tagMind ControlBobcat's in Heaven Ch. 02

Bobcat's in Heaven Ch. 02


After my mind and body expanding Friday night I was happy that all seemed to have gone back to normal with Margot and Betty. The only change was that they were friendlier to me and, somehow, I felt their respect, which I hadn't previously. Before I made any plans for the coming Friday I knew I had to be clear of the risks I was taking. I took and copied pictures and films from the drawer that they would never be able to explain should things get nasty and posted them to a safe place away from the college.

Once I'd done that I let myself think about what had happened and how I should now behave. A part of me said it was wrong but that was a very squeaky little voice. I had had the best sexual experiences of my life and many more could be waiting for me and that was in a very big voice. I loved having two women at once round my dick. And the memory of sliding into Margot's throat made me hard so fast that I had to be careful where I was when I let myself remember it. Betty's need for a hard fast fuck got me excited and I enjoyed the feeling of teasing and punishing them by slowing down or withdrawing. It was like I'd just discovered sex. I had to make sure I could fake drinking Betty's Buzz. And I had to make sure I got everything I wanted.

I knocked on their door that Friday evening confidently and eagerly with a big smile on my face. They both opened the door and they were both dressed in a way I'd never seen before, smart and very sexy. I reacted and said "You ladies are looking very special tonight". They both smiled and Betty even blushed a little when my eyes glanced over her body.

We got through our meeting very quickly and then came "we deserve a cocktail". When I'd taken the pictures and films from the drawer I'd also checked out the 'cocktail' bottles and seen that there was a dropper bottle that Betty used to spike my drink. I looked around the room to find the places I could get rid of my drink without being seen and, as well as the houseplants, there was a small sink by their drinks bar. I was prepared.

When I was handed my Margot's Marvel I felt a significant stirring between my legs before I'd even drunk it! I was getting so excited and looking at these two women made me even hornier. I realised how much I desired them and how much I liked them just because of what had happened the previous week when they thought I was almost unconscious. And, the best bit, they had now dressed up in this very sexy way, especially for me. And I was rising for them. It made me start to salivate a little which gave me an idea.

When I was handed my spiked drink and the three of us stood with glasses upraised, I raised my other hand as if to make a toast and said "I have never seen you looking so beautiful and ... I don't know where you're going tonight ... but" and then I hesitated as if getting embarrassed and slurring my words and, as they laughed, I gestured for them to excuse me a second, went to the sink in full view, splashed a little water on my lips, pulled myself together, came back with full glass upraised and said "... but hope you have a really good night" and drank it down at the same time as they did. Margot said "We will Bobcat, we will". They motioned me to a seat and ignored me.

With the tap running and the glass temporarily out of sight in the sink, it had been easy to empty it and refill with water as I splashed my lips. Now I was safe to let the zombie face gradually appear. But, it was all feeling such fun and I knew they were both hoping for some further 'developments' in my sexuality. I thought I'd start early and so after a few minutes, when my smile felt sickly enough, I stood up and pulled off my vest over my head.

Betty came up and said "Bobcat?" I smiled and squeezed my chest, then took her hand and put it on me. She stroked my chest and started to smile. I put my fingers gently onto her neck and let them run down to her breast where it met her dress. I pushed my fingers under her dress and gently circled her nipple. She gasped and called to Margot in a faltering voice. Margot also said "Bobcat?"

I moved away a little and could see myself in the mirror where the camera had been placed last week and slowly took off all my clothes. The way they looked at me made me feel like a film star. I stroked myself everywhere. My dick was hard like ebony and my body glowed with a gentle shine. I put both my arms towards my audience and beckoned them to me. I'd already noticed that Margot had no underwear. She was wearing a thin dress, high-necked at the front but plunging very deep at the back. They both looked surprised as well as excited and Margot stood on my left and Betty on my right. My left hand stroked the back of Margot's neck and then traced down the centre of her back, over and between her buttocks and, because she was short, my fingers could go between her legs, spread her vaginal lips and rest upon her taut clitoris. She leant her body against mine.

My right hand pulled Betty's zip down and her black dress dropped to the floor to reveal her beautiful firm white body. My right hand round the back of her neck pulled her lips and body to mine and then ran down her back and over her right breast. It is an image that remains burned on my mind. Both of them put one hand on my balls or dick and clung onto each other with their other hand. I then deliberately froze, became zombie and said "Stop Bobcat!" and sat down.

