Blue Bloods Pt. 01


Danny had Jamie drive seeing he had more wine at dinner than Jamie had with the pizza and beer. They arrived at Erin's townhouse and checked out around to make sure no one was lurking around and seeing no one, knocked on her door.

Erin opened the door and Danny immediately noticed Erin's attire, or should he had thought, lack of attire. She was bare footed and had on a very long, silvery-gray satin and silk blouse, and nothing more. It was easy to see she was naked beneath it. Her full, firm breasts pushed out against the tight material and her stiff nipples were poking out, greeting his gaze. She smiled when he looked up and saw that she caught his checking out her tits, "Thanks for getting her so quickly, did you see anything outside?"

Danny came in, followed by Jamie, "No, nothing, must be someone who had a beef with one of your cases. I'll contact the precinct and have them double their patrols of the area. Jamie and I'll look around and put up something to keep the elements out till you can get someone out to replace the window, luckily from what we could see outside, it was one of the small windows."

He entered the living room and stopped deep in his tracks when he saw Nicky sitting in one of the large, overstuffed chairs. She too was dressed in a long nightshirt. Hers was made of cotton and had a large "Hello Kitty" on the front of it. What made him stop and take notice, was she had her knees pulled up to her chin and he was staring at her upper thighs and could catch a slight glimpse of her tiny, but pretty pussy.

Jamie came in behind him and he too stopped and nearly stumbled over the coffee table when he saw Nicky sitting there.

Erin came into the room behind them and grabbing Danny by the arm; she led him over to the sofa, "Come on, take the load off Danny. Nicky and I were having a very intense mother/daughter discussion and both you and Jamie's names came up."

Nicky hopped to her feet and pulled Jamie over to the chair she was sitting on. She gently pushed him to sit and she sat down, across his thighs, right on his lap. She seductively ground her hips and tiny, tight ass against his belly and upper thighs.

Erin continued, "As you both probably heard by now, Nicky is dating one of your fellow officers and it's coming to the point now where she wants to take it to the next level. Her only problem is, she doesn't want to look like a child and make a fool of herself. She's done a lot of petting and even has had oral sex with a number of boys at the school, but now seeing she's in college, she doesn't want to blow the chance with Billy, she really likes him."

Danny looked to Nicky, "Oral sex; in a Catholic high school, are you kidding me?"

Nicky giggled, "Oh hell yeah Uncle Danny, it's out there everywhere. We've been doing it for a couple years now and we even had parties to see who can do it the fastest and the longest. It's a great way to escape full intercourse."

Jamie wiggled around beneath her, he could feel the blood rushing to his stiffening cock, I can't believe that Nicky. It hasn't been that long since I attended that school, we never had that. Anyways, what does any of this have to do with Danny and me?"

Erin broke in, "Well seeing her father isn't in the picture and the two of you are the closest things to a father for her, well we were wondering if you could demonstrate and even help show her what and how to do it without too much embarrassment."

Jamie tried to get up and struggle away, but Nicky held him down, "Please Jamie, I would really like to see exactly what to expect."

Danny looked to Erin, "What does this have to do with me?"

Erin scooted closer, "I thought, well, maybe you could show Nicky what happens, by, you know, well, to put it bluntly, fucking me!"

He sat back and took in his luscious sister, "You know Erin, when we were growing up, I used to peek in and watch you undress and play with yourself."

She chuckled, "I know, I knew you were there watching me, it made it even more exciting. Did you know, I just to sneak into the bathroom and watch you jack-off in the shower?"

He nodded, "Oh yeah, I saw you playing with yourself as I did it, it always made me get off even harder and faster."

Nicky cleared her throat, "You two are so nasty, why don't you stop talking and start showing me what you masturbated off too?" She wiggled her butt and could easily feel Jamie's cock pressing against her bare pussy, but still through his pants. She grabbed his hand and guided it to her bare, exposed thigh.

Erin leaned back against the back of the sofa. She rested her head on Danny's shoulder and tipping her head back, she offered up her lips to him.

He looked into her dark eyes and licked his parched lips, "Are you sure about this Erin? If we do this, there's no turning back. I'm not going to just want this once; I'll be back for more."

