tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 02

Captured Ch. 02


Ch. 2 - The Whipping

It probably was not all that long before the world seemed to awaken, I was mortified to say the least about my behavior. Not that there was anything I could have done to escape; but I enjoyed it too much. How could I have enjoyed something like that....? What did it say about me? Not that the stranger cared in the least.

The only warning was the sound of a step or two, before I felt his strong grip in auburn tresses, moving me into whatever position he seemed to want. The scent of sex filled my senses, just before his semi-hard length pressed against my lips. I tried to fight it, my lips tight around my teeth. He never said a word. I suppose he did not think he had to. The one hand that had held my head still, reached instead to ensure I complied. Pinching off the breaths inhaled; I had to give in, had to open my lips to the thrust of his cock.

My whimper of protest vibrated over his cock. I could taste the mingled flavors of his cum and my own. I tried to pull away; but now that the goal had been reached, his hand moved back to grip the back of my head; forcing my head to still as his hips began to thrust. He hadn't ever seemed to get all that soft, but it had been enough that I could feel the swelling of his rod once more. I could imagine how it looked. My tongue stroking along his foreskin before I even realized I had capitulated once more.

His cock was nearly fully hard once again. The bulbous head suddenly shoving deep without warning. My throat was forced to take inches of him. I fought back the immediate gag reflex, trying not to choke as my neck swelled around his thrusts. I could feel tears leaking from my eyes. The thrusts were becoming more powerful. After he held himself buried once, almost too long, my throat convulsing as chest burned for air... I did not fight as much. It was a blatant reminder that I was still at what passed for his mercy.

Pulling back, I finally took in my first full breath. One of his hands reaching to toy with my nipples, as he just rubbed his saliva slicked cock over my flushed face. I was not sure what else was happening. I heard the sound of chains moving. My heart began racing. I felt X that I was laid over beginning to close in half, my muscles cramping in the changed position. Small snicks were the only warning as my ankles and wrists were joined together, left widespread. I wondered a moment at the care, when I felt his hands secure my hair in a small band; but was afraid to think too far, the hard shaft of his cock pressing against me the whole time.

He was quiet then, for what seemed an eternity. By now, it was not that I feared he left me here, more that I feared he would make me feel more when he finally returned. There was not a single warning, short of the sound of air cut, before the crack of the whip was nearly louder than the rush of air that left me. Fire scored along my back. The reason for the tie now evident. I did not feel as if he had broken the skin, but I did feel it swelling with the intensity of molten lava. Again and again the whip fell. This one was more cruel than the first... this one was meant to drive me insane.

Each kiss of the whip pushed me further, made me draw into myself. I was suddenly pushed beyond the fear for the next strike. Something just out of reach instead beckoned me... I could hear his quickening breath; I was more attuned to where he stood, when he moved. I still could not see a thing; but, I did not need to anymore. I could hear moaning, the sound of pleasure just in sight. I was more shocked to figure out the sound was coming from my own lips.

Suddenly the flashes of fire stopped, my head fell back. I was warring between relief and disappointment. I should be happy it had ended. And yet I was perhaps just that one caress away from falling over the edge. His hands gripped my hips from behind. His sweat slicked body pressing against me, molding to me from hip to neck. His teeth taking hold of that spot just between shoulder and neck. And with a single thrust, the pain blossomed. It was too much to even force sound into the pained exhale.

His too thick length punished the darkly forbidden hole. Its tight rosette stretched beyond possibilities. The burning sensation overriding the pain of salt as he seemed to rub it into the whip's dark red lines. And yet, as he pulled back, leaving only the plum shaped tipped buried still... the only thing heard over wild breaths was the word... "please." He shoved mercilessly inward; my world exploded in techni-colors. I could sense the rush of cream from between the slicked folds as they convulsed through the feral orgasm. My traitorous body trying to milk his length.

There was not even a pause for breath, his hands clenched tighter. The strokes each more punishing than the last. My orgasm never seeming to really end. One of his hands reached forward, to toy with my distended clit. Exerting just enough pressure to assure I would perhaps implode this time, when he was ready. Every time, he seemed to sense it perfectly, taking off the pressure. My sounds were no more intelligible, become more feral with each heartbeat.

I felt his cock swelling further in my abused hole. Knowing he was about to cum... my whole focus suddenly becoming just about reaching that pinnacle once more... "please... please... please" I begged low. His fingers returned, and almost smile curved abused lips for the breadth of a blink before I was lost into the building need...

He had not spoken the whole time... and yet the one word said so much, and told me almost nothing... "NOW" was the growled whisper against my ear. His primal scream rivaled the sound of my own, rumbling against my back, as he sunk balls deep, and stayed. His thick cum spurting into my hole, as my pussy spasmed through the thin wall against his length. My head falling back against his shoulder... as our bodies tried to find their places once more after flying.

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