tagBDSMBlack Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 06

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 06

byPhoenix Arrow©

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!


The sound of the idle car echoed inside her head as Miss Simons stared out at the low-lit house in front of her. Standing on its front porch was the woman who had called her here. The woman that had brought the tired confused and defeated former high school cheerleading coach to the driveway of her hated rival. With a smile and a wave, the woman beckoned poor Miss Simons towards her. A sigh escaped her lips as Jessica turned off the ignition and took hold of the pompoms resting beside her.

Instantly as she stepped outside, the cool night air blew into her unbuttoned coat, passed her uselessly short skirt, and briskly over the damp pair of panties clinging between her legs. Simons was getting wet much too often these days. Quickly Jessica hugged the coat tighter to her body, and moved towards her fate.

"Well well well. Would ya look at you!", spoke one Mary Struat. Head Cheerleading coach of Saintsville High, and winner of last years county cheerleading championships. Mary had a smile from ear to ear as she gloated before the timid woman.

"Your wearing it aren't you? Show me, else you can just wait out here until the neighbors see you!"

With trembling fingers, Jessica parts the front of her coat to reveal her now infamous two-piece cheerleading outfit. A shriek of joy erupts from her rival, unable to believe it is all really true. Despite seeing the performance during the game, it was still a shock.

"Well don't just stand there, get in!"

With out a word Miss Simons marched into the house, at least great full to get some privacy. Mary closed the door and quickly approached the nerved woman, grabbing the heavy coat and pulling it right off before the former coach could react fast enough, causing the pompoms to fall to the floor. "Turn around!" Mary barked, causing Simons to blink several times blankly before turning slowly around. The latest female tormenter to enter her life watched eagerly.

"Tisk tisk tisk", taunted Mary, causing Miss Simons' face to flush even redder. When Miss Struat reached down to lift Simons' skirt, the former coach quickly darted backwards.

"Oh so now you try to be modest. You sure weren't being that out at the football game today."

"Please, what do you want from me?" Spoke Miss Simons for the first time, eager to get whatever Mary wanted over with as soon as possible.

But Miss Struat didn't respond. Instead she gave a wicked smile and moved past the over-aged cheerleader to a couch not too far away. Taking a seat, she stared for a moment at her trembling victim.

"I want you to cheer for me!"

"What? Are you crazy? I'm out of here!" Simons turned and went for the door...

"You walk out of here, and everybody will know what you've been up to. EVERYBODY!"

Simons paused. How could she have allowed herself to get into such a difficult position? Simons turned back around and stared daggers.

"You don't know anything. You've got no idea how or why I was out there today doing...that stuff..."

"Jessica your right! I simply can't fathom why you would be dressed in an ultra tiny uniform, doing jumps and cheers for the crowd with 'NO' panties! Let alone afterward wondering over to the far fences to let the boys touch your..."

"Stop it! Enough! Please, what to you want from me?"

"Tell me everything. I want to know what the fuck has happened to my biggest rival?"

Simons held her breath. She couldn't tell Mary everything. It was just too shameful. To humiliating. That a simple black girl had taken over her life and her squad. She could never tell, no matter what Mary threatened to do. Nothing was worse than telling her everything. With that, Simons slowly shook her head no.

A persistent glare formed onto Mary's face. Simons knew it meant Mary would not give up so easily.

"Jessica, today I came to your school's football game to see not you, or the football players, but your squad. To see what the city and county have been raving about all year long. What I saw was quite shocking to say the least. All those white girls and no panties. The scandal! DONT think I don't see what's going on here."

Simons felt her soul being ripped out of her. If Mary did know what was going on, her life would surely be over. Never mind she had lost her dignity and the control of her cheerleading squad. If Mary knew the truth, things would really get worse.

"I know the truth. It doesn't take a genius to see what you have been up to. There was once a time when hard work and dedication meant something to you. When putting up spectacular stunts and coordinated movements made your past squads the talk of the town. But that's not good enough anymore now is it?"

Simons shook her head in confusion, not sure where Mary was going with this.

"Your girls haven't got what it takes any more to beat mine. So instead you've sold them out and put them on display. In your eagerness to get the fans in the stands you've forced your girls to prance around with out panties, flashing their cunts to all. No wonder your squads become so popular. You've turned Dalefield High's cheerleading squad into a strip show!"

