Bodacious - A New Year's Story

byThe Fantasizer©

The anxiety of the past week had seemed to fade in this phone call. I knew that Linda really enjoyed her career. I had invaded multiple facets of her life when our encounter had taken place. It was a way to break the ice between us to have placed this order. I had a sense of relief after I hung up the phone. If I got that order, I could use it. If not, I'd still be hearing from her again. It was a win-win.

It was about an hour later when I heard back from Linda, she let me know, "I've got your order Bob, I can bring it by at 5pm."

"Thanks a million Linda. I appreciate this a lot," I was sort of lying when I further told her, "You are saving the day here with my specials for tomorrow night."

"No problem. I'll see you at 5pm... gotta run." she hung up and I was happy and excited the rest of the afternoon. I knew why she wanted to bring the order at 5pm. She would know that I needed to get ready for dinner service and there would be plenty of people hanging around at the restaurant. There would be no restaurant to ourselves that led to what happened the week prior.

It was about 10 after 5 when Linda arrived. My goods were in the trunk of her car and I walked out to get them. There, I was alone with Linda. She was wearing normal every day work clothes - a blouse and pantsuit. She still looked very pretty to me, but not stunning as she was the day of our encounter.

She carried a couple of the smaller boxes and I carried the big ones from her car to our kitchen cooler. I thanked her again as I placed them in the cooler, she smiled again, "Well, I've gotta get home and feed the boys."

She headed out and I casually followed. When we had made it out the back door to the parking lot I felt confident, "Hope to see you tomorrow night."

"You sure are persistent," she continued to smile almost like a beauty queen. "We'll be here. Charles is really excited about it. He's been talking about it all week."

"I hope you don't mind, but I put your reservation down for 8pm," I let her know that I had taken care of everything.

"OK, we will be here." she smiled.

I nodded. While wanting more, I knew I needed to control my glee and I certainly couldn't do anything physical, "I'll see you tomorrow night."

She nodded back and got into her car as I headed back into the building. We had been busy all week long and this night was no exception. Dinner service flew by and I headed home as soon as I could.

As soon as I was home, I took a bath to relax and was in bed not long after midnight. I awoke the next morning at 8am, shaved, and got in the shower, more to wake up than anything. I made sure that I was clean and presentable for the day by putting on a little cologne and wearing my best chef's wear. I grabbed some coffee and headed into work at 9am.

The day, as usual was like a whirlwind. I had my co-workers handle lunch while I worked my ass off preparing for that night. The first guests, for evening service would be arriving at 5pm. The way that we had arranged service was to turn the tables over at least twice, which would help serve double our capacity. We could seat a little over 100 people in the restaurant at a time, if we packed everyone in.

I didn't have time to worry about much of anything other than doing my job and that made the hours fly by. Before I knew it we were past lunch and headed into the early evening hours. I had proactively written Linda's reservation into the book earlier into the week and I made sure to tell Toni, our front of the house manager, about the reservation and to make sure to specially accommodate Linda as a VIP customer.

Under the guise that "Linda is our best Food Rep and Mom and I want to make sure she is taken care of." I let Toni know, "She's the reason why we can pull this evening off."... "If her husband wants a cocktail make sure you get it for him. Everything is on the house... Ohh, I also want you to provide them a bottle of the Zinfandel I like, when they are seated. I told Linda about it the other day." With a nod of understanding I headed back to my duties to get ready for the night.

I kept looking at the clock and watching the time tick down. My mother was going to oversee everything between the kitchen and the dining area. It was her restaurant; she knew what she wanted, and what needed to be done to pull dinner off without a hitch. When Mom needed to help out front, she did, and when she needed to help in the kitchen, she did. She had trained me well for my position and she knew it, so she trusted me to take care of the kitchen. It was my kitchen, but it was her restaurant and her reputation as a business owner, and she was never afraid to let me know that, if I got out of line.

I had done several of these New Year's Eve services before, and this one was no different, but it is always crazy when you are in the middle of it. I didn't have any time in the whirlwind of activity to think about anything other than cooking and coordinating to get the food out of the kitchen. Our activity never slowed down, but around 8:30pm I needed to go take a bathroom break. I excused myself and headed out front to the entrance.

