This is one about the perils of using technology to "save money" for you company. Sometimes it's not the wisest thing to go the cheapest. Especially in Center City. If you want to use anything please ask.



Sarah was hard at work comparing costs on a spreadsheet. She was known as a hard charger and was already a Junior VP at 28 in the Gorges Street Company, an exclusive hedge fund company that was a definite up and comer since the Platinum Corporation had undergone some rather massive changes recently.

Sarah tried hard not to think about that when she did have time to think. The new financial district was actually on the other side of the river from Sassy Street and was now getting the reputation as the new "Official" face of Center City. It was still clean, well policed, had good schools, and the "clean" trendy night life and hotspots. The villain known as Super Pimp and the Sassy Five had pretty much stopped at the river when they had taken over the Center City Ballet. The notorious pimp seemed content to rule Sassy Street from the former Ballet (now an adult sex club) to its termination at the Platinum Corporation Headquarters building and about 4 blocks on either side.

As disgusting as all of that was, Sarah still enjoyed Center City on her side of the river, especially since her company was gaining a LOT of business from companies wanting to be associated with "clean" companies, not the criminal cartel the Platinum Corporation had become under it's now ditzy blonde bimbo hooker owner Tristan.

The costs Sarah was comparing was on a new Tele and Video Conferencing system. Part of this was just standard technological upgrading, but the other part was that her firm would rather not have people visiting Center City in its current state. The image was simply a bit too seedy and it had cost them some business. But moving was also not an option, at least not for another 2 or 3 years until they could build up a bigger cash fund.

So that left doing Video-Teleconferencing with all the customers.

Research had shown that doing even routine business via a video call actually helped the company image. It gave a sense of the agent or manager actually being there working with the client versus a much more impersonal email or phone call. And with some of the more advanced systems you could make even more of an impression. Sarah's job was to find the best for the cheapest price.

Sarah had argued that this was something that would be better to spend more money on, but had been overruled. So she had put out the contract and was reviewing bids and muttering about how this was not the time to be a cheapskate.

The two companies who had the best product were way out of her budget range already. The others seemed to be fly by night or just not up to what they needed. She was getting very frustrated when she noticed that a last minute bid by a new company had just come in.

"True-Self VTC. We WILL showcase the real you!" was the header and Sarah rolled her eyes at it. But as she started to read the specs of their offered system her eyes widened.

"Wow. This is actually pretty impressive. New 3d technology, crystal clear picture, compatible with any system. Customizable. Huh, sounds like what we need exactly. Of course they will be out of our budget by..."

Sarah trailed off as she looked at the bid. "HOLY COW! This can't be real! No way they could do this for that amount." Sarah said out loud. The bid was the lowest of all and they also stated they would beat any other low bid by $10000 guaranteed.

Sarah pursed her lips for a second and then decided she had nothing to lose. If they were telling the truth she would look great and probably get a promotion out of it. If not, she could at least state she had pursued all avenues.

She called the number and was greeted by a very happy sounding woman who called herself Cindi. After some very technical discussion and questions Sarah was certain that their salespeople knew their stuff. She understood the technology pretty well, but she had talked to her IT folks and had gotten some very detailed questions to help sort out those who understood their products and those who had no clue.

The rep was more than willing to assist and answer any and every question she had in regards to their systems. It appeared to be top of the line, exactly what they needed and at a rock bottom price. Which made Sarah very suspicious about the whole thing.

"You are exactly what we need, but that is why I am very hesitant. You appear to be too good to be true, so I'm trying to figure out how you are going to screw us." She stated deadpan into the phone to Cindi after her final questions had been answered.

A little laugh came from the other end. "I can understand that. Here is the deal. We have made some breakthroughs that will revolutionize this area, but it ate a LOT of our capital. A LOT. We are currently hurting and if we can't get some sales going fast we are in the hot seat and could lose everything. Your company does tons of business, with lots of great clients. If we can get you to push our stuff, and trust me when I say just using our product is pushing it enough in terms of sales, we can get some more customers and be okay. I'm probably sounding desperate but you might be our last chance."

"Look, let me give you this offer. 1 week free trial, 1 week at 25% the flat rate. If you don't like our system after two weeks, we will pull it and you can get someone else. If you like it, then you can get the full system for the quoted price on my bid. Deal?"

