tagNonHumanBrandy and the Toad Princes

Brandy and the Toad Princes


Brandy had finished her shift at the House of Dreams, a store of strange wonders. Toys of all varieties, wondrous candies from around the world, clothing which was exotic to the states, and many other strange trinkets were sold at the shop. People stopped by regularly to stare in amazement, and now and then people purchased the goods, whether a cute outfit for a girlfriend or perhaps Japanese candies for children. It was a nice place to visit.

There was a pull on Brandy when she first drove past the enchanting shop which looked like it was out of a fairytale, with a dark purple roof and a white overhang with the semicircles going around the building. The wooden walls were painted aqua. Inside was just as eccentric, each room a new color, each one just as eye catching. The rooms created a small maze which children and adults alike loved to wander, getting easily lost and having fun trying to find each other and the exit.

However, there was a dark side to the House of Dreams. It wasn't that there was a room of nightmares, but one of vices. Lust was the most prominent, with outfits that were not only exotic, but entirely erotic. Brandy had tried some on for her boyfriend James, but ultimately he just wanted her naked. The outfits were far too expensive to warrant throwing them on the ground within two minutes of seeing James.

A few thoughts of the outfits flittered through Brandy's head, and she grinned a touch. It was obvious her body was pleasing, though she put little effort into it. Her skin was tan and soft to the touch, while being free of blemishes and pleasing to the eye. Two bright blue orbs gave her an innocent, spritely look, complimented by full and playful lips and straight brown hair. It was a dark brown, usually with bangs coving over a portion of her right eye, the rest pulled back into a pony tail.

Though her face was quite the sight, her body was pleasing as well. Pert B cups graced her chest with small areolas, and quarter inch nipples poking out. The nerves in her breasts were active, creating a pleasant sensation in her breasts when they were massaged. The nipples were a different story. Simply rubbing the nubs set her to groaning, a frustrating sexual tension overtaking her whenever James would suck on them, or even touch them. Moving down from her breasts she had a nice waist, size eight, which led to a slightly filled out butt and nice thighs. She knew she was beautiful, and the intense looks she fielded from men all around her verified her sense of physical superiority.

The parking lot was empty when she locked up. It had recently rained and she could smell the scent of dirt in the air as earth worms made their way out of the earth to the hopeful safety of asphalt. She tried to avoid stepping on them, watching them slither, bunching up to become thick, then stretching and becoming unbelievably thin. Some were dead, run over by cars. It distracted her from the toads which had also come up from the earth.

Three fat toads crawled over the pavement, each one about two feet in width and nearly circular. Their bodies were flabby, the fat hanging over their nearly flat frames. Green bodies were covered in warts of various sizes. Yellow eyes peered up at the girl, and the middle toad licked its lips. Brandy was still watching the worms intently until one of them croaked loudly. She was startled, but she didn't back away from the creatures in front of her.

"You must be the biggest toads I've ever seen." She marveled, coming a little closer. When one toad licked its lips with a tongue the width of a finger, Brandy paused. "I wonder what caused you all to come out here." Her voice was sweet and she crouched down, hands on her knees, watching the creatures. The yellow eyes seemed to glow and Brandy cocked her head as she gazed into the eyes.

The center toad croaked, "We're looking for a princess to transform us into princes." The other toads chortled a little. Brandy was astonished, speechless at this new development. "If you help us, dear, we'll become princes."

For a moment, Brandy couldn't believe her senses. She looked about the parking lot for any sign of people, but there were no people around. Fields surrounded the House of Dreams and cars had long ago left. No one would be driving by so late at night, and if this were a prank, she would be able to see the pranksters. So was her reasoning when she spoke, "I believe I may be dreaming, but you are talking to me, so it's polite of me to respond. Is it like the stories, where I only need to kiss you?" The thought was revolting and amazing to Brandy. Working in a fairytale store, she was now living an actual fairytale, even if only in her dreams.

