tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMarried with Children:...Ch. 1

Married with Children:...Ch. 1


Married with Children: Al's Vacation Ch. 1

Al Bundy entered his home tired and very upset with the shoe business, the mall, and the fat women. He was very disgruntled. He slammed the door as he entered to find his wife Peggy sitting and watching television and eating Bon Bon's(tm). He felt a new form of hatred for his wife. He slaved all day to support her and the children, while they did absolutely nothing to contribute to the family. Bud his only son, couldn't get laid to save his life, while his daughter Kelly, well that was all she did. She was a persistent flunky at school and barley could spell her name, but by God she was hot. Al had noticed Kelly ever since her thirteenth birthday and knew that she was destined to spend her life on her back with her legs in the air.

Still Al felt no remorse for any of them. Bud couldn't even have the decency to mow the lawn while Al worked; he simply stayed in his room with Al's porno books and jerked himself into oblivion. Al approached the couch and seated himself beside Peggy who drew her attention away from the screen long enough to say "Hi Al." Al, never responded, only sat there awaiting a dumb question from his wife. Peggy sat there engrossed in her show.

Al noticed she was wearing black spandex pants and a floral button up top. While it was true in her day, Peggy was the biggest whore in school. Al felt lucky to have her even if she didn't do anything, and always wanted sex, which with all his worrying and lack of career status, his sex drive was in the dumps and had been so for years. He'd always wondered what kept Peggy happy. Al knew better than ask what was for dinner, anytime he gave her money, she shopped for clothes and needless junk like that damn Tubro, god of money doll she'd spent seventy five dollars for.

Al rose from the couch and found the kitchen and looked through almost empty cabinets and found nothing. His stomach was rumbling and he was indeed hungry. Al's attention was drawn to the living room where Peggy stood and straightened her clothes and proceeded up the stairs. Out of curiosity maybe she'd dropped a Bon Bon(tm) between the couch cushions. Al stealthily crept to the living room and quickly removed the couch cushions and to his wondering eyes appeared a ten-dollar bill lying all-alone. Al happily picked up the money and pocketed it and yelled to Peg that he was going out.

Al left the house and was immediately greeted by his good friend Jefferson Darcy. The two exchanged greetings and Al said "Jefferson, would you like a beer? My treat!" Jefferson took a step back and was amazed at Al's newfound generosity. Jefferson quickly accepted and Jefferson and Al were off to the store for twelve cold ones. Al quickly purchased the beer and began funneling them down Jefferson's throat until he was buzzing a great deal. Al inquired if he could borrow Jefferson's video camera for a day or so. In his current state of mind yes was the only answer that would form on his semi intoxicated lips.

Jefferson quickly entered his house and retuned quickly with the video camera. He handed it off to Al, as Marcy bellowed Jefferson's name from the top of their staircase. Al peered in to see Marcy wearing a cowboy hat, a nipple less bra and a g-string. Damn Al thought she was hot too. Her smile faded quickly seeing Al standing there as she simply said "Hi Al." and turned and walked up the stairs saying "C'mon Jefferson, time to play!"

Al and Jefferson chitchatted for a few moments more when Marcy still wearing her cowboy outfit flung the door open. She said "Alright you boys can suck each others dicks later. I've got a need for Jefferson's big cock right now! Bye Al." Marcy quickly snatched Jefferson by the collar of the shirt inside and closed and locked the door behind them, leaving Al standing on the stoop.

With the Annoyances gone, Al could now think. Where could he place this camera while he worked where Peggy would never find it? The moment of awakening had struck Al like a bold from above. The Kitchen he thought. He quickly eased back to his house, it was getting kind of dark now and the kids would be home soon and God only knew what Peg was doing. Al entered through the garage and eased into the living room behind the couch. Peg had resumed her spot on the couch and was in a mindless dull. He tip toed behind her and eased into the kitchen unnoticed. He sat the camera on top of the cabinets. He aimed it directly at the front door. He peered through the lens and could readily see the front door, the couch, the stairs and the screen leading out to the yard. Perfect he thought.

Al got down quietly and eased out the back door and went around the house. Al entered the front door and said "Hello Peg, keeping the couch in place?" Peg returned with "No Al, are you keeping the failures of America with a poster boy?" Al felt like he should smack the hell out of her, but decided now wasn't the time. Al said, "Well Peg, I'm off to bed. Gotta work tomorrow and need a little extra sleep." Peg never looked up and replied "Night Al." As al ascended the steps, he retrieved the remote control from his pocket and hit record on the Video camera and proceeded up the stairs.

Morning came far to quickly for Al; he stumbled out of bed and took his morning piss. He quietly dressed and descended the stairs and quickly found his precious camera unmoved from the night before. He climbed atop a chair and removed the tape inside and placed it in his jacket and placed a new on inside the camera. He hit the timer to go off and begin recording at eight am. He got down and repositioned the chair and made sure he'd left no footprints on the counter top.