Sarah blinked. That offer was too good to pass up, even if they only came through on half the stuff.

"Okay, deal. I need 2 days to get things set; you can contact my people on Thursday."


Sarah stared at her screen with a look of amazement. She had gotten the okay and the techs had actually started working last night. But the system was now fully operational and ready to go. The techs must have worked all night, but they had told her it was literally the simplest upgrade and install they had ever done. One of the techs had said it was almost like some force was working behind the scenes to make everything work. He had stated it had made him run anti-virus and check the coding and the hardware but nothing had come up.

Sarah asked what hardware had been installed and the tech pointed to a very small camera on her desk. It would lock on her and follow once the conversation started so she could move about. She could order it to hold in place verbally if she wanted, but otherwise it was a motion tracker.

"The only thing you have left to do is turn in on and then hit the prompt on your computer to set up your profile. Everyone has to make one and it takes about 10 minutes or so. You will dial in and then speak with a rep on the other end who will make sure all the settings are good. And then you are good." The man had said.

Sarah was now waiting for the link to connect and after a few seconds a large box opened a video screen on her computer monitor. Like Skype it had a smaller one showing her in the corner, but the large one was showing a very handsome man with a goatee who smiled at her.

"Good morning. I'll be helping you set up your profile and we can get your system online and pulling in customers. I have your basic information already, but will need you to verbally answer some questions while I set some parameters. First, how clear is my picture?"

"Crystal clear. I'm amazed; you almost look like you are right here with me." Sarah replied.

"Good. Okay, if you can please put in the earpiece and click it on." The man said as he typed a bit.

Sarah put on the Bluetooth looking device that was next to the camera and flicked a switch and got a little jolt. She started and blinked.

"You okay?" the man stated.

"Uh yeah, got a slight jolt there. Must have been static electricity or something."

"Okay. How well do you hear me?"

Sarah moved around her office and said "You sound just like you are standing next to me, how about your end?"

"Clear as a bell and the camera is following you perfectly. Okay, now to fill out your profile." The man said as he started to type.

"Got your name already, let's see here. Hair color is what?"

Sarah looked at the camera and said "Are you kidding me?"

"Nope, I know it sounds odd, but this actually is part of our security setup. How many people would use hair color as a security question? You'd be amazed how well it works. I can see you fine but I need you to answer. Hell, you can even put down purple if you want."

Sarah shook her head and chuckled. "No, I'll stay with my natural light brown hair thanks."

"You mean Golden Blonde right?" the man replied typing.

"No, I mean..." a little jolt hit Sarah from the Bluetooth and she blinked. "Oh, yes. Of course. Golden Blonde. All natural." Sarah pursed her lips for a second. "Odd, why did I think my hair was light brown?" She looked over at a tray on her desk that was polished and did a good job as a mirror and smiled at the blonde haired girl looking back at her.

"Okay, blonde. Eyes bright green."

"Uh, they are...Yes of course, green." Sarah replied. Again she thought it odd that she had wanted to say blue.

"Good. Erm, height is 6 feet. Measurements are 36-24-36." The man said typing away.

"Now hold on a min..." several jolts caused Sarah's eyes to roll back a bit in her head and she swayed on her feet for a few moments. She blinked and looked at the man on the screen.

"Yes, I'm a tall one. 6 feet exactly. Annnnndddd I'm a bit of looker." Sarah said with a sly wink.

The man smiled. "Oh yes ma'am, you certainly are. Love your tan too. You obviously tan every day."

Sarah didn't blink this time at the jolt and smiled as she sat down in front of the camera. "Yes, I do religiously. That and the gym got to work hard to maintain this figure. Thank you for the compliment." The nicely tanned Sarah said with another sly smile.

"Well of course, given your taste in clothes it's obvious you like to showcase your body." The man said as he typed.

Sarah leaned back for a minute as a slightly longer jolt hit her and she spaced out for a bit. She came to reality after a few moments and smiled again. "Of course, why shouldn't a hottie like me show off?" she said as she slowly stood and struck a pose. She slightly spread her legs and thrust her chest out. Her usual outfit of a short black latex micro-skirt, thigh high latex boots with 6 inch heels, wet look latex halter top that barely concealed her tits was nice and skin tight and showcased her hot bod very well.

