tagBDSMCan He Take It? Ch. 02

Can He Take It? Ch. 02


This story jumps right in from where it left off in Part 1.


The two girls both smiled at me and ran a hand over me as they walked off the stage, to be replaced by the two assistants. Right away one unceremoniously shoved a lubed up butt plug into my ass, just about the same size as the one I had just taken - except this one was metal and very heavy.

They got to work on untying me. After I was free, I was led to a different area of the set. They had me lie on a cold, dusty/dirty cement floor on my stomach as they again tied rough rope around my ankles and then had me put my arms behind my back and grab each opposing elbow, with a whole bunch of rope they somehow secured my arms together like that. They also looped rope around the front of each shoulder, going under my arm pits, then over my shoulder, almost like backpack straps. They then attached these three points: two ankles and my upper body rope, to yet another hook of some kind hanging from the roof. They then went over to the wall and raised the hook up and it lifted me completely off the ground!

They brought me to about waist height, and tugged on the ropes near the hook until my body was suspended parallel with the floor, legs out straight, my height was adjusted so my ass and mouth would be right at the girl's waist level for easy access.

It felt weird, there was barely any discomfort as my upper body supported most of the weight, it was almost like carrying a heavy backpack. It wasn't so bad, and it was almost like I was floating in the air. It was a pretty interesting sensation. I enjoyed just hanging like this.

With that everything was setup, and we were ready to go. I saw Lexi and Amber approach from my left side again. They were both completely naked now, from head all the way down to bare feet, no jewelry or anything, and it was a beautiful sight as they strutted towards me. I took it in to remember forever.

"How are you bitch? How's that dildo?" Lexi asked, pulling my hair firmly.

"It's heavy, but it's fine Mistress."

"Good, we want you to keep that in you while we get you ready for your next assignment. You'll have to squeeze hard to keep it in you. Our slave's need both loose and strong asses. And of course this also tests your willpower, which is probably the most important thing."

"Yes Mistress."

Amber then tugged on something above my head and I felt my upper body raise up until I was at a 45 degree angle, maybe even a bit more. Now the dildo was pressing down more, gravity forcing it down, looking to escape and I did have to start concentrating on clenching my ass to keep it in me.

Lexi then stood right in front of me and I was inches away from her cute, soft tits. "Open your mouth."

As I did, I felt crust on my face, the semen had hardened and was pulled at my skin. Lexi then spit in my mouth and I wisely kept it open, feeling her spit gob slowly glide over my tongue. "I love your tiny, sharp nipples, I'm gonna do this Amber." It was true, my nipples were small and due to the cold probably rock hard, and they were very sensitive to touch normally, this was amplified by the swelling and bruising they'd endured today.

"Sure, I'll do his balls." Amber responded.

Amber then came over with a ball gag and was about to put in on my mouth but beforehand she decided to also spit in my mouth and then Lexi did once more and they then attached the gag, trapping their collection of saliva in my mouth, I swished the spit around my mouth as best as could, letting my whole mouth taste it, picturing their soft, wet tongues as I did it, embracing the degradation, before I swallowed.

"Ok, let's get these nice and swollen so they stick out enough for me to actually pinch just the tip." Lexi said, even though my nipple were already as erect and sore as I'd seen them. Nonetheless, she reached to my nipples and grabbed them and, working just the nubs, she twisted, pinched, squeezed and tugged at them, getting them really sore.

Almost right away she pinched really hard at one point and I gasped out. This caused her to twist even hard. "Take it in stride bitch. We don't like to see you squirm." Lexi said, and I did, gritting my teeth hard as I clenched my ass tightly and endured Lexi's attach. She worked for a while until she decided they were swollen enough, and she was right, they had expanded significantly.

She then put a clamp on each and adjusted them until they were really tight, she then tugged on them each a few times until she was sure they were on good and would not be moving.

Amber, meanwhile, was pulling on my balls, almost stretching out my sack for a while, as Lexi attached a chain to each nipple clamp.

Amber attached some kind of ring around the top of my balls, clasping it in a circle around my scrotum, just under my dick. She, too, attached a chain to it.

Amber then lowered me to parallel with the floor again as I felt all the chains dangle below me.

