tagBDSMCaptive Ch. 09

Captive Ch. 09


Time passed in a flurry of activity at the House in preparation for the arrival of the King. Emissary Zarn and Lord Ulrich were both losing patience with me over my refusal to return to the service of Lord Ulrich immediately. my reply was always that i would await the out come of the King's official inquiry into the matter. There was no way that i was willingly going to return to Lord Ulrich's service. i had much dislike for that man.

Sir Kern kept me company as much as he could and gave me news of Lord Elrik. The dungeon thankfully was not making Him ill and His spirits were still up despite having been imprisoned as He was. A bed at least was made and put into His cell so that He would not have to sleep upon the floor. That brought a blush to my face at the thought. i had a few wonderful memories of that very cell.

Each night, Sir Kern and i talked about the things i was learning about my people in the book that he had returned to me. i was amazed at how much information was contained in the book and paid particular attention to the laws that were contained inside. We planned a bit of strategy from its information as well. Sir Kern was quickly becoming one of my best friends and the powers that be knew i needed someone looking after me.

The most distressing part that i found was that the laws of my people did not allow me the status of an adult until two things occurred for women. i would either have to be married or be with child but preference was given to both since marriage among my people was not declared official until a child was conceived. The laws did state that a woman could be forced to marry the Father of her child if the woman's guardian demanded it. The laws had many loopholes though and Sir Kern was helping me to see through them.

i could not marry as i was not in a position in which Lord Ulrich would give his blessing and permission for it. Lord Ulrich was my appointed guardian according to the laws of my people. Emissary Zarn kept pressing that detail upon me and that i should obey the laws regarding that. my position was that Lord Ulrich wasn't acting like a guardian but rather a slaver.

There was nothing in the book that addressed the issue of being a slave but there was some for being held captive. Sir Kern helped me work an angle on that might prove helpful in my case. It was dependant on whether or not the King had knowledge of who my parents were. Royal captives were in a different light than non royals. Whether or not my parents had ever married or if my Father had claimed me as his had no bearing upon my birth rights according to my people's laws.

i had a place in my chambers that i hid the book and the letter that no one knew about. i didn't want to trust that knowledge to anyone. Sir Kern did not even know where i kept them. He did know that i did not keep there where any one could stumble upon them. It had been his idea to hide them in the first place.

Tara became a frequent visitor to my chambers. She told me about the latest gossip. All things over heard in the dinning hall. She did tell me that meals were tense between the three groups. None of them wanted to trust the other. It saddened me that things had come to this but there was no way that i was willingly going back to being Lord Ulrich's slave knowing what i knew now. i would sooner die.

Sir Kern came up with an interesting way that i might be able to appeal to the King and have Lord Ulrich removed as my appointed guardian. It would mean appealing to the King's sense of honor when it came to protecting family bloodlines. First cousin's was too close as far as this King thought according to information Lord Elrik supplied to Sir Kern. Since Lord Ulrich wasn't acting as my Guardian which many of the household staff could attest to then the King might see fit to remove the Guardianship.

Sir Kern helped me write a letter in appeal to the King. i would have the note delivered by Tara shortly after his arrival at the House. i hoped that the King would listen to me about the truth of who i was and what my true status was in Lord Ulrich's House. It wasn't a station by choice and it was one that insulted my family actually according to my people's laws. The laws didn't allow for royal blood to be treated in such a manner if they didn't choose that path.

Sir Kern tutored me a bit on how to act and speak around the King and it was much like speaking to one's Master. i was even shown how to dance. i felt a little silly being shown these things simply for this but i was assured by many that Lord Elrik would hold for the King would hold at least one formal dinner with dancing. If i was to pull the station card then i would need to know how to properly act. i only knew the things that Lord Ulrich had taught me and that wasn't exactly meant for public.

The night before the King's arrival Lord Elrik was returned to His chambers but under heavy guard. Sir Kern showed up at my door with a cloak and bid me to put it on, and carefully tuck my tail up into the cloak and to cover my head fully. He was taking me to see Lord Elrik and that was my disguise. Lord Elrik was being permitted a luxury – a woman.

"Please don't ask questions at the moment zara. Simply do as I instruct and follow my lead. They are allowing Lord Elrik a woman, and she is to arrive hidden by this cloak. I was charged with her delivery. I am taking you to Him now. Please use what ever charms you have to make Him forget these last two weeks."

"There is no need to even ask that of me Sir Kern. i would gladly go to Him. i hope that He will not be angry to see me and will embrace the moment."

"In a code W/we devised years ago between us He indicated to me that He wished to see you. This is the only way. The guards other wise will not allow you to pass."

i carefully bound my tail to my body so that it would not slip out of the cloak and betray us. i did not speak or show my face to the guards. It was luck that His guards at that time were human and not like me. Sir Kern quickly shoved me inside the chamber door with little announcement brought me before Lord Elrik. i was still bound in the cloak when Lord Elrik began to speak.

"Thank you Sir Kern. You have done well in your task. Please if you would wait with the other guards so that I might have some time alone with the wench you have brought to Me."

"Very well M'Lord, I hope that she will be to Your liking. Knock on the door three times when I am to collect her back."

