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Can There Be Peace Ch. 15


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Reaching the club, she slowed and rolled down Jane's window and yelled over to Baby Girl to come to the parking lot. She parked and smiled. Getting out she looked at Baby Girl and said, "Jane has finally said what she wants and I have agreed to her request." She tossed the bag to the girl. "Will you lead her through her submission?"

Baby Girl looked at Jane and said, "Of course. She knelt and gestured for Jane to kneel facing her. "While words are cheap, actions are what counts."

"Yes, I know sister, it's Karen who was a little slow on the uptake." Jane countered.

"If I may continue," Baby Girl said. She waited a moment to see if Jane was going to speak before continuing. "This collar is a visible symbol to all that I am owned by another. If you truly wish to submit you take this collar..." She opened the bag, pulled out a camouflaged patterned owned collar, and handed it to Jane. "Hold it to your chest, look at Karen and give her your body to modify as she wishes so that you can become a better slave for her."

Jane took the collar and looked up at Karen, "I give my body to you Karen. Do as you will to it so that I may serve you better."

"Touch your forehead and give your mind to her so she can change your mindset and believe as she wants you to believe." Baby Girl said.

"This is the hard one for me. Nevertheless, I have faith that you will do what you think is right Karen. Change my mind and thoughts so that I may serve and please you." Jane said touching her forehead with the collar.

"Kiss it and give her your heart and soul so you can find love. Her smile will brighten up your day and a frown feels like a knife through your heart."

She kissed the collar and said, "Karen you already know I love you more than life itself and give you my soul for all eternity."

"Put the collar on and become mine," Karen said looking down at her. "When we arrive home it will be locked on." She waited until Jane put the collar on before continuing, "While I know you are on mother's task, I would rather you not destroy your sisters in the process. You will deal with Lilly and Eva next." Karen smiled, "I'll send Lilly out.

Baby Girl laughed as she got up and followed Karen back inside. Jane looked at them and then down as she waited for her mother. Of the remaining three adults, Lilly was the one she was dreading the most. Finally, she stood and leaned against the truck. She was still leaning against it when Lilly came walking out a few minutes later.

Seeing the collar on Jane's neck Lilly smiled. She had been very worried about her daughter and hoped Karen would take her in. However instead of a smile in way of greeting Jane simply looked at her, "What's wrong Jane?" she asked hurrying forward.

"Mother, do you love Karen? I mean really love her?"

"Of course. Why do you ask?" Lilly replied.

"Why did you run off with the girl while Red was at the doctor's office then?"

"Karen told me to test her," Lilly said defensively.

"Somehow I don't think she had that in mind, do you?" Jane asked.

"I think that is between her and I," Lilly replied.

"It would be if this family wasn't so fucking broken. I could simply walk away and be done with the lot of you. Instead your mother has thrust me into this role." Jane said. She looked away, "So why did you really run off with her Lilith? Is it your nature to do as you damn well please come what may?"

Lilly looked up at the heavens, "Ten thousand years without rules and suddenly I have them and a little stumble and shit hits the fan." She looked at Jane, "You can't judge me child, you don't have enough experience."

"I'm not here to judge mother. I am here to help you find your way through the pitfalls. If you don't know what caused you to fail, you will continue to fail time and time again." Jane said. Shall we try another question then? Why didn't you stop Karen's mother once you realized she was out of control?"

"I couldn't affect her behavior anymore," Lilly replied. "I tried to temper her hate but she was too far gone to listen." When Jane simply looked at her she continued, "Jane, I love Karen. But more importantly I admire her."

"I believe the last two statements, but you could have stopped Carol. You could have simply removed her." Lilly opened her mouth but Jane said, "No let me finish please. I have all the powers you and Karen have and know if I wanted, I cause anyone to drop dead from here just by thinking it. Shall I show you? How about Little Bit, a good catholic girl who gave herself to you long ago just so she could remain with Karen."

"No!" Lilly said quickly. "No Jane..." She looked down, "I didn't stop her because if I had, then Karen would never have become my high priest the proper way."

"That's not why mother, no lies... you have to say the real reason." Jane said tenderly.

