tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBuffy Feels the "Halloween Breeze"

Buffy Feels the "Halloween Breeze"


Disclaimer: Once again this story is purely fictional and does not represent the views of Joss Whedon, the greatest creator of a TV show since Aaron Spelling, or the WB/UPN Networks. It is merely fan fic and should be viewed as such.

Halloween was always an extremely busy day in Sunnydale; I mean what other day can vamps and demons actually come out of hiding dressed as themselves? This particular all hallows eve was no different. Just once Buffy wished that she could NOT work on Halloween, everyone else she knew was at some awesome party dressed as something sluttish, cute or weird, and here she was wearing her same old Halloween costume, a slayers suit.

Willow, Dawn and Xander were all headed out the door to patrol early so even they could go to the Magic Shop where they were throwing an all out bash, which was by invite only, since you just can’t have any old demon walking in and killing the guests. Funny thing about Halloween, it sort of tamed the demons. They were actually happy to just be normal citizens of Sunnydale walking down the street, going to parties, visiting grocery stores. It was sort of weird, but sort of nice in a way.

“Buff, were going out now, are you going to patrol later?” Xander hated his costume, but Willow talked him into it, cause she was dressed as his partner, his compadre in arms, the Pirate Princess. Somehow being the Pirate who pillaged the princess was not as glamorous since he really never got a chance to pillage Willow.

“Yeah Buff don’t forget to do the 11 o’clock patrol, that’s the really important one, oh and when you are done come by the shop, there still might be some candied apples left.” Dawnie loved her costume; she had always wanted to be a Roller Boogie Queen.

“Yeah sure guys, I’ll do the late patrol, don’t worry and when I’m done I might just come by and grab that candied apple. I hate Halloween. Be careful ok, and Dawn your roller boogie shorts are too short, I don’t remember approving them.” Buffy really didn’t think they were too short but she wanted to see how Dawnie handled this one.

“Well the original ones were too long so I just grabbed these out of your bureau….”

“Uh…ok then, well then what can I say.” Laugh.

“Buffy are you sure that you’re going to be ok here alone? I can always stay if you want and we can patrol later together, and we can pop popcorn and watch Halloween, the original one not the remake cause Jamie Lee Curtis is so good in that one and then we can bob for apples and….”

“Willow, I’m fine. Go. You guys have to go together, I can always go alone.”

Buffy pulls Willow in close so no one else will hear her. “Willow if you happen to run into Spike PLEASE tell him that I’m busy, that I have a date or something. I just can’t see him tonight. I’ve been trying to talk to him for a week now to end things with him and every time I see him, well he makes it hard that’s all. Please tell him ok? Promise?”

“Ok Buff I promise, I’ll tell him that you have a really hot date and can’t be bothered oh wait no I better not tell him that cause he’ll get super jealous and he might try to come over here and bite you and that would be very bad….so I won’t….”

“Ok Will, just tell him I’m busy. Thanks. You’re the best.”

“Ok Buffy bye, see you later.”

“Bye Buff.” Chimed the other two, and then they were gone.

Wow the sky sure is dark tonight. Maybe I might not want to pop in that scary movie, might make it too eerie to patrol later tonight. Yeah, I have the house all to myself; I’ll go up and take a nice hot bath to relax that will be great.

Just then Buffy hears a sound coming from the kitchen. She slowly creeps to the kitchen to check it out. It’s only an open window. Whew that’s good, which was really freaky. Ok I’m freaking myself out. Up to the bathroom I go.

The tub seemed so inviting and as Buffy lit the last of the candles she couldn’t help but think about Spike. She always thought about Spike. She thought about the way his cock looks when it’s erect and how outstanding of a lover he is, and that instantly made her wet. She had her robe on and thought she felt a draft so she entered Dawnie’s room to notice the window open. Hmmm that’s weird who’s opening all these windows?

The breeze from the window was actually really nice and felt great against her bare skin so she sat down at the window seat and opened her robe gently exposing her taut little breasts. The moonlight made them look so great. “Hmmm they should bottle and sell that stuff, it makes everything look better,” she noticed that they really did look great, the tree outside the window begged the moon to dance and it did, right across her breasts. She placed one finger on her nipple and pinched it till it hurt, every time she did this it reminded her of Spike, the way he’d pinch her nipples so tight making them hurt and then he would place his warm, wet mouth down upon them, healing them, the wounded little nips that belonged to him. He always took ownership of her body and she had to admit, she loved that about him. She was fully committed to having him ravage her and she couldn’t be happier about it. Except for the fact that she felt this way about a vamp. It would never last long term and she knew it.

Her sweet little breasts started to swell with each passing breath and as she looked down into the yard she thought she saw someone standing they’re watching her. “Hey who’s there?” she yelled and then she noticed that they were gone. She noticed when she stood up that her robe was completely open in the front, exposing her perky breasts and lacy cream g-string. “Great I just gave some neighbor kid the thrill of his life…”

As she turned around to walk back to the bathroom she felt it, the breeze again, only this time it was warm. “How can that be? I shut that window, and it’s freezing outside, that’s really weird.” She turned to look outside the window again just to do a double take to make sure that there really was no one standing in the yard. “Nope just a bunch of trick or treaters---ding dong---speaking of….” She quickly ties her robe back up and runs downstairs, she had totally forgotten about trick or treaters.

“Trick or Treat lady.” The child dressed as the incredible hulk said.

“Well aren’t you just the strongest looking incredible hulk ever, how scary.” Buffy said as she dropped the candy in his bag.

“I’m not supposed to be scary lady I’m supposed to fight evil, you don’t have to be afraid of me.”

