tagErotic CouplingsBrief Encounter Ch. 01

Brief Encounter Ch. 01


Chapter 1 Summer Rain

I unlocked the door to the apartment and all but tumbled thru it. Joshua was behind me, trying to get his hands back into the belt in my skirt.

"Come here Kitty," he called softly pulling me into his arms as he braced up on the kitchen counter. We were both soaking wet and the door was still swinging in the nice gale that was building outside with the rain.

"Baby I really should close the door." I tried to escape the kiss he planted on me, but damn, he knew how to take my breath. He dropped to his knees in front of me and hoisted me on to the kitchen counter with ease before pulling my pink boyshorts to a side and inhaling.

"J... no, lemme go bathe first please?" I was pleading but I knew it wouldn't make a difference he had the lust driven drunken look in his eyes and there was no stopping him when he looked like that.

With one swift motion he hooked his fingers in the crotch of the lace panty and ripped it away, exposing my swollen clitoris. His face was so beautiful now. The rain water still leaving rivlets down his face. He really was soaked to the bone, his shirt was clinging to his well muscled shoulders, and he looked delicious like that. Honestly, he looked edible. Even with my kitchen door swinging wide open I couldn't resist him.

As his tongue found my clit I started dragging my clothes off. My shirt and skirt came over my head easily, the panty was already ruined and it really didn't matter because what he did after I got them off caused me to lock my slippery legs around his ears in a crushing head lock.

"Daa-a-a-...J...." I couldn't get the words together as his tongue flicked over my clit, he had me pulled forward further now, so he could prop my legs on his shoulders and bury his face in my snatch. He is the most persistent guy I know, I once made the mistake of telling him I couldn't cum without feeling a finger inside me, or something to give extra stimuli, he ate me out for an hour and a half and four orgasms, without the finger, just to prove his point.

He was working figure eights now and I was losing control. I began to claw at his head trying to get him deeper, only to feel his hands clamp down on the top of my legs, spreading my labia even further apart, so he could start a slow, deliberately moderate stroke with his tongue. He was building my orgasm. You see, he knows I can withstand forceful and rushed tongue lashings. But once he starts this the rhythm will win and I will cum, like a fountain.

God! He was only there all of five minutes when I felt the tingle and the tension pulling at my clit. The moans I was letting out were graduating into small shrieking sounds, I was riding his face like a woman possessed. I wanted him to lick my insides out, the rain was buzzing in my ears.

And suddenly I could hear his heartbeat. Or was it mine? I don't know still, there was a silence as that particular orgasm overcome me and I felt my body rise completely off the kitchen counter, he was fully erect now, not only in his pants, somehow my flailing right hand brushed the front of his pants and I discovered that, but he was also standing straight up, balancing me on his shoulders and my neck.

My orgasms with him normally last longer than with anyone else, and he takes full advantage of it, pushing further and further until I know he can feel my pussy tightening and releasing around his tongue.


I love it when he tongue fucks me, no one else does it with the gusto he does.

I'm still pulsing as he gently lays me back on the counter and peels off his damp shirt, unzipping his pants and taking my most prized possession out. It was a difficult task for him, dislodging his dick from his 'hanes' boxer briefs whilst he's rock hard. With a grin like a teenager he finally gets it loose and allows me to drag him forward for a kiss.

Those lips are full of my juice and I love them every bit as much as he loves mine. I devour him, making sure his face is cleaned by time he pulls away to drag me to the edge of the counter, I know he wants to take it from behind, he loves the sensation, so I ready myself to turn over, only to have him stop me.

"No baby," he whispers, lifting my legs into the crook of his elbows, "you're going to take this dick right here." I caress his face, letting my fingers slide down his neck almost closing around his throat, to let them drop to his chest and hold him around the waist. I only just realize he had let his chest hair grow out, the soft dark strands were barely noticeable on his dark shiny skin.

So sexy.