She smiled at him, her dark eyes twinkled with anticipation and she nodded, "That sounds more like an enticement than a question?" Her hand came up and pulled at his head and as their lips met, she let out a moan that was a long time coming. Their lips parted and the kiss grew more and more heated and her moans turned to groans as the kiss intensified. She pulled back slightly and bit her lower lip, "Mmmmm, that was even better than I ever imagined." She went back in for another, this time her tongue met his and their lips were barely touching, but their tongues were very active.

Jamie, across from them was getting turned on. It was like watching a porn movie, but in person. His hand that was resting on Nicky's slender, naked thigh began moving upward. He smiled as he felt them part willingly. He used his other hand and placing it on Nicky's chin; he turned her face to his. It didn't come easily, due to the fact she was intent on watching her mother and uncle making out.

Nicky relented and when she turned to Jamie, she smiled as his lips met hers. She let out a gasp and her lips parted when she felt his hand sliding up her thigh, came in contact with her already moist pussy.

Jamie could not believe this was happening, but after what Eddie and he were doing in Danny's living room and then having Linda sucking on his cock, he was so eager to fuck, his hormones took over and he moaned into Nicky's mouth when he found her wet slit. He found the thick fat lips and strumming his fingers up and down, he found them cling to his finger and as he pushed forward, he felt Nicky's tongue dance across his and her lips sucked furiously at his invading tongue.

Jamie broke the intense kiss and looked to the loud groaning across the room. He let out a groan when he saw his older sister; her head was in Danny's lap. His shirt was unbuttoned, his pants and shorts were down about his ankles and Erin was running her lips and active tongue up and down his huge, stiff shaft. He couldn't rip his eyes from the sight before him. He always had a thing about his gorgeous sister, but seeing her, nearly naked, sucking and licking on his brother's cock, he was beyond excited. He shoved the two fingers that were gently stroking Nicky's fat cuntlips, deep into her extremely tight hole.

Nicky let out a loud grunt and thrust her hips upward, meeting his invading fingers. She worked at the buttons on his shirt and getting them open, she began raining hot, wet kisses all over his chest and neck. Her hands continued to work on his clothes and now they were opening his pants and parting them, she reached in and closed her tiny hand around his thick shaft. Her eyes went wide, "Holy fuck Uncle Jamie, mom told me Danny was well endowed, but we never thought you were just as large as him." Her fingers tightened around his cock and she released it when she heard him let out a loud grunt.

Jamie chuckled, "No, don't let go, I love having my dick squeezed hard." He plunged in and out of her pussy; his fingers and wrist were now coated in her thick, vaginal cream.

Nicky squeezed him again, this time harder and tugged at the large nuts in his sack. She leaned over and let out a thick stream of saliva drip from her bee-stung lips. It was evident she did this before. She was dead on the mark, hitting the swollen, red head of his cock. She stroked her uncle faster, but stopped when she saw mother open wide and closed her blood red lip-glossed lips over Uncle Danny's cock.

Danny gathered up her mass of dark brown hair, He piled it high atop her head and began guiding her head up and down on his huge, stiff cock. With each downward trek, Erin swallowed more and more of his cock. He was amazed as she took nearly all of his fourteen inches down her throat. Of all of the blow-jobs he's enjoyed in his life, only Linda managed to take his entire length down her throat, and that was only after several years of trying and sheer determination to do this for him. It was a promise she made, after he treated her to a threesome and a DP that she always dreamed about.

Erin, being in the D.A. office, she had the pleasure of many long nights of strategizing over cases. She and a few of the large black attorneys had a number of hot fuck sessions where she honed her cock-sucking skills. Some were as large, even larger than Danny and she being so competitive, learned to swallow their entire length.

She timed her breathing and was now taking Danny's entire length down her long, slender throat. She tightened her muscles and squeezed his cock from within. She pulled off his cock and her thick; throat mucus coated his cock head and part of its length. She stood up on wobble legs and tossing her long wavy hair over her shoulders. She smiled wickedly at Danny and slowly began plucking away at the pearl buttons on her silky, satin blouse. Her B cup tits, with those incredibly stiff nipples pressing nicely against the soft material. Having it completely open, she shook her shoulders and the soft, silky blouse slid from her shoulders and down her arms. She caught them in her hands and used it as a swatch of material. She swept it back and forth behind her and teased him, wiggling her long, lithe body from side to side. She jumped aside and giggled when Danny reached out for her. She dropped the blouse and stood there naked before the three of them.

