tagNovels and NovellasBrobdingnag Ch. 03

Brobdingnag Ch. 03


Editor’s Note:

This is the third chapter of the parts expunged from the published Gulliver’s Travels.

Chapter Three


I am revived. Griselda defends me against her mistress. The trial of the dildo and the Lady Petrova’s penance. The screwed dual coupling is used. The revolt has been prevented. The messenger is rewarded. I remain apprehensive.


I recovered consciousness to become aware that I was free from all restraints and lying face down on the Lady Petrova’s folded apron. I seemed to be buffeted by a fierce gale. I turned my head to see the Lady Petrova and Griselda frantically fanning me with their hands.

I sat up and begged them to desist because the draught was chilling my body excessively. They ceased immediately. Griselda wrapped me in the apron and put me between her ample breasts to warm me. The Lady Petrova was wringing her hands and making extreme and effusive apologies that I dismissed as being wholly unnecessary. Griselda’s attentions were more effective at restoring my amour propre.

They gave me to understand that the insertion of my sheathed person into the Lady Petrova had been in the nature of a demonstration to show how protected my person was by my cuirass and the translucent dildo. The Lady had inserted the dildo into herself and had then withdrawn it immediately. They had been utterly dismayed to find that my momentary enclosure within her body had rendered me unconscious and at first had ascribed the cause to some defect in the protective devices.

I assured them that this was not the case and I had fainted not from lack of air to respire but from simple fright. I explained that I had been so bruised by my previous encounter with her vagina that I had feared that my life would be immediately extinguished when she had plunged me head first deep into her intimate regions.

The Lady Petrova wished me to re-enter the translucent dildo forthwith so that she might prove that my apprehensions were unfounded. Griselda protested in such violent terms that I began to appreciate the difference between the status of servants in Brobdingnag and my country. Any maid using such language to her mistress in my country would have been instantly dismissed yet the Lady Petrova, second Lady in the land of Brobdingnag, not only listened carefully to the virulent upbraiding of her maid but was moved to express her contrition, not only to me, but to Griselda.

They discussed how to demonstrate the safety of the contrivance to my satisfaction without imperilling me in the experiment. Eventually they decided that inserting appropriately sized eggs into the dildo could do this. It would then be used and if, as they expected, the eggs remained whole and uncracked that would prove the efficacy of the protection.

Griselda went, still retaining me warmly nested in her bosom, to the kitchens. She bore the translucent dildo before her without shame. In the kitchens the female scullions examined the dildo with extreme interest and seemed to take a delight in procuring correctly sized eggs with which to fill it.

On our return to the chamber the two women decided that the experiment would be better conducted in what was ominously described as Lady Petrova’s ‘dungeon’. Griselda collected all the court jeweller’s contrivances and carried them with her as we proceeded, not as I expected to the bowels of the residence, but to a chamber that immediately adjoined the Lady Petrova’s bedchamber.

This commodious chamber indeed had a sinister aspect. The walls were draped in dark tapestries and the furniture looked decided medieval and reminiscent of a torture chamber. All the structures were in massive wood and well equipped with straps, ropes and other fittings. Griselda gently extricated me from my soft resting-place between her breast. She inserted me into the pocket of the Lady Petrova’s apron. I expected to fall through the slit but found that the inner side of the pocket was intact because this was a different apron although of similar design.

Griselda fastened the ribbon about the pocket’s mouth so that my head protruded. She then hung the apron by its waist ties to a convenient if frightening black iron hook and carefully arranged the apron so that I would have a view of the whole chamber.

While the two women discussed who should do what to whom I was at leisure to examine the tapestries on the walls. They depicted scenes of such depravity as I had not expected to see portrayed unless as warnings of the excesses of the Roman emperor Elagabalus. I was so startled by these depictions of rampant sexuality that it took me some time to appreciate that in almost the scenes the women were the active protagonists and the men the passive recipients. In the remaining few pictures two or more women were coupled with no men present.

I understood from what I was able to follow of the conversation between the women that the Lady Petrova had agreed to be the recipient as a kind of redress for the inadvertent injuries she had inflicted upon me. Her act would be an act of penance. I tried to protest that such a penance was unnecessary but both threatened to gag me if I did not desist.

Both ladies removed all their attire and revealed themselves in a state of nature. At a distance both were well formed but the Lady Petrova showed at a slight disadvantage being some twenty years or so more aged than Griselda. The only obvious sign was a slight downward declination of her unsupported breasts. Had not either been so much larger than I as to make such thoughts wholly impractical I would have been satisfied with either as a bed companion. If I had been of proportionate build… but I was not.

