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Black Breeding Jocelyn


Jocelyn's hands shook as she wiggled her hips pulling the tight dress up past her narrow waist. She gave one last wiggle until she was able to lift the material of her new green dress up and over her shoulders.

She pulled and tucked at the thin material making minor adjustments here and there until the dress settled perfectly on her gorgeous figure. She stepped over in front of the mirror checking herself out. She gasped when she saw her reflection as she starred studying the way her new dress revealed her lovely breasts.

"Tom's not going to like this once he sees how much flesh I'm showing."

Jocelyn tugged on the material trying to cover up her large soft breasts but the dress formed perfectly they way it had originally settled. Jocelyn sighed than exhaled as she patted her flat tummy admiring how narrow the dress made her waist appear.

"I know one thing for sure. James is going to love this dress for sure!"

Jocelyn hurried into the bathroom knowing she was running late and began combing her long natural blonde hair. Once finished she began applying her makeup topping off with a nice deep shade of red lipstick and smacked her lips.

She quickly ran back into the bedroom and sat on the little stool next to the bed and put on her new heels. She twisted her foot as it slipped inside the little heel and closed the strap. Having both heels on she stood and walked in front of the full length mirror.

She was a knockout! Tom always introduced her as his trophy wife. Tom was very proud of his wife. At thirty six she still looked as hot as the day they met in college. She worked hard at keeping her lovely figure working out everyday at the gym.

That's how she met James. James was one of the instructors down at the gym. James is a big man. He's extremely muscular and strong. Jocelyn was intimidated by his appearance at first. She'd never been attracted to black men but found James to be rather handsome and.....well sexy.

James was a very pleasant man she soon found out working with him at the gym. He was everything her good friend Karen had said he was. James was like a big teddy bear Karen had told her.

Jocelyn froze where she stood in front of the mirror. She felt those butterflies in her tummy again as she thought about her plans for the evening. Karen had told her how she felt her first time and it was beginning to scare her to death. Maybe Tom would run in and tell her he changed his mind about all this.

Jocelyn heard the lock on the door click making her wake up out of her daze.

"Honey. We're going to be late. We told James we'd meet him at seven."

"OK darling. I'm just about ready."

Tom walked in stepping closer to his lovely wife. His eyes traveled from her spike heels up to her breasts. He just stood there with an open mouth not able to speak at first.

"My God! Honey. You look so gorgeous in that dress."

Jocelyn nervously smiled and looked at her husband. "You don't think it's a little too....Um.... Revealing?"

Tom was excited as he starred at his wife and gently took hold of her arm pulling him into his arms until they embraced. He starred directly into her eyes as he spoke.

"You look lovely. James is going to be thrilled when he sees you in this."

Jocelyn stretched up and slipped her arms around her husband's neck and starred back at him with her lovely green eyes.

"You know I love you very much darling."

Tom smiled. "I love you too baby."

She gave him a little peck on the lips on wanting to smear her recently applied lipstick.

"Jocelyn. We better get going before we're late."

She gave Tom one last hug before letting him go and turning to pick up her little purse. She opened the top drawer of their dresser and tucked a couple condoms into her purse.

Tom laughed. "What are those for baby?"

Jocelyn turned and smiled. "Just in case I change my mind."

Tom walked up to the front desk of the hotel and was talking to the clerk as Jocelyn waited nervously nearby. James had already checked into the hotel and was supposed to leave a key to the double suite at the desk.

Tom was showing his ID to the clerk now as Jocelyn looked around the beautiful lobby at the people coming and going. Jocelyn's heart dropped when she saw the clerk talking on the phone while holding Tom's ID.

He surly was speaking to James right at that moment. The clerk hung up the phone as he gave Tom his ID back and smiled at her husband as he pointed to the lounge. Tom motioned to Jocelyn to follow him into the lounge where they sat down on a comfortable looking sofa.

"The clerk said James would be right down to take us up."

Jocelyn smiled. "He couldn't just give you a key?"

Tom laughed. "They have certain rules here. James said he'd come down and get us."

A few moments went by until Jocelyn saw a large dark figure walking their way. It was James. Jocelyn smiled as he approached them. James walked directly toward Jocelyn and leaned over giving her a gentle kiss on her lips.

Jocelyn sensed his dark eyes focusing on her cleavage when he leaned over to give her that kiss. Whenever he saw her in the past was always at the gym wearing her jogging shorts and tee shirt and tennis shoes.

James looked over at Tom than shook his hand as Tom stood up. "Why don't we take your things up to your room and relax."

Tom smiled but caught what James said about his room. He seemed to want to get Tom out of the way immediately it looked like to him. James helped Jocelyn to her feet. James kept his eyes focused on those large bouncing breasts as they walked to the elevator.

James slid the card into the lock, opening the door. They stepped inside where James had everything prepared. Candle light lit the room. Wine glasses and a bucket of ice sat on a nearby table. The bed sheets were neatly turned down. There was only one king size bed in the room.

Tom sat the luggage on the floor as James took Jocelyn's hand and guided her to the table. He turned looking at Tom as he pointed to a door.

"Let's get you situated."

Tom waited as James opened a door. He'd booked adjoining rooms. Tom stepped in the other room where there was also a king size bed. To sat the luggage on the floor. James looked at the two bags and leaned over and touched one of the bags.

"Which one of these belongs to Jocelyn?"

"That's her bag on the left, James."

James picked up Jocelyn's bag and put his hand on the door knob.

