminine treasures and felt their silkiness again as well as the dampness of my cum upon them. The fragrance of my own cum on the feminine scented panties was overwhelming and I stripped again and slid the cum soaked satin panties up my legs. Their feminine softness and slight dampness produced another hard on of unimaginable rigidity. I was so hard and horny that it was nearly painful.

I pulled out the Playboys and other girlie mags I had found in the box in the basement. I jacked off furiously in the panties and with whatever other silky undergarment I had draped over me, or that I had to rub in my face, savoring the scent of feminine satin and lace and admiring the sultry nude or panty clad women with the magazines laid out before me. I jacked off hard and bucked up and down, cumming all over myself in a no less powerful explosion, but perhaps not quite as much cum. Breathless, I lay there till I thought I heard voices, so I scampered to wipe my mess off with a cami, and got dressed and composed before I had to deal with my mother or sisters. I was elated and frightened inside, but I could not wait to go to bed that night to again pull out my forbidden cache of silky feminine apparel and magazines. I jacked off again in the panties when I went to bed and again waking in the middle of the night to wank my sore but aching cock to another numbing orgasm.

Over the next few weeks I slipped into another world. My discovery of jacking off while wearing panties and lingerie consumed nearly my every waking thought for weeks. I vacillated between guilt and fear over my behavior to pure lust and curiosity about all under things silky and feminine. I dressed in panties; stockings, slips, camisoles and bikini swim suits to pursue my lust for feminine under things. Every chance I could I would sneak a different pair of panties to my room to jack off in. With my rock hard teenage cock encased in a frilly pair of panties and also at times wearing stockings and a bra I would masturbate wildly in my sensual fantasy world. All panties fascinated me; how they looked & felt to the touch and especially the way they felt pulled up over my throbbing cock. They were all wonderful to put on & jack off in – the silky ones & the satin ones too. One of my favorites was the simple pleasure of a pair of micro thin cotton string bikini panties – they teased my hard cock just right and made me feel so feminine & horny.

Another discovery I soon made was to jack off while wearing the panties and sniff a pair of stolen soiled panties, drinking in the sultry, entrancing aroma of pussy while I beat off. I had countless mind bending orgasms wearing my sisters' silken panties with one hand on my throbbing cock and the other holding a pair of fragrant panties in my face with its luscious cotton patch stuck into my nostrils and magazines of naked women spread across my bed.

Hardly a day went by for the first few months that I didn't jack off at least 3 times, some days as many as 5 times. Waking up before daybreak with a massive boner I would slip on a pair of stolen panties and jack off before falling back to sleep. Upon waking up, still wearing the panties I would be hornier than ever and a jack off to another stimulating climax. If it was a day where I could be alone for a while at the next possible moment I would sneak back into my room and slip on a pair of panties and frantically jack off again. On this type of day I would usually jack off again right after dinner and then again late at night as I was trying to get to sleep but with my hard on urging me on to jack off yet again.

I also discovered the heady scent of my own cum. Some of the panties would end up with my cum upon them or whatever I used to wipe up my huge cum blasts would fascinate me with the scent of cum. A few times I got brave after jacking off and would taste a dab of my own cum, but it seemed not as exciting after I had already cum. One day my curiosity led me to scoop up into a glass a few big gobs of cum and I hid it till the next time I jacked off. With silky panties caressing my cock and girlie magazines spread across my bed my cock ached an exciting hardness as I got brave and tasted my own cum. It excited me and scared me too cause I really enjoyed this naughty little game and knew that I would have no trouble sucking a cock.

The items that I soiled I eventually stained so bad that I threw them out or washed them crudely in a clandestine manner to use as soft enticing sperm rags. I was much more careful about soiling my sisters panties, yet every moment possible alone I would hope to discover another frilly panty or undergarment to bring joy to my silky-smooth masturbatory world. Eventually the novelty wore off to where it would be only once or twice a day or every other day. But deep inside I felt so good when I was attired in panties and lingerie that I let this side of me grow.

Like any other guy I had friends & interests. I was a good friend with a guy named Joey who was a bit more athletic than my lithe boyish build. We hung out and did the things guys do together. One night he spent the night and the subject turned to girls. We were leafing through my stash of girlie magazines as we talked about this girl or that one when Joey eventually said:

"Dude, don't get pissed but your sisters are as hot as any of those chicks".

"Yeah, I know. They drive me crazy, but they're my sisters. You'd like to go for Amy, wouldn't you?" I asked.

