Braining Ch. 02


"I'm not sure. I've +pushed long enough that I don't have to think in that much detail to do it. You know, to walk, you don't have to think, move left foot forward, transfer weight to left leg..."

"OK, let me think of an example... when we were in the pool, and you were anxious about cumming on my tongue," her face flushed bright red, "and I +pushed you that it was OK, how did that come across to you?"

"Oh, I was flooded with visuals of us there, just like we were, me on the side, you in the water, only in the pictures, I was cumming, and in reality, I wasn't yet."

"So that +pushing was very visual... interesting. How about that first one, at band practice, when I +pushed you to flash me?"

"That one was kind of verbal. Well, not really verbal, not like you were ordering me, just kind of a thought, 'Show Brian your undies. Move so he can see up your leg,' kind of thing."

"Interesting. Sending those didn't seem all that different to me, although in the pool, I was obviously much more focused."

"Try one now," she said. She sat there just a second, then said, "OK, got it."

"What did you receive?"

"I saw us, naked, going at it."

"How? Missionary? Doggy?"

She blushed, "Sixty-nine."

"Excellent. That's exactly what I sent. Here's another..."

She began to unbutton her shirt. He smiled and said, "OK, cool. What did you receive that time?"

"It was more like when you +pushed me to flash you, sort of an unspeaking voice, 'Take off your shirt.'"

"Interesting. 'Unspeaking voice,' I like that! It didn't seem all that different to me. Maybe it is, and I just haven't locked in on what the difference feels like. Try this one..."

"Um, I'm not receiving anything."

"Really? How about now?"

"Nope, nothing."

"OK, that's good to know."

"What were you sending me?"

"A compliment, 'You look nice tonight.'"

Now it was her turn to say, "Interesting. I don't think I've ever tried to just send a statement, or a message."

She tried, and Brian also received nothing.

He said, "When there are a lot of people around, how well can you single out just one to receive?"

"I don't know. I've never thought about it. I mean, I don't do this very often -- more than anything I want to keep it a secret."

"Yeah, it would be tough to handle if someone found out, think of how many 'favors' they would constantly be asking."

"But Brian, when you +pushed me to flash you, no one else did it, so that proves that only I received it."

"Well, probably, but I was only looking at you. Maybe some of the other girls flashed me, too, and I never saw it. Or maybe they 'heard' it, and just weren't willing to..."

"Hmmm. There's only two of us here, how do we test it?"

"Um, tomorrow at band practice, let's try getting different guys to make mistakes. We'll take turns +pushing them with fragments of the wrong song. If only our target flubs, then we know we can aim it at one person. If they mess up together, then we know that when we 'send,' it's just an unfocused blast, and everyone 'hears' it."

: : : : :

Brian found his mood souring at work on Friday. Her parents were returning, and their week of living together was over.

He got a text from her a little past noon, saying merely,

> Call me when you get a chance.

<<< I'm on lunch break. U?

She must have been at lunch also - his phone rang, with her special ringtone.

" 'Sup?"

"Well, I have some news, and you might think it's good, depending on how you feel about sleeping together..."

"I'm all ears..."

"My aunt is really sick. She needs serious rehab. My parents are going to be spending weekends helping her."

"Every weekend?"

"Uh huh."

"All weekend long?"

"They'll leave after lunch on Friday, get back Sunday evening."

"Both of them?"

"If they didn't both go, they would have to hire a nurse, at weekend rates."

"For the entire summer?"

"For at least six months, that's the rest of the year."

"That's a lot of airfare."

"They won't be flying most weeks. By car it's three and a half hours, so they'll be driving, starting today."

"I thought they were getting back today."

"They did. They were here this morning, just home long enough to re-pack. They've already left."

Brian felt bad for Blair's aunt, but had a feeling he was going to benefit from her parents being gone every weekend.

"Do you, um, want to stay over?"

"Well, yeah! Do you want me to?"

"Um, yeah!"

"Then we're on. We should go to band practice and hang out, though, if we want to look normal. Otherwise, they'll all know we're off fucking like bunnies."

"Brian!" she giggled. "See ya there. Bring your toothbrush."

"A w e s o m e . . ."

: : : : :

That night at practice, the band was a shambles. One by one, they made major mistakes. The wheels just came off, even on songs they'd played for years. Brian and Blair hid their grins as one of the players explained that all bands have off nights, and that he was glad this one was just at practice, not in front of an audience.

(to be continued)

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