"I think you'll be comfortable in here tonight." James than pointed toward the bathroom in his room. He hadn't noticed a light on in there when he walked into the room.

Before Tom had a chance to say anything, James had left shutting the door behind him. He heard the lock click and knew what that meant. Tom felt a little pissed. He didn't even get a chance to say anything to Jocelyn.

Tom heard a click. It was the light being shut off in the bathroom. Tom almost fell over when he saw a beautiful black woman dress in an adorable black baby doll.

She walked his way smiling and held out her hand to Tom. "Hello. You must be Tom? I'm Mimi."

Tom gulped. He didn't expect this. Mimi shook Tom's hand. She felt nice and warm and soft. Her bronze skin glowed in the dark room light. Tom couldn't help notice her large breasts tucked away under her shear teddy.

"Why don't you relax and make yourself a little more comfortable so we can get acquainted."

She turned and walked away toward the bed. Her gorgeous full hips swayed with each step she took. How was she? Why did James feel the need to set him up with another woman? Was Jocelyn in on this?

Mimi kicked of her sandals and leaned down and opened a small refrigerator and bought out a bottle of wine. Tom sat his bag on a luggage rack. He was determined to ask questions.

James & Jocelyn were seated on a loveseat sipping wine listening to soft romantic music James had playing. Jocelyn with her legs crossed holding a glass of wine while James sat with his arm around her shoulder.

Jocelyn was almost speechless since her arrival to the hotel. Her and James had spoke many times down at the club and during arrangements with him and Tom. Now that it was taking place she felt hesitant about going through with this.

James was very romantic. Lots of words were being exchanged now in almost a whisper. The music played as James finally broke the ice with a soft gentle kiss.

Jocelyn's whole body was trembling as James took the wine glass out of her hand and sat it on a nearby table. James adjusted himself in his seat so their bodies touched. James put his arm around her and kissed Jocelyn with more passion this time.

He took his time than parted her lips with his tongue. Jocelyn's body responded bringing one hand up to his face and gently stroking his cheek. She knew he'd be gentle with her. His free hand moved up to cup and massage one of her breasts through the thin material of her dress.

His thick finger rubbed against her nipple making it hard as stone while she squirmed in her seat. Jocelyn closed her eyes while responding to his kiss.

Tom wasn't sure how Mimi had talked him into getting in this position but he was now completely handcuffed and secured to all four corners of the bed.

Mimi was knelling down between Tom's legs now slowly working her dainty well manicured fingers along his cock shaft down to his tight ball sack.

He felt a little dizzy after helping Mimi drink those two bottles of wine. Even though he still had reserves, it was too late to change his mind now that he was securely pinned down to the bed.

Mimi stroked Tom's cock until it was rock solid hard. She smiled up at him while scooting her gorgeous bronze body down and blew on the head of his cock.

"Just lay back and close your eyes and enjoy yourself."

Those were the last words Mimi said as she lowered her hot mouth down on Tom's cock.

James was standing almost completely naked as he worked his large fingers under the thin material of Jocelyn's dress. His breath sounded labored as he gently moved the material off her shoulders one side at a time.

Jocelyn closed her eyes as she felt the cool rush of air on her breasts as James lowered the garment down to her waist.

She could tell that James was excited with passion. It didn't take long before the big black man lowered his lips to one of those nipples and started to suck. Jocelyn was breathing heavily now as James cupped that breast he was sucking on and nibbled on it's nipple. He began biting her flesh. She momentarily looked down at the way his teeth nipped at her skin knowing he would leave little marks.

Jocelyn still didn't try to stop him because it felt really good. Jocelyn tilted her head back feeling James working on her other nipple now. He had one large hand on her ass pulling her in close so he could devour her body.

Jocelyn's head was tiled way back until her eyes faced the ceiling. She let out a loud moan with the words, God yes under her breath. James knew at that point she was his.

Tom moaned as Mimi slowly lowered her body down onto his cock. She'd been teasing him for more than an hour. She finally gave him what she made him beg for during that time. She lowered herself down than wiggled her full ass from side to side until Tom let out another gasp.

Mimi leaned forward until her large full mounds lay across his face. He stuck out his tongue and slowly ran the tip around each nipple making her moan with delight.

His mind was lost in a heat of passion as she began by arching her back and slowly grinding her body down on his cock. Tom first had thoughts of that door opening at any minute.

He had wondered how Jocelyn would react if she saw what was taking place in here. He'd found out she knew nothing about this which had all been arranged by James. James wanted Jocelyn all to himself tonight. He certainly made sure there wasn't going to be any interference with a locked door and a husband who was secured tightly to a bed.

Mimi's pussy felt hot and tight. She seemed very talented as she expertly worked her pussy muscles on his cock. Tom could feel her tighten up and relax with each movement her body made. It was a wonderful feeling. He'd never fucked a black woman in his life let alone bareback.

Tom just wished he could impregnate this woman with his seed. It would at least be some sort of payback for what James was going to do with Jocelyn tonight. Tom closed his eyes preying for a miracle to happen. Mimi certainly knew the whole situation about tonight. She must be aware that he is impotent. She also must be aware that James has a duty of his own tonight. Tom wondered if Jocelyn was going through with it.

He remembered what she said when she tucked those packets of condoms in her purse. Just in case she changed her mind. God. What he wouldn't give to be able to get up and open that door and check to see what was going on at that moment.

Tom had visions in his mind of Jocelyn helping James slip on one of those condoms. He wondered if it had happened yet.

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