tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCalabasas Confidential Ch. 01

Calabasas Confidential Ch. 01


Angel Love, thanks for the editing.


Annie (Chapter I)

Tom and Roger are flying home tonight for a long weekend away from school and I don't know what I am going to do when they get here. I am such an idiot. What will Roger think about my actions when I last saw him? Everything has spun out of control. I could never justify seducing my son's best friend, Roger. Worse yet, I don't think I can stop myself if he wants me again.

I always thought these things happen to other people. Not me. I was always the good girl in school and I could control myself when tempted. My parents were so proud of me and bragged to their friends about how lucky they were to have such a good daughter. I never embarrassed them. I worked hard to stay at the top of my class in math and science. I always went to church on Sundays and sang in the choir. Respect from the teacher, my parents and classmates were important to me. I was a good girl. I never drank, smoked or went too far with the boys I dated. Even my ex-husband had nice things to say about me after our divorce. So, how did I become such a slut?

I live in a nice upper class neighborhood with one of the highest rated school districts in Los Angeles. Country clubs and churches are so numerous in my tree-laden community. The local upscale boutiques knew me by name. The manicured parks are lush and green. Families watched their children play baseball or tennis every weekend. The local schools always win the top prizes in sports and academic contests. My custom-made house sits in an older, established gated community with interesting and influential neighbors. Everything seemed so good in my life. The problem started so innocently.

My son, Tom, stayed home during the summer after he graduated from high school. He continued working part time at the local gym so he would have some extra spending money for college. He made some extra money as a personal trainer. When Tom was not working, he hung out with Roger. Roger had been his best friend for years and they were going to the same school that fall.

The boys did everything together. They went hiking, to the movies and the mall but mainly they just stayed at my house. When they were at my house, they had parties, slept late, watched television, played video games or swam. When Michelle, my best friend, or my other friends visited, the boys were very sociable and pleasant. It was nice having them both around since I was divorced and I was not looking forward to Tom going off to school.

Not that I am lonely. I have had more than my fair share of dates. As a single mother in Los Angeles, you must look good to get any attention. To remain attractive, I work out at the gym four days a week and have maintained a low 12% body fat for many years. While at the gym, I concentrate on maintaining a flat hard stomach with yoga classes and Pilates. Both Michelle and I went to the same gym so we helped motivate each other to work harder. Since Tom worked at the gym, he let us know when we were slacking.

I am proud of all my hard work. I show off the results of my efforts by wearing low-rise jeans and small T-shirts. Men seem to love seeing my soft flat stomach and hard pelvic bones at the bottom of my naked waist. I thought about getting a belly button ring to catch their eye. I stand 5'3" with shoulder length reddish brown hair and I have large gray eyes with full lush lips. My breasts sit high on my chest and tightly fill a C cup. I have seen many men elbowed by their wives for staring at me when I walked by them.

I can attract men just as easily as Michelle does. When Michelle and I go out for the night without her husband, we always attract a lot of attention. Michelle is 5'8" with sandy blonde hair. She is strikingly beautiful with a curvy little figure and should have been a model. She is a natural flirt and always has somebody after her. Yet most of the time, I have someone asking me to dance while Michelle sits at the table by herself. Obviously, I am not desperate.

I make a good living as an emergency room nurse; have a beautiful ranch home with a pool and a new Lexus. When my parents passed away a few years ago, they left me very comfortable financially. I am not a bad catch, but I have not found anybody with whom I want to share the rest of my life. Lately, I have not found anybody worth spending the night with either. If I had, maybe I would not be in so much trouble.

I should have seen this coming. Roger was the youngest of six children while Tom was an only child so our house always seemed so peaceful to Roger. Roger was always over at my house and had become part of the family. He is funny, good looking, intelligent and a good influence on my son. Roger had dark brown eyes, a strong jaw line and short black hair. He had a royal and distinguished look for someone so young.

Roger and Tom had both been on the track team together so he was in good shape. Sometimes, I sat in the garage drinking my morning coffee while watching the boys lift weights. I remember watching Roger's chest muscles flex as the boys bench-pressed. His efforts paid off with a nice V-shape to his upper body. Maybe Roger was a little too good looking for his own good.