Jamie unable to sit still any longer; slid Nicky off his lap and onto her shaking legs. In one swift motion, he drew the tiny, tight nightshirt from Nicky's petite, plush body. He grabbed her by the waist and lifting her like a rag doll, planted her tiny bubble butt on the inside arm of the large over-stuffed chair they recently shared.

They both stopped and watched as Danny caught Erin and pulling her long, slender body to his, he guided her above him. He parted her legs and they went to either side of his and he gripped her incredibly tight ass. He guided her to his huge pole and slowly lowered her to it.

Danny was in heaven, he hands seemed to be everywhere at once. He slid them up her sides from her tiny hips. He squeezed her slim waist and one hand went up her sleek back, while the other hand went up to her pert, firm tits. He couldn't believe how high they stood upon her chest, her button sized aeroules and stiff, dark nipples were. He leaned forward and captured one and he sucked hard when Erin's hand came up and pulled his head harder against her aching tit.

Erin was still getting adjusted to his huge cock, her thick, rich cream was coating his cock and it made it easier for her to slip more of it into her tight pussy. She was now embedded all the way down and she sat there as the first tiny orgasm coursed through her sleek body. She rotated her hips, grinding her clit against his thick shaft. She enveloped him with her arms and continued to grind harder against his cock. Her mouth was wide open, gasping for air as she felt his cock pushing all of it out of her lungs. She stopped and twisted around when she heard Nicky let out a loud giggle and as they turned to moans and groans she watched her youngest brother eating away at her daughter's luscious pussy.

Nicky had one leg up on Jamie's shoulder, while the other one was slung over the arm of the chair. Her ass was pushed against the corner of chair. Nicky had her head thrown back, her hands were clutching at Jamie's head. Nicky's breath was coming in loud gasps as she started cumming. She pulled harder on the leg that was on Jamie's shoulder and tried to pull him harder against her body. All of a sudden she sucked in her breath and holding it, her entire body tensed up and releasing her breath, she screamed out on her first orgasm, not produced from her own fingers.

Danny looked over Erin's shoulder at his young niece shaking and bucking through her first orgasm. He turned back to Erin who was now concentrating on her own impending orgasm. The first one was tiny, but the promising tremors coursing through her made her start riding up and down on her brother's huge cock. She went into overdrive, she slammed down on his cock, her juices were squirting out, nowhere to go seeing he filled nearly her entire pussy. Her head whipped around, her hair covering her entire face, shoulders and half of her firm tits. She suddenly stopped moving; she leaned down and plastered her mouth to Danny's. She stabbed her tongue into his mouth and just as quick, she sucked hard on his. She ground her lips to his and groaned out, "Oh my God Danny, I can't remember having an orgasm that intense before and I can't wait for the next one." She pulled back from him and slowly rose. She let out a groan as she slipped off his cock. Her pussy made a slurping sound and a trail of her thick, rich cream ran down her thigh. She reached out and grabbed him by the hand, "Come on big brother, let's take this to the bedroom. I want to see just how good you can fuck me. I want you to fuck me so hard, you make my toes curl!" She turned to Nicky, "Well, did you see enough, do you think you can do it now, or would you like to come and watch your uncle fuck the living hell out of me?" She smiled and turned, she wasn't going to wait for a response, she knew the answer already.

Jamie watched his older sister walk away, he knew he'd have to return sometime soon to tap that, just like Danny was about to do. He turned his attention to his young niece. He stood up and moved across to the large sofa. Drawing the blanket down from the back of the sofa, he placed it on the cushions of the couch. He quickly ran to the bathroom and came out with a large bath towel. He placed it on the blanket. All along, Nicky was sitting there; she was still in a stupor, coming down from the intense cunt-lapping her uncle had given her. He reached out and drew her to her feet; her legs nearly gave out, still weak from the orgasm. Jamie lifted her, walked over to the sofa and planted her on her back, making sure the towel was under her. He knew he was going to break her cherry and didn't want a mess all over the sofa. He rose up and stared down at the relaxed and sedated teenager. He took in her petite form; her brown hair was finally growing out. After years of looking like a boy, seeing her this way, naked and waiting for him, changed everything he ever thought about her, her trim legs and narrow hips, her bare pussy and tiny waist. He looked higher and her breasts were smaller than Erin's, a small B or a large A cup, the nipples were just that, two plump, stiff buds, no aeroules around them whatsoever. He looked higher and broke out on a smile.