Miss Simons jaw dropped again. Miss Struat didn't know a thing. She actually thought Simons had done this all on purpose. That it was all her idea to send out the white girls in such a state, simply to make her squad more popular. As oddly as it was, Miss Simons hid a sigh of relief.

"And to think you could be a racist to! What, you don't think the boys want to see black girls on display as well? To see their little skirts fly into the air as they twirl?"

"No...I...uh..." Jessica was at an obvious loss for words.

"But after all that. After all the boldness of flashing off half your squad, it still wasn't enough was it? You still wanted to take it farther. You're so full of yourself that you actually believed that putting your fat ass into a uniform would seal the deal. That flashing your pussy and shaking those tits would make you queen on the county. Well congratulations Miss Simons of Dalefield High, you did it. Your squads the most popular. And now its time for a little payback."

Jessica swallowed hard. What was Mary going to do?

"Lift up that skirt!"

Jessica began to shake her head slowly no...

"I SAID DO IT....or I'll be placing a call to the city. By tomorrow morning, the great Miss Simons will be out of the job!"

Simons didn't know what else to do. Do nothing, and she'd loose what little satisfaction she had left in her life. Do what Mary told her to do, and she would be admitting what Mary had said was true. Either way she was fucked. So Jessica chose the lesser of the two.

With trembling hands and pompoms on the floor beside her, Simons reached down, grabbed the sides of her tiny skirt, and lifted.

"I'm afraid you're not in proper uniform Jess!" Simons looked at her rival in confusion. "I don't seem to remember panties being apart of the squads regulation equipment. OFF!"

With a new numb feeling covering her body, Simons reached under her cheerleading skirt and began to tug down the matching red panty bottoms. Simons simply couldn't believe the predicament she was in. Last year Jessica wanted to rip this woman's eyes out when she lost the trophy to her, the first time it had happened in five years. Yet now she was in her house, wearing a skimpy, humiliating cheerleading uniform and rolling her panties down her thighs. A perverse chill ran down her spine at the thought, while the cool room air again tickled her moist lips. Why was she always wet?

"That's more like it. Now you're a Dalefield cheerleader. Bring them over to me."

Begrudgingly Jessica walked to her rival sitting on the couch and handed her moist panties. Mary instantly took notice of their state. A pink hue covered Jessica's upper body at the knowing little smirk on Mary's face.

Setting the damp cloth onto the coffee table, Mary turned her attention back to her rival. "Now like before, lift up that skirt!"

Simons, now standing only a foot away from Mary, did as she was told. Trembling fingers and all, she slowly lifted up her skirt giving Mary a clear view between her legs. Miss Straut took a brief moment to view her victim's sex just long enough to confirm her rival's heightened sexual arousal, then looked back up to her face.

"Tell me Jess, does this turn you on? Holding your skirt up for me, as I chastise you about your coaching habits?"

...."Yes!" ....

That's of course what Miss Simons would have said if she weren't trying to hold on to every last bit of dignity she had left. Her moist pussy spoke the truth, despite the head-shaking no upon her neck. A year ago this situation would have made her literally drop dead. Now...things are different.

"I think your lying. I think this is turning you on. Does being under my thumb make those legs weak Miss Simons?" Again a weak, desperately negative nod.

Mary leaned forward and unceremoniously blew lightly at Miss Simon's pubic area. A heavy gasp escaping Jessica's lips as the fast wind tickled and cooled the wet skin of her labias.

"As I said, I see right through your little lies. I had no idea this kind of stuff turns you on. If I had, I would have invited you to my home a long time ago."

Simons said nothing, continuing to hold her skirt submissively up for her tormentor. There was a battle going on in her head. Confusion if you will. She new she should be screaming with anger. Cursing and spiting venom at the snug bitch holding all the cards. This is not why she had spent years striving for championship squads. She wanted to best her rival in everything. Not stand pathetically with her skirt up around her waist, moaning from an outrageous breath on her sex.

