tagErotic CouplingsBought & Paid For Ch. 02

Bought & Paid For Ch. 02


Risk moved to walk away from Ivory as she turned in confusion at his sudden exit.

“Where are you going,” she asked.

“To think,” he answered. “Or did you have something more exciting in mind for me,” he joked. “I would think, with your lack of experience, that you also would want to rest, but I’m always up for some action.”

Risk laughed at her expression of dismay at the thought of more of the same love play that they had enjoyed for the past hour. Giving ones self to a stranger was a very tiring business indeed, Ivory thought to herself. Following Risk into the bedroom, Ivory curled into his arms and promptly fell asleep.

Risk stayed awake, continuing to think of the situation he had landed himself in this time. While not an unpleasant situation to be in, it was certainly one of his wilder ideas. He never bought female company and he didn’t intend to start now. Risk didn’t want Ivory in his bed under duress or out of a sense of honoring a deal. He wanted her there because she enjoyed what he could make her feel and wanted more of the same.

Ivory had proved herself to be a wild woman despite her inexperience and Risk wanted more of her enchanting sighs to fill his ears. A month would surely not be long enough with Ivory being so innocent and willing to learn.

Risk gently shook Ivory awake. She protested for a few moments before realizing where she was and why. He couldn’t want a repeat performance already, Ivory thought uncharitably. It’s not as though you would really mind, a smaller voice inside answered.

“How much,” Risk bluntly asked.

“How much what,” Ivory returned, hoping he wasn’t thinking of paying her to leave and forget that they ever shared each others bodies. No one wanted to be shushed out the back door like a dark secret.

“How much do your debts total,” Risk answered impatiently.

It didn’t take Ivory any time to answer. She had pondered and crunched the numbers on a thousand separate occasions trying to get them to add up right, but they never seemed to. “$1.5 million dollars.”

“I see,” Risk acknowledged.

It was quiet for a long while as Risk continued to think, leaving Ivory no option but to stare at him waiting for some sort of response.

“What do you see,” she finally asked out of exasperation at his refusal to comment further.

Risk turned and looked at Ivory. Her nipples had pebbled at the slight draft in the room, but he knew it would take very little provocation on his part to make them harden further for him alone.

“I see that you are an insatiable wench and it will take all my strength to keep you satisfied,” he joked, not yet ready to deal with the issue of finances until he had more time to think about the situation.

Risk gently pulled Ivory from the bed and into the bathroom where he proceeded to turn the shower on.

Ivory tried to pull away, realizing that Risk intended them to share the shower.

“No,” she protested.

“Yes,” he insisted. Risk picked Ivory up and carried her into the showering, ignoring her protests, knowing they wouldn’t last long.

Risk eased Ivory down until her feet touched the shower floor. He then proceeded to soap his hands and run them over her body. Starting with gentle circular motions on Ivory’s back, Risk began to wash her, careful not to alarm her . . . yet.

Ivory sighed and relaxed into Risk’s warm and knowing caress. As his hands became more bold, brushing the underside of her breasts and stroking high on her thighs, Ivory tried to move away.

Risk chuckled to himself. It was a dangerous game he played, closing in on her erogenous zones and then backing away before she could take offense. Again and again he repeated the motions until her attempts to get away became more like undulations against him, an invitation in itself.

Risk slowly eased his hand down her flat stomach and in between her thighs. Ivory moved restlessly against his hand, trying not to moan her pleasure and satisfaction at his motions. Risk picked up the pace, knowing what she needed and what she liked.

Just as Ivory thought she would drown in the pleasure once again, Risk stopped and turned off the shower. “Do you wish that I should taste you again,” he asked.

Ivory fought a silent battle within herself. Not wishing to appear a whore, but wanting the pleasure he offered her with a recklessness that had become characteristic of her lately. For an answer, Ivory threaded her fingers through his hair and moved his face close to the area that demanded his attention.

Risk licked his tongue up and down Ivory’s crease, enjoying that she was so wet, partly from the shower and partly her own sweet juices in answer to the desire that she felt for him alone. Risk continued to lick non-threateningly up and down until he could feel Ivory moving against his face, silently begging for more.

