Camping with My Wife Ch. 08


"Please, stop! I am a married woman. I have a family I can't do this." Sue pleaded.

His hands moved up from hers and slipped under her tight shirt. They continued kissing and his hands were roaming all over her back and chest. She had moved her leg over so that she was now straddling him on the couch.

All I could see from the vantage point was her back, so I couldn't tell if he was feeling her breasts. I continued to see ripples all through her shirt from where his hands rubbed her back. Eventually, he pulled up on her shirt; she lifted her arms up and allowed him to remove it completely.

Alec probably had never seen a sight as beautiful as Sue standing there; her breasts were tightly confined in the brassier. They resumed kissing and his hands reached up and fumbled with the clasp of her bra. They both giggled as he tried to unclasp it, until she eventually reached back and did it herself. She pulled it up off her body and tossed it to the side of the couch. Her tits were now naked in front of him in all their glory.

Alec sat staring wide-eyed at her breasts until she leaned back down and kissed him again, wrapping her arms around his neck, still straddling him. Their kissing became more passionate as I heard them moan into each other's mouths.

Alec had his hands feeling on her tits and occasionally he moved them down to rub her ass. He kept trying to slide his hands down under her skirt to grab her ass underneath, but her mini skirt was too tight. Eventually, he unzipped her skirt from the side so that he could reach inside it and grab her ass.

At the point in time where he had finally started to roam his hands under my wife's skirt, he had leaned his head down and started to suck on her nipples. I heard Sue start to moan lightly as she kept her hands on the back of his head encouraging him.

"Ohhh, Alec," I heard her moan. It was apparent that she liked what he was doing to her breasts. This continued for several minutes, and I could hear the sucking sounds. His hands continued to maul her ass, and I was sure his hands were inside of her panties at this point.

That's when it happened. He motioned her to get off of him as he slid her to the side off of him. Now I had a perfect view of her tits, they were spectacular. They giggled as she moved back on the couch.

He laid her down on her back as he got on top of her and started attacking her tits with his mouth. Sue just lay there with a smile on her face as he slurped and sucked on her hard nipples. Her hands were roaming through his hair encouraging him. She occasionally let out a small moan.

After a couple minutes of sucking on each of her breasts, he started to kiss down her stomach around her bellybutton. Then he reached his hand down and tried to slide it into her unzipped skirt.

"No," She said and pulled him back up towards her breasts.

He resumed sucking on them. A couple times he reached up and pinched her nipples, which made her moan. It was obvious her nipples were very sensitive and she loved it. Again, Alec tried to slide his hand down the front of her skirt, but she pushed his hand away.

"Let's just make out, ok?" Sue said pulling his arms back up towards her. They started to passionately kiss as he lay on top of her. Her arms were hugging his back and their hips were grinding into each other. It seemed she only wanted to dry fuck him.

After keeping this position for a minute, Alec went back down to her tits. My wife's arms went up behind her head and she arched her chest for him, giving out a loader moan. Her tits looked spectacular, and I could see them perfectly because the lamp near the couch was still on.

Alec's hands were roaming wildly on her chest and stomach. He was feeling all over her, and it seemed as if this made her melt. Her eyes were closed and her hips were occasionally grinding up into him as he mauled her breasts.

Yet again, Alec moved his hand down her stomach and under her unzipped skirt. This time she did not stop him. She made no objection as he slid his hand under her skirt. He continued to probe until he softly began to caress her mound through her panties as she began to softly moan.

"Oh, Alec, this is so wrong... Please, don't make me do this... Oh, Alec." He slipped his hand below her panties and felt her shudder as he slid a finger deep inside of her.

"This is what you want, baby. You want to get fucked. You want me to fuck you with my big cock until I cum deep inside you, don't you, baby?" He said as he continued thrusting his fingers into her.

"Oohhhh..." Sue moaned. He continued to suck on her tits. It was apparent that he wasn't getting good feels on her pussy because he kept reaching up to tug her tight skirt down a couple inches at a time. He repeated this several times until it was halfway down her thighs.

Her thong cut her mound so tight that her lips were indented on the thin fabric. Her long blonde hair was pulled neatly back and her blue eyes were filled with lust. The very sight of her caused Alec a massive erection which begged to be set free.

He managed to undo the side string of her panties and started fingering her pussy while sucking on her tits. She softly moaned and wiggled under him. Her skirt prevented her from spreading her legs, so she reached down and pushed her skirt and panties down past her knees. Alec helped her maneuver them down to her ankles before she kicked them off completely. Now she was completely naked on the couch. I noticed the wide grin on Alec's face.