Then why was she so dame wet? This wasn't Trish telling her what to do. This wasn't Sasha forcing her to lick her tiny black pussy in the showers. This was Mary Struat, her sworn hated rival. Why was she so craving this moment? She wasn't even black. Its so...so...unnatural! Was she becoming a push over to everyone?

Mary leaned back against the couch satisfied she had increased Miss Simons bizarre state of arousal. "Ok Jess, time to show me all of what you've leered being a cute little cheerleader! Go get your pompoms girl!"

In almost a zombie like state, the former cheerleading coach lowered her head and marched over to collect her tools of the trade. She could feel her tormentor's eyes on her bottom as she bends over to get them. Not because Mary enjoyed the sight of her ass, but because she knew it would humiliate Miss Simons that much more. Ever since she began cheering for Trish, her body had become firmer and athletic, which was one of the few things Simons appreciated from this whole ordeal. Even so, she was not proud of the way she was displaying it right now.

With pompoms in hand Miss Simons stood before Mary dreading the spectacle she was going to make of herself in mere moments. For Mary's part, she was thoroughly enjoying this moment. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought she could trap Simons into such a position. To think Jessica Simons, at her mercy! Mary quite understood why there was a buzz in her own cunt.

Yet she still couldn't believe it. That her rival would stoop so low in trying to gain an edge. To not only shamefully expose her white cheerleaders to the leering crowds, but to expose herself as well. How stupid she must be to think she wouldn't get caught. It's a shame that Simons was such a racist. Mary wouldn't have minded seeing a little black pussy today. She had always had a small thing for dark skinned women, especially ones with attitudes. But never mind that now. It was time to make the bitch pay for her desperate stupidity.

And for the next hour, poor poor Miss Simons humiliated herself over and over with high kicks, jumps, splits, twirls and the like. A red glow of shame constantly covered her whole body as she was made to do the school cheers. Despite herself, the whole time she hardly ever took her eyes of Mary's face. With every flash of her pussy, and every shake of her breasts, she wallowed in the humorous smirk on her rivals face, craving each degrading moment more than the last. By the time Mary had seen enough, Jessica's inner thighs were completely covered in her juices and her hard nipples ached for attention.

As Mary rose to go get a small towel, Miss Simons worked her breasts back into the tiny top one last time, taking the opportunity to give each sensitive nipple a good pinch before Miss Struat returned. When she did return, Mary insisted on drying Simons herself. If it were possible, Jessica's face became even redder as Miss Struat slide the towel along her inner thighs, taking slow and deliberate liberties around the crest of her legs. Simons closed her eyes at that moment, not wanting Mary to see the whimpering look of submission in them. Yet Simons was truly mortified to find her hips slowly grinding back against the soft damp towel. Jessica knew that if Mary had chosen to leave her hand their, she would have been coming in no time.

Thankfully she did pull her hand away, rising back up to display the soaked fabric in front of her face. Jessica could smell the musk coming from it. Would her embarrassment ever end?

"It seems the towel is simply too wet to dry the rest of you. It looks like you'll be going home all sweaty and icky! Too bad there's no sexy black and white cheerleaders for you to shower with when you get back home !"

Miss Simons' eyes went wide. Miss Struat couldn't possibly know what went on in the showers could she?

With a pat on the butt, Mary led Jessica out the door with a regretful promise to visit again tomorrow night. Even without the threat of blackmail over her head, Simons probably would have showed up just the same.

The cool night air made her sweaty body shiver as she walked to her car, and by the time she had gotten into it, her pussy was already wet again. The last look Simons had of Mary was of her smug smile as she waved Simons off into the night. Jessica masturbated twice on the ride home and once more in the shower before she finally passed out on her mattress to dreams of black and white cheerleaders and vengeful domineering arch rivals.


"Ohhhh...twelve Miss Brandy..."

"Ahhhh...thirteen Miss Brandy..."

"uhhhh...fourteen Miss Brandy..."

"Owwweee...fifteen Miss Brandy..."

Miss Simons stood patiently outside Mrs Clark's classroom after school waiting for her fellow teacher's session with her student to be over with. These pussy spankings have been taking longer and longer as of late, seeing as Mrs Clark's pain tolerance has gradually increased. Even so that hadn't stopped Marsha from complaining to Jessica about it all. Confiding in her colleague that the pain and indignity were simply too much, and how she was dedicated to putting an end to it.