The girls then brought out some hanging weights and started to hook them to the bottom of each chain. I felt the pain start to slowly build with each new weight released onto the chain.

The girls kept adding, I was watching and saw a bundle of weights hanging off each chain as my skin at my chest was stretched straight downwards, red, except for my aureoles, which were a strong white from the tight pinching. If this nipple clamps weren't on super tight these weights would have pulled off the clamps long ago.

With the skin on my chest hanging inches away from my body, my nipples searing with pain and my scrotum feeling like it was about to tear off, they finally stopped.

Amber then pushed my hip and caused me to swing, sending the weights swinging below me as I gasped in pain as the weights gripped even harder as I swung. I had no idea how much weight was on there, but it is way more then I thought a nipple or sac could ever possibly hold.

Amber then disappeared for a bit and Lexi grabbed my hair and looked at my face, taking this time to degrade and torture me. She grabbed the nipple chains and was giving it tugs as she called me all kinds of names.

Amber was back shortly and appeared in front of me, she was wearing a big strap on. "I'd have you suck this one too, but there's no way it would ever fit on your mouth. Wanna see it up close before your ass gets to?" Not waiting for an answer, she slapped my face with it, leaving a streak of lube on top of my cum stickied face. "It's almost three inches wide and 9 inches long. I'm gonna bury this whole thing into you."

"Would you like that you pathetic piece of shit?" Lexi asked. "Remember, we won't fuck you again until you beg for it, that's the deal. Ask for it once, after you have to beg. So, should Amber fuck you with that dildo?"

I shook my head up and down fast, as I was unable to talk, hoping the speed was enough to signify my desperation. I quickly started to shake as fast as I could and moaned into the ball gag.

"Seems like he's begging for it to me, god you look sexy with that dildo on, I almost want to ditch this guy and have you fuck me." Lexi said.

"We can always do that later baby, Ok bitch, I'll be slow to start," she turned to me, "I wouldn't want to hurt you getting this in, we are just getting started with your slutty, greedy ass. We need it for a long time after this and this thing is as wide as a fucking soda can...and way longer."

Lexi then got underneath me and started to jerk me off, I had a semi hard on going and was very turned on by the whole scenario, despite my fears. Although I'm not sure why I wasn't fully erect, I'm sure the pain running through me and the fact that the dildo was intimidating as well, or maybe it was just nerves or maybe it was the fact that'd I'd orgasmed basically back to back and this was a third. I've never orgasmed more than twice in a 12 hour period before and now I was going to have a third within probably 3 hours. In fact, it's really quite amazing I was hard at all.

Eager and scared to get started, but not wanting to take my eyes off these girl's gorgeous bodies, I craned my neck downward and underneath me to watch Lexi's lithe, petite body, squatted underneath me, working on my cock. As she saw me struggling to watch her she smiled at me and then turned and put her mouth over the head of my cock, running her tongue around it expertly while she jerked off the shaft.

I'd never experienced quite this feeling before, I'd had girls do similar things but never with the fluidness and pressure of how Lexi did it. Her tongue ran tightly around the edge of my head, rubbing against the sensitive edge of it, while she sucked it into her mouth with incredible pressure, meanwhile her strokes of my shaft were firm and long.

I'd now noticed something being tugged on at my right ankle. Amber was pulling it up by the other end of the rope. Originally my legs were straight out behind me, together, but I could swing them apart a bit with ease before the rope stopped me.

But now my right leg was being pulled upwards and in towards the hook, which was above my lower back. I had to bend my knee to accommodate this pull. Amber kept going until my thigh was raised above my ass and my foot was now bent all the way back so it was suspended about a foot directly above my right ass cheek. If you were to stand and reach behind you, grab your ankle and stretch your quad muscle out wide of your body, that's what my thigh looked like, but hanging in mid air.

She then let down the other foot so it extended straight out still, but now it was lower then my torso and to the left a bit. Of course, this had the effect of spreading my hips open to expose my asshole to Amber, it left my lower body twisted somewhat because my hips had to shift due to the relative positions of my legs, but in any case, my ass was at the perfect height for Amber and it was spread wide open. I was impressed they had figured out how to do this is such a creative position.

