tagGroup SexCamelot Ch. 01

Camelot Ch. 01


The eight students, tipsy and still buzzing from the pulsating loud music they left behind in the night club. The group of three women and five men piled into two different mini cabs outside the club and headed to Kieran's parents house. They had come down from university after their end of term exams to take in the London night life; they had all missed. Kieran offered to house them for the weekend since his parents were off on another cruise. His parents were now retired, wealthy and spent more and more time taking cruises rather than staying in rainy ol' England.

The group's name 'Camelot' had been given to them by Dylan, the horny Scotsman as he often referred to himself. The historical the first part of it, Cam, reflected the Celtic word meaning "crooked" in Dylan's most likely depraved thinking it meant "The Crooked Lot'" He was 5ft 10 lean but extremely fit from playing soccer for the university team. His dark hair and cobalt blue eyes made him look intense. Though intense was the last thing he was...Dylan was the biggest prankster and the life of the party, he was the unofficial head of the group. Always suggesting they do all sorts of interesting things whilst they were still young and stupid!

Breaking the silence of the serene upper class neighbourhood, they stood discussing loudly what the next plan was for the night as the Mini cabs drove off down the long driveway to the gate and into the night. They noisily walked into the posh mansion that was Kieran's family home; Dylan was calling for more music and booze to continue the buzz. The rest of Camelot agreed. Kieran walked into his father's 'study' and the whole group followed. At one side of the so called study was a bar, countless bottles of alcohol lined the mirrored wall behind it. 'Ladies, what would you like to drink?' Kieran asked politely, as was his nature

'My cum?' Dusty cheekily asked he always found a way to bring up sex even when no-one else could. Dusty was an American army brat, he was the tallest of the lot at 6ft 6, built like a brick house no-one knew his real hair colour because it was a different colour each week, on this particular week his hair was platinum blond with blue highlights. He was always staring at all the couples but tried not to get spotted, they had always thought that there was more to his story than the group knew.

'It's early yet,' said Sarah visibly tipsy and unusually forward. 'Give us a bit of time and we'll be sure to try it out. I'm game for new challenges!' She mischievously said.

Everyone bust out laughing and some shook their heads in disbelief. Sarah, the silent voice of reason, She was never forward, rather shy mostly. She was beautiful though she didn't think so. Her long strawberry blond tresses framed her soft oval lightly freckled face, her almond eyes green eyes always held a smile. Sarah had the hugest crash on Dylan but would never own up to her feelings for him.

'Tequila, if you have some.' said Tina, a strikingly beautiful red head, with a body made for sin as she always loved to say, how true this was. Her breasts slightly over filled her 36 C cup bras, her hour glass body always covered in sexy yet tasteful garments and her ass was full yet firm. She had a distinct wiggle to her walk. Tina's suggestion for tequilas got a hearty round of approval.

'I'm going to need help slicing the oranges for the tequila.' Kieran said as he placed a bowl of oranges on the counter. 'Matthew?'

Matthew, the youngest of the group at 20 years old, stood tall at 6ft 4 with blond hair, soft blue eyes and a tanned buff body that had most girls and some guys stare. He looked like a god amongst men. He was a gentleman always, which made all the girls swoon over him. Matthew went behind the bar counter to help Kieran.

Kieran was of Celtic decent his dark hair and turquoise eyes made him look other worldly. He stood tall at 6 ft 2. His body was firm and muscled, though he was not massive he looked well filled out in all the right places. His manner was soft, gentle and compassionate. None of them knew he was from a wealthy family until Sarah stumbled upon an article in a finance magazine at the campus library, which had done a profile on his father. Inside was a family photo. Kieran didn't want anyone of the group to treat him differently because his father was one of the richest men in England.

Dylan walked to the centre of the study and announced 'We shall sit here and drink the tequila...in our underwear!' laughter rang out in the large room.

'I second the motion' Sarah chimed in. To no-ones surprise, at this point. She walked up to Dylan and slowly began to undress, facing him. The rest of the group walk over to them and also started to peel off their clothing and fling them all over the room.

Kieran and Matthew carried two bottles of golden booze, glasses on a tray with the sugar and oranges to the center of the group before the both of them hastily undressed.

Tina was standing and sexily stripping in front of Bryce. Bryce was a 6 ft 2 chocolate brown, Afro-Caribbean Tyresse look-a-like. With a small dimple on the right side of his mouth and eyes that were dark pools waiting for someone to drown in them.

