Camp Silverlake

A slutty threesome turned 80s slasher.
116 words
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You start off on a beach taking in the very last night of camp with your fellow counselors, Emma and Ella. Emma begins to tell you the lore of Camp Silverlake. A storm rolls in & you run to the cabin for cover, where it's all giggles and wet t-shirts. Before you know it, the three of you are getting hot and heavy in the cabin... probably having the dirtiest sex of your life... until the power goes out.

Note: This piece is styled after 80s slasher movies! It's got some jumpscares and hopefully this will give you your horror fix.

Emma: literotica user emmafielder
Ella: literotica user lunarhiccups
Writer, Collaborator, Editor & Sound Designer: ghostandliam

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UprisenDemonDSUprisenDemonDS3 months ago

That was a terrific and terrifying story!!! I loved it! But...

For those who were not terrified of this story's ending, this is for you...

I want you to clearly picture the horrific ending:

You're walking down to the kitchen of your cabin, trying to investigate the sudden shatter of glass earlier. Every step you take, only darkness and the rainfall stimulates your senses. Upon arriving to where you think the glass shattered, you're met with the silhouette of a lady. Is it your friend? She's breathing heavily. Doubt starts to arise in your mind, you desperately try to convince yourself that you're safe. You can't really make out if she is the friend you just had an orgasm with earlier. All your heightened senses could tell you is that the only thing that matches to the girl you once knew was her voice... and even that sounded strange. With every sound her trembling hoarse whisper made, your suspicion and fear rose higher. As your eyes finally adapt to the darkness of the night, you start to realize that her body shape seems to be somewhat deformed, her voice lingering with an odd echo; all of which leads you believe she might not be the girl you once knew. Suddenly, it happens... The eerie music is starting to play and deafening your ears along with the lights blinding your eyes. You're wondering what has caught you off-guard the most: your senses being overwhelmed by the comeback of electricity, or the cabin door being knocked down, only finding the abyss growing further. However, these two sources of horror doesn't even come close to compare to the sheer terror you're about to witness in front of you: the girl you once knew. Your mind races with thoughts, exhausting your already overwhelmed senses. All you could do was shriek as her words resonate in your thoughts again: "I saw a hand". All you could do was regret to have brought up this story to her. All you could do was regret coming to this cabin, even if you knew the folktales. All you could do... was witness the horror in front of your eyes: deformed shape, corrupted voice, possessed body... your friend was no longer... and soon you shall be too...

cristiangs07cristiangs076 months ago

Holy shit!

Not only is the story an even cooler version than the one it's based on, it also meets the requirements of making you jump!

Again, you two are great together, Ella and Emma. Also my congratulations to your collaborator for the sound and the script.

yungbipperyungbipperabout 1 year ago

Honestly, I'm interested in the story now...

bnaylor987bnaylor987about 1 year ago

Ella, and especially Emma who has the sexiest voice ever- totally worth getting slashed for

AnonymousAnonymousover 1 year ago


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