tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBody Snatch Ch. 4

Body Snatch Ch. 4


Author's note: Chapter 1 and 2 are under the sci-fi/fantasy index and chapter 3 under incest. This is the story of a scientist who developed a device that can take control of a person's body. The one side effect is tremendous sexual urges and unbelievable pleasure.

* * * * *

I looked over at my nephew Jimmy he was sleeping. In my nieces body I had given him a hell of a work out. I slipped out of bed put on Kirsten's bathrobe and walked over to the body of Ken. I pulled out the device and FLASH. I looked up at Kirsten; she was in the daze period where her own mind was now starting to retake possession of her body. I slipped out and returned to my room above the garage. I was wondering about the moral complications I created. I decided it was best that I leave now. First of all I was feeling guilty about taking over Ken's life let alone the moral depravity I created within my own family. I wrote a note saying that I decided to return to the University and that I would contact them soon.

I wondered how Kirsten's relationship with her brother would be like now that she was thinking on her own. I stopped by her bedroom window and peeked in. There was Kirsten giving her brother a blowjob, so I guess she had come to grips with her true feelings.

I got a cab to the airport and got Ken a one-way ticket back to campus. Just before boarding I went back to the rest room area and pointed my device that looked like an ordinary camera to someone who was just arriving. He turned out to be a guy named Ray Berman who came to see the New England Patriots play the Oakland Raiders tonight. I gently sent Ken toward the gate and in minutes he was walking onboard the plane.

I as Ray Berman walked toward baggage claim. I knew that I was going to be met by my best friend Alex and his wife. I was starting to feel those urges again. I was starting to control them, at least I like to think so, but in reality I was just getting used to pushing them away a little bit longer until it was uncontrollable. I knew that if I got in the car with Alex and his wife, that I would wind up fucking her. I knew they were decent people and that I couldn't let that happen. Just as I walked out of the concourse I aimed the camera toward a taxi driver, just then someone bumped into me and the device went off FLASH.

In an instant I was being jostled and shoved finally someone pulled my arm and I was in a Limo with four guys. "Melissa are you okay?" I nodded yes. The Limo departed and I realized my situation. I was in a body of woman named Melissa Stark, a sports reporter. I then realized that my body-switching device was gone. Ray Berman had it, probably wondering how he came in possession of a camera.

"We have to turn back," I said. The man next to me put his hand on my knee asking, "Why Melissa, what's the matter". I faced the man his name was Al Michaels.

"I left my camera behind, I dropped it just as I got in the car" "Ha, hey hon, how about I just buy you a new camera, what would you like? Nikon, Minolta, my favorite is Leitz or we can as Marty to give you the number 6 camera to borrow, it only focuses on Swanny there"

"Hey Dennis I'm serious" I said. This Dennis Miller was always joking around I knew. Al squeezed my knee, "Mel, someone probably picked up that camera and its gone by now".

The man named Dan Fouts spoke up "just hope you didn't have any pictures on there from you interview with Jay Fiedler." Everyone in the limo laughed. But they were right, Ray probably left already. I searched the mind of Melissa Stark. I was a TV reporter with Monday Night Football crew, we were going to report on the game tonight, the same game that Ray and Alex were going to at Foxboro Stadium. I never watched football, but Melissa had a great deal of knowledge about the game. Having been in Ray's body and mind I also knew what seats they were going to be sitting in at the game, hopefully I will be able to get away and get the camera from Ray before he uses it. Otherwise, I might be trapped in this body.

Al spoke again, "Melissa just relax, we all need to relax" he was rubbing my leg up and down and I knew what he had in mind. It seems this is how Melissa got to keep her job. I could see his bulge in his pants. I also was feeling the urges. It was getting hard to think straight. I has Melissa pulled on his zipper and took out his erect cock. "Al of course, I know how you like to relax before a game….just make sure I get the Oakland side lines tonight" Al nodded and Lynn Swann yelled "hey, come on I know most of those guys…jeez, that bitch is always getting in on my air time". I took Al's cock in my mouth and the desire was strong.

Dennis and Dan laughed, as Dennis said "hey Swanny, you want the air time you can always push Mel away and take her place"

"Shiiitt. Fuckin whore" They erupted again in laughter.

I sucked greedily on his cock, deep throating him down to my tonsils. Melissa's cunt was on fire and I was wishing that one of the guys would pull off my slacks and fuck me, but apparently, this was part of the unwritten protocol of the show. Al was boss and I was his relaxation. I started fingering the pussy and when his jism exploded into my mouth I reached climax. The fireworks were back, exploding into my head. The pleasure part of my brain was on fire. I wiped some of the cum from my lips and leaned back in the soft leather seats with my face aglow. The other guys applauded the performance.

