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Black Women and Me


It started when I was in junior high - my excitement whenever I saw a hot black woman. There was a Playboy special issue I somehow got my hands on, with cover to cover photos of girls from all around the country. While I loved all the Playmates, my attention drifted to a few - black girls. Playboy, then and now, specializes in white girls, so it was always a nice treat when they showed girls of color, whether they be black, Asian, hispanic, etc. The issue I had showed a beautiful black woman, sprawled on a bed with golden satin sheets. The contrast between her ebony skin and the golden satin was remarkable. The look on her face was pure lust and confidence. Her hair was an Afro cut, as this was probably the late 70s or so, and she awoke something in me.

I kept that issue for years, as any young man would do with his precious Playboys, and jacked off countless times to that particular ebony goddess. I was hooked. The sexy black girls I saw in that issue, and others, would be my little secret. I never imagined I would be with a black woman, being a dorky white teenager at the time, but I figured I could always jerk off to the beauties as I came across them in magazines (this, of course, was pre-video, and especially pre-DVD or online porn).

I would admire the black women I saw on the streets, riding buses, shopping, girls at school, etc. I used to get my hands on those erotic newspapers they sold at the corner stands, the ones with the prostitute ads in the back. It was another vehicle to see black women, only in those they put black lines, or circles over the women's breasts. Still, to see a sexy black girl's face, with pouting, full lips and pure sex in her eyes, drove me crazy. Besides, this was one step closer to reality. There were phone numbers for many of these girls. While I was too young, and too broke, to do anything about it, in theory I could call and arrange a meeting with one of these beauties. It occurred to me that perhaps the photos in the ads were fake, but I imagined there was SOME truth to the ads. If it said, for example, the girl was black, she certainly would be black. And if it said she had huge tits, she most likely did. So that information was enough to provide adequate fantasy material for my jerking off - having a very active imagination always has come in handy.

As I grew up I dated a variety of women, but sadly, none were black. I think the problem was access, as well as confidence. I just didn't run into that many black girls, and due to lack of experience and my own sexual interest in them, I would have no idea how to talk to them if I did meet one. So, as technology advanced, I would peruse porn and fall in love with various black porn stars I came across, first and foremost being Ebony Ayes, who I consider the absolute queen of porn, black or white.

Ebony, if you don't know her, you should, was a buxom, purely sexual porn star in the middle and late 80s. What I love about Ebony is how she's a true black woman. My interest in black women escalates the darker their skin is, generally, and more African-American they indeed look. Oh, there are beautiful black women who have long straight hair and light caramel skin, but they seem more Caucasian than black, and my interest, likely stemming from that beauty in Playboy lounging on the golden satin sheets, is more a pure black woman. I love the contrast of skin when a black beauty like Ebony would fuck a white guy. It looks right to me, and in line with my fantasies. So, I watched as many Ebony Ayes videos as I could find, and as the years progressed, DVDs, and thankfully the Internet, which makes everything easier.

There are other black porn beauties I love as well, two of whom are similar to Ebony, complete African-American goddesses, with dark skin, full bodies, curves, beautiful big tits and thick, sensual lips. These two are Vanessa Blue and Jada Fire. No one could mix them up with white girls, or even darker skin Hispanic girls. They are ebony goddesses, with round asses, thick waists, engorged tits and pure sex in their eyes. If you are a white guy with a black girl fantasy, these are the ladies for you. Plus, both specialize, Vanessa in particular, of doing interracial stuff, so imagining you're the white guy she's fucking silly is easy to do. I've spewed gallons of cum for Vanessa Blue and Jada Fire over the years, I'm not ashamed to say.

As the Internet and Internet dating became a great resource for all things sexual, I began chatting with black girls, sometimes exchanging photos and talking on the phone. Many black girls like white guys, which in my earlier adolescence, never occurred to me. People like people who look different than them, and why shouldn't it be exciting for a black girl to kiss or make love to a white guy, just the same as it is for a white guy to be with a black girl?

