Bikini Boy


I blazed home and then cruised over to Nate's house. They lived in a huge ranch style house not far from Dawn, they didn't have the horse property like Dawn's family. Nate had a cool bedroom in the basement and I asked to use a bathroom while Stevan and Nate waited for me in his bedroom. I was tingling and aroused and had been dying to try something that I had toyed with at home when my sisters were out. I pulled on of Liz's slinky dresses out of my bag and hung it on the door. I took off my clothes and pulled on a pair of silky string bikini panties up my slender legs and my cock grew hard with anticipation. I had also snagged some makeup and nervously put on a little eye shadow, liner and mascara and a touch of lipstick. I really did look a lot like my sisters. I combed my quite longish hair and put on the tiny dress with its spaghetti shoulder straps and put on some high heels too. I felt so girlish and fem even with my hard cock throbbing in the silky panties.

I slithered into Nate's room and was met by some whispered whistles and cat calls by him and Stevan. There was only a lamp by the bed on and it was dark and erotic as the two boys came up to me in their swimsuits. I held each of their hands and they started to paw me and rub my body through the dress. Nate and I started to kiss as Stevan took off his swimsuit and I fondled his growing boner with one hand as Nate broke the kiss to get naked too. There I was with two naked hot teenage boys dressed in my fantasy feminine attire, it was so stimulating.

Stevan lifted my dress up and started playing with my ass and was soon humping his sweet cock along the pantied crack of my boyish ass. Reaching under the silky dress he played with my nipples like they were little titties and humped me and kissed the back of my neck. Nate was rubbing his sweet cock over my pantied cock before sliding to his knees and pulling my panties down and rubbing his face all over my hard cock. He licked and sniffed it before engulfing it in his warm wet mouth.

As I was the center of this erotic gay threesome the door to Nate's room cracked open and Dawn slipped in smiling. She was still in her bikini with an opened shirt over top. Dawn sat in the corner in a small armchair and watched as three gay boys performed this erotic sex act before her eyes. She shed her shirt and began to fondle and rub her titties through her bikini top with one hand and run her other hand along her bikinied crease. Nate, Stevan and I moved to the bed and I got on all fours and began to suck on Nate's cock as Stevan had my panties pulled down and my dress pulled up. He burrowed his tongue between the cheeks of my tender ass and rimmed me in pure gay delight.

With his tongue up my tiny rosebud, it made me squirm as I continued to wolf down on Nate's cock. Dawn was now topless rubbing her sweet titties and masturbating herself through her bikini bottoms. Stevan jacked on my cock as he ate me out and Nate plunged his cock I & out of my mouth. I was so horny and turned on by all this as was Dawn who was furiously fucking herself with her hand inside her swim bottoms as she came and moaned and sobbed, fingering herself and rubbing her titties.

Stevan pulled his tongue out and began to mount me. His cock thrilled me entering my ass and I pushed back to meet his fuck stick as it slowly tunneled up my boy pussy. Nate's hot cock tasted so good and my cock sucking was soon rewarded by a hot blast of his succulent cum. I sucked and licked on his thing as it plunged in & out of my hungry mouth and it waved madly as he moaned, slipping out and back in a time or two getting his jizz all over my face.

Dawn was whimpering still in the corner as Stevan really picked up the tempo and was fucking his new fem boy doggy style, calling me a nasty slut, filthy bitch whore. He fucked me frantically and as he began to pump his goo inside of me Dawn rose up naked towards the bed. With Stevan spent but still inside of me she began to jack on my cock. She rubbed her luscious titties all over its throbbing hardness and she then mouthed a few tender sucks on it, sending me off. As my cum poured out of my aching cock, she pulled off and jacked my cum all over her titties. Wow. Now that was quite the unexpected sex show I put on. As I drove home tingling I still felt a sexual glow, but was really confused about my sexuality.

Dawn, in her own way, was very leery of forming a deep emotional relationship with a guy. She loved sex and was a very sexual person but perhaps the way guys either were intimidated by her beauty or just wanted to do her and move on, I don't know. A guy tried to date rape her when she was a younger teenage girl and that may have been part of it, along with her deep friendship with her gay cousin, Nate.