“I’m not sure I understand what you want. Perhaps you should spell it out for me,” he challenged, continuing to deliver unsatisfying light flicks of his tongue.

Ivory tightened her grip in his hair, determined to make him give her pleasure without her having to give him a verbal answer.

Risk stopped licking Ivory, hard as it was to deny himself her taste, and grabbed his own length, stroking it slowly in response to her silent demand. “I can guarantee you that one of us will have unimaginable pleasure very shortly. If you do not ask, then it will not be you; but if you do so, then it would be ungentlemanly of me to refuse a lady’s request.”

Ivory watched as his hand slowly moved up and down his engorged flesh.

Her eyes upon him were like a flame, and Risk felt himself harden even further. As she continued to watch the flame burned higher and brighter. A very small drop of semen pearled on the tip of his member. Risk realized he was very close to coming and felt a slight anger at Ivory for driving him to this point. He had not really intended to take his pleasure in front of her and leave her unsatisfied, but her definite interest and slightly alarmed gaze was undeniably stimulating.

Ivory cleared her throat before speaking. “I prefer the show in front of me more than I would prefer to receive my own pleasure.”

Ivory lowered herself to the shower floor so she could see up close and personal his release.

Risk continued to stroke, increasing the speed and the pressure of his hand around his flesh, all the while maintaining eye contact with Ivory. As he began to ejaculate, Ivory brought her hand down and caught some of the fluid.

“Would you mind terribly much if I tasted you,” she asked, uncertain of the protocol for so personal an experience.

Risk didn’t think he could be any more aroused, but her innocently asked question brought forth another ripple of pleasure that resulted in another burst of his seed, this time the force of his release causing drops to fall on Ivory’s thigh.

Ivory wiped a drop from her thigh and tentatively brought it to her tongue.

“You taste like anise,” she blurted out.

Risk was hard pressed to hear her in the aftermath of his release, and responded with a non-committal, “Well.”

Ivory continued to taste drops from her thighs and then began to lick her hand clean of the portion she had managed to catch.

“Very tasty,” she commented, and bent over him to taste the last of it from the tip of his swelled flesh.

Risk groaned in the back of his throat at the erotic feel of her warm mouth sliding down his length. Ivory’s tongue swirled over the tip as she moved to pull back.

Risk grabbed her neck and held her still with her mouth hovering just over the head of his penis. Despite his recent release, he was still hard and anxious to have more of her.

“I have bathed you, now I would appreciate it if you would return the favor by bathing me with your tongue,” Risk urged.

Ivory looked up at him with wide questioning eyes as he allowed his grip on her neck to slacken.

“As you were doing will do for now,” Risk directed her.

Ivory began to gently lick his shaft again and grew bold as she felt his gentle thrusts in her direction. Taking the length of him in her mouth, Ivory allowed a portion of it to slide down her throat each time. She continued to bob her head up and down until Risk could stand the gentle ministrations no more.

Risk grabbed a handful of her hair and held her immobile. “Do not struggle against me,” he instructed as he began to thrust deeply into her of his own violation. Risk’s thrusts into her mouth grew more and more rough as he increased his speed and felt yet another orgasm chase through him.

Ivory tried her hardest not to move under him or fight the movements through her mouth and down her throat, but they were much faster and harsher than she was prepared for and she whimpered slightly at his abuse.

Risk quickly released her hair when he heard her muffled protest and came all over her face and breasts instead of down her throat where he would have like to be.

Risk gently stood before Ivory and wiped her face clean with a warm cloth. Risk continued down her body, licking away the residue left on her breasts.

“You have given me great pleasure,” he whispered against her flesh, as he took one nipple into his mouth and began to lightly nibble upon it, “A guy could get used to this.”

Ivory clasped her hands behind his head in response, encouraging him to take more of her breast into his mouth.

Risk suddenly moved away leaving Ivory bereft of all sensation. “But still you did not do as I asked, and tell me what you wanted, so you still get nothing. But thank you for letting me fuck your face. I found it very . . .” Risk paused, looking for the right word, “Stimulating, to say the least.”

Risk rose from the shower floor and walked away, leaving Ivory alone and unsatisfied. Ivory pulled herself from the floor and dried herself before returning to the bed and cursing Risk’s name.

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