tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBundy Family Bonding

Bundy Family Bonding


Al Bundy woke from a deep sleep. He could hear noises. Obviously the noises had woken him, but what were they? He quietly got up, not wanting to wake Peg sleeping next to him, and put on his dressing gown. He moved into the hall. The noises grew louder and seemed to be coming from the direction of his daughter, Kelly’s, bedroom. Her light was still on so Al crept to the door which was slightly ajar. The noises were recognisable now – two people moaning in the throes of passion. "Kelly must have sneaked in a boyfriend," thought Al.

He was determined they weren’t going to continue, but still he kept quiet, hoping to catch them in the act. Al peeped through the door opening and gasped. There, right in front of him, was his daughter’s beautiful, tight ass. She was on all fours with her ass and her obviously aroused pussy facing the door. Al felt his cock stir. He had fantasised about Kelly for years – ever since her body had started to develop into the gorgeous shape she now possessed. OK, so she was his daughter, but what man could be blamed for lusting after such a beautiful female. He had lost count of the number of hard-ons he had while Kelly snuggled up next to him on the sofa. Oh, how he longed to let his hands drift across her firm, full breasts, teasing those nipples into hardness.

Al moved his head to get a better look. Now he could see from that tight ass and pussy right up to her classically rounded, totally edible breasts as they swung heavily beneath her. Al watch enthralled as her left hand caressed her own breast and then moved between her legs to tease her pussy. No wonder it was so red and swollen. Al’s own hand had moved to his cock unable to resist a little stroking as he watched the scene before him. He knew there was a guy with Kelly because he could hear two people’s moans and grunts. He moved his position again and this time he could see Kelly’s blonde head move back and forth over a large, swollen dick in her mouth. Al’s cock grew instantly harder. Here was his foxy daughter giving head to some guy and obviously doing a good job because the guy’s moans were getting louder and more frantic. Suddenly a voice cut through the gutteral grunts. "Oh yes, yes Kelly. Oh… yesss. Oh fuck, oooh…I’m coming! Kelly, I’m gonna spunk in your mouth. Oooh. Here it comes. AAAAH! Ooh yes…swallow my cum, Kelly. Oh yes, that’s it."

Al’s stroking stopped suddenly as he recognised the voice. He pushed the door open and walked into the room. "Bud, what the hell do you think you’re doing?" Al asked his son who still had his cock in his sister’s mouth. She, meanwhile, was busy sucking and licking every last drop of cum from Bud’s cock. "I might ask you the same question, Dad," said Bud as he eyed Al’s crotch. Al looked down and saw that his dressing gown had fallen open and his enormous hard-on was in full view. "Never mind that," Al replied, "How long have you and Kelly been… well, you know…?"

"Daddy," said a voice as sweet as honey. Al looked at his daughter who was now sitting on the bed. The sight of her naked body in all its glory and cum dribbling out of the corner of her mouth made Al’s cock jump involuntarily. "Daddy, why didn’t you tell me you had such a big cock?." To hear his daughter talk dirty to him like that was too much for Al. His cock swelled up again. "Oh, look Daddy, it’s getting even bigger!," Kelly breathed, "Can I touch it, please. I’ve never seen one so big. No offence Bud. You’re big too but Daddy’s cock is just huge. Please, Daddy. Can I, huh?" Kelly’s lips made the most erotic pout Al had ever seen and he groaned. Unable to speak with the lust raging through him he just nodded and moved closer to Kelly. She reached out as he came closer and gently took his cock in her hands. Al felt like an electric charge had gone through him as he felt Kelly’s soft hands move over his manhood. Then suddenly she gripped his cock tightly and started stroking him harder. His cock seemed to get even bigger and Kelly’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Al couldn’t believe that here he was watching his daughter stroke his prick and make him feel harder and dirtier than he had felt in years. He had fantasised about this moment many times but never thought it would ever happen. Then his mind seemed to momentarily go blank as he felt Kelly’s hand grip his ass, and pull his cock into her mouth. The sensation was incredible. Kelly’s warm mouth, already slick from Bud’s cum felt like the wettest pussy he had ever fucked. Kelly expertly moved her lips and tongue around the head of Al’s cock until he could take it no more. Al didn’t care any more. He looked down at Kelly who was now pumping his cock with her hand and sucking hard with her mouth. Just then she looked up and as their eyes met they both understood their mutual lust for each other. "Ready Pumpkin?," asked Al and without waiting for a reply from Kelly’s much too busy mouth, Al felt his cum boil up in his cock and erupt into Kelly’s waiting mouth. "Oh God yes. Yes," Al cried, as over and over his cock spurted his load into his daughter. Al’s legs gave out and he sat down heavily on the bed but Kelly seemed glued to his cock and managed to keep licking and sucking. Al looked tenderly at the vision of beauty still licking his cum from his cock and wished that this moment would last forever.

"What the fuck is going on here?" said a voice at the door. Al, Kelly and Bud turned to see Peggy standing with an astonished look on her face. "Hi Mom," said Kelly brightly, lifting her cum soaked face up from her father’s rod. "We were just having a family cum-together." Peggy looked Al straight in the eye and hissed, "You don’t screw me for months and now I know why. You’ve been giving it to Kelly instead." "No, Mom," objected Kelly, " This is the first time for Daddy and me. And we didn’t even fuck. I just gave him head. He just walked in on Bud and me." Peggy’s gaze drilled into Kelly and then moved to Bud. "And how long have you and Kelly been fucking each other, Bud?" she asked. "Only a few months, Mom," Bud explained. "Oh, is that all. Well I suppose that makes it alright," Peggy replied sarcastically, "Oh and one other thing, Bud."