He quickly exited the house and let his car coast halfway down the block before he fired it up. He quickly went to the mall, it wouldn't be open for hours yet, but the security personnel there would let him in, since he was a store manager. Al some forty five minutes later found himself almost child like with anticipation as he held the tape in front of the VCR in the back of the store which acted as a surveillance machine, with only one closed circuit camera watching the door. Al peered at the monitor and saw the front door of the shop. No one stirred at this hour. He changed a few cables as he'd done a thousand times before when he and Griff used to watch porno movies when they weren't busy.

Al placed the tape inside and sat down. The room was dark entirely. He grabbed the remote and pressed play. The first image Al saw was Peggy sitting on the couch, just as he'd left her the evening before when he went to bed. She sat there kicking her leg as always. This went on for ten or fifteen minutes. Peggy got up and left her seat and walked to the top of the stairs.

Through the tape Al could hear himself snoring. Peggy smiled and tiptoed back down the stairs and back to her spot on the couch. Moments later Bud and Kelly entered the house very noisily mind you. The two were arguing over what they were going to eat and when, seemed both tykes were hungry and were arguing amongst themselves over food. Al felt ashamed that he couldn't provide more for them. Peggy called the children over to her. Bud was now seventeen and Kelly was now eighteen. Bud sat to his mother's left while Kelly sat to the right side of her mother.

Peg said "Alright kids you know the rules if you want food, then I want something in return. Kelly said "Yes mom what do you want this time?" Peg said "Now such a tone from my daughter. I'd think you'd want to make your mother happy so you could eat a big juicy burger, hot fries and a good cold soda to wash it all down with."

Kelly's hunger got the best of her. "Ok mom what is it tonight?" Peggy stood and quickly pulled down her spandex pants to her ankles and stepped out of them and unbuttoned her top and undid the front hook on her bra and tossed them all aside. She stood nude before Bud and Kelly except for her white spiked high heel shoes. Peg still had a fabulous body. Her firm tits stood proudly on her chest as did her large pink nipples. Her pussy was noticeably shaved clean.

Peggy sat down and said "Alright you two, you know what to do." Kelly wasted no time dropping to her knees and eating her mother's pussy for her. Within seconds Peg was moaning and rubbing Bud's crotch. Al felt his cock stiffen as Peggy eased buds' large cock from his pants and begin stroking it. His cock must have been every bit of ten inches. His balls were huge almost a handful, each one. Al couldn't stop looking at his daughter's side view.

She buried her face further and further into her mother's snatch while Peggy gently pulled Bud up to his knees and took his large cock into her mouth. She sucked it for long minutes until the impending orgasm struck her. She stopped and withdrew the cock from her mouth and told Kelly to strip. Kelly stood and with her attire, a mini skirt and a pullover spaghetti strapped top, it wouldn't take long. Kelly unzipped her skirt and let it fall. Al's eyes feasted on her scrumptious ass. Peggy lay on the floor on her back as she took Kelly and placed her squatting over her mother's face.

Kelly pressed her hot pussy down onto Peg's face while Bud began lifting Peg's legs up and over her head where Peggy neatly and efficiently tucked them behind her head. Al noticed Bud working his huge tool up his mother's ass. Peggy squirmed and moaned as she buried her face deeper and deeper into Kelly. Bud now humping away tearing his mother's ass up While Kelly gyrated her cunt all over Peggy's face. Peggy cried out as bud made his final stroke and withdrew from Peggy's tight asshole and moved in front of Kelly and eased his cock into her mouth. Peggy gently began finger fucking Kelly's asshole while eating her cunt, Kelly moaned and moaned as her mother worked her magic on her.

Kelly suddenly came quickly and furiously. The liquid gush of cum hit Peggy's face and mouth. She caught it all, as Bud pulled free from Kelly's mouth and pushed Kelly over facing the couch and buried his cock in her wet pussy. Peggy scrambled to crawl between Bud's legs and began to lap his cock and Kelly's cunt as the two fucked. Suddenly Bud jerked, Peggy knew he was almost ready. She pulled his cock free from Kelly's pussy and pulled it into her mouth and allowed Bud's hot cum to fill her mouth and throat. Several minutes later it was all over.

Peggy stood and walked over to her secret hiding spot and handed the duo ten dollars each and they scrambled for their clothes and then out the door. Peggy sat back down on the couch in the raw and rubbed her clit until she orgasmed once again. Peggy stood and headed up the stairs and out of camera view. The show was officially over, but Al's raging boner said he needed attention.

