tagBDSMBind & Strip Me Naked for Nude Day

Bind & Strip Me Naked for Nude Day


This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

Husband and wife play sexy, albeit dangerous games of Nude Day bondage.


Roger and Denise were avid Literotica readers. They used the erotic stories on the site as inspirational fodder to spice up their sex lives. Sometimes, they included their best friends, Irene and Dave in their sexy games. Taking sexual inspiration from many of the categories from Literotica, they even made a wheel that they spun to decide what they'd do each sexy holiday. With nearly every day a holiday, albeit an obscure holiday, they turned every day into a sexual holiday. With never a dull sexual moment, because they were in love and because they were so sexual and sensual, they had more sexual holidays than they did categories, which required them to overlap them and, in essence, make the game that much more interesting.

Nonetheless, with so many categories to chose from and so many holidays to celebrate, every day was always something sexually different and erotically exciting. From out of thirty-five categories of stories on Literotica, the twenty-one categories they chose to celebrate their sexual holidays were Anal, BDSM, Celebrity, Erotic Coupling, Erotic Horror, Exhibitionism and Voyeurism, Fetish, Gay Male, Group Sex, Incest and Taboo, Interracial Love, Lesbian Sex, Loving Wives, Mature, Mind Control, Non-Consent and Reluctance, Non-Human, Romance, Sci-Fi, Toys & Masturbation, and Transsexuals and Cross Dressers. Not all the categories appealed to their libido and they mostly picked the ones that inspired them sexually. Yet, there were those days that they felt sexy and horny enough to try anything in any of the categories they chose.

Of course, needing to enjoy the game to play the game, picking from a list of obscure holidays, each year, they only celebrated those holidays that appealed to them and that sexually inspired them. Each year was different and they skipped those holidays they celebrated in previous years to celebrate other holidays that inspired them this year. The holidays in January they celebrated were Humiliation Day, January 3rd, Bean Day and Cuddle Up Day, January 6th, Bubble Bath Day and Male Watcher's Day, January 8th, Play God Day, January 9th, Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day, January 12th, Make Your Dream Come True Day, January 13th, National Hugging Day, January 21st, Compliment Day, January 24th, and Spouse's Day, January 26th. One can only imagine some of the sexy and erotic things they did on those holidays to excite their lovemaking and to keep their marriage fresh and alive without falling into a rut of boredom and disinterest.

Last year, when they decided to celebrate Humiliation Day, Denise spun the category wheel for her husband and it landed on Transsexuals and Cross Dressers. Roger had to dress up as a women complete with hair and makeup, pantyhose, bra, and high heels, and go food shopping, while Denise videotaped all the sexy action. Of course, Denise wanted to celebrate Male Watcher's Day and when Roger spun the wheel and the arrow landed on Gay Male, Denise was only allowed to watch Gay males, which didn't suit her sexual purposes at all, since she's a heterosexual woman. Nonetheless, later that night, they still had a sexy time in bed discussing all that they did and what they'd do next year.

Thank a Mailman Day, February 4th, Make a New Friend Day, February 11th, Valentine's Day, February 14th, of course, Do a Grouch a Favor Day, February 16th, Random Act of Kindness Day, February 17th, and Public Sleeping Day, February 28th were all the sexual holidays they celebrated in February. Just from reading the list, depending on where the arrow landed on the category wheel, one can only imagine the possibilities of celebrating each holiday. A fun sexual holiday to celebrate, Denise and Roger celebrated Thank a Mailman Day on February 4th. Fortunately, for the couple, innocuously innocent, the wheel landed on Exhibitionism and Voyeurism and Denise opened the door to greet the mailman totally naked.

"Today is Thank a Mailman Day," said Denise throwing her arms around the mailman's neck and giving him a big, wet kiss and a hug, while reaching down to feel his cock through his pants. A personal friend, after having delivered on this route for years, he knew about some of the sexual antics of Roger and Denise and went along with their sexy game. He gave her naked ass a squeeze and her big tits a feel, while returning her lingering wet kiss. "Happy Thank a Mailman Day," she said.

"Thank you," said the mailman. "I just love my job."

National Pig Day and Peanut Butter Lovers' Day, March 1st, are good sexual holidays to celebrate together, for obvious reasons. I Want You To Be Happy Day, March 3rd, Hug a GI Day, March 4th, Be Nasty Day, March 8th, April Fool's Day, April 1st, Hug a Newsman Day, April 4th, Lover's Day, April 23rd, Pig in a Blanket Day, April 24th, Kiss Your Mate Day, April 28th, are just a sampling of the obscure holidays that the couple sexually celebrated in March and in April.

With a dozen holidays to celebrate each month, the yearly list of holidays were seemingly endless. Then, when July 14th rolled around, Nude Day, Denise knew they'd have some innocent, albeit, sexy fun tonight, after she came home from work. Before leaving for work, so as to give them both time to think about how to celebrate Nude Day, Denise spun the category wheel and it landed on BDSM. Unfortunately, with the best made plans ruined, she had to work late Nude Day. Notwithstanding her coming home from work on Nude Day evening late with only a few hours left to spare, she had no idea what Roger had planned to celebrate the occasion. He never failed to surprise her by thinking of something sensually sexy and erotically outrageous.