“Oh I’m so sorry you are the best evil fighter I’ve ever seen. Have a wonderful Halloween.”

Closing the door she looks down into the candy bowl and decides to help herself to the chocolate pumpkin. “Oh just one won’t hurt my girlish figure. Besides it will give me energy for patrolling later.”

Ding Dong.

Buffy jumps as she’s leaning against the door and it startles her. She begins to open the door and when she does she notices no one is there. And in rushes that warm breeze. The same breeze she felt upstairs in Dawn’s room.

“Who’s there? Ok stop it. I know you’re there, come out, come on I’m not afraid of you.”

After a few minutes pass she notices that no one is there at all and decides to go back upstairs and run the bath water.

Un-robing Buffy decides that this is truly a good idea. The candles are lit and she settles in. She begins to soap up her taut tits when she feels that warm breeze again, and then suddenly “Buffy…..Buffy….I’m here with you, I’m always here with you…..” someone whispers and it startles her and she tries to sit upright in the tub and then she feels what she thinks is a hand on her neck, a very soft hand but when she turns around she doesn’t see anyone there. “Who is that? Stop it, who’s there?”

The ghostlike hand begins to caress her neck ever so softly and she has to admit, it feels great. “Stop it, I mean it, this very instant.”

The hand continues down her neck to the top of her right breast and begins to rub furiously until her soft pink nipple is erect. She then begins to give into the breeze and at the same time she feels a sudden warmth take over her entire body, as if the breeze is seducing her, and she knows she’s felt this feeling before, when she is with Spike.

“Spike are you there? Are you here I mean, are you here with me? Is this some sort of trick…..” and then the hand glides down her stomach and underneath the water to her landing strip of hair and begins to caress her pussy ever so lightly. Buffy moans a little and can’t believe this is happening to her, she gives into the feeling and it takes her to an unknown place, and she almost cums right then when it stops, abruptly. “Ok this is not funny, who is there? I mean it come out and show yourself right now, I won’t stand for this anymore.”

And suddenly; Ding Dong.

“Damn those trick or treaters. I just won’t answer it. They’ll go away.”

Ding Dong.

“Damnit!” Buffy stands up and grabs her robe, her body glistens from the candle light, her nipples are still erect and she is still aroused beyond recognition.

“I’m coming, I mean I’m not coming like that, I’m coming to the door, hang on just a sex I mean a sec….oh shit hang on I’m coming.”

Ding Dong.

Ding Dong.

“Ok already I said hang on….” And when she opens the door no one is there. The warm breeze rushes past her again and she gets very agitated this time. Her body is dripping wet underneath her robe and she’s aroused and really needs to take care of this.

She closes the door behind her and returns upstairs to her bath. “I swear I hate this night.” “I’m glad I remembered to turn that light off outside, now maybe there will be NO more interruptions. Well that breeze could come back, I’d have no objections about that….” Smirk.

And then, all the candles are blown out. All at the same time, simultaneously. She knows the breeze has returned to the room, she can feel it. So she leans back in the tub, closes her eyes and hopes that it finds the nether regions of her tight body.

In an instant she feels a soft hand from behind, now two, running their way down her neck and right to the top of her tits, they rub, both of them together, softly at first and then firmly, harder and harder and it sends a sweeping desire through Buffy right to her already wet pussy. Her eyes are closed and she figures she might just keep them closed because when she opens them this mysterious breeze seems to disappear and she doesn’t want that happening again since she’s already committed to it.

“Yes, yes keep tweaking my tits, keep rubbing them it makes me wet…” and then she feels what she thinks is someone’s tongue pulling at them and tugging them until they hurt…and she likes this, she likes the pain, it’s the only feeling she knows is real. “Oh God yes, keep licking me, lick me harder….” In the meantime her hand slides down her stomach to her sopping wet pussy and begins to caress her clit, the rosebud is already standing at attention as she slides two fingers into the slit right below. “OH my God this feels great….keep going.” It’s then that she opens her eyes and notices the bathroom is pitch black, she can’t even see her bath water. But she certainly feels the presence of this “ghostlike” breeze. She only wishes she could grab it and it was real…..

As soon as she thinks she’s going to cum she’s lifted out of the bathtub, and carried to the bedroom. It’s pitch black and she can’t see a thing…her body drips with water as the breeze places her on the bed…. “Buffy….I’m here with you, and I want to fuck you. I want to make you cum so hard that you will never ever forget me….”

“Oh God yes please fuck me…..I’m ready. Spike fuck me now.” Wait is Spike here? Could it be?

Then she feels the weight of the breeze on top of her body and she reaches around to grab it and she feels something real and it startles her. This is a REAL person laying on top of her and she is suddenly too afraid to open her eyes because she has no idea who it might be, she runs her hands down the person’s back and she feels leather, she grabs the ass cheeks and she knows that this person has to be Spike. It just has to be; she knows his body all to well.

“Oh God please let this be Spike.”

But just before she opens her eyes, she feels the hands of the person rubbing her body all over, rubbing her tight erect pink nipples and it makes her moan. Rubbing their hands down her tight stomach and then down to her wet pussy, spreading her legs open she feels what she thinks is a tongue slip into her slit and it’s then that she cocks her head back and moans very loudly.

The breeze licks and sucks and sucks her softly at first and then harder and tugs on her rosebud of a clit until she swears she’s going to cum, and then abruptly, it stops.

She opens her eyes and when she does she doesn’t see anyone there. The weight of the breeze on top of her is gone and she looks to the left to see the window open, and the curtain swaying and then she hears;

“ I love you Buffy, and I always will.”

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