Meanwhile Lexi had been giving me the most amazing blow job I'd ever had and even though I'd already came twice I didn't even last 5 minutes. Amber hadn't even started to fuck me yet, but I came, and hard again. The commotion I was making into my ball gag had caused Lexi to take her mouth and deep throat me while she sucked hard and bobbed her head fast.

From this I came almost instantly. It caused me to grunt and drool profusely as I came, ignoring the extra pain that my shaking had caused by moving the weights.

Lexi, holding my ball weights to keep me in place, sucked all the cum out of me, she even milked the last little spurts out of me. Then she walked over a few steps to a strangely placed empty bowl and spit it out in there and then came back.

Amber, who while getting ready to fuck my ass, had noticed that it was spasming when I came, had got a cameraman over for a good shot of my winking asshole and had just dismissed him and was now working on taking the heavy dildo out of my ass, roughly, and congratulated me for not dropping it: "Maybe you do have a little bit of determination?" but then added "At least in terms of keeping things in your asshole."

She then held my hips as Lexi slid back underneath my body, now at Amber's feet.

At the same time both began their tasks. Lexi grabbed hold of my aching cock and started to jerk it off again as I whimpered in protest with every pump of her tightly squeezed fist.

Amber had moved her dildo to the edge of my asshole and I felt some lube squeezed over my already well lubricated hole. This was the biggest thing I'd ever taken if they could get it in, and I was scared, my ass was already sore and raw from being used WAY harder then I'd ever done it. Now I'm sure it was already bright red and had been stretched to it's current limit and I was going to be forced to stretch it more and taken another pounding. And since I just came, it wasn't going to feel good for a while either, just me feeling fully aware of myself getting stretched open by a plastic cock on camera.

Any other time I'd been able to stretch it, it was a long process that I had to work slow so my asshole wouldn't get sore from use, sore to the point where I couldn't continue, but this time the exact opposite was about to happen, that feeling of overwhelming soreness was about to hit me hard.

Lexi had now taken my head in her mouth again and her warm, moist mouth felt better then her pushing her hand over it firmly, but quickly she raked her teeth over it and I yelled into the ball gag and instinctively tried to grab my cock away with my hands but they were tied uselessly behind my back. This only caused the weights to swing painfully. I was powerless and then she said "Mmm, hurts doesn't it slave? I love just doing whatever I want to a guy's dick, while the guy is eager to have me. Your little dick is in my control, it might as well be mine for a while."

Amber then started to push the dildo against my asshole as she held my hips firm. "Relax your asshole bitch." she ordered and I tried to. She started to push against my asshole with her dildo but the large head wasn't going anywhere, even though my ass was relaxed, it simply couldn't stretch that much.

I'd always stretched it gradually. Taken an object with a smaller tip that I could fit in my ass already, but then the base was bigger so it expanded slowly into my ass and I took hours to gain just a little bit of girth. It was a long process. This was a dildo that started at like half an inch bigger then I'd ever taken and instantly widened out a bit more to full diameter. I wasn't sure if they could even get this in now that I thought about it.

Now the girls were attempting to turn what took me multi sessions of hours into a few minutes. As Lexi continued to torture my sensitive cock, either violently jerking it, pulling or pushing to stretch the skin painfully or running her teeth against it, causing me to squirm and make myself shake, just basically making me almost piss myself in fear of what she was going to do with it.

Amber decided there was no way I'd be able to relax my asshole with that going on so she had Lexi get off my dick and stand up and hold my shoulders from in front. My eyes were now inches from her pubic bone as I stared at her pussy, seeing the light blond hair follicles from her closely shaved mound while she braced my shoulders for the coming push. She had that soft, light blond hair, and it matched her sensitive, pale skin perfectly. The fact that she was the picture of delicate femininity, and was doing this to me right now got me excited.

Amber then held the cock against my asshole and again I felt more lube going on it. This wouldn't help, both my asshole and the dildo were already dripping with the stuff. I could feel it running down my leg.

Amber then grabbed the base of the greasy cock with one hand for extra support and wrapped the other around my lowered left thigh. She pressed the cock against my asshole and I focused on relaxing, knowing this was going to hurt and going to happen so I wanted to get it over with, and each time I'd stretched my asshole to new distances, each time that dildo finally slid in it almost overwhelmed my body with intense pleasure sensations. My dick would go hard and twitch, my hips would buck, my ass just radiated sexual pleasure when I did this to myself.