Nicky stared up at him with those dark brown eyes. Her fingertip was running along her plump, lower lip. She sucked on it and heard her whisper out, "Are you having second thoughts Uncle Jamie, you better not. You got me so excited, my little cunny is on fire, you have to put it out. I can't wait for you to take my virginity. You don't have to worry about birth control. Mom put me on the pill nearly two years ago, it helps regulate my cycles. Please stop staring; you're making me feel self-conscience. Please come down here and take me, I can't wait any longer." A smile crossed her lips when she saw him step forward and crawl up onto the sofa, between her outstretched legs.

At the Reagan house, Linda retied her wrap-around dress to answer the knock on the door. Eddie, half naked from making out with Linda, jumped up, "I'll wait in the bathroom...where is the bathroom?"

Linda laughed out loud, "Down the hall, second door on your left." She opened the door and there stood Danny's partner, Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) immediately Linda could tell she had been crying, "What's the matter Maria, come on in, come, come sit down."

"I'm sorry Linda, I didn't know where else to go. I thought I could talk with Danny, he always has good advice for me."

"I'm sorry Maria, Danny and his brother went over to Erin's place, something about some vandalism. He should be back soon; would you like a drink, maybe some wine, or something stronger? What happened, maybe I can help?"

"Sure, some wine maybe. I told Danny a couple weeks ago I was a big girl and could handle this, but turns out, I can't. My ex-husband and I were sort of hitting off again. We got rather close; to the point of maybe reconciling might be in our future. I headed over to his place to surprise him. I took a nice long bath, put on some sexy underwear, but when I got there, I found him with an old flame. He said it was nothing, but I could tell it was. She had her clothes all rumpled and his hair was a mess, it's never a mess. The cheating bastard, all he wanted was a good piece of ass."

All of a sudden she broke down and Linda put her wine glass on the coffee table and Maria fell into her arms and began sobbing. Her tears stained Linda's bodice and Linda, after being excited first by Danny, then by Jamie and lastly by Eddie, their make-out session was getting a little steamy. Now having this chestnut brown haired beauty, pressed against her full, excited tits, bare now under the thin material of her dress, she wiggled as she felt the increasing itch between her legs.

Maria rose up and wiped the tears from her eyes, "I'm sorry Linda, some big tough NYPD detective huh? Crying over a prick I knew wasn't going to end well in the long run. Please forgive me."

Linda tried to console her, but it was difficult. She cupped Maria's tear stain face, using her thumbs; she swept away the tears and stared into Maria's dark pools, her eyes. She took in her entire face. She could tell she was out on the prowl. She never saw Maria before with her hair down. It was now and her long chestnut brown locks were cascades of waves, thick waves down past her large breasts, contained in a very tight white blouse. She caught a glimpse of black and red lace containing those large pillow-like breasts. Her eye make-up was a mess, but her full lips were painted with a bright red lipstick, very alluring. Sitting before her, her black, pencil skirt had ridden up her gorgeous legs, showing Linda her thighs halfway up to her pussy. "Don't you worry Maria, I don't know how long Danny will be gone, but you can stay as long as you like, we can have a girl's night in, I have endless wine and the boys are at a friend's house for the evening."

Maria leaned in for a hug and when she went to kiss Linda on the cheek, Linda turned her head and their lips met. She was shocked at first and went to pull away, but Linda held her tight and soon, their lips were together again and as the kiss grew, her lips parted to accept Linda's tongue. She groaned into her mouth and pulling away, she hopped up, "May I use your restroom, I must look like hell, my eye make-up running and tears staining my face. Don't get-up, I know where it is." She was up and gone before Linda could stop her. She opened the closed door and stopped dead in her tracks. Sitting on the bathroom vanity was a half-naked Eddie, dressed in only a bra and panties, Maria was stunned, she turned and ran out.

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