tagRomanceCaitlin's Choice Ch. 02

Caitlin's Choice Ch. 02


"Jesus Christ, woman! Watch where you're going!"

Logan had been minding his own business and enjoying the nighttime stars when suddenly this woman had practically run over him. She was sprawled on the sand and he instinctively grabbed her and placed her in his lap, brushing off the sand from her back and arms. The woman looked at Logan and screamed.

"Get the fuck away from me."

Sitting on his lap was his ex girlfriend from high school, Caitlin. Both were attending a friend's wedding and he had tried very hard to stay away from her since he had arrived on the island this morning. He had succeeded up until this point.

Caitlin and Logan had dated all through high school and everyone thought they were going to get married. Two days after graduation he had called her and asked her to meet him at their special place. She had gotten so excited, thinking that he was going to propose. Instead, he had broken up with her. She had run home crying, packed her bags, and gone up to her parent's cottage for the summer. She had spent one day at home packing up for college and hadn't been home since.

She stood up and stumbled, but regained her balance as she looked down at Logan. By this time Logan had stood up, more to get out of the way of the fiery redhead who he knew all too well.

"You're supposed to be in Australia."

"There is no way I was going to miss Mark and Sophie's wedding. I have been trying to stay the fuck away from you and I was successful until you practically ran me over."

Caitlin scowled. She hated when he was right and that made her even angrier.

"You shouldn't be lying on the beach in the dark."

"Well you shouldn't be walking down the beach in the dark."

Before she had a chance to respond Logan had stormed off. She stood there stunned and confused. She thought five years of keeping herself busy would make her forget, but it didn't. The moment they were together it was as heated and angry as always. Caitlin walked slowly back to her cottage and tried to figure out why she had even fallen in love with Logan. All she could remember were the fights; the yelling and screaming.

As she walked towards her cottage, her heart began to race and she could feel her temper flaring. Logan was standing on the doorstep. Before she had a chance to say anything, he spoke.

"You have a two bedroom cottage and this is the only room free on the island. Mark told his dad it was O.K. since we know each other. Lets just get inside and go to bed. I'm leaving in the morning so if you sleep in, like you always do; you won't have to see me again."


Caitlin unlocked the door, marched right to her bedroom door, and slammed it shut. Logan rolled his eyes as he got ready for bed.


Caitlin rolled over and opened her eyes. Instead of the bright sun entering her window, all she saw was dark clouds. She could hear the rain hitting the ground outside and as she sat up and rubbed her eyes, the events of last night flooded back into her head. Getting up she opened her bedroom door to go to the washroom. The first thing she saw was Logan sitting in a chair reading a magazine.

"Before you say anything the storms created waves that were so bad they damaged the boat. Until the storm clears and the boat is repaired no one is going anywhere."

Logan didn't wait for Caitlin to respond. He looked back down at his magazine and continued to read.

Caitlin got dressed and attempted to make her way to the dining hall without getting totally soaked. As she entered the building, she could smell the eggs, hash browns, and waffles. Finding an empty table, she began to eat.

"Hey Caitlin. Sucks that we're stuck here and it's raining."

Deanna took a seat across from Caitlin and they began to chat. Caitlin realized that Deanna wasn't that annoying and she was actually pretty smart. Once she finished breakfast, she excused herself.

"I think I'm just going to go back to my cottage and do some writing."

Deanna nodded. Caitlin did up her rain jacket and ventured out into monsoon. By the time she got to her cottage, she was soaked. She entered the cottage and saw that Logan was still in the same spot, but instead of reading a magazine he had his laptop open and was doing some work. Caitlin got her laptop out and did the same. They worked for hours without speaking. Finally Caitlin looked up at Logan.

"Why did you break up with me?"

Logan closed his laptop and moved to sit next to Caitlin. His eyes were full of sorrow and his mind was trying to figure out the best way to respond.

"Do you really want the truthful answer?"

"Of course I do. Don't be silly. I'm an adult now. I think I can handle the truth."

"I got Stacey pregnant."

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