Al stood from his seat and took his precious videotape out and hid it away amongst the shoeboxes on the top shelf. He checked his watch, it was now 7:30 Am. The mall would open in half an hour for business, but the early morning health nuts that came to the mall to walk were already there, many peering though the shoe store window. Al couldn't deny that his raging hard on wasn't going away. He didn't understand it most of the time it was lifeless, but the video he'd just watched was unlike any Biguns(tm) magazine or porno flick he'd ever watched before, it was hotter and better maybe because it was his own family acting it out and not some no name porn star.

Time passed and eight o clock rolled around faithfully and still Al was aroused. He opened the door to the store and turned his back to walk back to the register where he planed to stay until this raging hard on went away. His first customer had to be a big woman. She wasn't really fat; it's just that she was big boned. He pictured her nude trying to make his erection die down. Didn't work. She asked for a size 6 knowing she was a size 9. Al refused to leave the counter, trying with all his might to make her leave the store or get her own shoes.

She wasn't budging. She stood and walked to Al, very agitated she grabbed his collar and looked him up and down and then noticed his problem. She smiled at him, Al knew what she was thinking. He was busted now and he knew he didn't need to hide it. She simply said "Ok, shoe man tell ya what how bout I help you find my shoes?" Al said "Alright." Al eased from behind the counter and was followed closely by the lady.

Al eased into the storeroom and felt two hands on his ass cheeks. She moaned "Mmmmm..." Al said "Size 6 right?" The hands moved to his front and stroked his cock. "No." was the response. "I think I need an 8. Do you have a size 8 I could try on?" Al said nothing. The lady's hands worked professionally at his pants and zipper and soon his dress slacks were around his ankles and he was exposed in his boxer shorts. The lady slipped her hand up the leg of Al's boxers and felt of his rigid eight-inch cock and stroked it lovingly. Al turned around and closed his eyes as she pulled his cock out and began sucking it. All Al could think of was his family.

All fucking each other sweaty hot sex, nasty but he wanted to join them so badly. The slurping sounds coming from the woman on her knees drew him out of the fantasy. He pulled his cock free from her mouth as she lay back on the floor. She was a pretty big girl, but Al was too horny to care. He eased her dress up to her waist revealing that she wore no panties. He quickly got to his knees and eased inside her fleshy cunt. It felt so good. It had been so long since Al had actually had sex and boy had he missed out on a lot. All the big women coming in and out of the store could have been his if he'd played his cards right.

Al fucked and fucked like never before. He was almost at the ten-minute mark now and still going. With Peggy, he'd only last about three or four minutes, but with this newfound fantasy in his mind he seemed a changed man. Al suddenly felt the urge hit him and he pulled out of her hot tight fat cunt and stood. She quickly got to her knees and allowed Al to dump his load in her mouth. Al finished up and quickly got back on his slacks and composed himself. She likewise stood and straightened her dress and said "Now about the shoes?"

Al said "Take whatever pair you'd like, they're on the house."

Al stood back as she smiled and said "You're so sweet." She pinched Al's cheek and grabbed a thirty-dollar pair of pumps and said, "Is this deal on a monthly basis shoe man?" Al said "Sure once a month, you take care of my problem and I'll keep you in shoes till ya keel over." She smiled and said, "Ok then, next month it is. See ya shoe man." Al blankly waved his hand as she exited the store.

Al's day went better now that his cock was drained and he waited on large woman after large woman with no mind to their size only the size of their pussies as he peered up their skirts looking at their cotton covered snatches. Al suddenly realized that it was closing time and he'd made over a thousand dollars alone today. Of course half went to the store for the cost of the shoes and he had the biggest wad in his pants that he'd ever had. Al gleefully found his dodge and listened to his favorite station in the car. Al stopped off at Marty's restaurant a block and a half from his house and ordered the works for the family tonight.

He placed his bounty in the back seat of the dodge and proceeded home. He arrived to find Peggy still on the couch and Kelly sitting at the desk working on something, while Bud sat in the chair across from peg and watched the same show she was watching. The box of food was huge. The family grabbing and snatching the food like a pack of wild animals suddenly swarmed him; Al suddenly barked, "Back you three!" All three dropped their bags back in the bag and stepped away from Al.

Al placed the box on the kitchen table and said "Alright family. I have a problem. First I want you to know I had a great day at work today, made a lot of money and I've very happy.

Now I've bought you hellions dinner, why I don't know. But all I ask for is a little understand, compassion and relief from my family. Agreed?" Everyone nodded their heads yes as Al handed out the Baggies of food. Bud and Kelly were served first and then Peggy got hers. Peggy was followed by Al who sat down next to her on the couch, while Bud and Kelly sat in the floor at their feet enjoying their meal for once this was a first in the Bundy household, A family meal. Al eyed them all suspiciously as they ate. He smiled to himself and knew the best was yet to come.

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