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Black Snake In The Ass


Growing up in a small Southern town, the hottest topics Were politics, religion and hot sex but not necessarily in that order. My father, Dan Steele, was the local sheriff and biggest bigot in town. Southern towns had taboos about sex....fucking a "nigga" would mean social disgrace for any woman. A Southern man would guard his white pussy and ass like it was Fort Knox. My father was even stricter with me since my mother left us when I was 10. No man wanted to come near me to date me because they feared my father. I'd seen him destroy pastors, wealthy men and women when they crossed him. My future was to be gray , sexless spinsterhood forced on me by my father . I hated my father. I felt trapped in a sexless Life like a cornered coon surrounded by baying hounds.

I had to wear those god awful church lady dresses all the time except when I played tennis. I found a way of finding the shortest, tightest tennis outfits. My father's eyes glazed over when I wore them. My favorite outfit was low cut showing my generous breasts of 42 dd and I always wore black or red lacy panties that showed my pussy. The panties clung and mounded over my blonde pussy hairs. I was wearing it today. I needed to get out of the house, my father had just come home and the scent of the pastor's wife perfume clung to him . Everyone in town knew he made sexual conquests of pastor wives. I had a few half brothers and sisters who were being raised as the children of the pastor.

I walked to the rose garden on my way to the tennis court. Elias, our black gardner, was usually there. I came in part to see him without his shirt on and to his muscular body glistening with sweat. My father hated Elias for some reason. As I came up by the magnolia tree, I saw Elias had his black cock out, as he was finishing up pissing. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. I'd never seen a man's cock.

"Bet you never seen a huge black snake like this before," Elias said as he stepped out of his worn work pants," Come here, girl, it ain't going to bite you. Would you like to touch it?"

I found myself walking towards him. My body was flushed and warm. His long thick cock was nestled in dark black curly pubic hairs. I took it in my hands as I knelt in front of him. It felt hot to the touch. As I moved my hand up and down I felt the thick engorged veins that felt like ridges on his cock.

"now girl, let me see you're pretty blonde kitty and those nice big melons. I want to show you how black heat can melt white ice," He said as he pulled me up and started to undress me. He roughly pulled my tennis outfit off me. My breasts bounced out. The air made my nipples look like hardened pencil erasers. Elias let out a low whistle," No wonder your daddy keeps you away from men. Your body is made for men to get all hot and sexed up. " He ran his rough black hands over my breasts and nipples. I let out a small guttural moan of pleasure. As his hands went down to my panties and he took them off. He laid me back on the tarp he had had spread on the ground. He laid his sweaty black body on top of mine. He started to kiss me deep and hard. I found myself responding to him though I was hearing my father calling me a whore in my mind.

He started to kiss me down my neck and than he began to touch my breasts with his lips his tongue and his rough hands. His expert tongue flicked over my nipples before he started to suck on my nipples and breasts. I felt a heated tingling sensation in-between my legs as my body had its first orgasm. The tarp under me started to become wet with my cum.

"Elias, don't stop. Ohhh, ohhh," I moaned as he began to put love bites on my breasts," make into a whore for black snake. "

"Girl, you are your mama's daughter...she was a whore for black snake. Elias was her first black snake . She hooked up with a hung black male stripper . She now does porn with all the black snake she wants," He said as he kissed his way down to my pussy.

He started flick his tongue up and down my pussy. My legs shook as I came again and again as his tongue fucked my pussy hole. He than began to suck on my clit.... it drove me over the edge.

"Elias, ohhhh, ohhhh, I'm so hot," I moaned. "Beg Elias for his big black snake to go into pussy hole to find that fine cherry of yours," He said as he rubbed his cock head dripping with precum up and down my pussy lips.

"Put your black snake in me and let it have my cherry," I begged. Elias eased his huge black snake into my tight tiny pussy. It hurt at first because it was so big. He started slowly than he started going deeper and faster...I cried out in pain when he penetrated my hymen. Elias get going deeper and deeper into me...I felt like he owned every inch of my pussy. The wet sounds of sex, my moans filled my ears. I felt my cum cover his thick cock again and again.

"Your mama told me that your daddy had plans to make you his wife when you got old enough...he wanted to fill you with his cum and have his babies. That's why he don't let any man around you," he said as I felt his cock thicken and jerk as his cum filled my pussy.

"Your daddy won't touch you now that you had black snake," Elias said as he kissed the tears from my eyes. "How do you like black snake now, girl?"

"Elias, all I want is to feel black snake deep inside making me hot and wild," I said," Why did Daddy never go after you snaked mama?" Elias laughed a little and said," We're brothers. He can't go against his own blood...a flaw of the Southern white male. " He kissed me long and deep. "Turn over and get like a dog on all fours. This black snake needs some of that fine white ass . You sure are one tight holed whore...black snakes love that."

I felt his black snake dip into my pussy hole.

"Just getting some of our love juices to make me slip easier into your tiny ass hole," he said as he began to push his huge hard cock into me. I cried out in pain and tried to tighten up my ass cheeks. I felt smack, smack , smack on my ass.

"Whore , don't fight me. Push your ass into my snake. That's it ,whore. God, you one tight whore," he grunted in sexual pleasure. I felt blood trickle down my ass as he started to pound me harder and harder. He grabbed my dangling breasts and he began to pinch and pull on them until I cried out in pain and pleasure. I started to feel cum run down my legs as I heard his heavy balls slap up against my ass. My ass hurt from being stretched but I loved how his hot cock felt so heavy and thick in my ass.

"Whore, beg me to cum in your ass," Elias ordered.

"Elias cum in my ass," I begged," I need your black snake to cum in me,. I need it bad." Just as Elias was cumming in my ass, I saw my father walking into the garden. There was a look of such hatred and lust on his face. He said," Take that whore home with you tonight. Like her mother she loves black snake in her ass." I heard a sound of gunshot and learned my father had killed himself after he left us. He left a note about he couldn't get rid of all the black snakes in his life and his life had lost all meaning. Southern white folks thought it was an odd suicide note. Only the black snakes and me understood what he meant.

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