With that said Sir Kern turned and left U/us. Lord Elrik waited for the door to be locked once more before lowering the cloak's hood from my face. He cupped my face in His hands and kissed my lips. i could feel that His ability to not devour me where i stood was weak. i eagerly returned His kiss and wanted Him just as much as He wanted me.

i softly pushed Him back from me to undo the cloak and let it fall to the floor. i eased out of my clothing without so much as a word or direction from Him. His eyes watched my every movement. i think He was a bit afraid that if He said anything i would disappear like some sort of mirage. It wasn't until i started to undo the ties on His pants that He spoke.

"No, zara, I didn't have you brought to me for that. I had to see you in case this inquiry goes bad for either of U/us. I had to hold you in My arms once again if even for a few brief moments."

"M'Lord, You may hold me in Your arms when i am done with You. i want to be with You. As You have said this may be O/our last time to be able to be together. Do not waste what has been given to U/us."

With that said i undressed Him with a bit of urgency. i had no idea of how long W/we would have and i didn't want to waste a moment of it arguing with Him. i licked and kissed upon His lips. i nibbled and softly pulled at His earlobes. i licked and nibbled upon His neck and down His chest stopping to tease His nipples a bit. i heard Him emit a soft moan as i continued to lick and nibble down His body.

It never ceased to amaze me how His body reacted to ever kiss and touch of mine. It gave me joy to see Him respond to me. my tongue rolled over His cock and slowly sucked Him into my mouth. He moaned a bit more as i continued to give His body the attention i knew He wanted from me and needed. It didn't take too long before He could no longer remain still beneath my attentions.

He softly pulled me with Him upon the bed and put me upon my back. He began to kiss and caress my skin as i had done to His. He left a trail of kisses from my neck down to my stomach stopping only a moment to get me to move my legs apart and continued to kiss His way down to my clit. The whole time i was biting on my lip trying not to purr. i didn't want to give U/us away to the men outside that door.

He noticed that i was struggling not to purr. He brought His lips up to mine and kissed me deeply letting His tongue roll over mine. His cock teased at my opening and i squirmed against Him wanting to impale myself on Him. He noticed my impatience and for once didn't keep me waiting. With a single motion He was inside me and i gripped Him with my pussy. Once again W/we were one and it felt very good.

Soon W/we found a rhythm that suited O/our pleasure. i put my arms around Him and held Him to me as i neared my orgasm. i whispered in His ear that i was close and He told me to cum for Him. i didn't need any urging to do so. He captured my lips as soon as He felt the pulsing against His cock and kept kissing me until He felt me relax against Him. Soon after mine, He filled me with His seed.

W/we wanted to lay there in our post coital bliss but the door to His chambers opened just then. W/we were both startled by it but didn't move from where W/we were. Firm arms drug Him off of me and i scrambled back from another set of arms that were trying to grab at me. i tried in vein to stop from being held by the intruders upon O/our time but was helpless to stop them.

"Lord Elrik how dare you treat this girl as a whore. I allowed a whore to be sent to You....not her. I will not stand for this disregard of my orders. You were not to see zara again. And now I find her in Your bed."

"Emissary Zarn, It is not I that treat zara poorly. I have given her a better life her in My House. I only wrote to you because I wanted to make her a permanent part of My Household. I want her for My bride."

"she is not permitted to marry least of all You. She is still a child in the eyes of my people. Lord Ulrich is her guardian and You did not have His permission to have her here. You stole her like a common criminal. You have defiled her for the last time. Guards lock Him in the dungeon."

i climbed up off the bed and away from my captors not caring that i was still naked and made no effort to cover myself. i calmly walked over to the Emissary and began speaking with him. i wanted to get him to see that he was hurting many by his actions. i could only hope that he would listen to me. i knew deep down that my words would probably fall upon deaf ears though.

"Emissary Zarn, you know not what you do. Why must you continue to think of Lord Ulrich as some sort of Saint? He is a vile man with sadistic hungers. If i am still a child in the eyes of my people how can you wish to send me back to him? His attentions towards me is any thing but what one would have for a child unless they are sick."

"I will not stand here and continue to listen to your lies. You bring shame to me as you always have. Perhaps you are nothing but a common whore who will spread her legs for any human who asks."

"i am not a whore. i can not help some of the things that i have been made to do. You have no idea the life i have been forced to live. My own people have made me live among those not of my kind. Why are you ashamed of me?"

"Guards lock this whore up too while you are at it. I will not have someone such as she talk to me like this. zara, you are a disgrace to your people."

i soon found hands on my wrists and they were holding me firmly. i tried not to struggle as i knew it would be pointless to do so. i wasn't finished speaking though. i had to let my Father know that i knew who my Mother was. i knew deep down that my Father was blind to what he was doing.

"i am not a disgrace Emissary Zarn. i do not know why you continue to shun your own daughter. Is it because my mother was not a Cat Person? Does my very existence disgust you? Is that why you force me to live where you have to realize i am being harmed?"

With that said Emissary Zarn struck me about the face with his closed fist. i fell back against the bed. The guards who held me were a bit shocked as they lost their grip on my wrists. The next thing i was aware of was waking up in a cell in the dungeon and darkness was all around me. Once again my head was hurting and i didn't quite know where i was.

.....and so ends Chapter Nine.

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