Toni was busy getting the guests to their seats and had come back to the host station. "Toni, did Linda make it," I asked.

"Yeah Bob," she nodded, "just seated them a few minutes ago. We're running a little behind. I put them over in the corner in the Gold Room."

"That's great. Y'all are doing great." I wanted to make sure to keep up her morale, because we were swamped with customers and activity.

I headed by the Gold Room, where I went in and saw Linda and Charles at the table for two. My attention was on Linda. My god she was a sight and it sent shivers down my spine. She was wearing a shimmering black cocktail dress. I couldn't get a complete look at it, because she was sitting, but she had the same make-up on she had that day. I was entranced and practically speechless as I waved and approached the table.

Charles stood up to shake my hand, while Linda remained seated, "Hello Bob," Charles bellowed as he reached to shake my hand. Linda looked at me with a glance of notice and as if embarrassed, before looking away.

"Hey Charles, I hope they are taking care of you," I replied back emphatically, noticing what looked like a tumbler of some kind of whiskey at his place setting. It looked like Linda was enjoying a bottle of our wine.

"Yessir, they are... y'all sure are busy," he acknowledged.

"Yessir," I replied, "I need to get back to the kitchen, but it's this way every New Year's... I've been doing this since I was a kid. My mother is responsible for all of this."

Linda smiled, and surprised me saying, "You do your part."

"Thank You," We caught one another's eyes and I beamed and nodded to her in appreciation of what she had said, "Well, let me get back to the kitchen and get this finished up." I turned my attention to Charles, "I'm sorry we're running behind on service." I looked side-to-side at both of them, "Don't y'all run off. The party's just getting started. I'd like to have a drink with you when we're through."

"OK. I'd like that," Charles confirmed, while Linda seemed to blush. I headed back to the kitchen to insert myself back into the production line. I felt re-energized after my little break and once again the time flew by. I felt a sense of purpose in all of this activity. There was just something that felt special about this evening.


Not long after 10pm, we had finished in the kitchen. I had worked hard to concentrate all night long, and it was tough, but we had made it through. We had served well over 200 people on this night and that is a lot for a small bistro style restaurant like ours. Even though the twelve hours were at a hectic pace, I still sound myself energized. I excused myself to go and see Linda. Let's be honest, I wasn't going to drink with Charles. I couldn't get my mind off of Linda.

I went and grabbed another bottle of our wine, as I viewed it to be. I had to stop and converse in a nonchalant manner with some of the patrons along the way, but in my mind I wanted to make a B-Line to the Lovely Linda. I wondered, as I spoke to the others, if they could tell that my mind was somewhere else. It had been since that day Mrs. Lovely and I had fucked in this place. I'm sure no one was noticing and being New Year's probably helped, since everyone seemed high as a kite.

I finally made my way to the table where Linda was sitting. I approached the table with the bottle and three wine glasses, "Hey. This is some more of the stuff I gave y'all. I hope you like it."

I reached in my trousers to grab my wine tool as it jostled against the plumpness of what was now my sensitive loin. I wondered if the hot Milf I couldn't take my eyes off of had noticed. Lord was she hot in that black cocktail dress and the teased big blonde hairdo she was sporting.

I opened the bottle and poured the three glasses, all the while Charles smiled like a Cheshire cat at the newfound bounty of our friendship. I grabbed a chair and joined them.

Charles was excited to make small talk with me. He was bragging about his job and talking about his travels. He was a senior manager for one of our local Industrial companies and he had been off for the week, but it was going to be time to "Get back to business" as he put it. I told him about how we slow down in January. I engaged Linda in the topic and she confirmed that January was a slower month in the business. Linda was just sitting back, relaxing, and not having much to say while Charles went on about himself. It seemed she was a little put off by the way he was expressing himself and his importance.

We were about 10 minutes into our conversation, when my mother came out to the dining room. She mixed and mingled with the revelers before finally joining us. Mom can be loud and boisterous herself. She's a larger than life character in many aspects. That is what grew this business and made it successful through the years.

