tagNovels and NovellasBook 01: Day and Night

Book 01: Day and Night


A big thankyou to my editor on this story. They asked not to be named but they know who they are. Thankyou again for your help on it!


The men started to pace and shake their heads, looking at each other before looking over at the woman who was crouched down, picking herbs. "We're going to be late, My Lady, if we don't start moving again," one of them said.

The wood elf female grinned. "Relax my friend. They already know what I'm like so there is no need to hurry. Plus, if there was a reason to hurry, they would of signalled us with a howl." Slipping the small knife and the plant into her bag before standing up and began to walk again. "We still have two days before I'm really needed there for Kaisa to give birth." Turning on her heels, she smiled. "Actually, you two can head back home. I know where I'm going and no one will stop me along the way if they know what's good for them."

The guards looked between themselves, the female was higher rank than they were but their General told them on strict orders not to leave her until the wolves arrived to escort her to their village. They looked back to her, the same one spoke again, "My Lady, we can't. The General told us ..." then stopped when she put her hand up.

She walked over to them and smiled. "I don't care what my Uncle told you. I'm overruling that order. I want you both to head home. He knows better than anyone I can take care of myself. Just because I don't specialize in a weapon, doesn't mean I'm helpless in an attack. Now please, stop wasting time and go."

They were about to speak again but again, she lifted her hand so they stopped. "Please, I don't want to have to put you two to sleep and continue on, on my own. So just turn around and walk. We're close to the meeting point. I have made this trip hundreds of times, so go."

They both mumbled to themselves and nodded. "As you wish, My Lady." Before they both turned around and headed back to the elven city.

She couldn't help but smiled and turned around and headed towards the wolven village, softly humming to herself as she scanned around the forest for any herbs she would need to make the remedies for the wolven stocks.

* * * * *

It was an hour later by the time the wood elf made it to the meeting area and smiled when she saw two grey wolves relaxing in the spot. One wolf was laying on its side with the other wolf rested its head on its partner's side. The wolf whose head was resting on the others, lifted its head and gave yipped as it stood up and shifted into its human male form. "Welcome back Maya. It's good to see you again."

When the other wolf moved the one laying down jumped up and shifted into its female form. "Maya!" Running over to the elf and embraced her.

Maya giggled and smiled brightly seeing her friends, hugging the woman. "It's good to see you as well Garath and Tonya. How have you both been?"

Tonya smiled and linked her arm with Maya's. "We've been great, how was your journey?"

The elf couldn't help but feel over dressed compared to her naked escorts. She wore her travelling robes, a long grey-white myridal dress which had been softened by enchantments so it didn't give the appearance or touch of being metal. "It was good. I hope you hadn't been waiting long."

Garath smirked. "We know what you're like so no, we hadn't. We arrived a short time ago." He made a large sweeping bow, "If you will, our Lady, we'll escort you the rest of the way."

Bowing her head as she curtsied. "I would be my honour if you do." Grinning as she stood back upright. "You know, you would put some of the elves to shame at Court if you came in with one of those bows."

The wolves laughed before they shifted back to their wolf forms and started to walk with her back to their village. Talking along the way so she was updated with all of the activities within the village since she was last there.

* * * * *

There were hearty laughs coming from the blacksmiths stall with two men talking while they carved details into the handles of the bone daggers they worked on. "One of these days drow, you're going to have to tell me who taught you our ways," the wolven man looked over to the dark skinned elf.

The dark elf answered, "And one of these days I might just do that my friend." He looked over to the wolf and grinned before looking back to the bone knife to make the finishing carvings to it before going on to the final step, "So how many are coming of age this year, Bosco?"

Bosco rolled his eyes. "Eight this year, so another three daggers and we're done. But err, I've been meaning to ask you since you arrived here." He started to get a little nervous and placed the bone knife down and moved slightly to face the drow. "I was wondering Kay'n if you could do me a favour?"

Kay'n looked up and arched a brow. He had never seen his friend so nervous for all the time he's known him. "If it is in my power, I'd do whatever you needed."