"Shit yeah" Joey exclaimed. Amy and Liz were away at a track meet and the Jen was away in college so we had the house to ourselves, except for my mom who was downstairs watching TV.

I was getting excited and knew Joey was too so I braved a question I hoped he wouldn't think was too strange:

"Want to go raid their panty drawer?" I timidly asked.

"Cool! Should we?" Joey responded. We slithered out of my room and across the hall. In the near darkness we opened the drawer and gazed in not really being able to see much. I was rummaging in the silky treasure trove when we thought we heard a noise. I grabbed a handful of under things and quickly & quietly closed the drawer and we sneaked back to my room. There in the soft light we looked at our find. There were some tantalizing silky bikinis in soft pastels among some of the ordinary items. We giggled softly, but deep down I really wanted to put on a pair in front of Joey and perhaps have him do the same. Eventually we went to sleep, me in my bed and Joey on a sleeping bag & air mattress on the floor.

I tried to be quiet and hoped he would fall asleep. When I thought that he was, I pulled a pair of panties from under my pillow and pulled them on. My cock was so hard and having another person so close to me while I engaged in my little pursuit made it all the more stimulating. I was slowly and quietly jacking on my throbbing hard aching cock when Joey said: "Dude!" I froze. "Dude, are you jacking off?"

"No" I meekly, replied.

"Liar", he said as he rose up suddenly to see. I was busted and freaking out.

"Dude, you have panties on don't you?". I said nothing.

Joey said "man, I'm so horny, give me a pair & I'll jack off too". I was relieved.

I tossed him a pair and he giggled. "Its all cool, my man. There is probably not a man alive that hasn't at least wondered what it would feel like to put on a pair of panties".

We talked a bit of chatter as we jacked off, I was wearing the panties, but when I looked over at him he was only rubbing his cock with them. We both soon climaxed and not wanting him to know of my silken rags, I got a towel so we could clean up. We fell asleep, but I woke up and jacked off again when Joey was really asleep and enjoying the thrill of jacking off with another person so close to me

Not a word was said of our exploit and as the weeks passed I know we both felt better that way and everything seemed back to normal. It was several months later and Joey again spent the night. As we chatted late that night it was Joey that brought up the subject: "hey why don't you go get some more panties from your sis".

"Joey, they're both home".

"Too bad" Joey mused. I reached behind my bed and pulled out two of my favorite pairs of stolen panties. "Tah dah!" I whispered as I flung one at him.

"Cool. Now that's thinking ahead". Joey said. "That was so hot last time. I've thought a lot about it since then. You must jack off in 'em' all the time," Joey whispered. "My turn to see what they feel like on" Joey stated as he took off his tee shirt and started taking off his boxers.

I got out of bed and was soon naked too. In what little light there was we both pulled on our silken panties up our boyish legs. I was steeled hard and so was Joey. I could see his big hard cock strain against the thin feminine material and in my immense lust I took a chance. I reached over and gently rubbed Joey's cock through his panties. Joey moaned and shuddered and soon his hands found my cock as we fondled each other's cocks through the thin sexy material. We fell into each other and were soon rubbing or panty clad cocks together. Holding on to his hips I looked up at Joey and our eyes met. No words were said as I closed my eyes to kiss him. We were tentative at first and inexperienced but the sheer excitement of sexual contact with another person thrilled us both.

I broke the kiss and slipped my hand into his panties, touching the flesh of his manhood and feeling the hard, yet spongy warmth of another guy's cock. Joey shuddered again and we crumpled together onto my bed. We were as mass of roving hands and nuzzling our faces kissing and nuzzling over each other and fondling each other's cocks through the panties. As he lay on his back I rose over him and in sheer erotic bliss we rubbed our panty-clad cocks together. The vastness of our bisexual horniness chafed together in amazing splendor of previously unknown pleasure.

I brought my face across Joey's chest and slid my face down his stomach. We had both had girlfriends off & on but the pure erotic happening of having this type of unplanned and forbidden sexual encounter urged us on. It was strange; when I was with a girl I was always in a state of arousal just being near their mysterious and beautiful beings. As I was there naked and panty clad with Joey I myself felt so strangely feminine and free, almost like I was a girl making love to a handsome guy.

The aroma and scent of Joey's male body aroused my senses and my face was drawn down to his cock. I hesitated not at all and was soon rubbing his throbbing, sticky, pungent pole into and all over my face. It felt so natural when I slipped my warm hungry mouth over the helmet knob of his sweet cock and tasted the strange and wonderful allure of a penis.

