Slowly but surely I am writing the chronicle of my life. I am writing this as much for myself as anyone else. I am an older man now, I work as a Massage Therapist, and teach massage at a local college. To help make sense of this story, you may wish to read the "Patti" series first.

When the wild Party at my house degenerated into nothing less than a full-blown orgy, my life changed. I finally made love with Carol that night, and it was "right!"

Carol and I grew up together, we picked on each other as children. She seemed to hate me early on, but we were always together. It grew to us holding hands on the bus, she was my first kiss. Everyone, the entire family, friends, all of them just assumed we would end up man and wife.

But I married Patti....

Patti was a natural Redhead, sexuality oozed out of her, men drooled at the sight of her. She knew it, too, and she dressed to make it known she was pure sex! We were in the back seat of my old Chevy on the very first date, and from then on it was everywhere, constant. Carol took my marriage in stride, if she was hurt, it didn't show. But whenever I saw her, she would give me that look, and the slow smile. It was like the sun came out!

Patti and I fought like cats and dogs, and screwed constantly.

And Patti was jealous of Carol, even though in all the time growing up, Carol and I had done little more than sneak a few kisses.

The night of the Party, I saw Patti with Carl, and it didn't bother me at all. But when Carol and Darin were together, I felt a pang of jealousy, I knew it should have been me. Carol went and showered, and I joined her on the beanbag chair. As we touched, and began our lovemaking, something happened. We joined, and it was perfect, we fit. I knew right then my marriage to Patti was a mistake.

Patti left me soon afterwards, it was an easy separation. There was no point in making a fuss, she knew and I knew that all we had was sex. I married Carol just a few months later.

How do I explain this union? The best description I can think of, is put on a new pair of shoes that fit like they have been on your feet for years! Carol was like that. If I was thirsty, she would look at me, get up and go get me a drink. She knew every single thought in my head. During the 5 years we were together, we never had a single argument. Our lovemaking was always intended to give the other maximum pleasure.

Carol knew about my voyeuristic tendency, too! There was no shyness in her at all, she would note that I spotted a likely candidate to give a peek to, and she would figure out some way to flash them. There were literally hundreds of incidents, but one of the best ones comes right to mind.

We were out at a local park, sitting on a bench. The bench and table were elevated above the pathway, anyone walking by had to actually look upwards slightly to see us. As we sat there enjoying the day, and the warm sunshine, a young park attendant came working his way down the path. He had one of those paper spears, and a carry sack, just wandering along cleaning up. Carol hopped up on the table, since she was facing into the evening sun, this was almost like shining a light up her soft dress.

As the young man neared, he glanced up at us. I saw the reaction as he realized he could see all the way up Carol's dress, and there were no panties! But then there never were. He slowed, then looked at me in nervousness. I smiled and said "Hi", adding some drivel about nice day.

I glanced at Carol, from my vantage point I could almost see all the way, I knew the young man had a clear and complete view. Carol reached down and absentmindedly rubbed her leg, opening them a bit more and moving the skirt even higher in the process. By now the guy realized he was getting a show, and he was staring up Carol's dress. The sun was shining in there, it was like floodlights, there was nothing to miss! I stepped down to the walkway, and looked up at the view. Carol grinned and lay back on the tabletop, looked right at the two of us, and slipped her skirt up to her waist. Then she slid her hands down each leg, and opened up all the way! Her pussy popped open, just as I heard a voice say, "Look at that!"

I looked around, and a young couple had come down the path. At the sight of Carol, they both stopped and stared. I noted the grin on the guy's face, and the smile on the lady's, and turned back just as carol hopped up and took off for the car at a dead run! I grabbed our blankets and cooler, and took off after her. We made it to the car, hopped in the back seat and got it on right there in the parking lot!

Our whole life was like that, amazing, perfect for each other.

One morning she headed out the door to run to town for a few items, a trip she had made a hundred times. Just six miles. An hour later, the phone rang and my world went black.

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