When Alec had gotten up to allow her to remove her skirt, I noticed that his pants were unbuttoned and his massive ten inch cock was sticking out the hole of his boxer shorts. Sue's face was a mixture of lust and anger, but her nipples were rock hard.

He took her hand and placed it on his shaft and began to stroke slowly. Her eyes never left his cock as he removed his hand and she continued to stroke, slowly at first but then with an increase in tempo.

Faster and faster she began to stroke his cock. "I want my cock inside your pussy all the time baby. Say you want it, baby... Say you want me inside of you, baby! Just like when I knocked you up." Alec moaned.

"I can not believe I had this entire thing inside me." Sue said gawking at the large mushroom head and dark blue veined cock.

"And you will again." Alec said grinning.

"No, I don't think so. And I don't think I'm pregnant either." Sue said.

"We can fix that." Alec told her.

"I am not letting you fuck me again, especially without a condom" Sue stated.

"What if I just put it in for a while and that's it?" Alec pleaded.

He lay back on top of her and they started to kiss. Alec reached his hand down and pulled her leg out off the couch so that she was spread out. Then he pushed his waist forward, obviously trying to penetrate her.

"Uh uh, no, Alec!" Sue complained as she nudged him back and scooted her butt away from his cock. "We can't do that, my husband is upstairs and I am certainly ovulating!"

Alec didn't protest, rather he resumed kissing her and feeling on her breasts.

"Ohh, yes," she moaned as he moved his lips down to her neck. After his hands mauled her breasts for half of a minute, he moved one of his hands down to her pussy and started to finger her again. She continued to moan and her hips started to wiggle.

"Oh. Mmmm," she moaned as he kissed his way down from her neck to her nipples. His fingers were moving more rapidly and her hips were moving in a rhythm. He was sucking on her nipples hard and occasionally nibbled on them.

"Oh yes! Alec, oh my!" she moaned with her eyes closed. Her arms were still up behind her on the arm of the couch.

Just as she was getting into his finger fucking, he took his hand away and put it on her thigh. Continuing to attack her tits with his mouth, he once again pushed his pelvic up towards her. My wife gasped as he plunged up into her wet cunt, using his hand on her thigh to spread her legs.

"Oh! No, Alec, we... can't... uughhh," She moaned putting her head up and reaching her hands down to push him back, but this time he didn't pull away. Rather, he locked his arms around her abdomen and pushed forward further.

"No! Oh Alec, please, no," she said pushing his shoulders. He continued to suck on her breasts and began thrusting slowly into her. Although she was protesting verbally, her body was not.

"Oh... Oh... Oh... I'm... married... Alec... I... can't," Sue moaned as he trusted his hips back and forth at a slow pace. Her hands stopped pushing him and found there way back behind her head, which caused her face to arch into his.

"No... Don't... Don't... Donnhhhhh!" Sue moaned as he kissed her. Her body lay sprawled out under his, her mouth seeking his out insatiably. Her fingers caressed his face and she twisted her head back and forth kissing him deeply. His cock rose between her legs gliding between her buttocks causing her to whimper into his mouth.

"Oh... Ohhhh... My... Ohhh... I hope I can take your mammoth cock with a little less pain this time." She moaned as he fucked her on her leather couch. Alec moved his mouth from her nipples and started to lick and kiss her neck. My wife brought her leg from the side of the couch and wrapped it around his thigh. I saw her hips start to thrust back at him.

"Mmmhh... Hmmmm... Just for a while baby, don't cum inside me, ohhh..." Sue moaned with her lips closed, obviously not wanting to make noise. Little did she know that her husband would watch her fuck this 18-year-old punk kid on our own couch.

Her arms wrapped around his shoulder and he brought his mouth up to kiss her. I could hear her moaning through his mouth during their kissing. They were now both fucking each other in a steady rhythm.

All of the sudden I saw Alec reach into his short pockets and pull out what it looked like a small remote control. He stopped kissing her and turned his head to see the camera, while continuing to fuck my wife. She still had her eyes closed and was moaning, so she did not notice what he was doing.

He hit a few buttons and the camera zoomed in, recording the action going on with even more details. After he positioned the camera focus right at them, he turned his attention back to my wife. She was really getting into it by now.