She rode horses a lot and in some ways that is a sanctified form of masturbation for girls. The clitoral stimulation of being in the saddle is famous and it was so for Dawn. Her and my sister Liz was very close friends and loved to ride together. One hot summer day after a ride they were up in Dawn's room contemplating taking a shower to clean off the stickiness of the sweaty ride. They were in the bathroom brushing the tangles out of their long beautiful hair. Inside Dawn was ablaze with arousal from the stimulation of the ride on her femininity. Liz may too have been but neither spoke it till Dawn broke in "Oh I wish Marc Davis was here right now. He's such a dream".

"Oh yeah, he's too much. He sends me too. Saw him at the beach a few weeks ago and I thought I might wet my pants" Liz chipped in. Just the thought of nearly naked stud set their smoldering arousal ablaze and Dawn took off her shirt in anticipation of a shower. Liz followed suit and both girls stood in the mirror in their bras and jeans as Dawn brushed her hair and continued "He's always teasing me" she said. Her pussy ached and the way her jeans chafed along her crease made her squirm as she moved. "He teases me about a 'girl on girl' with you or Karen or Heidi. I have to slap him," she said with truth and no real intent towards Liz. It was perhaps an out of place statement but it lit the fuse.

Sex flashed in Dawn's mind. Sex between Nate and Stevan. Sex the two times with Joey and Liz's brother, me. The time in Nate's basement with the three boys sucking and screwing. The time she sucked off a handsome stranger behind the bleacher of a football game. Her inhibition waned and she brought the handle of her brush to her jean-covered crease and rubbed it firmly. Liz was no prude and the ride had stimulated her too.

The whole erotic incident continued to develop. Liz followed suit and rubbed her brush along her jean-covered femininity too. Both girls moaned softly as their arousal took over and propriety waned. They looked in each other's eyes and a spark flew. Dawn reached over and touched Liz's ass. Liz shuddered. She turned into Dawn and they pulled each other close at the hips. They looked into each other's eyes and as they held on to the other's hips they closed their eyes and melted into a soft Sapphic kiss. As they kissed and broke their kiss they felt their bra encased titties chafe tenderly against the other girl's breasts.

Inside both were feeling fireworks of desire, sexuality, longing and forbidden passion. Clad in only jeans and bras they stood close in amazed Sapphic discovery. Liz reached up to unsnap Dawn's bra. Doing so, she slid her soft hands onto the charming breasts of the other girl. Dawn quivered. The feminine touch of another girl upon her breasts was another kindling of her offbeat sexual demeanor. She relished the feel of Liz's hands on her sexually swollen titties. She had to return the favor and had Liz's bra off and on the floor so she could feel her hands upon the other girl. They fondled each other's lovely little titties in sumptuous abandon before engaging in another more passionate fiery lesbian kiss. When the kiss subsided they continued to hold each other at the hips.

Standing there topless in only their faded jeans the two beauties discovered the joy of brushing their naked breasts and naked pointy nipples into the breasts and pointy nipples of the other goddess. They brushed and teased each other's titties with their own and pressed the naked feminine flesh into the others as they kissed again. Both girls were sopping with desire and literally sopping wet in their jeans. Dawn reached down and began to rub Liz's femininity firmly through her jeans. Liz wobbled at the prompt of Dawn's hand and began to undo Dawn's jeans as Dawn was fingering Liz though hers.

Dawn stopped for a moment and was now helping Liz out of her jeans too. Standing there naked but for their soaked panties the two girls relished the feel of bare feminine flesh upon bare feminine flesh. They pressed their breasts back into each other as they kissed anew and felt the soft roundness of the other girl's ass through the panties. Dawn was beside herself with passion and broke free to rub on Liz's tender crease with her fingers, igniting a similar response as the two beauties fingered each other in the bathroom. They jacked on each other's pussies with their hands and both came a number of times in soaked, steamy girl on girl horniness.

The orgasms did nothing to slow down Dawn and she pulled Liz to the carpeted floor and pulled off Liz's panties. She knew she had to taste the femininity of the other girl and was not disappointed as her mouth and tongue found the pungent perfumed crease. As she slithered her tongue along the gentle lips of Liz's femininity she savored its heady, sweet feminine scent and plunged ahead licking and lapping at the down covered treasure. Liz writhed in orgasmic passion whispering "OH YES, OH YES, OH YES!!!!" Dawn's assault was slowed only by her own inflamed, aching pussy and she crawled on her knees over Liz's face and planted her own steamy crease on Liz's face for her new lover to return the favor. Liz licked lovingly and tentatively at first before whole-heartedly molesting Dawn's pussy with fierce strikes of her tongue and mouth giving her the longest of tongue-lashings. Dawn came in waves on Liz's face and fondled her own tender titties as Liz's tongue continued to plow into her.