That was over a month ago, and despite all her convictions Mrs Clark was still standing naked in her own classroom open mouthed, eyes closed, legs spread, and hips up and out waiting for her worst student's black hand.

"Owe Owe owe...eighteen Miss Brandy..."

Miss Simons knew just how she felt. She had long since given up her attempts to assert herself before a black girl. There once was a time yes, that she would have put a bitchy black female in her place. But that was before she had met Trish who showed her the path to understanding, the path of natural dominance, and Mrs Clark had learned about it as well.

"Ohhhhh...twenty four Miss Brandy..."

"Ahhhhh ohhh...twenty five Miss Brandy..."

Jessica could hear the heavy strained breathing of her fellow teacher as the assault on her sex finally ended. A few moments later the obligatory palm licking began as Brandy made sure her pet teacher cleaned all the juices she left on it.

"Thank you Miss Brandy for putting me in my place!" A chill went down Miss Simons' spine as she heard that. She knew very well Brandy didn't ask Marsha to say that. It was all on her own.

"Your very welcome Mrs Clark. See you tomorrow slut!"

Brandy gave a girlish smile to Miss Simons as the young black girl walked out of the classroom and down the hall. Jessica turned and walked into the classroom, seeing with great dismay Mrs Clark still standing naked in position against the table, her eyes closed in an exhausted breathing state. Jessica wasn't sure if her fellow teacher had orgasmed or not, but the sight before her suggested she had. Simons still remembered the ultra high respect she once held for this stern and imposing woman.

Miss Simons cleared her throat, alerting the panting woman across from her to her presence. Marsha's eyes flew open in alert, but softened slightly when she saw who it was. Outside of Brandy and Trish, Jessica was still the only other person that knew of the shameful arrangement student and teacher had after school.

After a few more seconds, Marsha closed her spread legs and stood off the desk, her nipples still hard. With a pink hue of embarrassment on her cheeks, Mrs Clark began to quickly dress in silence. Jessica watching with patience.

Miss Simons was surprised however to see the skimpish under wear Marsha was putting on. Black thong panties and a black breast- enhancing bra. This undoubtedly was Brandy's doing. But the low cut blouse and terribly indecent short skirt that followed was nothing new to her eyes. For several weeks Brandy saw to it that she made her prim and proper teacher as uncomfortable as possible while teaching the class.

The boys of the class were in pure heaven watching the long legs strut around on high heels, and had no problem looking towards the front of the class at all moments when she was facing them. Those breasts threatened to spill out at any moment, and they wanted to be watching when they did.

Brandy for her sake got a kick out of watching her teacher get all the unwanted attention, knowing how much she hated it. But the royal treatment was making her teacher put up with all her crap in class. Unlike before when they would occasionally buck heads, with Marsha usually winning. Now Mrs Clark had no choice but to passively take all the little indignities her evil black student threw at her.

"Mrs Clark, can you move your big butt out of the way, you're blocking the black board and I can't see!" This was just one of the many rude comments Marsha would bow down to, scurrying off to the side and apologizing profusely to the giggles of the class.

The finally bit of self justice were the straight A's she and her black friends received, no matter how pathetic their efforts were in class. Of course, the white kids had no idea why their marks had slowly started going down. If they only knew that Brandy had Mrs Clark by the clit...literally.

"Is there something I can help you with Jessica?" Mrs Clark finally spoke as she finished buttoning her blouse.

"Yes well, we were supposed to meet later tonight to discuss the lesson plan for next month, but I'll be little...busy..." Flashes of pompoms filled her brain momentarily.

"Oh that's a shame. I was looking forward to getting together. But if you've got plans, then you've got plans."

"I was hoping we could instead do it...now?" Simons knew this was questionable. Its not easy sitting down and 'thinking' with your brain after you've just had your cunt spanked twenty five times. But now really was the only time she had free. Jessica saw the look on Marsha's face and felt she had to say something.

"I know it must hurt. If you really can't do it now I understand. Its just that..."

"I'll be fine Jess. Just give me a few minutes until it...cools down." Marsha was obviously uncomfortable with the discussion that her pussy was the cause of the delay.

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