"Because the hate Carol had for Karen was an ongoing feast. She fed me better in those five years better than I had ever fed before." Lilly said not meeting Jane's eyes. She finally looked up and met Jane's eyes, "But I didn't realize the cost to Karen. I really didn't Jane please believe me."

"I do. Now can you answer why you ran off with the girl?" Jane asked.

"Because I need to feel as much pain and suffering as I caused her," Lilly said looking down once again.

"No mother what you need to do is tell Karen the truth and take her punishment or forgiveness as the case may be all at once." Jane pulled Lilly close and hugged her, "Come on, I'll go with you." Still holding on to Lilly she walked back and into the club where Karen was sitting down alone. She gestured for Lilly to sit and said sat across from them. Seeing a glass mostly full she took a drink and sighed, "Karen, Lilly has something she needs to get off her chest."

"I could have stopped Carol anytime I wanted to," Lilly said looking down.

"I know," Karen replied. She raised Lilly's chin and kissed her tenderly. "I forgive you Lilly. I forgave you long ago, I should have said so when I realized the truth. I'm sorry." Lilly threw her arms around her and began crying.

Jane stood and looked around. From across the bar Eva met her eyes and shook her head. Jane nodded and walked to the door. From across the bar Eve marched over while looking pissed.

Baby Girl looked at Eva and then Jane, "Somehow I think our sister doesn't want to talk to you right now."

"Oh I don't know," Jane replied. "Don't you want to go outside and see if you will be able to kick my ass Eve?"

"To quote my sister here, I'm going to fuck you up Jane," Eva replied coldly.

"You know if I had a nickel for every time someone here said that to me tonight, I'd have twenty cents." Jane said to Baby Girl. She smiled and added, "Could you snag me a beer, have Cat watch the door while you bring it out? Then you can watch how a passive aggressive immortal fights." She gestured to Eve, "After you sister."

Baby Girl got Cat to watch the door and hurried to get Jane the beer she asked for. Frankly she was worried about Eve messing Jane up and wanted to warn her not to get cocky.

"You know once I figured out each leading them to the light was simple. But I already know your issue Eve and frankly you are a lost cause." Jane said. "Instead of trying to fix the unfixable, I am going to send you back to your mother. Of course first I am going to fuck you up as you put it."

"What do you think you know mortal!" Eve spat angrily.

"I'm no more mortal than you are," Jane said pushing one hand out and pushing Eve with her palm away from her.

Baby Girl came around the corner just in time to see Eve fly through the air, slam back first into some one's car windshield and caving it in. Wordlessly she handed Jane the beer who took a sip and handed it back.

"Come on you passive aggressive bitch, it's time to pay the piper for trying to fuck Karen over," Jane taunted. Eve slowly got up and looked at her. "Pathetic, just pathetic... Trying to get my heart to stop? You're not going to get rid of me that easy." She walked up to Eve and held up one finger, "Go home to mother little girl, you're nowhere tough enough." She jabbed Eve once with her finger and turned away as the girl made a woof sound and doubled over.

Taking the beer from Baby Girl's unresisting fingers she said, "Will you admit you were outclassed Baby Girl?"

"Yes," Baby Girl replied still looking at Eve who was on her hands and knees. "But I expect my sister over there will still clean your clock before it's over."

"Perhaps, but if she does she will have to kill me in the process. That will force her to run to her mother because every hand will turn against her." Jane handed Baby Girl the beer and said, "It would be better if you went back inside now."

She waited until Baby Girl had left before saying, "You're a fool Eve. How the Great Mother, the creator of all things had two daughters who are so foolish is beyond me." She paused and then added, "If you listening up there, I ask you for a judgment. Read your daughter Eve, see her crime and take her back to the heavens because if she stays I will be forced into killing her to save Karen."

"Why will you be forced into killing her to save Karen?" Karen asked.

"Because she will keep trying to fuck you over," Jane said not looking at Karen. "She knew Joyce was a mind controller. She used the girl to control the others and planned on using the girl as her tool to control you and thus everyone else. Typical passive aggressive bullshit." Turning her attention to Eve, Jane walked up to her, "But you, you useless cunt, fucked up. Would you like to know where?" Not waiting for a reply she said, "While Joyce whipped everyone else you just walked out." She looked at Karen, "How do I know you ask?"