After a number of climaxes she reluctantly slid off to cuddle and kiss Liz. They held each other and marveled in the pure unadulterated carnal discovery of Sapphic lovemaking. They were both shaking and steamy and sweaty and the aroma of each other's femininity wafted around them as they kissed gently and admired each other's naked female body. Dawn was spent and yet still consumed by their pleasurable lesbian sex act. Her pussy still ached and burned with yearning.

She knew they should shower but she rose up and gently caressed the feminine mound between Liz's legs as she spread them apart. She spread her own legs and then scissored her crease into Liz's and tenderly ground their pussies together. The sensation was smoldering and both girls gasped as they fucked each other with their own pussies and fondled each other's titties and best they could as their feminine creases leaked more pleasure out onto the other girl. After a few more whimpering orgasms Dawn pulled Liz up and turned on the shower.

They refreshed in the shower and washed away the sweat and the sex. Giggling they delighted in seeing and feeling the other girls lovely breasts and sweet little ass as they soaped and shampooed. Liz took liberty to finger Dawn's crease, letting Dawn know that she was as into their lovemaking as Dawn. As they toweled dry and brushed their hair they were quiet but inside they were smitten by their sexual awakening. In a fresh pair of panties they blow dried their hair in turn as the other girl would softly caress a naked titty or a pantied ass. As Liz gathered her jeans and a clean shirt borrowed from Dawn she ran a finger firmly across Dawn's pantied slit and kissed her lightly on the lips. "I gotta run," she said as Dawn too fingered lightly Liz's pantied crease. Neither girl wanted to stop but at this time they had too.

Dawn and Liz found any excuse from that point on to find private time together. Both were consumed by the shear intensity of sexual craving they felt with the other girl. It was their own secret, private world that they didn't have to share with anyone or any selfish guy. On occasion they would ride up into the hills beyond their property and find a secluded spot to throw a blanket and make glorious girl on girl love naked in the breezes and the shimmering of the trees. Pressing their tender titties into each other they'd kiss on the blanket as they affectionately groped lovely asses or aching femininity.

The ride up would heighten their arousal as the saddles masturbated their swollen furrows and their lovemaking would produce orgasms of unimaginable intensity. After sopping contact with tongue or fingers in their aching womanhood, the ride back would leak more pleasure upon their pussies and they would be pleasurably spent. Upon returning they would hope to have another passionate shower together. Other times they would tempt propriety and kiss and finger each other through their jeans with Dawn's door closed but not locked and her brothers and friends barging around. More than once they were nearly caught, but these close calls only served to heighten their secret pleasures.

Many times either at Dawn's or in Liz's bedroom they would spend the night and kiss and make love late into the night. One night when Amy was nearly asleep in her room (the bathroom separated the two girls rooms), she was up late and heard whimpering, sighs and moans coming from Liz's room. It was unmistakable what she heard and though it aroused her she had not the nerved to join them or even mention it. Amy softly lay on the floor and fingered herself to a smashing climax as she listened to the sounds of Dawn and Liz's lovemaking.

Heidi was fairly good friends with Dawn and Liz but she was still heartbroken over the loss of her boyfriend James, who had moved away with his parents back to the east coast. The two were passionate lovers and though it had been nearly a year she was still grieving and withdrawn. She tied her long blond hair tight on hid it and rebuffed any advances by other guys. Still, she was beautiful and delicate, with long legs, a slim waist and hips and tiny ass and was quite a hottie though she tried to hide it. Dawn and Liz invited her for a ride and the three girls raced their horses around the property.

The diversion was good for Heidi and after the ride, which had aroused all three girls; they snuck into the old Airstream trailer to get high. Dawn's country club parents we away often and as the three girls lit cigarettes and shared a joint their arousal continued from the ride as the talk turn to sex. Heidi thought she was imagining things when she felt Dawn lightly caress her leg as they were talking and getting high. They talked about boys and it was Liz this time who repeated the talk about the "girl on girl" teasing from Marc Davis. After getting high the girls trooped into the house and ended up in Dawn's bathroom. Dawn began to strip and said that she was going to take a shower. Liz concurred and soon the two were in nothing more than bras and panties.