They were both shocked and puzzled. They spoke to me but I didn't respond and then they talked together about what could be happening. I was glad to hear that there was concern for whether I was OK; that hadn't been around last week. I thought I'd given it a good beginning and so now it was up to them and I still had my list of wants. Betty put her dress back on. I think because she felt awkward with Margot still dressed. It was good to see them when they didn't totally control the situation. They set up the tripods and cameras, checking on me every ten seconds and then they came and sat beside me.

They started touching me all over and talking as they did it. I remembered how excited I'd got last week when they did that and they obviously remembered too. Such big muscles... smooth lovely skin ... let me suck your sensitive nipples ... touch your beautiful balls ... your stomach ... your back... legs ...arms ... shoulders... bite your fingers ... lick your neck.

It went on and on and then they started kissing and touching each other and pressing their bodies up against me. They started talking about what they were going to do to me and I think they were using my reactions to know what I wanted. When Margot said how good it was to have me deep in her throat and to wonder if she could get my balls in her mouth as well, I must have lit up like jackpot time. I kept being near to coming but managed to stop myself. They weren't mentioning to me about not coming like the previous week.

Margot, still with her dress on, sat on my chest and looked down into my eyes.

"Bobcat, you're a very sexy man and we want to give you everything you want and take pleasure from it. We don't know how much you understand but here's a plan. I want you to make me come with your mouth and tongue but NOT come yourself. Betty wants you to fuck her like you fucked me in the shower and come yourself. I want to take all of you into my throat and make you come. Is that OK with you?

I was getting respect! Not orders, requests! I wanted to shout yes, yes, yes but thought that might be a giveaway. I made sure I had my zombie smile and said "Want".

She pulled the dress over her head, kissed me hard and passionate on the lips and moved her hips forward until I could feel her lips with my tongue. I love licking and sucking women but I've never had a guide like Margot. She'd let me know what was good and how I could make it better. She introduced me to all the variations of her beautiful button, her inner and outer lips and whenever she spoke, Betty took the same action with my balls and dick. Then Margot stopped speaking, she was moving into a very special place and Betty started changing what she was doing to me. She would bite or suck or squeeze suddenly and I would do the same to Margot. It certainly worked and as I felt myself move to that point where there is no alternative but orgasm, I felt Betty tap the end of my dick with two fingers to remind me of our deal. Margot bucked and rocked and screamed and ground her beautiful cunt right into my face. She was wet, she was throbbing and she beat my chest with her hands as she regained her body control. I had never seen anything like it before but I knew I was going to be looking for it many times again. I was moved and almost felt like I had come at the same time. But I was reminded that I hadn't by Betty slapping, pulling and pinching my hard heavy dick.

As I turned towards her, wondering whether I had to maintain the zombie face any more, she was eager to communicate with me in the way that Margot had.

"Bobcat, Margot told me you fucked her in the shower and that she couldn't get off you because you stayed hard. That's what I want. A hard fucking. Now."

For some reason, that inflamed me. Last week I would have started the grandfather clock, but not now. It was what I wanted. I picked her up and put her on the table, spread her legs and buried my face, still wet with Margot's juices, and forced my tongue and lips wherever they'd go. I noticed that whenever I squeezed her hard she squirmed with pleasure and so experimented to find the level of pain she liked. That was exciting for me. I'm always frightened of hurting people and now realised that hurting them was also exciting for me. I got her to pinch me and bite more than I'd had before. I was soon on fire and picked her up by her armpits and held her against the wall, I was alight. I noticed we were out of mirror and camera shot and gestured to Margot who immediately understood and adjusted both mirror and camera. Suddenly Betty could see herself in the mirror and how I was holding her just above my shiny hardness. It excited me too. I slowly lowered her and moved towards her until I was lodged in position. I got her to take her own weight by putting her hands on my shoulders and then stepped back from the wall. I then told her that she could only let go of her weight when she wanted me to be gentler and placed a light slap across her beautiful arse. It was the most non-zombie statement I could have ever made but Betty laughed. I slapped her harder and pushed against her too and noticed that Margot zoomed in the camera. I slapped Betty again and squeezed her neck because she had done that to me a lot and I sensed that it excited her a lot.