So over the years I chatted with real black girls and that became even more exciting, of course, than looking at pictures in magazines or newspapers, or even yanking to videos or streaming video. I met these girls on various online sites, from Craigslist to Yahoo to Match and beyond. I loved to look at the girls' photos, their beautiful skin, full bodies, curves. Oddly, with black women I don't care if they're a bit overweight. Sometimes I even prefer it. Goes back to all my fantasies, Ebony Ayes, Vanessa Blue, and others. If it's a white girl, or any other type, I have no interest in a girl who's a bit overweight. Black girls have naturally rounder, fuller bodies, bigger tits, curved hips, big asses, and it just drives me fucking crazy.

I began a friendship with a hot black girl named Michele. She was just like the girls I fantasized about. She had a shortish Afro style haircut, full lips, a sexy smile, great eyes, and huge tits and round ass. She was the proverbial brick shithouse come to life. Just reeking from sex. Not only that, like many people on the Internet, she was not shy. She was dirty in our emails and later phone conversations, and kept up with me with a very active imagination. We began sexting one another - her sending me cleavage shots she'd take in her bathroom mirror, and sometimes her panties, and me sending her my hard on. It was silly, and obviously leads to people getting in trouble, such as Anthony Weiner recently, but I wasn't a congressman and had nothing to lose. Plus, it was fun.

Michele sent me shots of her pussy too, which I kept in a folder on my computer with all her other photos, some just her smiling, etc. I had a small library of images to jack off to. Our conversations were funny, dirty, and we became good friends. Eventually we decided to meet. She always teased that I couldn't handle her, she was too much woman, etc. I tended to agree with her. What was I going to do when I finally got my hands on a sexy black woman? I might faint. Hahaha

We met at a restaurant for dinner and when she walked in, I was so turned on. Here was my fantasy come true. Michele, a sexy, well built black women, walked confidentally over to me, a smile on her face, wearing skin tight pants and high boots with heels. Her tits wanted to burst out of her lightweight print top and her hair was sexy, as were her full, red lipsticked lips. We hugged, and I could smell her perfume. She was wonderful, and laughed as I did as we finally were meeting after so many intimate conversations and exchanged naughty photos. God bless the Internet.

We ate dinner and talked, like any two normal people would on a date, which only seemed odd because I had already seen her tits and her hot chocolate pussy. She saw my fully erect cock and balls and we had already talked, many times, about fucking and sucking one another to climax. But here we sat, eating our dinner, sipping our drinks, in a crowded restaurant, as if all was normal. Oh - one thing I found funny. When I walked up to her outside the restaurant, she looked fucking hot, as I noted. She said she was glad I arrived, as she didn't want to be busted for solicitation. I found that comment hilarious, as she knew she looked like pure sex, and so would anyone noticing her standing there.

After dinner I suggested we go to my place, which was a few miles away, to watch some TV. She said sure. I brought her in, turned on the TV, and we sat on the couch, vaguely watching it. In moments, I was kissing her, her kissing me, and my hands roaming her body. We made out for a few minutes, our tongues entwined, and my mind racing. All those years of wanting a black girl, and it was finally happening. I could smell her, her beautiful scent, her perfume, taste her lipstick, feel her hot breath. Her massive tits pressed against me, and that ass grasped in my hand. If only those jeans were off!

She smiled, we both giggled, and she said we should go to my bedroom, which I agreed. She excused herself to go to the bathroom, and I went into my bedroom, lighting a couple candles, and setting the mood. I undressed, pulling back the sheets, and waited for my ebony queen to arrive. She came in, smiled sexily at me as I lay naked in bed. She began to undress, sitting on the edge of the bed to remove her boots. I kissed her ear and turned her head, putting my tongue in her mouth, as she moaned in pleasure. She quickly undressed, and I saw my black fantasy's well built body. Some white guys would say she was overweight, and perhaps she was a bit, but again, for a black girl, all those curves, the roundness of her ass and her huge tits, which were full DD cups, just made me lightheaded. She lifted the sheet and slid into bed with me, where our bodies met.

