tagInterracial LoveBrad Is Looking For Something Ch. 03

Brad Is Looking For Something Ch. 03


"You did what? With who? Where?" Jessica jokingly asked over the phone. Ann had just told her a PG -13 version of what happened with Brad just an hour ago.

"I'm not repeating myself! So you need to remember what I just said five seconds ago dumb ass!" There was a long pause before Jessica laughed loudly.

"It's not that funny!!!!,"Ann said over Jessica's laughter.

"I didn't know your major was running."

"Whatever! You are such a bad friend for laughing at me in my time of need," Ann whined in a fake sad voice, adding some fake sobs to bring the point home.

"Shut up! You know if that had happened to me you would have laughed your ass off!"

Jessica proceeded to laugh some more before asking, " So what's the problem?"

"It's going too damn fast! When we were in the lobby and um, I was flat on my back. Oh my god, we were getting into it with our clothes on and he asked me... he asked me..."

"Spit it out! What did he ask you?!" Jessica asked eagerly.

"Did I want to fuck him. Right there on the couch in the lounge." Ann's voice was barely a whisper.


"And I said yes."

"Damn! Slut!"

"So I am scared of what's going to happen on this date tomorrow. All this doing sexual things in public stuff is not going to fly. Imagine my mother having to drive seven hours to bail me out of jail for indecent exposure."

"I'll jump in the car with her and miss work and school just to see that," Jessica replied excitedly.

"Shut up. I don't think our agreement is going to last very long."

"What agreement?"

"I told him all he wanted was sex so he said that he would not touch me unless I asked him to."

"And?! It shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't ask, right?" Jessica reasoned.

"I don't know," Ann replied, clearly worried. "I think he may have something up his sleeve. He agreed too quickly. I can't let him fuck me, but I just can't that not how it suppose to happen."

"What? How is it supposed to happen?"

"You have to be with someone at least six month before having sex," Ann replied primly.

"Who said that?" Jessica responded incredulously.

"I did. It's one of my rules," Ann said stiffly.

"Not your fucking rules again! You have four stupid rules and that was not one of them."

"Whatever! They are not stupid. They keep me from getting hurt by men like so many women and I just added the last one."

"Oh god." The exasperation in Jessica's voice was clear.

"I am going to tell you the rules again:

1 Always be in control, never let a man control you

2 Never depend on any man

3 Never take any shit from a man

4 Have your own shit so that you never need a man to give you shit

5 Don't have sex for a least six months "

"You need help when you find the right person, rules are not going to matter because you love each other"

"Well, I am not in love so until then I am going follow my rules."

"Okay, so what are you going to do about Brad"

"I am going to cancel the date."


"If I go on the date, I am going to break one of my rules, so I can't go."

"But didn't you tell him you wanted to be taken out on a date?"

"Yeah and your point is?"

"You sound like a crazy person Ann."

"I am not crazy"

"You just added this rule, can't you just take it out?"

"Nope, can't take back a rule."

"Who made up that rule?"

"I did."

"Oh my god! From what you told me about Brad, he is not going to take you breaking your date without wanting to know why."

"I'll tell him I am sick with a 24 hour flu."

"Okay, um, tell me how that works out."

"It will work out just fine. I'll call him in the morning."

"Bye crazy girl."

"Bye and I am not crazy."

All Ann heard was Jessica's laughter before she hung up.

In the morning, Ann looked through Holly's desk for Brad's number. She found it in her address book; next to his name were five hearts. So what it does not matter to me because I don't want him, she can have him, Ann thought to herself. She dialed his number praying that the voice mail picked up and not Brad. Today was not her lucky day.


He sounded so sexy. Fuck!

"Hi Brad, its Ann."

"Hi, what up?"

Cough, cough "I really don't feel very good, I think I got a 24 hour flu, so I need to cancel the date." Ann gave what she hoped sounded like a credible cough.

"Really? That's too bad."

"Yeah, really bad so see ya around. Bye." Ann hung up before he could say anything else.

Ten seconds later her phone rang. Damn it! Ann panicked. I forgot to block my number. I am a big girl I can handle this. Releasing a slow breath, Ann answered the phone with another bout of coughing.

"Hi," she said weakly.

"So since you only have a 24 hour flu, we could go out when the 24 hours is up." Brad stated reasonably.

"I think it might last longer," Ann snapped.

