tagNovels and NovellasBrobdingnag Ch. 02

Brobdingnag Ch. 02


This is the second chapter of the parts expunged from the published Gulliver’s Travels.

Chapter Two

The author is in peril from Lady Petrova. Griselda anoints him with unguent. The court jeweller makes measurements. Is it a protection or a restraint? The jeweller’s curious contrivances produced. The author ends in peril again.

I was sleeping soundly between the Lady Petrova’s breasts when she turned on to her side.

I was in danger of imminent extinction. Her breasts are so large that when recumbent on her back I could stand between them with my head lower than her aureoles. Her nipples protruded like cairns on hillocks. Now she had moved I was being crushed between her breasts. My whole body was struggling under the massive inertia of the upper breast. I had a passing thought that there had been an antique punishment of being crushed under heavy weights. Now I appreciated the agonies that malefactors condemned to such a fate would have undergone. I was in a similar position even though the object oppressing me was soft and yielding.

It was fortunate that I had been sleeping with one arm above my head and that I was not wearing any attire. The friction between my attire and her skin, smooth though it was by the standards of Brobdingnag, would have prevented my escape.

With my free hand I caught the hem of her garment and gave a prodigious pull while shaking my body as much as her bosom allowed. To my immense relief I gained a few inches of movement releasing my other arm. Using both I was able to extricate my body from its mortal peril and found myself resting on the rounded upper portion of her breast.

I was still in an awkward predicament. If the Lady Petrova moved again I could be crushed under the full weight of her body beyond any hope of release. Holding fast to the hem of her garment I let my lower limbs dangle. I released my hold and dropped to the soft mattress, which cushioned my fall of eighteen feet or so.

It would have been instantly fatal to have attempted to leave the bed. The drop from the edge to the marble floor was fifty feet or more. Yet if I remained in the bed I was in peril from any movement the Lady Petrova might make while she was still asleep. To give myself a vantage point and time to assess such options as were available I used the Lady’s profuse tresses as a climbing aid. Once I had attained the top of her head I scrambled up the pillow and at the peak I sat back against the bed head.

From my vantage point I could see the whole extent of the bed. The Lady Petrova was to one side of the mattress still wearing her daytime apparel. I would not be safe from her involuntary movements anywhere upon the surface of the bed. I could not leave the bed without sustaining serious injury. I felt like the ancient Greek voyagers who had to run the gauntlet of Scylla and Charybdis.

My situation was not improved by my lack of clothing. Between the Lady’s breasts I had been warm and comfortable. The temperature of the room had not been noticeable while I had been at my toilet expecting to dress myself momentarily. Now I was suddenly deprived of that warmth and very far from my own attire that I could see on a side table a hundred feet away.

More as an aid to cogitation than with any serious purpose I walked along the upper edge of the pillow moving cautiously past the Lady’s recumbent head. Beyond it I found her mobcap that may have been displaced by the violence of her movements in her aroused excitement. I hastened towards it and insinuated myself inside its extensive folds. The masses of material gave warmth to my shivering body.

Although the mobcap gave me warmth, the sensations returning to my body were not agreeable. The use to which the Lady Petrova had put me had produced extensive bruising and I was unable to lie comfortably in any position. I dozed fitfully.

I was woken by the Lady calling my name. She may have been calling at a normal level of voice but she outrivalled Stentor to my ears. I emerged from my concealment and endeavoured to attract her attention by shouting as loudly as I could and waving my arms. Eventually she noticed me and caught me up in her hand. I winced as her fingers closed about my body.

She noticed my distress and enquired the reason. I explained that I had been severely bruised by our earlier sportive gambols. She seemed to find my terminology amusing but called for her personal maid whom I shall call Griselda.

The Lady Petrova explained my injured condition to Griselda. The maid left the chamber returning presently with a hogshead containing some emollient preparation to anoint my bruising. The two ladies insisted that this ointment should be applied to my whole person. The Lady Petrova even suggested that they might apply it forcibly if I did not consent forthwith. Reluctantly and because I feared further indignities if I did not comply I agreed.

