tagBDSMCaged Pt. 04

Caged Pt. 04


It was finally time. As soon as James had gotten home, Elle leaned in close and whispered in his ear that tonight would be his release date. She had teased him through most of the evening, sneaking up on him and planting kisses, stroking his hair, and nibbling at his ear. All the things that she knew made him go wild. Now she was waiting in their room for him. As she ordered, he gave her ten minutes to prepare before entering.

What he saw then almost made him hard enough to burst out of his cage. Elle was completely naked on their bed. Well, naked except for the golden key around her neck. She had covered the sheets in rose petals and laid out cinnamon scented candles around the room.

"Very romantic." James said, with a dopey, wide-eyed grin.

"Come here," Elle instructed, patting the area next to her on the bed. "Before, I unlock you, I want to have a little fun."

When James sat next to her, she practically pounced on him. She started kissing him all over his face, then on his lips. She reached her hands under his t-shirt and felt all around his chest and back. When James winced from the pressure on his cock straining in its little prison, Elle took notice. She slid her right hand out of his shirt and, down his sweatpants, grabbing his caged cock and his balls.

"I want to feel your cock throb," she whispered in a lusty tone. "I want to feel the precum leaking out of it." Her breath was hot on his ear.

Over the next half hour, Elle continued to ravish him. By the time she was done, James was completely naked. His body was covered in hickeys, bites, and scratches, and his chastity cage was slick with precum.

"Lay down with your hand's behind your head." Elle ordered. James immediately obeyed. She held the key and took it off her neck. Every action was slow and deliberate as she unlocked and removed the cage from his member. As soon as the device was gone, his cock was standing up straight. The erection was so intense Elle could almost feel it vibrating with pent up sexual energy. She positioned herself on top of James, kneeling so she could look down on his cock and upper-body. She brought her vagina so close to his penis that they could feel the heat from each other's genitals.

"Now," Elle started, authoritatively, "You're going to watch me get myself off." She told him, sliding a hand between her legs. With all the foreplay Elle was already wet and ready, as she slid two fingers into her pussy to fuck herself and rubbed her clit with her thumb. The fact that all James was permitted to do was watch as Elle pleasured herself, her pussy only inches away from his straining, twitching, and denied cock, turned them both on so much that he leaked precum like a faucet and she was able to bring herself to multiple, intense, squirting orgasms in no time.

After Elle was finished cumming, she laid beside James. She took a bit of time to recover her stamina, just enjoying how needy and submissive James looked in the moment. Then, she ran her fingers down his chest until her hand reached his cock. Using his precum as lubricant, she began to stroke him up and down, excruciatingly slowly. Even at the mind-numbingly slow pace she was going, she was able to edge James multiple times in a matter of minutes. Finally, she began to stroke him faster.

"I wonder how long I'll keep you locked next time." Elle mused. "Maybe a year?" She picked up the pace even more. James moaned. "Maybe...I won't let you cum tonight. You'd forgive me, right? Even though I promised?" she asked sweetly, keeping a steady quick pace with her strokes. James felt himself approaching the brink of orgasm. "Maybe I'll just stop right at the edge, lock you back up and never, ever let you out agai-"

At that, thick ropes of cum shot from James's cock as he shook and spasmed. It was the biggest, most powerful load he'd ever shot, almost hitting the ceiling. By the time he made his last spurt, his chest was drenched with his own cum.

James panted, thoroughly out of breath. Elle dipped a finger in the puddle of cum, getting a dollop stuck to her finger and pressed it to James's lips.

"Remember what I said I wanted to try once I let you cum?" she asked. James answered by licking the cum off her finger and swallowing. Elle smiled, looking into his obedient eyes, still eager to serve. She fed him a few more fingerfuls of his cum, which he licked off as eagerly as if it were the sweetest ice cream in the world.

"Come on," Elle prodded, "It's time to get in the shower and wash up." Both of them were slick with sweat and James was still soaked with his own semen. "And once you're clean, I can lock your penis back up."

"Already?" James asked, a bit surprised.

"Well...you seemed to like being locked up so much," Elle said flirtatiously, "I thought you'd want to dive in as quick as possible. If you need it, you can take a break. You can stay unlocked through aftercare. You can spend the night without the cage, however long you need." She said sweetly. James thought about it for a moment.

"I'm ready. Lock me up as soon as you want."

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