"Really?" Brad murmured.

"Why do you keep saying really? Do you think that I'd be so immature that I'd lie to you just to get out of a date?" she finished by coughing loudly to drive her point home.

"No, of course not." Brad replied smoothly.

"Cause I wouldn't," she continued, coughing again for effect.

"Since you're sick, I'll bring you some medicine." Brad offered.

"Already have some." Ann muttered.

"It can't be working very will cause you keep coughing so I'll bring you a different kind."

"That will not be necessary..." Ann began, but he had already hung up.

Damn it! He only lived in the next dorm; he could get there in two minutes if he wanted. Ann changed back into her pajamas just in time to hear the knock on the door. She messed up her hair and splashed water on her face to make herself appear sweaty.

She opened the door.

"Hi, like I said this is very sweet but I don't need any...what the hell..." she stated in disbelief.

Brad walked in the room before she had a chance to protest. Then he hopped his arrogant ass onto her freshly made up bed .

She decided to switch tactics to get him out of her room.

"Just give me the medicine and you can be on your way. I would not want you to get sick." She made a dry, hacking cough.

"I got a flu shot." Brad said dryly.


"Um, well, I need lots of rest, so give me the medicine so you can go." Ann replied impatiently.

"I'm your medicine." He gave her a crooked smile.

"What?!" She exclaimed.

"Everyone knows sex cures all so let's get to it." He had the nerve to stretch out on her bed. Ann stayed where she was by the door.

"You can't touch me till I say you can," she said weakly.

"You just told me to give you your medicine and I am your medicine so technically..." Brad trailed off confidently.

He got off the bed and started to walk towards her in no time he was right in front of her. Ann was trapped with her back against the door.

"Technically nothing! You're not making any sense whatsoever. You touch me, you're breaking the deal!"

He placed both his hands against the door on either side of her, making her feel even more trapped and whispered in her ear. "I don't like playing games Ann. I'm a pretty straightforward man. I don't like you lying to me. I am going to ask you a question and you're going to answer me honestly or we're going to have a problem. Got it?"

This mother...who the fuck does he think he is? Ann fumed to herself.

"No, I don't. What do you mean problem?"

"You know what happen to little girls who lie?"

"No, what happens to them?"

"They get spanked."

"What the fuck?! You would not dare!"

"Try me..so are you sick?"

Should she push her luck? "No."

"So you lied to me" Brad growled.

"Yep and since my daddy is seven hours away and you are not man enough to teach me a lesson I guess I'll get away with it." Ann replied smugly.

He grabbed her wrists and slammed them against the door. Anger flashed in his eyes. "I am getting tired of these fucking games Ann. I am not one to be played with"

For a second, Ann got kind of scared and probably would have been worried if she was not so turned on by his anger. Rule number 1 never let a man control you it was rule number one for a reason. Since Ann couldn't run like she had in the past when a man mistakenly thought they could control her, she had to fight and Ann fought dirty.

For the first time, Ann kissed him first and none too lightly. She wanted to show him that she could not be controlled by him. After getting over the shock of suddenly being kissed Brad took over, making sure she knew who was really in control. Then Ann bit his lip almost drawing blood.

He pulled back and turned her around roughly, crushing her stomach against the door. Brad grabbed her hair and pulled her head to one side. Good thing Ann decided not to get a weave and rocked her real hair or he might have had a handful of fake hair.

He started to to kiss her long, beautiful neck softly. It was an odd combination with the pain that she still felt from him pulling her hair. The wetness she felt running down her thighs was evidence that she loved everything he was doing to her.

His other hand did not stay idle. It was running up and down her side, then it started to go down into her pants and in between her thighs. When reached its destination, it found wetness. That helped his fingers sink into her pussy slowly. At the same time, his naughty mouth bit her hard making her cry out with pleasure and pain.

Only reason that Brad was not fucking the shit out of Ann on the dorm room floor was because he knew that she was virgin from his past experiences with her. All her running was just because she was scared but she was hot as fuck and would be a good fuck at that. She was so responsive even now his hand was soaked with her juices. Those sexy moans coming from the back of her throat and her body was wiggling around; her ass rubbing against his hard on was making it hard for him to breath.

The sound of the door unlocking brought them both down to earth. Brad pulled back and Ann slipped into the bathroom before the front door fully opened, leaving Brad to face the music alone.

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