The Lady Petrova adjusted a bench or table so that the end closest to me was slightly raised. She lay down upon it on her back. Her hips were higher than her torso and her sex was prominent. Griselda strapped the Lady’s body to the bench, her legs to the table’s supports and from a cupboard took out a Brobdingnagian size replica of the translucent gag that had muted me. She showed it to me and explained that it and the cuirass or corset were usual in Brobdingnag but were most frequently used upon male persons. The common populace would use items made from leather. The translucent ones could only be ordered from the court jeweller. He made the material in a secret process.

Brides frequently gave the corsets to their husbands as a wedding gift. Apart from their sexual use, the corset could be worn under normal clothing as a protection against an assassin’s edged weapons. The norm was a corset that extended between a man’s legs with a codpiece to protect his privates. If his lady wished, that codpiece could be secured in place with a padlock and he could only relieve himself with her permission.

I expressed my abhorrence at such a restraint being applied to gentlemen but the Lady Petrova, from her recumbent position, assured me that the possession of such a protective device was seen as evidence of the mutual esteem of the married couple. The jeweller’s charges were extortionate since he had a monopoly of the product and thus the lady would have presented her husband with an expensive present.

Having displayed the translucent gag to me, Griselda fitted it to her mistress’s mouth. The Lady Petrova shook her head violently and tried to speak as a demonstration of the effectiveness of the device. I, with my more acute hearing, was able to hear the lady’s faint mewling clearly but to the normal person’s hearing the lady would have been completely silenced.

Griselda then fitted a complex harness around her hips to which she affixed the translucent, egg-filled dildo. The dildo was held by the harness in an erect position.

She then mounted the Lady Petrova forcing the dildo deep. There followed an incredible scene as Griselda mimicked the coupling of man and woman. The sight of these gargantuan creatures making the beast with two backs was indelibly fixed in my brain. The violence with which maid attempted to impale mistress and the frequency of the maid’s thrusts seemed insupportable yet the Lady Petrova seemed to be enjoying the encounter even when Griselda sank her fingers deep into the lady’s soft mounds.

Both bodies were pearled with vast globules of sweat when first Lady Petrova and then the pumping Griselda reached a climax. Even then the maid continued to push hard into her mistress until more thrashing movements signified the repeated attainment of the height of pleasure by both parties.

Griselda dismounted, withdrawing the massive dildo. She walked across the room towards me and proudly displayed the undamaged eggs contained in their translucent container. I could scarcely believe that the extreme exertions I had witnessed had been achieved without injury to the eggs.

The maid soaked a cloth in vinegar and wiped the dildo clean of her mistress’s bodily fluids. She removed the leather harness from around her hips and the dildo from the harness. She screwed the solid dildo to the base to which the translucent dildo was already fixed and held up the resulting double headed device for me to inspect. The two dildos curved away from each other making a U-shape.

Griselda returned to her pinioned mistress and lay down upon her. She pushed the double-headed dildo, the translucent head into her own vagina and the solid head into her mistress’s. They were linked together. Griselda’s hands held the device in place as she moved in strong steady movements. Her mistress’s head thrashed as far as her restraints permitted as the two of them again strove to reach mutual pleasure.

I watched their coupling with amazement. I had never been aware that women undertook such practices. I had been vaguely aware of the use of a dildo for a lady to obtain personal relief but this was beyond my wildest surmising.

Eventually the two were sated of their amusement. Griselda withdrew the device, waving it at me to show the still intact eggs, before she released her mistress from her gag and her long attachment to the bench. They both approached me and explained that the whole affair had been a demonstration to satisfy me that I would be wholly protected inside the dildo.

I did not express any dissent from their explanation even though they had obviously acted scenes that were a matter of common use between them and their mutual enjoyment had been obvious.

They withdrew to cleanse themselves under the Lady Petrova’s prodigious shower, leaving me hanging in the apron’s pocket. Griselda had loosened the ribbon at the pocket’s mouth allowing me to slide down and repose myself. I availed myself of their absence to take a catnap, waking as I heard them return to the dungeon.

The Lady Petrova was much animated. She explained that she had just received a message from her husband’s principal mistress to the effect that her husband had been detected in preparation of an act of rebellion against their majesties. His mistresses had prevented him from visiting the assembled forces and their womenfolk had similarly detained the generals of that force. The force had dispersed in disarray upon learning of the absence of its commanders and all threat to the realm was at an end.

However her husband was being conveyed to the capital as a prisoner for their majesty’s justice.

