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Blind Man's Buff


After working up to it for several months, I finally invited Barbara out for dinner. She worked as a programmer in my office. I was a low level manager, but in a different group form Barbara. We had a good dinner, drank, flirted a little and then she said I should drop her off at her home. Despite her flirting she seemed quite proper and certainly not ready to move beyond a peck on the cheek for a first date. However, she said, "Why don't you come over tomorrow, I am having a pool party with a few friends".

I showed up around 2 pm the next day. I wore my Speedo shorts, while Barbara had on a surprisingly small bikini. She had a fabulous body, tight, pert breasts and narrow waist. Her friends were quite friendly and also had very nice bodies. Pam wore a one piece and Julie an attractive blue bikini. Pam was a senior manager in another group at work.

We did a certain amount of drinking and splashing in the pool. We were sitting around on comfortable deck chairs discussing politics. Pam was a conservative Republican; Julie seemed fairly conservative as well. Suddenly, Barbara announced that she was bored. "Lets play some party games!"

I went with the flow, Barbara announce that we would play a kind of modified Blind Man's Buff. Pam was "it". Barbara covered her eyes thoroughly with an airline eye mask.

"Pam! You have to use yours hands to identify each of us. You can touch anywhere below the neck."

I was first in line; it seemed like a very silly game. It would be hard to confuse me with the women. Pam inched forward towards me, as she could not see. I stood there, in front of the other women. I expected her to tickle my chest hair a little and then move on. Barbara stepped behind me, and in one motion pulled down my Speedos. I was stark naked, revealed by my own "girl friend", that I hardly knew. Barbara and Julie giggled.

Pam reached me and started feeling my chest. "Barbara, are you this hairy?" Her hands started moving lower; perhaps she thought she could tell from the swimsuit. She passed my navel, and gave it a friendly poke. She kept moving lower, blindfold, now using two hands to seek my bathing suit. When she hit my pubic hair she said "Oh My!"

Despite being a Republican, she kept going, exploring an unknown man's crotch right in front of her long time friends. She grabbed my prick with one hand and used her other to hold my balls. She started to work my unit, so it became hard almost immediately despite my standing naked in front of this clothed group of people I barely knew.

"This one is not Barbara or Julie, so it must be Peter!" I quickly pulled back on my Speedos. Barbara stepped forward and then Julie. Pam briefly caressed their bodies and accurately identified their names. She took off the mask and grinned at me. I was beginning to wonder if I was being setup.

Barbara, always in charge, said that now it was my turn to try to identify the girls. I warily put on the eye mask and some hands led me forward. I felt my pants being pulled down to my ankles again. Barbara's voice said, "You have to give, to receive."

"Will you keep them off for the rest of the day?" I did not fight it, I mumbled "Yes." I reached out at chest height. I felt smooth skin with my fingertips and moved closer. I found two wonderful mounds with exquisite nipples. While scientifically measuring the cup size with one hand I moved the other down over acres of flesh to reconnoiter the lower reaches. Yes, there was no cloth barrier. I found the forest unprotected and moved my army of fingers in to explore. I wished I could see! I had no idea how long this opportunity would continue.

"Barbara's voice came again, "That is enough feeling up, announce your choice." I gave a name at random, "Pam!" as the body moved back. Another body was thrust forward, this was one also had acres of flesh but distinctly was wearing a bikini. I did my best to get value and measure the mounds and stroked between the legs. But the body was quickly moved away. "Julie", I said.

The third felt very nice and responded positively to my touch and I could identify Barbara from her rather square bikini. She also quickly moved back.

I took off the mask. I became aware of my naked body and the promise to stay naked. My erection fell. Everybody else was clothed. Pam had already put her suit back on; her grin was even wider now. I felt quite defenseless.

"Now Peter, go and get us some drinks. Also bring the digital camera from the bedroom."

I returned with cold drinks on a tray, my penis still feeling ashamed to be seen by these women. Barbara took up the camera. She pointed it at my crotch.

"No! I said." Pam moved up and gently held my penis. "Do you really mean no?" she asked.

I fell silent as my cock grew. Barbara snapped several pictures. She managed to get a full naked picture of me without showing Pam's face.

Pam now took the lead. "Show us how you can shoot into this cup and we might show you more of what you like!"

In for a penny..., I stepped forward and took the cup and placed it on a table. I did my thing in front of these beautiful women, who seemed intent on humiliating me at every step. It was surprisingly hard, Pam helped. I did shoot into the cup. The camera silently captured every stage. This left me small and dejected, like a discarded toy.

Pam cheered me up. She stripped off her suit and eyed the others, who quickly followed.

We are all naked, in this very sexual situation, but I had no control.

The women gave me various mundane errands, such as fetching new drinks and moving chairs around. I had the honor of spreading sunscreen over every inch of each beautiful body.

Whenever my pecker rose to mild attention, Pam would grab it and roughly pull me to stand over one of the bathing beauties. To the giggles of the girls, she jacked me off to shoot over the women. There was a camera at every sordid step.

My servitude appeared to end as the sun fell. I dressed and went home. One Monday, Pam called me into her private office ......

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