Bottoming for BBC

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Me with BBC.
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This is a story from years ago.

I was relaxing at the apartment bored out of my mind so I decided to dress up in some lingerie and some heels and have a little bit of fun. Mind I'm not passable by any stretch of the imagination but the feeling of the silky lingerie against the skin and the elegance of the heels. "Mmmmm" how could you not take advantage of the freedom to have a bit of fun. Started the time off selecting a few toys to use to help stretch my tight hole in anticipation of possibly the real thing.

After an hour of toying and stretching, straddling the dildo suctioned to the table, I decided to check out the Craigslist ads to see what was out there. Selected a few and shot out some emails but did have hopes of anything. Came across a unique ad that was specifically looking for a tight white bottom that could handle a nice pounding. Reading the ad, my tiny cock got even harder, " could I handle their cock" I thought to myself. Well I made the plunge and replied. Sure enough with in seconds got a reply. Little did I realize that I would be in for a world of fun and soreness.

We exchanged some pictures, little did I know he would be packing a thick, juicy 9 inch bbc. I sent him some pictures, and immediately asked to come over. Without hesitation, I sent him the address. Anxiously waiting for his arrival, I hear a knock on the door, so I answer it and there he stood. Handsome, tall, the vision of a real man, then behind him another. He said I hope you don't mind I brought my buddy, I figured he could use a tight hole as well.

As we sit and talk for a little bit his buddy asks if he could use the bathroom, so while he was away, I was pulled in for a kiss, forcefully but playfully. As his buddy comes back, he slaps and grabs my ass telling me how thick it is. They ask me to go get them a drink so i obliged as I walk away weak in the knees, hearing them talk about how they are going to turn me into their slut. I come back and their they sit naked, cocks rock hard, me wondering "what did I get myself into".

I hand them their drinks, as I feel the cock slide against my leg. They put me on my knees as the sit on the couch as I place my lips around the head of his cock as I stroke the other. Drooling getting his cock as deep in my mouth, gagging as I start on the other, licking, sucking, caressing their balls. One pushes my head a little further holding it there as I gagging, tapping for air. They start laughing, saying, "this bitch is going to be in for it when we are done with her." I think she is now ready to get the that tight hole of hers stretched out, he stated as his buddy agreed as he forces my mouth further down his cock.

As his buddy, slowly slides in, his thick cock stretching my hole further then it has ever been, his buddy pushing me back on to it, as I moan in both pain and pleasure. "Fuck his cock is massive, I thought to myself", slowly he starts to slide back and forth, grabbing my hips as he pushes just a little deeper each time.

Thrusting harder and deeper making me moan, as they talk about what they are going to do. Shortly after they switch position, as his buddy slides in a bit easier but still adds a stretch to it. "Damn this pussy is still tight," he says as he begins to thrust. For the next three hours, deeper and harder they fucked my hole, stretching it out to the point I never think it will normal again. Sweat dripping off everyone, my pussy gaped open, there cocks swelling in anticipation for the explosion of their hot cum.

After short break, I straddle one so I can feel it hit deeper, I whisper in his ear, I want you cum deep in me. Deeper and harder he thrusted as he grabbed my hips.and moaned unloading his massive load deep in me, as he cuts, my tiny cock leaking soaking my lingerie. He turns me over as his buddy enters using the cum as extra lube. Thrusting harder and faster, balls banging against my ass knowing that he is about to dump his load deep in me. Finally after hours of pure ecstasy i have 2 hot, heavy and thick loads deep in my stretched out pussy. They get dressed as im left shaking and leaking from an amazing night. I thank them as the leave.

This was one of my best nights.

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AnonymousAnonymous4 months ago

That was a great story and such a reminder of my first time being tag teamed by two big black cocks. From experience being a white man who is all dressed up in sexy black lingerie with garters an black fishnet stockings 5” spiked heels, most every man who saw me wanted to use me but when a black man saw me dressed this way knowing I wanted cock really took advantage of the opportunity and enjoyed themselves till they were done.

bigorillawbbwbigorillawbbw4 months ago

great story. sounds like a fun time. love more details

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