Sadly, it didn't seem like that was going to happen today, Amber was pushing and my ass just wasn't accommodating it. She'd been trying for a few minutes, wiggling, circling, pushing against my asshole but the head wasn't anywhere near sliding in.

"OK bitch, I know that asshole of yours is loose, but it's not this loose. But I know we can make this fit, so what I want you to do is, on 3, I want you to push like you're taking a shit, do it hard too, and don't stop, it's going to hurt, I know it is, but keep pushing until it's all the way in. It's the only way. Ready to rip this ass open?"

I nodded my head, my eyes wide, shaking loose some drool that had pooled around the ball gag. I noticed Lexi's stomach muscles tense as she firmed up her grip. I wanted to stick my tongue out and just lick her.

"OK" she positioned the dildo against my asshole, firmly but not yet pushing. "1....2....3!"

I started to push out against the dildo held against my ass, and for a second after she said 3, Amber did nothing, but then, very forcefully she started to push back. I felt Lexi holding me tight as my body wanted to rock forward.

Now drooling and grunting in pain as I tried to push out hard, I felt the dildo pushing getting firmer, Amber was right, I could tell it was going to hit a point where my ass would give in.

"Push out harder bitch!" Amber ordered.

I bit down hard on the ball gag and pushed out like I was talking the biggest shit ever.

The intensity from everyone seemed to go up as groans of effort filled the air, my head was now pushed up tight against Lexi's stomach as the dildo pushed hard against my ass, I wish I could see Amber, see her locked in intense effort, she was so close! I felt like if I could just open a bit more...

And then a sering pain pulsated from my asshole, as Amber had thrust forward with a lot of strength, I felt her body ram into my, her chest against my lower back. Whenever I got a new object in me I couldn't breath right away, I almost choke, and that's what I did, my eyes roll back and my throat convulses, and then the pain overwhelmed me for a few seconds, almost like it knocked me out, but it didn't and when I came back my ass was throbbing, and I felt the dildo was all the way in my ass.

If I was by myself and free I would have instantly yanked it back out from the intensity of pain, I guess what I thought was an already high pain tolerance now seemed even higher. Instead I just closed my eyes and didn't move, letting the pain wash over me.

"There we go bitch, now the easy part." said Amber, whose upper body was resting on my lower back still as she was thrown forward on entrance into me.

Lexi then held one cum soaked cheek in her hand as she firmly slapped the other. She then headed down underneath me again and resumed working on my dick, which had recovered from before and wasn't nearly as sore. I was already eager for Amber to give me a good, hard fucking on my swing.

Amber, meanwhile had got off my back, and was enjoying all 9 inches of that dildo shoved into my ass and was only wiggling it around some, really letting me feel and adjust to the full size of the beast, the initial stretching pain was slowly dieing down.

As Lexi started jerking/sucking me off, Amber began to fuck me. She lightly held the tops of my thighs but it wasn't nearly enough to stop the rocking I was doing as she fucked me, quickly slamming the dildo in and out, her thighs propelling me forward at the end of every thrust as she drove the cock into me as deep as it would go, making me swing out forwards until I was almost off the cock and then swing back down on the cock from the return swing when Amber would meet me and pound hard, reversing directions again. She wasn't taking it easy to start like she said, I'm not sure why either, but I think she was just caught in the moment and wanted to do it hard.

The swinging was causing me pain in my nipples and balls, the weights constantly changing direction, getting that extra bit of pull. They had set the amount of weights so that when it was still I could tolerate the pain, but just barely, but as soon as they swung I wanted to cry out as they tugged on my helpless body.

My body had so many pain and pleasure sensations going on now I was overwhelmed myself, like my mind totally shut off, even during the most powerful orgasm I don't remember every experiencing anything like this mentally. The pain and humiliation of being hit, whipped, spit on and in as a crowd watched while my nipples and scrotum cried out in pain as my ass radiated intense pleasure throughout my whole body, abused and humiliated on the end of a huge dido, stretching out my ass and making me beg for it. And it was all on tape so thousands of viewers could watch it forever.

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