He put his cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed for all he was worth. "Ahhh... Oh God! Oh, baby! Oh... Yes!" Sue cried as he pushed deep in, her womb expanding to fit this monstrous invader, until his entire length was in.

He pulled back out the entire length and slammed back into her again and again and again. He was rocking her now, pumping her like a piston and saying "Oh, Sue, you're so good... You're so good baby... Your so tight baby!"

She responded by wrapping her legs around his back and saying "Fuck me deep baby! Put that giant prick in me! It's so fucking hard! So fucking big!"

"Oh, mmm, oh, Alec, we, have, to, be, quiet," she said between thrusts. Just as it seemed as if she was going to cum, he stopped thrusting into her and sat up. She finally opened her eyes and looked up at him like a puppy dog.

"What's wrong?" she asked as she tried to pull him back down on top of her. Instead, he pulled her up.

"Come here," he said as he pulled her up. He scooted over on the couch, right in the camera's line of sight. Then he grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled her up on top of him. His ten inch monster was glistening from her juices and standing straight up, hard as a rock. It was obviously that he was going to cum soon.

"You're going to make me bow-legged!" she said helping maneuver her.

"I hear you can get pregnant easier if you're on top." Alec said grinning.

"Is that what you hear? I don't think you understand, I am not letting you get me pregnant." Sue said between kisses.

"I believe the problem lies with your husband. I could be wrong, I could be lying just to see you squirm and squeal while you ride my fat cock." Alec said.

Sue sat upright on Alec's lap. His thick cock stood straight up against her belly, she could not help staring at it. Her own juices covered the sperm filled balls as they nestled against the crack of her ass.

"Listen, this is the last time I will ever let you put your naked cock inside me. And if you make me fall in love with you I'm going to be really upset." Sue smiled leaning forward for another kiss.

"You're already in love with me, just too stupid to know it." Alec said enjoying his sense of power over her.

"Yeah... Probablmpphh." She gagged having her sentence cut short by the probing tongue. His fingers began sliding across the crevice of Sue's ass causing her to squirm on top of him.

She brought her leg over him and straddled him on the couch. Sue looked at his cock as he was sitting on the couch and her inhibitions melted away again. She positioned herself above his prick and slowly began to drop. As his cock made contact with her pussy she moaned and continued to lower herself.

Alec smiled as Sue bit her bottom lip and her eyes glazed over as she began lowering herself on his thick cock. He rested back as inch after inch slowly penetrated Sue's tight cunt. Soft hands rested on his chest, her fingernails softly digging into his flesh as incoherent whimpers escaped her pursed lips.

"C'mon Sue, its only half in and your bawling like a baby." Alec said growing impatient; he wanted her sweet ass resting on his swollen nut-sac. He wanted the ecstasy of feeling his entire cock buried inside her tight belly.

"Hot... It's so hot..." Sue whimpered lowering her tight pussy until another inch of the blood engorged cock disappeared inside her.

"Let me help." Alec said spreading his legs. Sue's knees were planted firmly on the couch slightly touching the outside of his thighs. Spreading his legs caused her to fall forward allowing another two inches to plunge into her already stuffed pussy.

"Unnnggg... Ohmygawwwwwd." She whimpered throwing her head downward and grinding her teeth as the throbbing cock sent a pulsating wave of sexual current through her body.

Alec felt the warm juices flowing down his cock and over his large set of balls. She quivered and shook as the unexpected orgasm ripped through her body. The veins in her neck stuck out as she threw her head up and whimpered.

Tears flowed from her eyes; a mixture of intense pleasure and pain filled her soul. The fact she was having a full-blown affair was bad enough. But the risk of her getting pregnant by him was excruciating.

Sue gazed down at Alec; she knew she had a good three inches or more of belly stuffing cock to absorb. Already bloated beyond belief she gasped and licked the sweat that poured from her forehead onto her upper lip.

I think she tried to remember how she got herself in that position, but it's hard to think when your body is jerking uncontrollably from orgasm after orgasm and your belly is so full of cock you feel it coming out your throat.

"C'mon Sue, spread your legs. I need you, all of you. I want that ass on my fat balls." Alec said sliding several fingers across her lips.

"Unggg... God, Alec they're spread... I'm trying, honey... you're so fucking huge!" She groaned licking at the fingers.

Inch by inch she began to be filled with his giant cock, but she kept going until their pelvic bones met and they stay motionless for a minute. Alec looked like he had never felt anything this tight; his cock seemed incased in a vice of velvet. Sue looked like she was going to split, but her pussy began to mold around his cock and it became pleasurable.