The wolf stood up and started to pace a little, his little favour wasn't really a big deal, but to him and his mate it was a huge deal. He stopped and looked over to the drow. "Well, Kaisa and I have been talking a lot lately. We've both known you since we were pups and can't think of anyone that could stand up to do the job. So we were wondering if you'd be our child's guardian? We know it's a little untraditional for someone outside the pack to be that, but you have always been there for us. There's no one else that we respect higher than you. You're like a brother to us both, so would you do us the honour?"

Kay'n was speechless. He knew it was mainly family who took the role of guardians of the children in the village, but also knew, both of their families had passed on. Both of their parents had died in the last wolven war and grew up with their guardians. He kept his face unreadable and placed the boneknife down that he was working on and stood up and walked over to the wolf. "The honour will be mine my friend. I'd be honoured to be your child's guardian." Clasping his friends forearm in their traditional way to shake hands.

Giving a sigh of relief it was over, Bosco started off with linking his arm with the drow, but couldn't help but hug the elf hard. "You have no idea what it means to us."

The elf chuckled and squirmed in the tight hug. "And you have no idea what it means to breath, wolf."

The wolf jumped back and chuckled. "Err, sorry." Rubbing his hand behind his head. "I better tell Kaisa the good news. That's one down and the other one should be here soon so we'll have both guardians set up." He took off before the drow could ask who the other guardian was going to be.

* * * * *

The wolven village was busy with activity when Maya arrived. When people saw her, they greeted her warmly. Her two escorts took her to Kaisa's home and left her there so they could change and dress. Once Maya was alone, she knocked on the door and heard,"Come on in, to the fat wolfs home."

Maya couldn't help but chuckle as she went inside. "I wouldn't call you fat Kaisa."

Kaisa spun around hearing the wood elf's voice and darted over to her as fast as she could and hugged her. "Thank the spirits you're here, I was getting worried and thought I'd be doing this by myself!"

Maya hugged her friend. "You still have a few days til your baby is ready but I'm here now just in case they decide they want to come early." Taking her bags off and putting them down on a seat before looking at the wolf. "You're simply glowing. The pregnancy has agreed with you."

The wolf let out a soft growl. "I'm not sure about that, the start was bad til you gave me that tea, and now all I want to do is to get the pup out of me!"

Maya grinned and walked over to the open fire and poured two cups of tea. "Relax, the pup will come when they are ready and not beforehand. Now sit and tell me everything that's been going on here."

Just as she was about to start, Bosco burst in smiling broadly. "He said yes!"

Kaisa's eyes lit up. "Thank you spirits." Giving a sigh of relief. "I nearly thought he'd say no to doing it for us."

Bosco went over to his mate and hugged her from the side and noticed that Maya was there. "Err, sorry. Just had to share some news with the missus." Chuckling and whispered, "Have you asked her yet?"

She shook her head and looked over to the elf. "Maya, we know it's a little untraditional with this, but we were wondering ..." Looking up to Bosco before looking back to Maya. "We were wondering if you would do us the honour of being our child's guardian?"

Shock was across the elf's features then Bosco said, "You've always been there whenever we've needed you. When I broke my leg in that accident and when Kaisa was with fever a few years ago. You've been like a big sister to us and watching over us when we've been hurt. We've always looked up to you and I know our child will as well. So will you do this for us?"

The wood elf nodded slowly with a smile in her eyes that matched her lips. "Of course I will. I'd never say no to either of you. It would be an honour."

Bosco howled with excitement before Kaisa backslapped him to get him to be quiet. She mouthed thankyou to Maya. And Bosco kissed his mate and took off to the blacksmiths stall so the women could catch up.

* * * * *

It was during the women's talk when the Elder arrived, knocking on the door and waited to be given entry before she walked in. The Elder was the oldest of the wolves and smiled at the elf. "Hello my dear."

Maya stood and walked over to the Elder and gave her a gentle hug. "How are you, old friend?"

And the three of them spoke til it was nearing dusk and the Elder escorted the elf to the guest quarters. "My dear, I should warn you. You aren't our only guest here this week. We have another that's helping Bosco out with the bone knives. So the guest home won't be empty."