We lay side by side kissing and touching, as I felt her big tits and her round ass and just drank in the softness of her and kissed the entire time. She rubbed me, touching my ass and reaching between my legs to my hardened cock and ran her hands up and down it, moaning lightly with pleasure and then giggling hotly. We whispered how nice it was to finally be together, and how much we wanted one another for such a long time. My cock stood at full attention, and I just thought, "Don't lose it, buddy, don't cum too quick, not now." She slid down and put her hot mouth over my cock and began sucking. She licked up and down the shaft and kneaded by balls, stopping to look up at me with a sexy look that I could just make out in the flickering candlelight. Her thick, full lips wrapped around my cock and I moaned, my head going back in pure ecstasy. She asked me if I liked what she was doing, with a playful tone, and I said, "Fuck yeah." She laughed and continued, putting my balls into her mouth and driving me insane.

I knew I'd blow my load, so I told her now it was her turn, as I felt pre-cum oozing from the tip of my cock. I laid her back, my ebony princess, and laying there on my sheets, waiting, she looked exactly like my Playboy fantasy. Here I was years later, getting a chance to make love to a gorgeous African-American beauty in my own bed. I was indeed a lucky man.

I went between her legs and began kissing her hot pussy, which I had seen already in the photos, and my god was it beautiful. Mostly shaved, with just a little black curly hair at the top. I licked the hair, the lips, and focused on her sweet, taut little clit. I sucked on it gently, letting my tongue slide between her pussy lips, tasting her insides. Michele went nuts, gripping the sheets, moaning, saying, "Oh yes, yes, yes," and I continued. I love eating pussy, almost more than fucking, and I knew this was my opportunity to please my ebony love and turn the tables on her, making her the submissive one.

I licked her clit gently, sucking it in between my lips, and slid my tongue over her pussy lips, which were swollen now, and I felt her buck, tremble, and have an orgasm. I felt so happy knowing I could bring her to such pleasure, and I lightly kissed her pussy, as she breathed hard, panting, and giggling as her pussy was now so sensitive. I told her I could lick her pussy all night, and she laughed, she couldn't believe she was so lucky. She said usually guys don't know what the fuck to do down there, and praised me on my skill. I said I was happy to do it, and wanted to do it more. She said she wanted more, but first she wanted me inside of her.

I climbed on top of my sweet ebony beauty and stuck the tip of my cock into her very wet slit. She reached down, which I always like, and guided my erect shaft into her pussy. She said, "Oh my god," as she felt my hard cock fill her, and we moved together in rhythm as I pumped away in my lover's wet, hot pussy. We kissed, our tongues exploring one another's mouths, and fucked sweetly. She went to my ear, one of my erogenous zones, and breathed hotly into my ear, licking, sucking, and making my cock all that much more hard. She whispered, "Fuck me, baby, fuck your hot black lover," and I did just that. "Ooh, I love your cock, baby," she said. I exploded into her hot pussy, shooting all I had deep into her sweet hole. (we had already discussed birth control in our emails and phone conversations. She was on the pill, and we both trusted one another enough not to worry about STDs, which could be a risk, but we had gotten to know one another pretty well and it didn't seem a big concern)

Sweaty, we both lay next to one another, breathing hard, smiling, laughing a bit. In a short while, she worked my cock up again and climbed on top of me. Looking up, seeing a sexy black woman there with huge tits hanging down near my face, which of course I sucked, was too much. She slid my cock up into her and rode it confidentally, as we fucked into the night, and our fantasies complete.

I saw Michele several more times and we remained friends for a time. Eventually she started dating someone, but it was all right, as we had enjoyed our time. It opened the door to other black women, and I got to continue living out my fantasy, though Michele has been the only black woman I've fucked. I've made out with some, dated others, and had email back and forths on dating sites with many. Some day, I imagine, I will be with a black woman for good; it seems inevitable. I am attracted to all types of women, white, Asian, Hispanic, European... but black women are different, and it would seem always will be different to me. If my interest hasn't waned since first setting eyes on that curvy dark beauty in the pages of a special issue of Playboy so many years ago, I doubt it ever will.

I think that until you have a gorgeous black woman laying beside you in bed, and get to see her dark tits with those darker nipples and feel her curves and womanly attributes, you really haven't experienced sex. There's a reason early man carved sculptures of fertility figures with exaggerated round breasts and curved bodies and large hips. That's what we want, that's what is attractive and what we are programmed to desire. My desire is sexy black women; I just can't get enough. I love them so.

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