Linda in many ways was subdued, quiet, laid back, and kind of shy. I was seeing that she was a family oriented woman. Her sons were her life and her favorite subject. When she did talk, she told us that the boys had gone to their grandparent's house for the evening and how much they enjoyed spending time with their grandfather.

At times during the conversation, I could see that Linda's mind was somewhere else. She seemed distant. I caught her looking at me a few times, like she wanted to say something to me, but when our eyes met she would look away and wouldn't say anything.

I was caught off guard when my mother looked at me and nodded to Linda, saying, "Bobby, Linda sure is a beauty tonight, isn't she?"

I just felt like I had been caught in my misdeeds. Had they noticed my staring, trying to come to grips with my desire?... with her cocktail dress exposing her cleavage, shoving her bodaciousness out for the whole world to see. 'Hmmm...' I thought, 'I wanna touch those things.' I vibrated thinking about the carnal appreciation I had for her. I wanted to compliment her without Charles catching on to my true intent. Everyone seemed to be awaiting my response, my brain froze.

I smiled, "She does look nice... very nice," I finally got out.

"Yes she does?" Charles affirmed, but never looked her way. He was still looking at me, but Linda looked down in an embarrassing fashion.

Only my mother seemed to notice her, "Don't be embarrassed. You do darling. You look ravishing."

Linda seemed to blush and simply said, "Thank you Lyla. Thank you Bob," as she looked at us with what appeared to be some trepidation.

A few minutes later, after some small talk about the day, my mother got up and headed off to speak with some others. Charles and I conversed about the restaurant with Linda contributing little to the conversation. All the while I kept glancing at Linda and could tell she was more than a little antsy. I wanted to say more to Linda. I was so attracted to her. I knew I wanted to get her alone and let her know I wanted her again. But, of course, I couldn't do that out here in the open.

After a few more minutes, Linda excused herself to use the ladies' room. I spoke to Charles for a few minutes more before finishing off my wine. I excused myself under the pretense that I needed to get us some more wine and to check on the kitchen. What I truly did was head to the hall where the bathrooms were. I waited hoping to run into the lovely wife.

I hung out in the hall outside the bathroom, which luckily was deserted from patrons, aside from a few servers walking by from the kitchen and service area. Finally, I met her as she was coming out of the ladies' room, which seemed to startle her. I stood up close wanting to kiss those pouty lips, but knowing that I couldn't, I shook my head, "Linda you are looking exceptionally lovely tonight... I wanted to tell you that out there," as I reached for her hand, but she pulled away, "I want to kiss you." I whispered as I leaned in.

"No-ooo," she mouthed.

"I want you to know how hard it was back there. I've been wanting to tell you how beautiful you are. I knew you felt awkward... so did I," I began, the buzz from the wine I had drunk definitely was taking effect... You look fantastic. You always look great... so elegant." I knew exactly what I wanted to say as I leaned in and spoke softly, "You look so hot right now... so sexy." Face to face, I breathed, "You'd look even better in private I'm sure."

She stared at me blankly, then smiled, an awkward smirk, "Bob, you make me so nervous."

I replied, "You make me nervous too, but you feel the heat don't you."

She had to know the effect she had on me. What was consummated a little over a week prior consumed me. She had to know... and here she was. She had to have known she had been teasing that day and we both got in over our heads. She had to have sensed at this moment that I could barely conceal my lust for her. I was truly salivating. I could smell her. I tasted the air between us.

Was she embarrassed or as turned on as I was? Her eyes tilted down from my gaze only to be met by the tent of my trousers as my erection lurched into being. We both blushed in relation to my predicament.

She seemed to shiver to her core in front of me as though she were melting. She stammered, "I might pass out right here if you keep this up." She lifted her head and rolled her eyes, "You make me feel special, but we can't."

I felt confident in the moment, "But you know you want to."

Suddenly one of the servers came by where we were standing. They were all busy attending to the patrons. I didn't think they could have possibly noticed the lustful chemistry between Linda and me. It was different for me. I could smell it. It was carnal. It was animalistic. I was stalking this prey. I sensed her pussy emitting its juiciness and my libido was getting excited. I mouthed, "I wanna kiss you" and I leaned in.