Yet, kismet interfered with even the best made plans. When she came home late from work and parked her car in the dark garage, she was met by four shadowy figures. It all happened so fast. Emerging from all four sides of her, they came from out of nowhere, and with eight hands touching her where only her husband was allowed to touch her, that is, except for the mailman on Thank A Mailman Day, they grabbed her, groped her, and manhandled her.

Shocked, petrified, and thinking she'd be raped and/or worse, she knew enough not to allow them to take her from the garage. She heard enough crime experts to know that she couldn't allow them to put her in her car and drive her away. She needed to make her stand right now and right there. Yet, with eight arms restraining her, she was no match for them.

Too dark to clearly see their faces, frightened out of her mind, just by the softness of her touch, she discerned that one of her assaulters, was a woman. In all happened so fast that she didn't even have time to scream. One man held her by her arms, while the woman put duct tape over her mouth and another man put a blindfold over her eyes. Then, a third man tied her wrists.

Helpless to stop them, the four of them stripped her naked, actually cutting her clothes off her body with scissors, while touching and feeling her everywhere. Blouse and skirt, snip, snip, were cut from her body. She felt hands feeling her tits and fingering her nipples through her bra, while other hands felt her ass and traced her pussy line through her panty. Then, within seconds, bra and panty, snip, snip, were removed. More hands grabbed her breasts and fingered, pulled, and twisted her nipples. Another hand squeezed her ass, while another hand cupped her pussy and inserted a long, stiff finger fucking her.

Too scared to be sexually aroused, she froze allowing their hands to touch and feel her naked body anywhere and everywhere, and in all those places where only her husband was allowed to touch her. Then, when finished with their sexual assault of her, they pushed her in the backseat of her own car, backed out of the driveway, and drove away. Promising to never play another sexual game again, no matter what the holiday, she just wanted to survive this ordeal.

Who were these people? Where were they taking her? Why her? Why now? In all the years she lived in this neighborhood, she never had an incidence of crime to report. Now they had sexually assaulted her, kidnapped her, and God knows what else they were going to do to her. Were they taking her somewhere to rape her? Where they taking her somewhere to murder her and dump her nude body?

Her mind reeled with thoughts of what to do to get herself out of this. Yet, every time she thought of something, she's reject it as useless. Other than to kick out her own car door window, hoping to shatter the glass, she was unable to break the window. Blindfolded, gagged, bound, and naked, there wasn't much she could do. Never had she been so afraid.

Already sexually assaulted by being touched, groped, and felt, while stripped naked, but not yet, raped, now she feared for her life. This is what she gets for teasing all the perverts in town by playing her obscure holiday games with her husband. She figured the three men were neighbors who had been watching her, but who in the Hell was the woman?

Then they stopped her car, ripped the duct tape from her mouth, untied her wrists, removed the blindfold, and pushed her out of her own car, before speeding away. At first, she had no idea where she was. Then, when she looked around and got her bearings, she saw people, a lot of people. Standing on the sidewalk totally naked, there were so many people. She was in Times Square and hundreds, thousands of people were ogling her naked body. Lucky for her, it was Nude Day. Lucky for her, there were partially naked people celebrating the holiday by holding Nude Day signs, along with End of the World signs.

Glad that her ordeal was over, it was then she realized this is how her husband, Roger, wanted her to celebrate Nude Day. She remembered now. Wishing it would land on Exhibitionism and voyeurism, wanting to expose her naked body for National Nude Day, when she spun the Nude Day wheel, the arrow landed on BDSM, but work and her job got in the way of their private, little celebration. She came home late, too late to play the game and she had no idea, he'd take their Nude Day event to the streets. Without doubt, this, by far, was the best Nude Day, the most sexually exciting sexual holiday she's ever had in her life.

"Hello," going along with the facade, she said as people walked by her staring. "Happy Nude Day," she said throwing her arms high in the air and twirling around to make sure that every passerby got a good look at her tits, ass, and pussy.

Then, when the police came to arrest her, she told them that she was kidnapped and dropped off here. At first they didn't believe her, but when they saw the video from the surveillance cameras of a car pushing her out the door and speeding away, they gave her some clothes and allowed her to go home.

"Happy Nude Day," said her husband, when Denise arrived home.

"Happy Nude Day," said Roger.

"You scared the shit out of me, but now that it's over, now that I exposed my naked body to thousands of people on Nude Day, I'm so sexually aroused that you need to tie me to the bed and have your wicked way with me. Yet, who were those people who grabbed me and stripped me naked. That was the mailman, Irene and Dave, and me, of course.

After celebrating the best Nude Day ever, hoping to spin the wheel on Group Sex, Loving Wives, or Toys and Masturbation, she couldn't wait to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 17th.


Please don't forget to vote, make a comment, and/or add me and this story to your favorite lists. Thank you for reading and voting for my story.

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