We arrived at the stadium. I told Al that it might be a good idea to do some fan interviews prior to the game, I squeezed his cock and he told the producer that he had the idea. I was making my way off the field when one of the Oakland Raiders grabbed my hand. "Hey Melissa, wha's up girl?" Melissa recognized the large black man as Tyrone Wheatly, a running back for the team. "Hi Ty baby" he pulled me to him and deeply kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth. I immediately felt the strong sexual urges and I had to have him. We were in the stadium underneath the seats in a tunnel. He took me by the hand and pulled me into a janitor closet. I quickly unzipped him and then pulled my pants off leaving my red turtleneck sweater on. He snapped off my lace panties and placed his big hands on my hot pussy. I knelt down to take his large black dick in my mouth. I thought of nothing else but satisfying the urge. I didn't suck him long though; he turned me around and bent me over the small utility sink. "Yeah baby, I am going to fuck you then I am going to fuck up those Patriots…yeah and you can quote me" Tyrone then shoved his cock into my pussy. He was so forceful that I almost couldn't catch my breath. He jammed is cock in and out. His fingers dug into my ass cheeks and the fireworks were back. My eyes were a symphony of lights as each thrust of his cock rubbed against my clit. Finally he orgasmed I had orgasmed three times, each one building upon the other.

"Hey Mel, thanks…that really loosened me up, I gotta get to the field…interview me later" and with that he was out the door. I was still bent over the sink breathing heavily, the pleasure was fantastic. His cum was dripping down my leg as I took a rag and tried to clean up. My panties were gone Tyrone must have taken them. I got my self-together and headed out over to the section where Ray should be sitting.

I put the earpiece in and took hold of the wireless mike. Outside the section I found Tim the cameraman waiting for me. He asked what was holding me up and I said a quick interview with Wheatly. He smiled knowingly and followed me into the stands. Ray and Alex sat where they were supposed to; I also noticed the device hanging halfway out of his pocket.

Ray looked up at me "hey look it's Melissa Stark!" Most of the fans turned to me and waved, shaking hands and asked for autographs.

"We are doing spot interviews with fans, would you like to join me over here to the side please" Ray agreed and followed Tim and me with the camera. I asked Ray a few questions. Then when we were done I went over to hug him and picked the device out of his pocket and quickly walked away. Meanwhile the director was talking away in my earpiece about my staging area, and getting ready for prompts. As we were walking down toward the field I was feeling horny again. The director was still talking to me and several other people; between that and my sexual urges I couldn't take any more and realized I needed to get out of this body. I pointed the device at Tim; it would be easier being behind the camera than in front of it. FLASH.

I was wrong. Being on the field the director had me cut to shots of Melissa and shots of the Cheerleaders and besides trying to keep track of his direction I was getting turned on by the Cheerleaders on the sidelines. I didn't realize how long a football game was, when I was in Melissa's body I knew it was 60 minutes a game, I had no idea that it would last 3 hours or more. I had to get out of this body; I looked around and saw an opportunity. He was a second string player who was injured and not playing. I walked by where he was and pointed the device to him. FLASH.

I stood up and felt the pain in my hamstring. I was watching this Asian cheerleader nearby. She turned and winked at me while continuing her routines. I chatted with her in between plays, or rather during plays – that's when the cheerleaders did not dance. Her name was Jade; she was 5'1 with long black silky hair and in her early 20's. A few seconds before half time she walked over to me and said "meet me".

As most of the team exited the field I lingered behind and saw Jade in the tunnel, she wiggled her finger to me and I followed her to a small side room, which looked like one of the trainers used. It had a small surgical table and towels and her. She walked up to me in her New England Patriots cheerleader uniform and said, "we don't have much time". I pulled down my uniform pants and took off the jock strap, my cock was 10inches erect. Jade smiled undid the bottoms of her uniform and panties leaving on her crotch less pantyhose. I walked over to her kissing her and lifting her onto the surgical table. I then inserted my fingers into her pussy, she was already wet. She jumped off the table and onto my cock. I fucked her stand up, holding her ass in the palms of my hands. Her tongue was thrusting into my mouth with the same rhythm my cock was thrusting into her pussy. The fireworks were back, yes thank you, they were back.

"Hurry up….cum…gotta….ohhhhhh yessss" I was then cumming into her pussy. I could her the teams emptying into the hallway leading to the tunnel and the field. She and I got dressed and as we left the room she kissed me and said "I'll see you in California in a couple of weeks".

That's when I thought, California was good, this player was poorly paid comparing to the other players and the well played ones were working way to hard for me. Out in California there were lots of rich beautiful people. If I took over a body of an actor, I would not only be able to have enough females to satisfy the urges, but I would have enough money to buy the equipment I needed to perfect the device. After this game, I will follow the team to California and begin looking for my new body. In fact, I think the Golden Globes were next week.

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