Maya nodded. "Just one other?" The Elder nodded. "Then I'll make dinner for two."

The Elder smiled. "And just a warning, he's not what you might expect. But he is a good man and not like his people. So give him a chance before you make a decision on him. I've told him the same thing, so try and get along."

The elf arched a brow. "Ok, Elder." Feeling a little confused.

Nodding and saying her goodbyes, the Elder headed back to her own home for dinner, leaving the elf standing at the foot of the stairs. The elf shook her head and headed up to the door, deciding not to think on it. If the other guest was a friend of the wolves then they were a friend of hers. So she headed inside and started preparing dinner for two.

* * * * *

Dinner was cooking so she decided to change and unpack her things when a males voice rang out from the main area of the guest house, "Hello?"

She jumped a bit hearing a males voice, but guessed it was the other guest. "Hello, I'll be out in a moment. Wash up, dinner will be ready in a little while. I'm just unpacking."

He arched a brow hearing a females voice answering, and shrugged it off. He couldn't help but go over to the pot to see what she was cooking. "I'm Kay'n, I'm helping Bosco out with the bone knives." It looked like she was cooking some kind of stew and he stirred it a little and grinned to himself it might not be so bad having a roommate during the stay.

"Yes, Kaisa was updating me with all the going ons here. Eight pups coming to age this year. It will be a great year for them. I'm Maya, I'm here to help Kaisa deliver the baby," she replied.

He went over to the washing area and poured some water into the large bowl and removed his shirt. He tied his hair back so it was up and out of the way and started to wash the days work from his obsidian skin. "Yes, it will be good for the child to finally come. Over the past week that's all Bosco has talk about. Wondering if he was going to have a son or a daughter, if it's a son, if he'll take after his father and want to be a blacksmith or if it's a daughter and take after her mother."

She laughed behind the closed door. "Yes, Kaisa was the same when I saw her. She told me she can't wait til the child is born. She's just as ex ..." As she opened the door and looked over to the man, she couldn't finish what she was saying. His obsidian skin and platinum hair. The marks on his back, he was an dark elf. Her people had been at war for them for as long as she could remember and now the wolves were making enemies stay in the same house. Her heart started to thump loudly in her chest thinking she wasn't going to survive the night with this man right next door to her. Just as quickly as she opened the door, she shut the door a little to loudly for her likings. She lent back against the door and held her hand to her throat, trying to get her breathing under control.

He was still washing away the day and lent down to wash his face. He heard her stop mid sentence and said, "Yes, when she had been at the blacksmith stall talking, she was just as excited as Bosco." He picked up a dry towel and turned around when hear heard the door slam shut. "Something wrong Maya?"

She started to pace back and forth. "Err, yes there, is I think. I think I need to find other accommodations for my stay here ..."

He lent back against the bench. "Because I had my shirt off? Haven't you seen a half naked male before?" He chuckled, "I'll be sure to wash up in the other room next time so you aren't uncomfortable with seeing skin," he said.

Not able to stop her voice sound shaky, "Oh, it's not that, I've seen half naked men before ..." She went over to the door and held her hand on the knob. "Would you kill a guest of the wolves?" Deciding to get it out there.

He just stared at the her door and repeated, "Would I kill someone that's friends with the wolves? Of course not, I'm not stupid. Even though they're my friends if I took a life on their land I wouldn't survive the trip home. But I do feel stupid talking to a door you know."

Maya nodded to herself, taking a deep breath before opening the door and showing herself to him.

They just stood there staring at each other. She was standing nervously and he was drying himself with the towel, but not taking his eyes off of her. There was a sizzle which made her blink and look over to the pot cooking. "Oh no ..." She raced over to it and tried to take it off the fire when she jumped back and held her hands to her chest, looking down at them to see red lines across them from the burn.

The jump made him move, using the towel he picked up the pot from the fire and placed it on the stand on the table and went over to her. He grabbed her hands and she tried to pull them away from him but his strength was a lot more than her own and he held them firmly. "Silly wood elf." Half dragged her over to the basin he was washing up in and held her hands in one hand as he poured fresh cool water over her palms.