"Yes indeed, and it goes so well with your thick slutty makeup, cheap jewelry and that ponytail." The man said as he typed.

Another couple of jolts and Sarah nodded. "Oh yes, you can't really rock this look in the business world without thick makeup and hair down to your ass." Another jolt hit her and she grinned and turned around. "Of course the tattoo over my ass is just the right thing to finish it off don't you think?"

"Yes indeed ma'am. It certainly is. Well, I have to admit I'm glad you came to us to help you set up your live porn webcam site. You certainly are a great cam actress. And I hear you are a wonder on the street when you are not working online." The man said openly smiling now.

Another jolt, somewhat bigger this time hit Sarah and after another few moments of being spaced out she looked at the camera and grinned a slutty grin.

"You got that right. I've been doing this for a couple of years and I love it! I heard about your services and just knew you could help me take my porn career to new heights! And you are right about the other part too. If you happen to be on Sassy Street tonight at Sassy and 7th, look me up and I'll give you a sample." She said as she licked her ruby red lips and blew him a kiss.

The man grinned back at her. "Oh, I will. Make no mistake. Now let's finish this up shall we? First, check your inbox. There is a link you need to forward to all your clients and your company email all list. Don't worry about adding anything, the link will do the trick. Second, let's finish your profile once you are done sending the link."

Sarah did as she was told and replied "Done. What now? I'm ready to hit the cams!"

"Last bits. First, education. High school dropout, IQ of a bimbo." The man said with some typing.

Sarah blinked and looked around dumbly for a second. She saw the handsome man on the screen and giggled. "Like, hi! You want to take me private? I'll do anything you want!"

The man smiled and spoke as he typed. "Fetishes: like being a sub, role-playing, boots and heels, bondage, whips, dildos, ass play and spanking, girl on girl, anal, and oral."

Several jolts hit Sarah and she grinned dumbly at the camera. She didn't even notice that the wall behind her started to change. Parts seemed to melt and reform slowly and her wall turned from a regular office wall to a soundproofed padded wall. Her awards and diplomas morphed into several whips, dildos, shoes and boots, and some fetish costumes. She giggled as her desk, cabinet and chair slowly melted and morphed into a large couch which she reclined on. She spread her legs and showed her shaved pussy and began to run a finger up and down on it.

"And lastly, update your name. There, all done. Well, thank you so much for choosing our services today Cinnamon. Now get to work. When you are done with your cam shift, get your ass to Sassy Street. You have a shift from 8 till 4 at the corner of Sassy and 7th."

"You got it baby. I'll be there turning tricks just like the whore I am DC!" Cinnamon responded with a giggle. She then looked at her screen and saw she had nearly 17 men requesting to view. She smiled as she turned on her camera and began her show.

Across town DC the Super Pimp smiled as he sat back from his computer. "Good job CINDI. This modification of that Porn Ray combined with your hacking abilities and those reconstruction nannites makes getting class bitches even easier. Heh, I just love how much I make off of successful women. So many guys love seeing an uppity bitch turned slut. And I've got THAT market cornered."

DC stood up and snapped his fingers. Tiffany strutted over and linked her arm in his while Trixie Glitter took his other arm. "I've got that formal dinner with the mayor, but you follow up on that mass email. There's at least a hundred bitches on that list that I have open bids for and I want them all."

CINDI the super sex bot replied without blinking her static eyes. "Of course DC. It shall be done."

DC nodded and stepped out of his office with his two prize bitches.


Staci had been hard at work cleaning out her inbox after a week away at a sales conference and she finally got to an email from Sarah, the financial advisor who helped her company. The email contained a link and a short explanation that this was the new video system they would use for tele/video conferencing. She clicked on it after it passed the anti-virus scan and gasped when a blonde bimbo with a dildo shoved up her ass popped onto her screen.

Just as she tried to click the exit she felt a small jolt from her keyboard and she blinked. The woman on the screen giggled and said "Like hi Staci! It's so cool that you like watching webcams!"

Staci blinked and replied "Well, we all have our dirty secrets."

"Like totally. Love that ankle length red hair! Soooooo sexy!"

Staci felt another jolt and she blinked again. "Oh, thank you."

"Now why did I think I was a brunette?" Staci thought as the grinning cam model started to speak again.


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