She began to slowly ride his saying "Not too long, baby! Remember, don't cum inside me. Oh, baby! Don't cum inside me!" Alec began to thrust up to meet her and she began to bounce harder on his cock and began to buck up and down. She began to ride him with pure animal lust all the while hoping he would pull out.

"That's it ride me, Sue... Yeah, baby... Ride me!" It didn't take but a split second for her to start riding his cock. My view was from behind her, so I saw her awesome heart shaped ass shake as she rode up and down.

"So good, baby! Good boy! Oh, baby! I'm cumming! Yes!" She moaned as she bounced up and down on the couch cushions. Her hands were planted on the back of the couch, which allowed her to control her body so that her hips could maneuver the way she wanted them to.

Alec had one hand up grabbing her breast as he sucked on it, and his other hand was grabbing her tight fleshy ass cheek.

"Oh, Alec... Oh yes, baby... Oh fuck me, honey... Oh don't stop, baby! God, yes!" She continued to moan, as the couch squeaked to her riding. His other hand now grabbed her ass as well, and he spread her ass cheeks. I could clearly see his cock when she bounced up, then it disappeared inside of her when she bounced down. This continued for a couple minutes.

"Uggh, Ugghh, Ugghh, Ugghh, Give it to me! Come on baby, hurry up now! Ohhh, Ohhhh, Oh, my God!" She moaned hard, until he stopped her again. He pulled up on her ass and his cock slid out of her pussy. Alec bragged about his longevity during sex, and he was not lying, he hadn't cum yet.

"Turn around, I want to do you from behind," he said as he grabbed her waist and turned her around. I now had a frontal view of her pussy and her big tits capped by her pink nipples.

My wife straddled him with her knees on the couch and her hands on her thighs. Then, with her perfect ass right in front of his face, she leaned back until his monstrous prick impaled her. He wrapped his arms around her and gently massaged her breasts, while he lovingly nuzzled her neck as she continued to ride him. He grabbed her waist and started to thrust up into her. She resumed riding him reverse cowgirl style on the couch.

"Oh, not so fast, baby! Slower... That's right... Oh, that's good, baby... Yes!" Sue moaned as her eyes widened and her pussy stretched to accommodate the massive intruder. Alec moaned with delight as he continued to force his cock deeper and deeper into her tight pussy, until finally their pelvic bones met, and he began to hump her slowly.

"Oh, God! Yeah, baby... Oh, you're so fucking beautiful Sue!" He moaned.

"Uugggh, Uugghh, Uggghhh, Uggghh, Ugghh, Uhhhh, Uhhh," she moaned as she fucked back at him up and down. Her big firm tits were bouncing and wobbling all over the place, and her long blonde hair was bouncing to the fucking rhythm.

"Yeah, Sue... You know you want this... You know you want this inside of you... This big cock buried inside of you... Filling you up... Oh yeah, baby."

"Oh god, baby! Yes! Yes! YES!" Sue yelled. Alec responded by pumping as hard as he could and thrusting into her with every bit of his strength

"Ohhh, Ooohh, Ohhhh, Ohhh," she moaned as he reached up and grabbed her large tits. She was now leaning back into him as he held her on to his cock. This allowed her to really go to town on his cock.

After squeezing her breasts for about thirty seconds he reached one hand down and started to rub her clit. She finally exploded.

"Ohhh My, Ohh, Ohhh, Ohhh, God!" She moaned louder as she now bucked back and forth wildly. Her legs shook uncontrollably and her mouth opened as wide an "O" shape as possible. She was having yet another orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh, I'm feeling your big, sperm filled balls slamming against my ass as you ram into my clutching pussy," she moaned continuing to buck wildly. Finally she closed her mouth and panted and Alec was now the one fucking her. She seemed exhausted.

"Oh, God, I love you, Sue. I love you so much, baby" Alec moaned as he gripped her hips and thrust up harder.

"I love you too, Alec!" She cried as he continued to thrust her.

"Oh, Sue! Oh, God! Oh, I can't hold it! Oh god!" he cried as he was getting close now.

"Fuck, this is so wrong! I hope you were saving up all that potent sperm for me, lover! I can't wait to feel all that lovely spunk shooting in my fertile cunt! Cum inside me, baby! Breed me! Put a baby in me, Alec. I want your baby. Please give it to me, promise me that you won't hold back anything!" Sue pleaded.

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