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Bug Control


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It was late at night and the janitor was almost done with his chores at the Center for Biological Research. As usual, he cleaned the containment room last because that place gave him the creeps. There were hundreds of glass containers with all kinds of small creatures that he had never seen anywhere else. Some of them looked like rodents, some looked like insects but according to the janitor, they were all very ugly.

When the janitor was half way across the room, he saw that one of the containers was open. He got closer, carefully using his mop as an improvised weapon. The container was empty.

Good, one less ugly creature, he thought.


Not far from there, a strange looking insect was climbing a wall, getting closer to an open window. The bug was the size of a rat, with a pale green exoskeleton, four thin legs, a scorpion-like tail and a couple of flexible antennas that looked like small tentacles.

The creature used his sensitive antennas to follow a thin trail of CO2. With a little luck, this would lead the bug to a suitable target.

A few minutes later, the intruder was climbing silently on Miranda's bed.

Miranda was a slender brunette with tanned, silky skin that contrasted perfectly with her beautiful green eyes. She was tired from a stressful day at the office and she didn't feel anything when the creeping insect walked over the pillow, getting closer to her.

The bug touched her head slightly; testing, ready to run away in case it was necessary. Miranda shifted her position but didn't wake up.

The creature moved one of its bendable antennae closer to Miranda's ear. Then, with a nearly imperceptible movement, the proboscis entered her ear, careful not to disturb her.

When everything was ready, the bug emitted strange microwaves that dispersed within Miranda's skull. The electrical signals that normally travelled through Miranda's brain began to change. New neuronal connections replaced the old ones, creating new patterns of behavioral control that would fit perfectly to the insect's requirements.

Miranda dreamed of herself. She was lying on her bed very still. It felt good to stay immobile for a while. From time to time, she heard a sweet lullaby song that reminded her of when she was little and her mom sang to her to help her sleep.

As the dim light of dawn filtered through the window, the bug retrieved its antennae from the woman's ear and slowly moved away, searching for a safe place to hide during the day.


One hour later, Miranda woke up feeling well rested and energetic. She sat on her bed and for a second she felt a little dizzy but the feeling quickly went away.

The bug detected movement on the bed and it started signaling.

Miranda heard some sort of cricket singing. For a moment she thought it came from outside, but it was too loud, it sounded too close.

The cricket must be inside the room, she thought.

It didn't sound like anything she had heard before. The singing echoed inside her head in a disturbing way, creating goose bumps all over her skin. She felt dizzy again and decided to get rid of the insect.

After a while of looking around the room, Miranda gave up trying to find the bug. She sat on the dresser, checking out her new sexy underwear in the mirror. She fixed her bra, briefly touching her nipple with her finger. Miranda let out a soft gasp from the blissful feeling that radiated from her breast. She hadn't realized until now how aroused she was.

Miranda massaged her breast for a moment while her quiet moans mixed with the sound of the bug singing in the background.

The sexy woman moved her hand down; sliding beneath her panties and reaching her sensitive clitoris. Just the slightest touch sent a jolt of bliss that rippled across her entire body.

She rubbed her middle finger up and down along her soaked vaginal lips as her arousal increased with every passing second. The bug's song resounded louder in her head, almost in synchrony with her sighs of pleasure.

Miranda's fingers moved faster and faster until her excitement reached the point of no return. There was nothing else that mattered in the world but the delightful feeling radiating from her pussy and the alluring sound of the bug echoing in her head. Her orgasm was so close now... she rubbed her clitoris one last time and...


Miranda shuddered in mindless rapture, climaxing harder and more intensely than she'd ever come before. Her legs trembled out of control beneath her contorting body as her pussy twitched over and over with overwhelming intensity. The woman tried in vain to grab on to something, preventing her fall.

Moments later, she sat on the floor with a grin of satisfaction. It had been the best orgasm of her life. It was strange but true.

After she recovered, she walked into the bathroom to take a shower. The bedroom was silent now.


Late in the afternoon, Miranda came back from work and began to undress. It was very strange that even out of the house; she thought she heard the cricket singing around her, as if it was inside of her head.

After a light snack, Miranda got ready for bed. She remembered the great orgasm she had in the morning and smiled. Maybe she could do it again tomorrow.

Not even five minutes after Miranda fell asleep, the bug climbed on her bed, approaching her body silently, just like the night before.

The bug extended its flexible limb, reaching Miranda's head and probed into her ear. The transformation continued.

Miranda started to dream again. She saw herself lying on the bed. The room was dark and something was moving around her. She could hear fingertips tapping on the floor. She began to feel uneasy but she couldn't move. She shouldn't move. It was imperative to stay still. Suddenly, with no apparent reason, Miranda's pussy twitched sending a pleasurable wave across her body. She began to relax. She started humming a song; the cricket's song. Miranda lay peacefully for the rest of the night.


The slim woman woke up the next morning to hear the bug already singing. But this time she wasn't going to waste time trying to find it. She moved her hand down to her crotch and pushed a finger into her pussy.

Ten minutes later she arched her back while her eyes rolled back up into her head just an instant before she exploded in another mind-blowing climax. She grabbed the sheets tightly with one hand while the other continued to pump three fingers in and out her pussy until she completely lost control of herself. Her body bucked and shivered on the bed with spastic contractions as her head bobbed with the rhythm of the music played for her by the unseen bug.