When Roger was at my house, I treated him like my son because he felt just like part of the family. Roger used the spare bedroom to store some clothing for when he slept over. I made dinner for them when they stayed at home. I treated Tom and Roger equally. I bought them things I thought they needed. I did their laundry. I criticized or praised them equally. Roger was comfortable in my house and had his own key. I think Roger stayed at our house more than he stayed at home. I liked him.

During the final year of high school, Tom and Roger worked very hard to score high on the college entry exams and to find a good school. Roger spent the night at least four times a week while they studied together. Roger's parents didn't have a lot of money so their house was small and noisy. With five brothers and sisters, it was hard for Roger to study at home so he always studied at our house.

Many times, I would wake up in the middle of the night and get up for a glass of water. After stumbling barefoot down the hall to the kitchen, I would find Roger studying at the kitchen table after everyone had gone to bed. Sometimes, I sat down with him and talked. He liked the break. We would discuss whatever was on his mind like his studies, promising scholarships, girls he was dating or his goals for the coming year. We easily laughed and joked with each other. Roger always seemed to enjoy our evening chats. Then I would kiss him on the cheek and go back to bed.

As the summer started, little things started to bother me. I was always so organized and meticulous, but little things were out of place in my large bedroom. I had decorated my master bedroom in a light and airy West Indies style. The tropical motif made it easy to spot when things were out of place. I noticed my lingerie drawer was out of order and some garments folded incorrectly. Someone left the drawers ajar. Could Tom, Roger, or one of their friends be going through my drawers? What could anyone want in my underwear drawer? I became more observant, but I did not say anything.

I do not know when I first noticed it, but Roger started paying more and more attention to me. When they had friends over, Roger always spent time with me. I kept catching Roger looking at my breasts or legs when he thought I was not looking. Roger seemed to be in my house a lot when Tom was not there. When he talked to me, he always seemed to be touching my arm or back. His delicate touch always turned into a firm hold. If a man called, Roger was always inquisitive about what they wanted. He even started kissing me on the cheek as a greeting. When he hugged me, he pressed my body against his in a way that seemed intimate and lingered too long. Maybe Roger had a crush on me. It was cute.

Before I went out on a date, I always asked the boys for their opinion of my outfit. They were both complimentary but Roger always seemed a little more interested. Roger would stop what he was doing and ask me to model the outfit. Tom would return to his X-box game but Roger was always more interested in me. Since Roger was more complimentary when I wore my sexier outfits, I found myself wearing more enticing outfits to see his reaction, but nothing too racy. He loved all of my outfits and inflated my ego with all of his sweet talk. I felt attractive and desired from all of his attention. Tom never noticed.

Things changed one day in June. I was taking a shower after my workout and heard a soft creak. I ignored it and continued to wash my hair. I then soaped up my legs, my pussy, my body and then my breasts. Then with a razor, I cleaned up my pubic patch into a tight V for my skimpy bathing suits. I get wax treatments so I can wear a thong without rogue hairs showing, but I still liked some hair in front. I heard the sound again. While I was shaving my legs, I glanced to the bathroom door out of the corner of my eye. I have a large marble shower that does not need a door. The room was foggy, but yes, the door had opened just a crack. I know I had shut the door.

Whoever was behind the door could clearly see the water running down my naked body. The water cascaded down my body, over my full round breasts, down my flat stomach, past my freshly trimmed pussy and down my shapely legs. I wiped the water from my eyes to see who was behind the door. Before I could say anything, the door slowly shut. I knew Roger was the only other person in the house. Could little Roger be spying on me? I was a little shocked. Should I say anything?

I dressed and went out to talk to Roger, but he had already left. I smiled. I was sure he was peeking at me in the shower. On a hunch, I snuck into the spare bedroom and looked around. Under the mattress, I found a bottle of lotion, my favorite black thong and a large brown envelope. In the envelope were pictures of me around the house or by the pool.