Joey quivered an "OH YES!" when he felt my mouth engulf his cock. It was as if his cock belonged there in my mouth and I eagerly sucked, licked, sniffed and gobbled his manhood in and out of my mouth. I ravaged it tenderly with my youthful adoration and as the long exciting minutes wore on I discovered his balls with my mouth and tongue as I pulled his panties down a bit farther. Joey was writhing and panting and I slipped the wonderful shaft back into my mouth as he ran his fingers through my longish, soft hair. Joey began to buck and thrash and as he humped faster up into my mouth a surge of cum blasted out into my mouth. I had smelled and tasted my own cum many times, but this was so exciting to suck off another boy and taste his cum. The warm, milky, sticky, spunky spooge filled my mouth as I relished its taste and texture and drank down what I could and my face wore the rest as I gasped and wolfed down madly on the prize for my cock sucking efforts.

Joey was huffing and puffing and gasping for breath as I sucked and licked his thing long after it has given my mouth its last splatters of cum. His tender cock could take no more and he pulled me up off of his cock. My own cock was dripping clear sticking pre-cum as it stuck out of the top of the silky panties. The experience of sucking my first cock steeled it hard and it was about to explode. I think Joey may have wanted to return the favor but as I rubbed my panty-clad cock on his still firm manhood he reached down to feel my cock.

The touch of another person's hand on my aroused pole was all it took and I moaned softly as a tremor of cum discharged all over the two of us. Powerful ropes of cum jetted out onto Joey, some even reaching his neck and the side of his face. My orgasm was as intense, even more so, as the day in the laundry room. We shook with a mixture of excitement, discovery and fear.

As the last spurts of my cum landed on his belly I melted into his arms and the warmth of his naked body felt heavenly as I pulled the covers over us as we tried to grasp the enormity of what had just transpired. We were sticky with cum and sweat but the warm glow in our penises and the newness of our sexual discovery held us close and we just kissed a little kiss on the tips of our lips and held each other firmly not knowing what to think.

We fell asleep together but as the sun was coming up I awoke with a tremendous hard on. I went to pee and came back to bed. Joey did like wise and when he returned his cock was sticking out hard, like mine was under the covers. We reached for each other's cocks and slowly began to fondle each other. We were possessed with horniness and we jacked on each other's cock, thrilled at last night's sexual awakening and happy that it was continuing anew. Oh, it felt so good to feel his hand on my cock and it wasn't long as we watched in amazement as I came in another splattering all over myself and his hand. I jacked firmly on his pole and soon he too came, gushing his sticky boy juices out over my hand and onto himself. We cleaned up and then fell into a deep sleep in our separate beds to not rouse any suspicion about our activities.

After Joey left that day I had a hard time concentrating and a hard time keeping my aching cock from being anything but a perpetual hard on. From that point Joey and I were lovers as much as we could manage. We both still hung out with girls and tried to get as far as we could with them, but we knew we could always get off and satisfy each other without any of the boy/girl games. Any spare moment alone we would jack or suck the other one off or if we could spend the night at each other's house it would be an all night guy on guy sex fest. Joey was not into the panties and lingerie like I was, but I think he enjoyed seeing & feeling me in them.

During summer break we had a sweet plan for a day of sex. Mom & my sisters were going to the beach and would be gone for most of the day. Joey came over after they left and we headed upstairs. I took Joey into my sister's room and took off my clothes. He was soon naked too and I went to my sister's panty drawers, picking out a favorite pair of panties and pulled them on along with some stay-up stockings. I felt sexy and feminine and Joey and I ended up in the carpeted floor of my sisters' bathroom. Joey felt me up and fondled my pantied cock and soft round ass as I jacked on his hard, meaty rod.

We kissed madly like horny bitches, then I slid down on my knees and began to swallow up his naked cock into my eager, horny mouth. He steadied himself holding my shoulders as I continued to make love to his cock with my lips and mouth. Joey thought it was hot to do it in my sisters' bathroom with all the mirrors and I enjoyed seeing myself in panties & stockings and enjoyed even more watching myself suck his cock in the mirrors. He closed his eyes as I bobbed up and down on his cock and this cock sucking was going on for quite a while. I sensed Joey was getting close and my hard cock throbbed against the frilly silky material of my sister's panties.

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