Heidi was aroused from being high and from the ride and it had been so long since she had had any sex other than masturbating herself and dreaming of James. Dawn joked that Heidi must really be horny cause she must not "have had any" in a real long time. Heidi blushed, but it was true – it had been a long time and she was now extremely horny. "Girl on girl" is as good as being with a boy Dawn said as she lifted her hand to touch Liz's bra encased titties. She fondled them for a bit as Liz returned the favor before they slid into a soft girl on girl kiss. The scene throttled Heidi and she was trembling and shaking as Dawn and Liz broke the kiss and turned to her and smiled.

They walked over to Heidi and began helping her out of her clothes. Dawn was unbuttoning her blouse as Liz unsnapped her jeans. As Heidi's blouse fell away, Dawn lifted a hand to the side of Heidi's face and caressed it gently as her other hand found Heidi's small but well formed titties, encased in a lavender bra. Heidi rubbed her face into Dawn's hand, kissed her palm as Dawn pulled Heidi closer. Trembling yet excited, Heidi felt Dawn's lips touch her own as the stimulation and the forbidden occurrence unfolded.

She was now stepping out of her jeans as Dawn fondled her titties through her bra and the two girls kissed passionately. Liz came around behind and caressed her shoulders before softly kissing Heidi's back and the back of her neck. Heidi felt a rush of emotions and a huge sexual surge in her aching, panty covered pussy. As liz kissed her back and neck she also fondled Heidi's exquisite little round ass.

Surprising herself Heidi returned Dawn's kiss with fervor and surprised herself even more as she reached to touch Dawn's own bra encased titties. She was about to release an enormous sexual burden and as her hands found Dawn's titties she shuddered and felt damp and tingly in her panties. Dawn and Heidi broke the kiss as Liz was unsnapping Heidi's bra. As it fell to the floor both Liz and Dawn each put a tender breast to their lips and began to nibble, lick and suck upon Heidi's splendid little titties. Heidi felt weak in her knees and put her arms around the other girls to hold herself up as they made love to her tender breasts with their loving and soft lips. Liz too the liberty to slip a finger between Heidi's legs and rub her panty covered femininity with her middle finger.

Heidi felt possessed and started to help undo Liz's bra as Dawn stopped to unsnapped her own. The three beauties were now topless in their nothing but their skimpy panties and the three girls began to fondle wildly each other's naked titties as Liz now took her turn and kissed Heidi in untamed lust. The three girls sunk to the floor in a mass of roving hands over naked titties, soft round asses or panty covered pussies, kissing and nuzzling in a tempestuous Sapphic rush. Dawn, on her back, was astonished that Heidi on all fours over her began to lick and suck on her exquisite, graceful titties. Heidi would stop to kiss Dawn frantically before returning to taste the loveliness of another girls breasts.

Liz in the mean time had been cuddling and stroking Heidi's sweet round little ass before pulling her panties down. With Heidi's tender femininity beckoning Liz's tongue slipped between Heidi's legs and she began to lick the delicate wetness of the hottie blond, Heidi. Heidi quivered as she felt the feminine tongue penetrate her moist femininity and the tender assault of Liz's tongue on loins fired up her passion as she then kissed Dawn frantically.

Liz's welcome molestation on Heidi's wetness was quite a scene with Heidi on her knees with her ass out high receiving Liz's tongue and her face and arms down kissing Dawn and kissing her titties and fondling Dawns breasts. With Liz's face nuzzled deep between Heidi's legs and cheeks her own wild passion and desire exploded. Her deft tongue could not resist slipping into the tender rosebud of Heidi's sweet little ass as it waved crazily in the air, squirming to Liz's affectionate ambush. Liz flicked her tongue along the sensitive little hole before inserting it deeply into Heidi's tenderness, rimming her with adoring enthusiasm. Heidi was wet and leaking as she suckled on Dawn's titties in eager excitement, urged on by the Sapphic attention to her vulnerable backside.

As Liz slipped her tongue from deep up Heidi's tight hole and returned it to lovingly torment her wet, aching slit, the fireworks began and all her pent up, repressed sexual longing exploded from the tip of Liz's tongue all across her exposed & moistened pussy. She rose up her head from Dawn and closed her eyes and bit her lip to enjoy and endure the unbelievable orgasm that burst forth across her femininity. Liz was going wild against her twat and as she came over Liz's face she crumpled on top of Dawn.

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