Two minutes later Miranda was still unable to think clearly. Her body jolted softly every few seconds as an aftermath of her earth-shattering orgasm.

Only after she took a long shower, the wooziness faded away and she was able to go to work. This time, she almost couldn't wait to come back home and lay on her bed again.


One morning, after several days of following the same routine, Miranda was sitting on her dresser, listening attentively to the beautiful song of the bug. It had been two hours since she woke up and she was still deciding if she should go to work or stay there, in her room, enjoying the sound that made her feel so good.

Suddenly the song changed, a loud sound with a different pitch reverberated in the room, in her head, everywhere!

Miranda opened her eyes wide as her mind blanked out completely. She entered into a deep trance. She couldn't move. She couldn't think. She just sat limply on the stool, waiting for something to fill the void in her head.

Slowly, the bug appeared from behind a pillow, moving to the center of the bed. Miranda couldn't see it. She was staring forward with unblinking eyes in a slack face.

The bug lifted its head in the air and made a finely tuned sound that traveled in the air and entered Miranda's head. A thought formed in her subjugated mind...

"Stand up!"

Miranda stood up rigidly, like a robot, her eyes wide open, still staring into nothing.

The bug made another sound that was instantly translated in the woman's brain...

"Come near me!"

Miranda walked closer to the bed.

The bug sent her another command...

"Sit down and lie back!"

Miranda sat down and lay back.

Within the haziness or her clouded mind, the tanned woman felt the bug's tendrils touching her head, but far from feeling frightened, she enjoyed an unconscious anticipation.

The insect moved it's agile antennae to each side of Miranda's head and pierced both her ears. Immediately, the relentless microwaves reverberated from left and right, colliding in the middle of her brain and accelerating the transformation process.

The void in her empty mind was suddenly filled with three words that made her nipples swell from elation. The words were repeated over and over, resounding in her skull, down her breasts and ending in her twitching pussy.

"You are host," twitch...

"You are host," twitch...

"You are host," twitch...

Despite her expressionless face, Miranda's whole body was shivering with a growing fire that followed the rhythm of the bug's impulses.

It didn't take long before Miranda reached her peak and exploded in orgasm. Her eyelids closed a little while her eyes rolled up completely. The rest of her body remained completely immobile, riding the forceful orgasm with rigid euphoria.

During this moment of bliss, any barrier that lingered in the woman's mind was destroyed and the subduing process was completed. Now Miranda was at the absolute mercy of the bug.

With a sound that made perfect sense, the new slave was ordered to spread her legs.

She did.

The greenish insect climbed slowly onto her abdomen and walked backwards until it reached Miranda's pelvis. Then it curved its scorpion-like tail, the ovipositor, aiming for the woman's pussy, barely touching her warm outer labia. Miranda's hips jolted involuntarily. The bug slid the appendage along her pussy, finding her tight vaginal cavity and penetrated her!

"Ahh!" Miranda moaned.

The ovipositor entered the female's body as deep as possible and without any hurry, started placing small, round eggs directly into her womb.

As the impregnating process was completed, Miranda climaxed again. Her body shuddered spasmodically while the contractions in her pussy suctioned the last eggs further inside.


The days passed and the bond between the bug and the woman grew stronger every day, just as her belly grew bigger with the embryos developing inside of her.

Several times a day, the insect climbed Miranda's body to reinforce the connection. The woman's pussy was already jolting even before the bug pushed its antennae into her ear.

Finally, the gestation period was completed. Miranda could feel the unborn insects moving inside of her, pushing their way down her uterus and sliding along her vaginal cavity, stretching so delightfully that she wished they could stay inside of her forever.

But the newly developed bugs were eager to get out. A slimy substance leaked from Miranda's pussy while the first creature revolved between her outer labia, increasing the woman's arousal even more.

When the first bug glided down to the floor, Miranda was already shivering from her first orgasm. The second unborn insect rubbed her inner walls urgently, following its brother. This prolonged Miranda's climax that would not end until the last bug was out of her contorting body.


A few days later, Miranda was in her living room having a cheerful conversation with her best friend Sarah, a cute blonde that work with her at the office.

Sarah was drinking a special drink that Miranda had prepared for her and she wondered why there were so many crickets singing so loud nearby, as if they were inside the house.

Moments after she finished her drink, the drugs kicked in and everything became blurry.


Now Sarah was lying on Miranda's bed. Her blue eyes staring into the ceiling, unblinking, empty. Her receding mind was struggling to understand what was happening to her. She could feel the tiny tendrils plugged into her ears and she could hear a persistent echo that seemed to seduce her.

Sarah's nipples were about to burst from the excitement. She wasn't sure if this overwhelming blissful feeling was originated by the beautiful sounds that reverberated in her head or by the fact that Miranda was attached to her pussy, licking her clitoris like a true expert.

After all it didn't matter. By the end of the day, Sarah's only source of pleasure would be to mindlessly obey the bugs' commands. She would be host.

Sarah climaxed.

The end.


Note from the author: There is a free graphic version of this story.

Best regards.

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