Karen was about to yell a warning when Jane suddenly ducked and Eve went over her. The girl stood and Eve did a summersault before landing on her back on the ground. "Think back to her anger and ask yourself why she wanted to kill everyone.... Everyone except Eve. Because Eve made her? No because they were in it together." She looked down at Eve, "If she is so guiltless then why try getting my heart to stop? Why attack when my back is turned after being bested not once but twice? Why else but to shut me up."

"She stays but as a human," Karen finally said.

"No Karen. You once asked Sandy to kill you rather than let evil loose on the world. I will do the same." Jane pointed down at Eve, "She goes back even I have to send her back in a box."

Eve suddenly disappeared and Karen heard her mother say, "Sometimes it helps to listen to someone on the outside Karen. Jane is right Eve isn't ready for the earth yet."

Jane reached up unbuckled her choker and handed it to Karen, "Goodbye Karen." She said and started walking away.

"Where do you think you're going?" Karen asked marching and standing before her. "This isn't like a job where you can quit anytime you want. Once you submitted there is no oops I made a mistake." She pointed towards the back of the truck and commanded, "Strip and get in there now."

Jane looked at the back of the truck and then Karen. Sighing she went over and slowly undressed before crawling in. Karen followed her in and then closed up the back. "Look I know but that was before..." Jane looked down, "Mother will completely lose her shit Karen. Better for everyone if I am not around when that happens."

"Leave Lilly to me." Karen pushed Jane onto her back and undressed. Straddling her face, she said, "We should be at mother's alter and I should have a bowl, but I will do what I must." "I offer you my life, drink and become one so that you may become a priestess in my name."

Jane suddenly found Karen cumming and started licking and drinking her black cum. The more she drank the more she wanted and reached up to hold the woman tightly against her mouth.

Laughing, Karen removed Jane's hands and held on to them, "No pet, I control you not the other way around." She bent down and kissed Jane, "Now for your second gift. Open wide, because I need to pee something fierce."

"You wouldn't," Jane said. No sooner had she spoke that she saw and felt Karen urinating on her face. Her mouth opened against her will and she began swallowing as fast as she could.

When she finished Karen bent down and said softly, "If you ever try and control my movements again, I will really hurt you Jane instead of making you drink my pee. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Mistress," Jane said humbled.

Releasing Jane's hands Karen leaned over and picked up the collar, "On that note, when we get home this will be locked on. If you ever remove it without my command, I will kill you. No do overs allowed. Fuck up Jane and you're toast."

"I'll be good Mistress," Jane replied.

"Now for my third gift," Karen said bending down and kissing Jane tenderly. "Open your legs dear. Now this might hurt a bit to start with, but trust me you will love it." Like she had done with Sherry, Karen transformed into her true form and her tail with its porcupine tip began working its way into Jane. She took her time but once it was fully in the woman the tip broke off and began to fuck her slowly.

At first Karen's rough tail sex hurt but soon she was mewing in pleasure as it wiggled and fucked her slowly. Jane's eyes rolled up as she rode the crest of her first slave orgasm. Even then, instead of calming down, the tail continued to push her from one to the next until she passed out in the bliss of pleasure.

Getting off her Karen dressed and put the collar back on Jane's neck. She mentally called Baby Girl and Lilly to her. When Baby Girl arrived she said, "Bind and keep your sister company. Feed her from your porcupine, make love to her. She has had a bad evening and needs to know she is loved. I'll send each out to join you one at a time."

"Yes Mistress," Baby Girl replied. She paused and then said, "She removed Eva didn't she."

"No mother recalled her," Karen looked down. "Eve was planning a takeover with Joyce's help. Jane figured it out and exposed her."

Baby Girl's eyes got large. Instead of speaking, she nodded silently and crawled into the back.

Karen was leaning against the truck when Lilly came out. She looked at her for a long moment before speaking. "Lil, mother recalled Eve."

"What? Why?" Lilly asked shocked. "What happened? Is Jane...." She couldn't finish the sentence and felt sick.