Griselda smeared the unguent liberally over my whole integument and to my intense distress drew her mistress’s attention to the inevitable result of her ministrations to my private parts. My erection appeared to cause them intense amusement and they whispered in each other’s ears in a Brobdingnagian dialect that I could not interpret.

Griselda examined my person intently as she was anointing me and announced that I was indeed sorely abraded and would need repose if my constitution was not to be permanently impaired. This caused her mistress some pangs because she had been the cause of my enfeeblement but she consented that I should recuperate for a couple of days after which they would consider if any further measures would be necessary to aid my recovery.

Griselda very carefully carried me in a fold of her handkerchief to my travelling casket and placed me inside. Apart from delivering the necessary victuals at appropriate times and removal of the night soil I was left undisturbed for two whole days for which I gave thanks. Throughout that period I did little but sleep as best I could.

On the morning of the third day Griselda announced that she had brought someone to see me. She introduced him as the court jeweller and gave me to understand that he had been commissioned by her Majesty the Queen to produce a life size statue of my humble self.

The jeweller had very small and nimble fingers by the standards of Brobdingnag. I could well appreciate that he was an artisan capable of very fine work. His measurements of my body and person were meticulously made with callipers and a silken tape measure. He seemed to take unnecessarily frequent measurements of my torso and head but not being privy to the secrets of his art I made no demur.

I was still grievously bruised but Griselda’s unguent appeared to have eased the pain. While the jeweller was making his precise measurements she inspected me through a magnifying glass. Once he had left the chamber she announced that she would anoint me again and gave me no choice in the matter.

Her fingers were deft and for her size very gentle. Once she had completed the application she informed me that she would be recommending to the Lady Petrova that I should recuperate for a further two days. I signalled my gratitude for I had to recognise that the bruising I had received inside the Lady Petrova had been extensive.

The reprieve allowed me to exercise my body gradually until by the second evening I was able to complete a few passes with my hangar without instantly regretting any injudicious movement.

The following morning the court jeweller returned. I was placed on the Lady Petrova’s bedside table. The jeweller positioned a draped figure beside me and removed the drapery with a swift gesture. To my eyes it was a crude caricature of my person. The dimensions were correct, the attire very precisely copied since both the garments I was wearing and those on the figurine were the products of Brobdingnag but the features were very crudely drawn. Even allowing for personal vanity I could not recognise my face in the chiselled physiognomy of the replica. The Lady Petrova and Griselda seemed satisfied that this was indeed a veritable duplicate of my humble self and commended the jeweller to display it to her Majesty the Queen forthwith.

The jeweller left thanking them profusely for their aid and assistance. He had also brought some other parcels that had been commissioned from him by the Lady Petrova. I must admit that I am as curious as any other mortal man so I endeavoured to enquire what was in the packages. Would that I had held my tongue. My tongue did not produce the ill effects, because the contents of the parcels would eventually have been revealed to me, but my enquiry precipitated their use, earlier than might have been the case.

The Lady Petrova intimated that some of the parcels contained items for my accoutrement. She would be delighted to exhibit them to me but I would have to be in a state of nature before they could be utilised. Griselda added her pleas to those of her mistress. Since I had become inured to being naked in Griselda’s presence and even handled by her in such a state and I had been introduced into the most intimate part of the Lady Petrova’s anatomy I reluctantly accepted that my modesty had long since been compromised. I stripped and stood bare on the table.

The Lady Petrova lifted each parcel one by one and peered inside the wrappings until she found the specific parcel she sought. She handed it to Griselda with instructions to fit it to my person.

Griselda unwrapped the package. As she was holding it near her eyes and a long way from mine I was not able, at first, to distinguish what the object was. I heard a distinct click once or twice as she operated some part of it. Then she bent down towards me explaining that this was a device for my protection.

It appeared to be as translucent as glass and yet was slightly deformable between her fingers. I heard the click again. Griselda instructed me to close my eyes and raise my hands above my head. This I did. I sensed something stiff being fitted around my torso then the click very loud combined with a sudden constriction around my chest.

Griselda told me to open my eyes. I looked down. Around my body was a cuirass or carapace of transparent second skin. It was moulded to the contours of my body like a vest or jerkin. I rapped at it with my knuckles. It was hard and unyielding. I pushed it with a finger and it gave slightly under pressure. The material was one I had never met. The closest thing I can equate it to would be finely worked horn.