On closer examination, I could see why Roger hid the pictures. The pictures showed more of me than I thought he had ever seen. He had pictures of me naked in the shower. He had pictures with my pink nipples clearly visible down the front of my old blue sweatshirt. I kept flipping through the photographs. He had even taken one picture from under the kitchen table that showed my 'Hello Kitty' blue cotton panties exposed under my short terry robe. He must have taken the picture when we all sat down for breakfast. He was very sneaky.

More pictures showed me late at night in my white cotton nightgown standing in front of the stainless steel refrigerator with the door wide open. The light was shining through the gown. I was amazed. You could see every inch of my body. The outline of my breasts sticking straight out from my chest was clearly visible. I thought of all the times Roger was studying late at night when I got up for water while wearing this gown. The gown was loose, hung away from my body and was very comfortable. I thought it was modest but these pictures proved me wrong.

He had quite a few pictures of me in this gown. One picture taken from under the table showed my legs lazily folded under me. I could clearly see my firm light brown thighs, my trimmed pubic patch and the lips of my pussy. In another version of this same picture, he had zoomed in on my pussy and showed how closely I was shaven. I blushed. I never looked before but I had a pretty pussy. I became redder thinking about Roger knowing so much about me.

He had taken another picture while he stood next to my chair. Obviously, I was proofreading his report for him and he took advantage of the situation. While leaning forward, the top of my gown hung open enough to expose the un-tanned portion of one of my breasts. My pink erect nipple was fully visible. The next picture was a super close up taken through the armhole of my gown. He caught a beautiful profile of my full round breast. I do not know how he took the picture without me noticing. No wonder he enjoyed our evening chats.

I sat down on his bed and slowly went through the photographs. He had more than two dozen pictures of me enlarged to 8.5 by 11. Some pictures showed more of me than other pictures. He had pictures of my erect nipples in my workout outfits and pictures of my red lace thong peeking out of some old worn jeans when I bent over while doing the laundry. Another picture showed my naked pussy exposed through the opening in my robe when I was painting my toenails by the pool.

He even had a picture of me sleeping in my bedroom in a short lavender halter-top nightie. I was wearing a black sleeping mask so the flash from his camera didn't wake me. I had thrown the covers off me and was lying on my side. The nightie's plunging neckline was caught on my nipple and left most of my breast exposed. The bottom of the nightie was up around my waist and my pussy peeked out below the hem. I was amazed when I saw how much of my body was exposed while I slept. I was more amazed that Roger had crept into my bedroom late at night while I was sleeping. What did he think he was doing?

I sat on the edge of Roger's bed thumbing through his pictures and dirty little thoughts occurred to me. Roger obviously desired me. He had gone to great lengths to fuel his lust. I imagined him masturbating to my pictures. Did he like my breasts or legs more? Did he think of me naked when we spoke at the dinner table? Did he use the pictures often? What did he think about when he fantasized about me? I knew I wasn't being a good girl with these thoughts in my head, but I didn't have anyone left in my life that cared if I was being good. I could allow myself this small rebellion.

Previously, I had noticed the bulge in his gym shorts. I remember turning bright red at my thoughts. Now, I wondered what his dick would look like as he stroked himself. I got hot and horny just thinking about him pleasuring himself. He would be so sexy cumming while he looked at my pictures. I snapped out of it and became embarrassed. I needed to rush to work so I put everything back where I found it and left.

While driving to work, I thought about Roger and the pictures. I did not want Tom and Roger's friendship to end because of Roger's mistake. They were such good friends. He was just too bold for his own good. Someone should tell Roger he was completely wrong for taking those pictures. It may even be illegal. His parents would die if they knew how he was acting at my house. Tom would disown him. Yet, I was somewhat flattered. He needed to learn he had made a bad decision so I resolved to teach him a lesson.

I concluded it was harmless so I did not say anything to him about his peeking or his secret photographs. Instead, I teased him and did not object when certain situations arose. I noticed Roger was always trying to see into the folds of my robe when he did not think I was looking. So, I made sure that if he was in the right spot, my robe was open just enough to see the profile of my soft full breast. As soon as he moved to the right position, I would turn away. Occasionally, I let him get a brief glance at my breasts and he just stared. I repeated this game time after time. He looked so disappointed when he couldn't see more of my naked flesh.