Next to them stood Johari, caramel skinned beautiful African, 'Jo' to all her friends, had been born in Kenya and brought to boarding school in England when she was ten years old. Jo was 5ft 10 inches tall with an oval face, soft full lips that held untold promises and hazel eyes that striped a mans soul bare. Her full breasts fit nicely into a 36DD bra, men could barely hold a conversation with her without directing part of the conversation to her breasts. She had a crush on Kieran since their first day in university when he offered to be her guide, even though he didn't know where he was going either.

Once they were in their underwear giggling and commenting on each others choices of underwear, they turned to Dusty who still stood wearing only his trousers. 'Hey Dusty, we can't start drinking when you still have your trousers on.' Tina said as she walked over to him in her crimson red lace g-string and matching bra that could hardly contain her breasts. She stood in front of him slowly reaching for his belt buckle. Her eyes held his as she began to unbuckle his belt. 'I didn't think of you being shy, Dusty.' Tina said softy.

'I'm not.' Dusty said his voice deep and hoarse, Tina's hand slowly opening the zip of his pants. 'I just don't wear any underwear!' he announced. As he took hold of Tina's hands stopping her.

'Wow. Dusty, still you need to loose the pants, who seconds my motion?' Tina's voice filled with passion.

'All of us second the motion.' Sarah said giggling. 'I need a drink! Common Dusty, lets get this party going...promise we won't laugh.' she added as she went over to him and began helping Tina take Dusty's trousers off. A tense air of silence hit the room as Dusty's semi erect penis was revealed. No one could laugh let alone speak when they saw it. His penis was huge and thick and lay nestled in dusty brown short fuzz of pubic hair. The deep pink bulbous helmet was large and the shaft thicker at the base than the rest of the thick column. Sarah could hardly contain herself as she reached to touch it. 'How big is this monster cock of yours, Dusty?' Sarah asked her voice hoarse and strained as her fingers gently stroked the cock before her. The whole group watched in awe at Dusty's long thick cock in Sarah's grip.

Dusty's looked at Sarah's hand stroking his penis, gently rocking on his heels he answered softly, '12 inches or so.'

'Or so...? Yeah right!' Dylan snickered as he reached to take a glass of tequila and down it contents gingerly. Sarah stopped stroking Dusty's now hard cock and led him by it to the circle and sat down next to Dylan. Tina as if in a trance followed closely and sat next to Dusty and Bryce.

'And there was poor George Bush was looking the weapon of mass destruction in Iraq and it was in your pants all this time!' Said Jo as she raised one eyebrow as was her trade mark. Everyone break into laughter and a bit of the tension was released from the air. 'I'm thirsting for some tequila.' she added taking the glass, orange quarter and brown sugar Kieran offered.

Soon they had emptied all of the contents of the tequila bottle. The music in the background was a slow love song. Kieran and Jo were seated on the floor kissing and touching, Matthew sat on the floor watching as Bryce and Tina held each other closely dancing and Dusty and Dylan were dancing with Sarah sandwiched between them. Her inhibitions seemed washed away by the tequila. Sarah's hand was steadily stroking Dusty's erect penis that was in front of her. 'I need to taste it!' Sarah said to Dusty but loud enough for everyone in the room to hear and seize what they were doing to watch her as she dropped to her knees and tried to suck Dusty's monster cock. Sarah's head pulled back and she lovingly kissed the bulbous head before her hand guided Dusty's penis back into her mouth. Dusty let out a low groan as he stood slightly swaying insnc with Sarah's attention to his member. She could only manage to take half of it difficultly into her mouth. Dusty didn't seem to mind he was making mewing sounds of pleasure in the back of his throat.