"No... you can't do that," she insisted and it lingered. She sighed and inhaled deeply, "Bob..."

I just stared lustfully, "Yes Linda."

"I think we're going to be heading home," she asserted.

Perplexed, I replied, "Don't be silly everyone is staying til midnight."

She insisted, "I know... but I think it's best if we head on home."

I tilted my head... "Don't leave," begging like a love sick puppy.

She gave me a tempestuous look, before scurrying by me and back to the dining area.

I went into the bathroom, looking in the mirror. I noticed how flush my skin was in this moment. In this moment I began to feel vulnerable. Someone might have noticed and seen us. Linda was right; I was a little out of control. When I went to take a piss, I was surprised at how erect my dick had become. I rolled the head and pre-cum leaked, before the piss finally flowed. 'Wow,' I shivered.

I couldn't stop visioning Linda. She was 12 years older than me and I had never felt such an attraction to an older woman before.


When I got back to the Gold Room, I noticed that Linda had her pocketbook sitting up on table. I knew she said that she was ready to go, but I obviously didn't want her to. In a stroke of genius, I decided not to appeal to her, but rather to Charles, "Charles, I hope you aren't leaving. It isn't even midnight yet."

Charles did the appealing for me, "Yeah Honey," he looked at Linda as he reached for his tumbler of whiskey, "We don't need to head home yet. They've got a good party going here. Let's enjoy it."

Linda looked perplexed and frustrated as she slightly shook her head.

"You and Charles should have a dance," I smiled.

"I'm not much into dancing," he replied as he took a swig of his drink.

"Well would you mind if I had a dance with your wife?" I asked.

"By all means, go ahead," he okayed.

"I don't know," Linda seemed a little standoffish.

"Go dance with him Linda. You're always telling me how you want to go dance," he boorishly rebuked.

"OK," Linda stood up. I could tell she was pissed at him. 'Check one for me,' I mused in my head as we headed to our makeshift dance floor, where tables had been pulled to the side to make room for people to dance, while our Pianist of the evening Clarence bellowed out some of those oh so familiar Pop tunes of days gone by.

When we took hands and danced together, we came together with our bodies close, "You like dancing Linda?" I asked.

She gave me an impervious look, "You are incorrigible... do you always get what you want?"

"I never get what I want," I let her know, "... but I know what I want." This seemed to shut her up as we danced through the song. During the next song, I asked, "Charles doesn't like dancing?"

I could sense her thinking about what to say, "He doesn't like much of anything I like these days."

"Well... I like whatever you like these days," I let her know, even if I really didn't know her that well.

As midnight approached, Linda and I continued to dance. She had loosened up and was enjoying herself in the moment. It was obvious that she really liked to dance and it obvious Charles wasn't into it. During a break in our dancing Linda excused herself again to the Ladies' room. I had gone to the bar and noticed that Charles was outside, in the garden area, carousing with other patrons, enjoying a Cognac and nice cigar, while I was enjoying dancing with his wife. I went over to Rick, the bartender and asked him to go fill up Charles's Cognac and tell him it was from me. I figured Charles was getting pretty sauced by now and what the hay, let's give him all he wants. He had come off as a bit of an arrogant prick earlier and so I figured I let him fully establish that if he was going to.

I headed back to the table in the Gold room, Linda and Charles's reserved table, and sat and had a few more sips of wine. Linda came by and had a seat with me. While I poured her a little more wine, she spoke, "Thank You for tonight," she smiled.

"It's been my pleasure. It's almost midnight. I hope you'll dance with me a while longer," I proposed.

She took a couple sips of her wine and stood, "Sure, Come on! Let's dance!..." She really seemed to be enjoying the dancing and grinned from ear to ear. I wondered if she was enjoying the attention. I couldn't believe how Charles had abandoned her to me.

The song that Clarence was playing was Jump, Jive, and Wail, which is a fast swing tune. I could see from Linda's movements that she had obviously had dance lessons sometime in the past. She motioned her hands in front of her and began to move and shake her hips and shoulders in time with the music. The ensemble she was wearing fit perfectly with the music in that moment. I felt a bit awkward trying to fit in, but I really didn't give a fuck as long as I was getting to hang out with Linda.

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