"No, it's unfortunately not that simple." All three toads looked to the ground, almost ashamed, aside from the toad to Brandy's right. He was still chortling. The center frog slapped him in the eye with his tongue, and the right toad became sullen. "You see, we are toads, a lowly creature, unlike the frogs. We were cursed thrice by witches, and so have taken on this form. You must kiss us in our special place, or take us within you, and take all of our released liquids, or we won't transform to be princes."

A look of horror crossed Brandy's face. She tried not to gag at the thought, but it was too late: she was envisioning the slimy green toad penises in her mouth. Then the toads moved to the side, revealing thick, wart covered dicks, each about eight inches in length. "Please, miss? We just want to be handsome men again. When you help us gain our nobility back, we'll treat you like a princess. Just do this one, slightly degrading, thing."

It took a moment for Brandy to truly think of what was happening. But it was a dream, and eventually she acquiesced to the toads' desires. She nodded and started towards them, removing her top and bra, allowing her breasts to hang freely. Even so, they maintained incredible shape. A long tongue thrashed out of the center toad, slapping her breast. The tongue was wet, warm, and sticky, pulling her forward a little as it retracted. The feeling caused her breasts to ache a little, but Brandy kept her groans to herself.

Then the tongues seemed to lunge freely, slapping into her breasts and pulling her forward with regularity. It seemed like a game as the tongues moved close to the areolas and slapped each other if one came too close to the nipple. Each strike brought Brandy closer to the toads, until she was only ten feet away. The center and left toad hit the mark, striking the left and right nipples, wrapping slightly around the erect nubs.

Brandy couldn't hold in the groan. It left her lips as they parted slightly, a raspy, low moan. The feeling of immense pleasure forced her eyes closed and the toads pulled their tongues back again. This time there was traction, along with Brandy's knees being weak. When the tongues retracted, they brought the topless beauty to her knees. She tried with all her might not to drop to her hands, but another strike to her nipples, tugging on her now immensely stimulated breasts, forced her to brace herself with her hands, getting her on all four.

The toads moved in on her. Panting gave away that she was hopelessly excited and exhausted. Soon the toad which couldn't stop laughing was beside her. Moving to the side, it revealed the thick meat. Brandy put a hand on it, though she couldn't wrap her hand all the way around. She pulled the toad under her and put both of her hands on its cock. Her fingers were able to lock, and her thumbs touched the joints, but she knew it would be hard to swallow the toad down. Tongues started to lash her breasts, whipping across them, pleasuring her, wiggling her chest.

Closing her eyes and concentrating, Brandy started to moan with every pleasing lick from the toads. Eventually they focused on her nipples, wrapping their tongues around the nubs, pulling on them gently, then harder, until letting her go, and making her sway to her right or left, depending on which toad assaulted her bosom. Finally Brandy conjured enough concentration to kiss the tip of the toad's thick cock. Soon her lips were opening to suck on the head slowly, her tongue moving over the large head, especially under it, licking up the precum. It didn't taste as poorly as she expected, though it was far from as pleasant as James'.

A toad positioned itself under her, and she extended her body, her ass up in the air. She lowered her head and started licking the chuckling toad from his balls all the way up to the tip, kissing, sucking, and licking over and over again. One hand continued to stroke him, while the other braced her. The toad under her breasts caught her nipple and pulled her lower. On any normal man her breasts were not big enough to titty fuck, but on the toad below her, it was more than possible.

Brandy slowly moved back and forth, her breasts massaging the toad's dick. Every wart which passed between her breasts brought a new groan. With two toads working towards fruition, she took the chuckling toad into her mouth as best she could, barely taking an inch as it painfully stretched her mouth.

The final toad, the toad which was in the center previously, moved around to Brandy's back, viewing her shapely butt as it swayed and squirmed. As soon as Brandy realized this, alerted by a croak, she removed her pants and panties as quickly as possible, using the cock in her mouth for balance. She choked on it several times, having to use her hands for support to allow her to breathe.