I asked how the plot had been discovered and foiled. The lady explained to me that her husband’s mistresses were not her creatures but were secretly devoted to their majesties, which allegiance they had dissembled until now in case of such an eventuality. Her husband had been pinioned in his translucent corset on the pretext of amorous activity but his principal mistress had not released him from his bonds once the encounter had reached its natural end. A similar fate had befallen the generals whose ladies had concerted their actions with the Lady Petrova’s husband’s mistress as soon as they became aware that the revolt was about to commence.

The messenger who had brought the message was a young adult squire in the Lady Petrova’s service who had been apparently exiled to her husband’s court for some trifling misdemeanour but who was in fact placed there to be a messenger in case of need.

The Lady Petrova now wished to interview the messenger and give him a sign of her approval. Would I prefer to withdraw or would I be willing to stay in concealment and observe the messenger’s reward?

I confessed my curiosity to see how messengers were rewarded in Brobdingnag. Griselda contrived the necessary concealment. I remained suspended in the apron pocket with my head protruding and secured by the pocket’s fastening. Griselda cut a finger off a worn lace glove and pulled the finger over my head. I could see through the lace but to a casual observer my sheathed head appeared as a corner of a lace handkerchief partly out of the pocket.

I was satisfied with this arrangement but the Lady Petrova became concerned that I might betray myself by some sudden exclamation when I saw the messenger rewarded. I protested my ability to keep my tongue but the lady insisted on removing the concealment and fitting the corset, arm restraints and gag before covering my head again with the lace finger.

Griselda withdrew and returned with the messenger. He seemed to be slightly built by the country’s standards, man mountain though he was by comparison with me. He was in his early twenties, or so Griselda informed me later, and had a tendre for the Lady Petrova. If so, he was about to be rewarded much more than his expectations.

The two women stripped the poor gentleman naked and placed him upon the table. He was strapped to it face down with his buttocks in the air. The Lady Petrova hoisted up her skirt and petticoats to don a harness similar to that previously worn by Griselda to which the translucent dildo was attached. His exclamations were stifled with the translucent gag that the lady had but recently worn.

Griselda took the hogshead of unguent she had used on my bruising and applied it liberally to his arsehole. Gradually the Lady Petrova insinuated the dildo into his hole until at least half its length was sheathed. She then made a hand signal to Griselda.

Griselda elevated the head end of the bench to an angle of forty-five degrees and then sat astride it with the gentleman’s head resting in the fold of her skirt between her legs. Then she too hoisted her skirt and petticoats until his gagged mouth was buried in the hairs around her nether entrance. She unfastened his gag and pulled his face between her legs. As she did so, the Lady Petrova began to thrust into his arsehole.

Until now I had been unaware that the young gentleman’s penis had been fitted into a hole through the bench. It soon became very obvious as it became erect. That portion I could see was at least ten feet long and a yard in diameter and I watched with increasing amazement as the ladies gave the messenger his reward. His tool grew even longer and thicker as the Lady Petrova’s movements became more forceful until it discharged in a copious spurt onto the dungeon floor. His ordeal did not cease until his tongue had satisfied Griselda and the Lady Petrova tired of stuffing his arsehole.

Griselda led the now exhausted messenger away. The Lady Petrova removed the harness and dildo before dropping her skirt and petticoats to a more decorous position. She showed me that the eggs were still intact within the dildo before she reached the apron down from the hook and tied it in an appropriate position around her waist. I was still pinioned and silenced, hooded by the lace finger, and unable to resist whatever further plans she had for my entertainment.

On Griselda’s return she persuaded her mistress that I had undergone sufficient entertainment for one day particularly as the morrow I should be present at the judgement on the Lady Petrova’s husband. Griselda carefully removed me from the lady’s apron pocket and gently restored me to my travelling cabinet.

I sat in my cabinet considering what I had witnessed. The coupling between the two ladies, although I had not seen such a thing before, would have been relatively unremarkable had they been of more human dimensions. Presumably a coupling between two adults of my size would have been an astonishing sight to the inhabitants of Lilliput.

What was amazing and worrying to me was the position of women in Brobdingnag. I had assumed, as is normal in all civilised societies I knew, that the women were subservient to men. The behaviour of the Lady Petrova and her maid Griselda had demonstrated that this was manifestly not the case in Brobdingnag although to first appearance it had seemed that men were the dominant sex.

I was wholly at the mercy of the Lady Petrova. I feel asleep with the knowledge that it would not be long before I would again be the occupant of that monstrous translucent dildo. Into what orifice would the lady introduce me? Her own I had experienced. Would I next be thrust into Griselda, or the messenger squire, or whom? My last troubled thought was that intercourse with mammalian animals was not unknown in my culture.

End of Chapter Three.

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