"Yes Mom?"

"When did your cock get so big? And why have you kept it to yourself?" Peggy smiled. Al couldn’t believe his eyes as Peggy sensuously removed her nightgown watching her son’s reaction to her incredible breasts, narrow waist, broad hips and a neatly trimmed triangle of hair framing an obviously aroused pussy. Al’s cock had diminished in size a little when Peggy had caught him with Kelly but, once again, the erotic atmosphere of this amazing scene had his cock twitching.

"OK," Peggy announced, "If your father isn’t going to give me what I need then you’re going to have to take his place, Bud. Lie down on the bed now. Kelly, did you get to orgasm yet?"

"No, Mom"

"Well, as women we deserve our own sexual gratification too, so Al, whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to fuck Kelly. Lie down next to Bud."

The two men were more than willing to co-operate and quickly positioned themselves where indicated. Both their cocks were, once again, ready for action. With two foxy women offering themselves on a plate, who could resist?

Kelly was more than ready to be fucked. Her body ached to have a cock inside her and to make it even better it was going to be her father’s thick cock that would be doing the fucking. She climbed on the bed over Al’s legs and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She moved the head around her pussy lips, nearly going crazy with the waves of lust raging through her but stopped short of sliding his cock into her. Peggy moved over Bud taking time to stroke his cock and dipped her head to lightly lick the head. She smiled as Bud moaned and watched his now purple cock head swell a little more. She too moved Bud’s cock around her pussy lips enjoying the sensation. She turned to Kelly, smiled and said, "Now."

With that both women suddenly lowered themselves onto the cocks below them. The four Bundy’s simultaneously cried out in extreme ecstasy. It could have been a choreographed scene as Peggy and Kelly slowly moved up and down on the shafts that penetrated the sopping wet pussies. They seemed lost in the feelings of pure animal passion coursing through every curve of their bodies as they felt the thick cocks move in as far as they could and out again right to the now reddening pussy lips. As if on cue they started to quicken the pace.

Al and Bud allowed their eyes wander over the gorgeous bodies that were now fucking them so deliciously. Al was under the impression he had died and gone to Heaven as he watched Kelly’s pussy swallow up his entire cock every time. He let his hands wander over her tight belly and hips, feeling her ass tighten and relax as she rose and fell on his cock. His hands seemed to have a life of their own as they moved over Kelly’s magnificent breasts, teasing the nipples gently at first and then harder and tighter. The tighter he gripped her breasts the more Kelly moaned. Lifting his head from the bed Al started to use his tongue on Kelly’s nipples and felt her pussy muscles grip his cock. Al knew Kelly was close to cumming but hoped that this moment could last a little longer.

Bud, meanwhile, was chewing on his mother’s nipples as Peggy urged him on with cries of "Harder. Yes. Bite me. Oh, I love your cock, Bud. Yes, deeper… push your beautiful cock deeper into Mommy." Peggy felt Bud’s hand move around to her ass probing her anus. The movement triggered something and she felt her pussy walls contract around Bud’s massive cock. She knew she was close and she was determined it was going to be the climax of all climaxes so she started to move faster on Bud’s cock, her left breast in Bud’s mouth as she gripped the other herself, roughly tweaking the nipple.

Both women were now bucking and fucking wildly letting every single inhibition go. Pure animal lust was all the Bundy’s knew now. The bed erupted into a boiling mass of hands groping breasts, tongues exploring mouths, teeth gripping nipples, fingers probing any hole available. Bud was the first to cum, face contorted in ecstasy, his balls tightening and his cock convulsing as he emptied his load deep into his mother – spurt after spurt of thick cum. Peggy, feeling Bud’s semen flood her insides, immediately felt the waves of orgasm rip through her body. "Oh God, oh God… yes… ooooooh," she screamed, losing herself in the indescribable feelings of pleasure, her juices joining Bud’s and soaking her son’s balls.

Al and Kelly, whose mouths were locked together tightly exploring each other, both knew they were very close to cumming. Kelly pulled away from her father, smiled and said, "Cum with me, Daddy."

"With pleasure, Pumpkin," Al replied.

Kelly bore her sweat-soaked hips down on Al’s long, thick shaft feeling her orgasm building quickly inside her. "Now Daddy, now. Fill me with your cum. Ooooh, yes… I’m cumming. Can you feel me Daddy? I’m cumming all over your big dick. Oh, fuck me to the last. OOOOOOOOH!"

Kelly threw her head back as she felt Al’s cock erupt to join her own orgasm. Her hands gripped her own breasts tightly as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body. Al felt his cum shoot out of his cock with tremendous force, as Kelly’s pussy milked his member over and over. He had never cum this hard before and moaned loudly with the pleasure racing through his body. Kelly’s exhausted, wet body collapsed on Al’s chest sending ripples of new sensations through both of them.

The four Bundy’s lay on the bed, their sweat and cum mingling on their slick bodies. "Well, Mom," breathed Kelly, "I think we both got more than we bargained for when you planned this."

"Planned?" said Al, turning to see his wife smile as she luxuriated in the feeling of Bud’s softening prick inside her.

"Yes, Al. Now, would you like to hear about Plan B?" she asked.

"Yes please, Peg," Al grinned, feeling his cock begin to twitch again inside his daughter’s sopping wet hole.

The Bundy’s looked at each other and knew that more sexual adventures awaited them, but… well, that’s another story.

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