Despite the difficulties, her pants and panties were soon off, and her body was completely exposed to these dream toads. The center toad hopped up on her lower back, feet slipping and doing their best to keep on her smooth body. She could feel the cock drag along her back, until the toad was finally hanging over her butt. Brandy braced herself, closing her eyes as she prepared to be opened wide by this future prince.

It felt like an eternity as she waited. Her mouth continued to stretch to please the chuckling toad, a single hand stroking him furiously. She moved back and forth to give pleasure to both her breasts and the toad under her. Yet each time she moved back, she nearly flinched, waiting for the hot, wart covered cock to ram her, opening her wider than any man she had known. Time after time, nothing happened, as if the toad was waiting, waiting for the time she eased her body so he could violate her so deeply and thoroughly.

"Don't worry, dear. This will feel amazing: I swear it." The words were soothing, and she did ease up finally. As her body moved back, she could feel a thick head start to move into her sex. There was no time to tense up or panic as she barely felt each wart flow inside of her, the entire length extending her insides to accommodate the massive girth. In no time, he had entered all the way inside her, and held it in her.

Brandy froze, eyes wide, mouth wide, body still. All the sweat on her body brought sudden chills despite the warm air, and whimpers issued from her open mouth. The cock wasn't long enough to reach all the way back inside of her, but it was thick enough to make her feel like she was about to rip in two. In a few moments she remembered to take full breaths, gasping, her head going down as she got used to the girth inside her hole. Soon, it was a pleasurable warmth, as if she really was made to receive this creature's girth.

Then it truly began in earnest. The toad on her ass continued to pound into her, over and over again. First it was slow going, the warts nearly perceptible. She groaned loudly while still trying to pleasure the toad in front of her. With the force of the thrusts, her body moved back and forth more rapidly, pleasuring the creature below her with her perfect breasts.

Taking nearly two inches of cock into her mouth, she stroked the toad vigorously, and soon he released, exploding in her mouth. She wanted to gag: it was just too much cum. However, she remembered the words of the toads, that she had to take it all in, and so she dutifully swallowed it all, filling her belly. She moved the toad aside, watching its penis soften, and she grabbed the toad at her tits, moving it up to her mouth. Giving more head, that toad soon exploded in her mouth as well, and again she swallowed. These toads had obviously not been pleasured in some time, as her belly started to feel full.

Relief overtook her as she realized the final toad would empty in her womb. She hoped that this wouldn't impregnate her, the coupling with magical toad princes. Resting her head on her forearms, laying down on the concrete, she groaned loudly, building to a climax, as the toad banged her senseless. Her eyes began to roll up and she let out a scream, then a series of whimpers and loud moans as she exploded with pleasure.

Her bottom lip quivered as she rested back down on her forearms, grunting lightly whenever the toad dick slammed into her. Then the toad tensed and Brandy moaned, "Cum inside of me. Become princes." Her words were dreamy, barely whispered, hard to hear. But the toad must not have heard her. At the last second he pulled out, letting the cum shoot out over her back, a hot, wet, sticky mess. She groaned and glared at the toad in disbelief. "Don't you want to be a prince?!"

Brandy was furious, and the toad could only croak, "I got carried away, dear. I so wanted to see your beautiful body covered in my cum. Forgive me." The toads all looked down, except the one which couldn't help but chortle. Brandy didn't seem to notice.

"Fine, but I don't want to see you again. You had one chance with me to become princes, and you blew it." Brandy stood up, feeling the cum dribble down her back and butt crack. It felt strange, yet exciting. She put her shirt and pants on, leaving her fine panties and bra off.

She got in her car and looked out the window at the parking lot. The worms were still there, but the toads were gone. The arm markings were outlined by water, but there was no sign of the three toads. Still, down her back, she could feel her shirt start to stick. It had to be true, she thought. Or maybe she direly needed sleep.

Within thirty minutes she arrived at home, quick showered, and crashed, naked, in her bed, falling asleep and having all sorts of strange dreams.

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