She flinched when he grabbed her hands and tried to pull them away when he poured the water over them. But she knew what he was doing was right so tried to stayed still til he was done.

He looked closely at the burns and thought they weren't as bad as first expected but still didn't want Kaisa to go untreated with the wood elf's mistake and looked at her. "Burn balm?"

It took her a moment to hear what he was saying. All sorts of thoughts were going over in her mind and she nodded a little. "Yes, in the green bag in my room."

He sat her down at the table and getting another small bowl and filling it with water and putting her hands in it while he went to her room to get the green bag. Once he got it, he went back out to her and started to show her the different bottles and placed down the one she nodded at. He grabbed a clean town and patted her hands dry before applying the balm and a thin bandage around each hand.

She was shocked at the care he was showing her. With the soft touches when he applied the balm. She couldn't feel it when he applied the thin layer and wrapped her hands. Watching him stand up and putting her bag back in her room and went back to her. He ladled the stew into bowls and sat opposite her as he began to eat. When he took the second mouthful, she asked, "Why are you being kind to me? Isn't it law of the dark elves when they see a wood elf to kill them on the spot?"

He nodded as he ate and waited til he finished the mouthful before answering, "Yes it is. But I'm not stupid enough to do that when Kaisa is nearly ready to give birth. She and Bosco would both hunt me down and I care for their friendship more than the laws of my people."

Nodding a little she started to eat. She was glad she was safe in the village, but started to dread the idea of returning home. What if he followed her home and told his people where her home was.

* * * * *

After they each had two more bowls and the pot was empty, he started to clean up from their meal. There was still silence between them til a knock at the door and he called out, "It's opened." The Elder walked in with a smile.

"I see you two have met. I hope you're getting along." Arching a brow at the bandages on Maya's hands. "What happened?" Looking over to Kay'n, not giving him a pleasant look.

Maya saw the look. "It was my own fault. I was a little shocked when you didn't bother to tell me I would be staying with a dark elf so I forgot to grab a cloth when I tried to take the pot off the fire, so I got some little burns, but Kay'n fixed me up."

Kay'n could feel the look the Elder was giving him so didn't dare turn and kept his eyes at cleaning the bowls and pot, he turned his head slightly when Maya told the Elder what happened and felt the Elders look go to her and felt the wolf relax a little.

The Elder nodded at what she was told and knew in Maya's voice it to be true. She looked over to Kay'n. "Kay'n, I'd like to speak with you for a moment please." He wiped his hands and nodded as she motioned him to walk with her outside.

As soon as they were outside, he looked at her. "I won't hurt her while I'm in the village, Elder. You have my word on that."

She gave a soft nod and looked up to the sky then to him. "Kay'n, there is something you need to know about Maya, before the storm comes." That made him look up to see the clouds in the sky and looked back to her. "When Maya was young, she was left out in a bad storm. There was an attack on her village and her parents tried to get her to safety. Her parents died that night, but storms still affect her now. When there's lightning and thunder, her mind goes back to when she was a child and saw her parents being killed."

He nodded a little listening as she continued, "Tonight will be a bad one. I have a feeling it will affect her badly. Whenever she is affected badly, it affects her for a few days afterwards, so please, do what you can to comfort her. You'd be able to get to her before any of us could, so please for all of us, forget what race she is and treat her as someone that needs help."

He arched a brow to that but after a while he nodded. "For Kaisa and Bosco I will do whatever I can. She needs a straight mind to help them."

The Elder nodded and touched his arm lightly. "Thankyou Kay'n." She went into her home, leaving him standing there to think as the first drop of rain hit his shoulder and he walked back to the guest house.

When he got back to the house, Maya had finished cleaning and moving the chairs and tables out of the way of the centre of the room. He arched a brow at her and went over to help her. "What are you doing?"

She smiled a little. "Rearranging things. I've heard dark elves train in the early mornings so thought I'd make a little room for you if you want to do it inside than outside."

He arched a brow with her words. "We do, you seem to know a bit about my people."

Smiling shyly. "I read a lot, only what's recorded in the library about your people so only a small amount of information."

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