"Jane is fine," Karen said. "Eve on the other hand is fucked and mother pissed." She looked down and said, "Eve was working with Joyce in controlling everyone and was planning on taking over. Only it didn't work out too well and your daughter saw the truth."

"Eve? Eve?" Lilly asked surprised. "Are you sure? I can see anyone before her. Not Eve, Karen."

"When Jane showed me what she knew, I realized it also. Why else did Joyce want murder in her heart for everyone except Eve? Why did Eve try to stop Jane's heart? Why when the others got whipped by Joyce, did Eve walk out without a touch? Finally, why when Jane begged the Great Mother to read Eve and ask for a judgment, did mother recall our sister and tell me that Eve was not ready to return to walk among humans."

Lilly was floored and then mad. How dare Eve try and kill her daughter. Mentally she said, "Mother I beg justice for her attack on my daughter."

"Instead of wanting to hurt your misguided sister, turn to loving your daughter who was going to run away from you and Karen rather than face you for her perceived crime." Lilly heard her mother reply.

"Lilly, I know your mad," Karen said. "But in the back is a daughter who needs to know her mother forgives and loves her." She paused and then said, "I won't command you to go to her. However, if you don't you will be destroying someone who is greater than any of us." She lowered her voice, "Just don't tell her I said that."

Karen walked back into the bar and sat down. She looked at Sherry, Cat and George, "Life's never dull around me. Cat, in about half an hour could you go to the truck and send Baby Girl back. Meanwhile you can keep an eye on the door."

While she really wanted to stay, Cat got up and went to the door. She looked around and realized, Baby Girl, Lilly, Eva and of course Jane was missing. While Jane and Eva was expected, that the other two were missing was surprising.

"Let's cut to the chase George. Why does Jane want you to go home with us?"

"I don't know Karen. She told me to call in sick tomorrow and come home with her and you tonight. To tell the truth, she has been acting damn odd these past few days." He paused, "She is the most stable and cool under fire person I have ever met. Or rather she was, back at the station she seemed distracted and more than a little troubled."

"Jane has been working with my family, our family to help heal it. She discovered something about one of my sisters that troubled her greatly." Karen said aloud. Mentally she asked, "Can any here vouch for this man?"

George felt his cop sense tingling and slowly looked around for the source. He looked back at Karen who watching him with a small half smile and asked, "What?"

"You remind me of how everyone looked just before it dropped in the pot while on patrol," Karen said. "You're safer here than in your own house George." She looked up at the girl who approached.

"Hello George," the girl said with a smile. "Does Susan know you are hanging out in a bar with the high priestess?" She laughed.

"Betty, does your mother know you are in said bar on a school night?" George replied.

"She's not my mother. She's my sister," Betty replied. "Why don't you ask her yourself?" She gestured to where an older version but still a few years younger than Karen was watching him with her arms crossed.

"Busted," Betty said dancing away and laughing.

The woman came over and lowered her head, "High Priestess," She looked at George, "Fancy seeing you here George."

"If you two are going to fight take it outside please, I've had a long day." Karen said.

"I meant no disrespect High Priestess, I was just pulling George's chain a bit. He had to break a date tonight with me because his partner needed his help." Susan returned her attention to George, "So where is he?"

"Jane is in the back of my truck being ravished," Karen replied. She smiled at George before turning to the girl, "Sister, do you vouch for this man?"

"Yes on my life I do," Susan replied. She looked at George, "Jane? The same Jane who?" She looked at Karen who nodded. She looked shocked and said to him, "Forgive me George for doubting you." She hurried off to the other side of the club and sat facing away from them.

"The same Jane who... would you like to finish the sentence?" George asked.

"And here I thought you were going to ask about the High Priestess title," Karen said with a glance at Sherry.

"That one I already know the answer to. I want to know what my partner did." George replied.

"Baby Girl was in my squad over there and has some anger management issues along as PTSD. It makes her a bit unstable now and then. She and Jane had a little chat where Jane kicked her ass. You were there for part of it. She then managed to do the same to Cat and Lilly. Only I managed to drop her."

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