When I knew my son was not around, I started to wear more revealing and sexy clothes. My favorite was a large blue man's dress shirt with only a few buttons fastened. I would show up for breakfast in nothing but my shirt while Roger looked up from eating his cereal. The shirttail dipped down far enough to cover my ass but the sides exposed me when I walked by him to get my coffee. Because of their size, my breasts would sway back and forth under the shirt as I moved around the kitchen. Roger was mesmerized. When I sat down, the shirt would rise up my thigh far enough to show I was naked underneath. I acted so innocently while teasing him that Roger didn't know what to do.

When I was feeling mischievous, I would stretch out my long legs and place them on the adjoining chair. I could then tease Roger by folding and bending my legs while I read the paper. I smiled as Roger tried to see my pussy between my thighs while he rushed to pour me a fresh cup of hot coffee. When he stood next to me pouring the coffee, I made sure Roger could catch a small glimpse of my breast in the shirt's openings as a reward. He was constantly hiding his hard-on while he walked around the kitchen, but I noticed his dick's circumcised head pushing against his thin shorts. I loved to torture the poor boy and afterwards, I was in a good mood for the rest of the day.

He followed me around like a baby duck. A lustful little duck. I just kept torturing him. When I was in the kitchen and knew Roger was behind me, I enticed him by bending over and looking in the bottom drawers. I would wear tight jeans with my thong peaking out and short tight T-shirts that left my thin waist exposed. When he saw me this way, I wondered if he thought about fucking me from behind. I should have known to stop then. You aren't supposed to be thinking about your son's best friend like this. It was not right.

Yet, I found myself buying sexy underwear for him to see on me. I justified it as teaching him a lesson. I could leave a Victoria's Secret shopping bag around and count on getting Roger's extra attention for days. My desire for Roger's attention kept growing. I found myself staring at him instead of watching TV. I was curious about how well he could kiss and how good it would feel with him on top of me. I couldn't find out so I teased him some more. Sometimes, I went too far and escalated the tension between us.

Once, when I knew Roger was going on a date with Amy and Tom was out with his new girlfriend, Lily, I slipped into my latest purchase. I appraised myself in the mirror. I was wearing a purple floor length nightgown with a slit up the front ending just below my crotch. My long legs peeked out of the slit with each step I made. The body was tight enough to show the muscles in my tummy. The top of the gown was skintight with thin spaghetti straps holding the fabric over my boobs. The gown's deep cleavage framed the full curves of my breasts and barely held them in place when I moved. If he wasn't gay, I could have seduced the Pope in this outfit. I looked in the mirror. Roger was going to love this gown, but I had second thoughts about wearing it in front of Roger.

Maybe I shouldn't be teasing Roger so much. He hadn't hurt anybody. Maybe I was hurting Roger and his relationship with Amy. Roger and Amy had been together since the beginning of their junior year.

I had seen a lot of Amy and she was beautiful. She was petite with perfect skin and sky blue eyes. Years of ballet had built her a hard little body. Amy had the perfect life that poor kids would dream of living. Her parents had a compound up on the hill with a pool and tennis courts. They had a live-in maid and gardener. Their five-car garage was always full of the latest luxury models. Amy had her own credit card since she was 12. I knew from conversations between Roger and Tom that Amy was still a virgin, but Roger kept trying to change that.

I laughed and made up my mind to keep teasing him. I tiptoed out to the living room but brought my robe with me just in case Tom came home unexpectedly. The lights were low and Roger was watching ESPN before he left on his date. He looked so handsome in his slacks and dress shirt. Very casually, I set my robe in the entrance hall and entered the living room. Roger tried not to look shocked as I walked by him. I tried acting nonchalant while wearing this sexy little gown in front of him. Roger could see each muscle in my hips flex as I glided past him. I settled down next to Roger on the soft green couch in front of the television. I looked over at him with my big eyes and smiled.

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