She pushed her breasts towards me and showed me with a growl what she wanted. I squeezed her nipples hard and she let go and dropped onto me with a loud animal shout. I don't really remember what happened but we fucked on every surface at every angle and we both made a lot of noise. When she came she let go of me and threw herself backwards against the wall and writhed and jerked like a marionette. We were standing up and her movements and my legs feel weak and I told her I was about to come, She said 'let me see' and I lifted her off me and placed my dick between her soft white breasts and, after three or four thrusts towards her watching eyes, I erupted and covered her with my strings of liquid lust.

I then plunged back deep into her, put her arms around my neck and watched as she rode my spent dick like it was a wild stallion. There was the sound of applause from a recovering Margot and then she said to Betty "I wanna see how you climb off".

I started to get into the fun of this but realised that I had probably destroyed this whole charade by being so non-zombie. Betty had her hard fuck; Margot had her lick and suck so zombie was due for his dick getting stuck. I lifted Betty off and she collapsed on top of Margot. The only problem was that, though still rock hard through drugs or extreme lust, I didn't care which, but now I wasn't wanting to be deep in Margot's throat, even though it was all I'd thought about all week. I think it was because of them trying to drug me and control me. I loved it and I hated it.

Margot must have sensed some of this from my face. She got a lot of cushions together and a few light sheets and made a nest for the three of us. I was in the middle and they were each side and snuggled up. I felt like a kid and it made my eyes moist. Betty was rubbing my heavy load of sperm all over her and Margot started talking.

"Bobcat, not only are you a very sexy man, but we also like you and respect your attitudes and manners. We don't know how much you understand of what we say because of the cocktail we gave you. We're sorry about that, it is selfish but we thought it would do no harm. We will change things and you will get your desire soon."

And then they both put their arms round me and kissed me and stroked me. I was so touched but feared that this was the final time the three of us would be like this. Betty then spoke.

"Bobcat. I wish you could hear me and remember my words. You realised lots of things about me and what I like around sex. That's without me saying anything to you. That's really special and we should find ways to make it carry on. You're the sexiest person I've met since Margot."

I wanted to say...and me, and me! She wants it to carry on! I mustn't act too quickly. I was lucky to have had these two. And as I thought that they both moved up closer and started touching me everywhere. Everywhere.

"I like these muscles here ... so do I ... I like it when I hold one of his balls like this ... and I hold the other one like this ... I always think I can't get his dick into my mouth and then ... same with me, then I can .. I like his tongue on me... and his lips... and that feeling when he enters you... and the look in his eyes when he comes... and it goes everywhere

I was so hard again and felt so safe and respected by these two wonderful personal druggers of me. I somehow knew that it would be hard to stop us building on what was happening but I knew that I'd not betray it.

"I get excited about him being in my throat ... I wish I could do that to him, will you teach me?.. Of course."

I'd like to write that I then got what I'd been promised, deep into Margot's throat but I didn't, because I didn't want it now. Another day. I felt loved, respected and desired. They just kept touching me, kissing me, we even laughed together and they didn't stare at me to check I was OK. I felt safer than I'd ever felt in my life. I tried to stop myself coming because I knew it would probably stop then but, I was so relaxed it was hard. When they heard my breathing change they put their mouths either side of the shiny swollen head of my dick, went slowly up and down, kissing each other as they reached the top and stroking and squeezing my balls in unison.

I erupted with a loud long moan but I was dry and empty. But, to me, it felt like I shot high into the air and into their faces and mouths and up their noses. They laughed and groaned and we all slowly collapsed and stayed in that same position. After fifteen minutes Margot said "time for bed Bobcat, we'll both help you get ready."

And that's how it happened, we all walked down the corridor together holding on to each other, we all washed in the shower and they dried me and tucked me up in bed. And my dick was beautifully warm and soft. I felt totally and utterly satisfied.

I hardly noticed Margot saying "Most of the girls go home next weekend so we can give Bobcat a special treat". I knew that a lot had changed and they had sensed that I'd left zombie behind and looked forward to the next Friday. I did not in any way imagine the shock I was going to get when I saw who else was there!

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