Griselda explained that it would protect my body from over rough handling. If I were to be squeezed immoderately the corset, for so she described it, would resist the pressure and protect my fragile ribs. Equally I would be defended from the claws or teeth of a cat. She demonstrated by picking me up between her thumb and forefinger. The pressure was indeed distributed over my whole body and did not incommode me at all.

What did concern me was its fastening. It was hinged at one side and clasped at the other. It would be far beyond my strength to operate the clasp so that it could only be removed by a person of Brobdingnag.

As I examined the corset I noticed two half circles on each side of the corset. I enquired their use. Griselda agreed to demonstrate. I was too intent on the items to notice the smile that passed across her face until my arms were placed into the half circles and she snapped the clasps circling my lower arms.

I opened my mouth wide to protest this indignity only to be nonplussed by another translucent contrivance that Griselda introduced into my open mouth. It was a ball with a hole through it, attached to a wide circlet that snapped tight around my chin and lower head. I was able to breathe through the hole in the ball but unable to emit any sound other than a faint grunt totally inaudible to Brobdingnagian ears.

Griselda and her mistress were vastly amused by my attempts to release myself from the muffling gag and the pinioning of my arms. Lady Petrova held a looking glass before me to reveal the devilish ingenuity of my transparent constraints. I could see them clearly but I realised to my horror that they would be totally invisible to Brobdingnagian eyes except by the closest inspection or with a magnifying glass. I was restrained effectively and mute yet to outward appearance I was unrestrained and my mouth free to express myself clearly.

The final insult was a set of transparent gyves for my ankles.

Then the Lady Petrova announced that I had been sufficiently prepared for the revelation of the other items commissioned from the court jeweller. She opened one of the larger packages and withdrew an item that at first I could not recognise. It was the scale of the thing that dulled my understanding. It stood about fifteen feet long and more than a yard and a half in diameter.

When she held it in an upright position and mimed a thrust realisation was forthcoming. It was an item that I have seen but rarely. I understand that such things are much in use by the ladies of Japan who call it a harigata. In my country I understand that more homely expedients such as a cowcumber or a carefully cleaned large carrot are more usual but the man made objects are known as dildos. This was a splendid, if to my eyes gigantic, model of an erect male penis complete with a circumcised tip. It was slightly bent along its length and details of the veins were included. Its colour was a close match to the colour I would expect. Its base, held in the Lady Petrova’s hand, was set at an angle to the dildo and appeared, oddly, to have provision for a second dildo to be attached.

The second package revealed a translucent replica. This puzzled me immensely. Why should such a thing be produced in a translucent material? That this was possible was self-evident but for what purpose? The Lady Petrova displayed its differences very carefully to me. The head was rock hard and totally rigid. The stem was made from a similar material to the corset I was wearing. The part that inserted into the base was as hard as the tip and had an external screw thread. For a couple of feet above the screw thread several rows of holes had been drilled through the material.

I was still ignorant of the purpose of the translucent dildo until it was too late. The Lady Petrova rapped the base of the dildo on the table. From within it a coiled spring and perforated disc emerged. Grasping me in her fingers she inserted me head first into the translucent cylinder. She inverted it so that I slid down the tube until my shoulders sat against padding on the join between the rigid tip and the yielding shaft. My head was free to move inside the rigid head and observe in all directions. I felt the perforated disc dropped against my feet and the spring placed against it. I peered upwards past my feet to see her screw the base onto the thread.

I was now confined within a translucent dildo. I could not move, or shout. The reason for the perforated disc and rows of holes around the shaft were now apparent. They were breathing holes so that I would not be suffocated. Even the Lady Petrova could not insert so monstrous a device wholly within herself. A portion must always remain outside and that portion would provide air to support my respiration.

The Lady Petrova lifted her skirts, divested herself of her nether garment and thrust me deep inside her privy parts. As I entered I was aware of passing from light through a roseate area into utter darkness. I fainted away from trepidation of a repeat of the injuries I had incurred on my previous expedition to the inner regions of the lady.

End of Chapter Two.

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