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Bottle of Michelob


I was dating this girl Ashley one summer during college when I was back in my hometown.

She was tall--about 5'10"--and very thin with slim legs a yard long and small, firm breasts punctuated by always-hard, tiny dark nipples precisely in the center of each boob. Below them, a long waist stretched to prominent hipbones. Trailing down from her sexy "outie" navel was a furrow of black hair that blossomed into a thick patch of pubic hair.

I'm not kidding here, but her face was nearly identical to that of a young Miss Manners, the woman who writes the syndicated newspaper advice column, though Ashley had thicker eyebrows and a shag hair style. Yes, she had a bit of a snooty look about her--perhaps due to her blue-blood ancestry--though she was, in fact, a very down-to-earth hippie-type chick.

She was house-sitting for a wealthy family vacationing the entire summer in Europe, and set up her temporary living quarters in the wine cellar, which was nicer than any home I've ever lived in. Since it was always quite dark down there, she'd light a candle or two for light.

We both smoked pot like a chimney down there—the main reason she was staying in the wine cellar instead of the house proper—and one afternoon I brought over a six-pack of Michelob. She had a great personality, was very good looking, but was a sexual novice, so I was kind of training her.

We had done all the foreplay stuff and were naked fucking on the mattress that was flat on the cellar floor. Her pussy was so tight, and I accidentally blew just before she came. Oops! Timing. It's all about timing.

So, hoping to make her cum, I continued to pump, but I was deflating, so I immediately got back down between her legs and ate her pussy again real good, holding a Michelob by the neck in one hand and taking sips of it between lick-sucks.

But though Ashley enjoyed cunnilingus, she needed dick inside her to orgasm, and she tried to pull me back up and into her. Problem was, ye ol' penis needed a little while to recharge. Was she absent from Health class the day they covered the male refractory period? Or just real stoned?

I needed to do something--and fast. It was too dark to see hardly anything, and I nervously took the last swallow from the Michelob and sat it down on the floor. Fingering her, I looked at the bottle. Right shape. Right size. I picked it up. Neck was still warm from my hand. I looked back at her pussy. Very wet. Should I?

Now you have to understand that Ashley, though a latter-day hippie and liberal in most ways, had not had sex until she was nineteen, and had lost her virginity to me merely a month before. I mean, she loved sex, but was still at that stage where what seemed old hat to me might seem quite kinky to her.

Even so, with a soft dick and a hard bottle, I threw caution to the wind, climbed up onto her in a faux missionary position, pressed my flaccid penis against her pubes, and, reaching back around my buns to hold the bottle between my legs, carefully inserted the bottle neck into her dripping wet gash to work it in and out in time to my rocking hips like it was my cock. In less than five minutes of that action, she came big time.

I surreptitiously placed the bottle on the little side table next to the candle as I kissed her lips and neck.

She reached over and fired up the half doobie lying in the ashtray next to the candle and bottle. We smoked it down to a near-nothing roach.

"Darn, I'm thirsty," she rasped. "Crack me a cold beer."

"We drank 'em all up, Ashley."

"There were two more left before we started foolin' around," she stated, accurately. "What'd you do, drink 'em WHILE we were making love?"

"Well.... I'll run to the corner store and get more. Won't take ten minutes," I offered.

I noticed she, with a serious case of cotton mouth, was eyeing the bottle on the table. With the candle right behind it, I could see there was a good inch of liquid in the bottom.

I knew I'd finished off every drop of the beer. That liquid could only be...pussy juice.

Before I could snatch it and put it into the six-pack carrier with the other empties, she picked it up and took a swig. Oh, my.

"Mmmmm. Warm but at least wet. Hmmmm. This sure tastes funny," Ashley observed before smelling the bottle.

I was anxious, but watching this was bringing life back to the muscle between my legs.

"You are utterly depraved! You screwed me with this bottle, didn't you? Under cover of darkness, you drank up the last two beers, then fucked me with this empty one! I ought to...

"Suck the real McCoy?" I interrupted, draping my half-hard hard cock against her lips. "That's good. Slide your tongue back and forth underneath as you go up and down. Good. Now look up here at me with those big brown eyes. Very good. Suck just a little bit harder. Aaaah. Perfect."

We had plenty more "lessons" for the remainder of the summer, and she developed into a first class lover. We made love one last time on the afternoon before I went back to college. I asked her what she was going to do after I left.

"Oh, I dunno. Guess I'll get a bottle of Michelob."

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