As soon as I focused on this, I felt him. As usual my pussy had clamped down after I had cum so I was as tight as a virgin as he tried to enter me. I tried to breathe easily, but he felt huge, so much like the first guy who was way smaller than josh by far. The loud moan passed my lips as he pushed into me, there was always this resistance, he told me it felt like going thru three different stages, or three different hands were closing around his dick. To me it felt like I was being popped open, in three sometimes four ways, until he was in me completely.

And he loved this sensation, even now as hungry as he was, he was entering me as slowly as possible, now reaching the second barrier, pulling his dick back a little, and pressing onward. I didn't realize I had my eyes closed until the burst of colour hit my eyelids as he passed the final barrier and slowly and gently, slid his entire dick inside me.

He adjusted so that my legs were around his waist now, allowing me to sit up. Considering we had never tried a standing missionary before, it was slightly uncomfortable, I felt like I was going to break his dick if I moved. And there is no way Joshua Steele was making love to me, and I wasn't going to move. I would have to be dead.

As if he read my mind, I felt him lean back on his heels, and place his big hands firmly under my ass. Reading his mind I clung to his neck, locking my legs behind him, allowing him to move me from the counter to the wall behind him, directly inline with my sprawling open kitchen door.

"Oh, shit..." I whispered as my eyes focused on the doorway, I could see my neighbours trees, swaying with the rains outside; I could see the torrents of rain, beating down on my driveway. I could see my door was open, I was all but naked, and my man was getting ready to hammer me on this wall right now in front of that door.

"Baby, lemme close the door," I don't know why I even bothered to ask; his response was to capture my lips in his and kiss me senseless, as he began pounding away in his pussy.

Ohhhh... for this session I did not move on my own accord, there is no way I could have, he had me between him and the wall, and I was being pounded. I was moaning, screaming speaking Spanish, German, frigging Italian, and I don't know any Italian. I could hear him growling as he fought to keep his own orgasm at bay, he dove deeper and deeper into his pussy, sending me off the deep end. I was scratching at his back, pulling deeper still, until he actually paused and grabbed my hands slamming them over my head with one hand so he could hold my ass with the other and keep me elevated.

I couldn't help it any more; I wanted him to cum so hard his knees would give away. As revenge for the counter top incident, slowly at first I began to slip in little motions with my hips meeting him as he thrust forward. Until I built a rhythm identical to his and I was gyrating my hips whilst bouncing away on his dick. I felt his first change when he released my hands and spun me off the wall, back on the counter, never missing a stroke. The liquid shine on his body was now sweat, his eyes were on me as I ran a finger down his torso to collect enough of him to lick, and put that finger in my mouth sucking on it. This seemed to add to his building release and he let out something not short of a bellow and spun me over so fast I had to twist my body to get my arm up.

This is how my baby likes his pussy, ass up.

The hand on my shoulder told me he was so close, my dick seemed to swell inside his pussy. Yes, my dick. As he pumped away I know that his dick was mine as well as he knew my pussy was his. But something much more important than ownership was coming up.

"Mariaaaa," one hand was on my hip the other on my shoulder, my hands were locked up in the kitchen towel I had managed to grab a hold of.

Oh fuck, I was going to cum too, I could feel the pressure building inside me, and he could feel it too, in fact, his strokes got even more vicious he was slamming into me with a force that made most porn stars look like amateurs, and not slowly either, nothing more to be said between us, there was no energy for it.

My second orgasm exploded as soon as he finally let go of his own, I couldn't even push him off, so my squirt wouldn't run down his legs if it did exactly what it did, rebound off the kitchen cupboard we were leaning on. My knees collapsed and he caught me just in time, as his dick slid out of me, he gently hoisted me back on the counter top.

"Well, now that we've finished that," he said kissing me tenderly, "I think I'm going to go close the door. You're neighbours have seen quite enough."

Sure enough as I looked at his shirtless body pulling in the wooden door, I saw him wave to Mrs. Gibson and I heard her call over that summer rain always makes good for gardening.

Summer rain my sweet fat ass.

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