Dylan got down behind Sarah and began rubbing her pussy through her now wet panties. Sarah moaned and spread her knees slightly wider to give Dylan better access to her cunt. He moved behind Sarah and slipped her panties slowly over her ass and past her hips leaving them at her bent knees. His hands soon returned to caress her soft ass massaging the orbs slowly. His right hand let her bum to touch her pussy that glistened invitingly. Dylan rubbed her clit in slow maddening circles as Sarah shifted her attention to Dusty's large hairless balls, her small hands stroking his huge member simultaneously. His moans were getting more labored, Dusty pulled away from Sarah's hot mouth and lay down in front of her and said 'Suck my cock, babe.' The room was quiet except for the music in the background and Sarah's excited moans brought on by Dylan's fingering her hot, wet pussy. Sarah put her hot mouth once again on Dusty's cock and gently licked the drop of precum on the tip of his mushroom head. She licked her middle finger and began massaging his perineum and lightly drawing circles round his pucked rose bud as she resumed loving his huge cock. 'Ah shit, that feels good! Sarah' Dusty moaned as Sarah's finger continued the tormenting circles. Sarah too moaned onto Dusty's cock as Dylan's now condom sheathed penis slid slowly deep into her moist cunt. Dylan was slowly fucking Sarah each time he penetrated deeper she moaned and pushed back at him hard meeting each other harder with each stroke.

Bryce gently laid Tina on the carpet, spread her legs and began to lick clean her cunt juice that had trickled almost to her knees. As he cleaned her off with his tongue his fingers found her clit and started to circle and tap gently on the swollen little nub. Once Tina's thighs were clean of her sweet tasting juices, Bryce licked his way to her wet pussy and began trying to clean it too. Tina was struggling to keep her eyes open as an intense feeling excitement washed over Tina's body as Bryce sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy she tried to watch as Dylan fucked Sarah and Sarah sucked Dusty. She could feel herself cumming... just then Tina rewarded Bryce's hot licks with the sweet nectar from her pussy. Her soft moans lifted and joined the moans also coming from Dylan, Sarah and Dusty. The music in the background could barely be heard now because of the symphony of moans and groans been made by the group.

Dylan kept up the strokes into Sarah's pussy alternating slightly with shallow stokes to hit her G-spot rapidly then back to sliding his penis into her pussy in full deep strokes to calm it and cause Sarah's pussy muscles to shudder slightly on his hard cock. Dylan spread her rosy cheeks to drive his hard dick deeper and he was getting that spot that made Sarah's ass wiggle and her rosy hole to ripple. It had been winking at him each time he slid deeper and harder into her wet pussy. Dylan licked his thumb leaving it coated with saliva which he then inserted slowly into Sarah's ass. Sarah moaned and came instantly gushing her juices all over Dylan's cock and balls her vibrating cunt walls held Dylan still, deep inside her pussy. Dusty flooded Sarah's mouth with a huge amount of cum as the vibrations from her repeated moaning pushed him over the edge. Each shot of cum from Dusty's ejaculating cock filled Sarah's mouth until some spilled back out and on to his still pulsing cock. After swallowing what was in her hungry mouth Sarah began cleaning off Dusty's cock and balls in earnest, only stopping to moan loudly as she came once again from Dylan fucking her harder and his thumb now replaced in her hot ass by two fingers that were spreading her hole wider to receive his third finger. As Dusty moved away to recover, Matthew moved under the couple and stuck his mouth on to Sarah clit and began nibbling on it as Dylan was pistoning his hard cock in and out of Sarah's wet cunt. As Matthew greedily sucked on Sarah's clit he inserted two fingers fucked her recently vacated pussy as Dylan began pushing his cock into her ass. Sarah's throaty grunts got the rest of the group to stop what they were doing to watch Sarah's anal invasion. Once Dylan cock was buried to the hilt, Sarah became wild and began chanting "Fuck my virgin ass Dee! Take it baby. Split me on half you fucking stud. Shit!!!! I love your cock up my cherry hole! Awwww Fuck me! Fuck me baby! I'm cumming...awwww!!!" As her cum gushed rapidly out of her pussy Matthew hurriedly lapped it up pushing a third finger into her pussy causing her to release more cum into his awaiting mouth.

Dylan began slamming himself deeper as he felt Sarah's ass walls clamp his hard penis harder and harder as her orgasm took over her body. He felt his cum bursting out of his balls and up his hard cock. Expanding wider as it made its way into her vice like crevice. Dylan began a primal scream as he blasted his cum deep into the condom covering his cock...he just wished he had taken Sarah's ass cherry bareback. His cum would be shooting deep inside her gut now. He came so intensely he could barely stop himself from collapsing in Sarah's sweat covered back as Matthew quickly moved out of their way as Dylan and Sarah collapsed on the floor. With his cock still deep inside Sarah's pulsating ass. He kissed her neck and mischievously said "My word, Sarah...you do cum a lot!"

To be continued...

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